Subject: Quality Time 18 Trey Songz was hanging out with his brother, Forrest, the pool, in his backyard. As usual they were wrestling around. Even though Trey was older, his brother was a lot stronger. He could easily toss him around like a rag doll, which he did on many occasions. “Why you got to be so rough?” Trey complained. “Come here.” Forrest said. “I’mma show you rough.” He grabbed Trey and roughly yanked down Trey’s trunks. “No!” Trey said, giggling a little. “Stop!” It was way too late. Forrest had yanked Trey’s trunks down and off. “Give `em back, man!” Trey said. Forrest threw the trunks into the grass, far from the pool. “You’re such an ass!” “It ain’t like you can’t them trunks your damn self.” Forrest said. “There right over there.” “In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m butt naked! Ass out!” Trey said, slightly irritated. “I can’t just come out this pool and go get my trunks.” “I don’t see why not.” Forrest said. Trey started getting a bit more irritated. “You are such a prude.” “I am not.” Trey said. “Yes, you are.” Forrest said. “…And, a liar. You talk all that nasty stuff on your records but, right now, too afraid to go get your trunks cause someone might see your naked ass.” Forrest just called Trey out. He didn’t wanna look like a punk in front of his little brother so, he pulled himself out of the pool and walked over to where his trunks lay. He was about to pick them up but, suddenly stopped. “He’s right.” He thought to himself. “I talk all that shit on my records but, right now, I’m scared that someone will see my naked body.” He looked over at his brother. “This is crazy!” He turned back around and got back into the pool. “I thought you were gonna get your trunks.” Forrest said. “You were right, okay.” Trey said. “I was worried about people would say if they saw me walking around here in my birthday suit.” “Well, I like your birthday suit.” Forrest said. “Say what?” Trey asked, looking shocked. “You like my birthday suit?” “Yea, I’ve always like your birthday suit.” Forrest said. “For real?” Trey asked. “For how long?” “For about twenty years, since I was fourteen.” bursa escort Forrest admitted. “Damn! For that long!” Trey said, astonished. “Yea. I mean what was I gonna say, `Oh by the way, I think you’re sexy as hell’. Forrest said. “You do realize that’s incest, right?” “yea, I know what it is.” Trey said. “But you knew I got down. You could have said something.” “I was a kid. I was too scared to say anything.” “What did you like about me?” Trey asked, kind of curious. “Your ass.” Forrest said. “My ass?” Trey said. “You like my ass?” Trey was stunned by what his brother was telling him. “Did you like what you saw when I got out the pool, just now?” “Hell yea! Truth be told, I was kinda trying to scheme on how I could get my dick up in you.” Trey smiled at his brother and said, “You could just ask.” “Really?” Forrest asked. “Fo sho.” Trey said. “So, then, you gonna let me see that ass?” Forrest asked. “Hell, I might even let you fuck this ass.” Trey said. “On one condition, though.” “What’s that?” Forrest asked. “Let me see that dick.” Trey said. “Is that all I have to do?” Forrest asked, climbing out of the pool. Trey admired Forrest’s toned muscular body. Then Trey noticed the bulge that formed in Forrest’s swimming trunks. He licked his lips hungrily. “I could have been done this sooner.” Forrest untied the drawstring of his trunks and let them fall to the ground. His ten-inch dick was rock hard and ready. He walked over to one of the beach chairs and sat down. “Trey, why don’t you come over here and wrap your lips around this dick.” Forrest seductively stroked his dick as he winked at Trey. Trey licked his lips and walked over to his brother and got on his knees. “Open that pretty mouth of yours.” Forrest said. Trey opened his mouth and Forrest shoved his big dick inside his mouth. Trey nearly gagged on his brother’s humongous dick. “Is my dick big enough for ya?” All Trey could do was nod his head, ‘yes’. Forrest reached over Trey and slapped Trey’s ass. SMACK! “You got a nice, fat ass, bro.” He said. He groped Trey’s fat ass hard. “A real fat ass.” His brother’s escort bayan rough hands on his ass was really turning Trey on. He reached down and slowly stroked his dick as he continued to suck on his brother’s dick. “Damn! Your mouth is so hot and wet! Fuck! Almost as good as a pussy!” “Wiggle that ass for me.” Forrest said. Trey wiggled his butt slowly and seductively. “Yea, shake that ass, bro!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “That’s one hot ass!” The more Forrest smacked his ass, the hotter Trey got. “Smack my ass, man!” Trey begged. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Forrest smacked Trey’s ass harder and harder each time. Trey felt like he was about to lose his mind. He needed Forrest’s dick and, he needed it now! “FUCK ME!” “You want me to fuck you?” Forrest asked. Trey nodded his head vigorously. “Then bend over that table.” Trey quickly bent over the round table next to him. Forrest got up from the chair and got behind his brother. Then, without warning, he slammed his dick up Trey’s ass. “OH SHIT!” Trey screamed, his eyes bugging out of his head. Forrest piston fucked his brother’s asshole mercilessly. “DAMN, NIGGA! FUCK!” Forrest was gonna tear Trey’s ass down. As he continued to fuck Trey’s hole, he grabbed Trey’s arms and held them behind his back. “FFUUCCKK!” Trey had been fucked many times before but, not like this. He could feel his brother’s dick all up in his guts! “Nigga, you’re fuckin’ me deep!” He exclaimed. “What you tryin’ to do to me?” “I’m tryin’ to get you pregnant, bro.” Forrest said, chuckling. “Then, you’re doing a good job.” Trey said. Forrest continued to pummel Trey’s asshole. Then Forrest let go of Trey’s arms and pulled out of him. “Get up on the table. I wanna fuck you on your back.” Trey got up on the table. “Lay down on your back with your legs in the air.” When Trey was in position, Forrest violently slid his dick back up inside him. “FFUUCCKK!” Trey moaned loudly. This time, Forrest long stroked Trey’s tender asshole. “MMMMMM!” “You like that dick down?” Forrest asked. “YESSSS!” Trey replied, his eyes going all the way back up into his head. bursa escort Trey felt like his asshole was getting beaten with a bat. His eyes popped open wide every time Forrest’s dick slammed inside him. “This dick too much!” He tried to back up off the dick but, Forrest was having none of it. “Where you goin’, man?” Forrest asked. He slid Trey back into position. “Get over here! You ain’t goin’ nowhere till I say so.” Trey looked up at his brother in surprise. He had never heard his brother sound so forceful before. He kinda liked it. As Forrest plowed through his asshole, Trey reached up and pinched his nipples. “Mmmm, that feels so good.” Forrest said. “Do it again.” This time, Trey pinched his nipples harder. “OOOOh, YEA!” The more Trey pinched his nipples, the faster Forrest fucked his hole. “OH, MY GODDD!” Trey cried out. “SSHHIITT!” His body trembled violently as Forrest’s dick went in and out of his hole. “GOD DAMN!” Sweat dripped from Forrest’s toned body as he thrust his dick deep inside Trey’s boi pussy. “TAKE MY ASS, NIGGA!” Forrest bent down to Trey. “Wrap your arms around my neck and your legs around my waist.” He said. Trey wrapped himself around Forrest. Then Forrest slid his dick back up inside Trey. “OOOH, SHIT!” Trey screamed. “FFUUCCKK!” Forrest bounced Trey up and down on his dick. Trey felt his dick all the way up into his ribs! “GOD DAMN!” Forrest mercilessly punched his dick up into Trey. “THIS DICK!” “Is that dick deep enough for ya?” Forrest asked. “So fuckin’ deep!” Trey moaned. Suddenly, Trey could feel his dick get hard. “I’M CUMMIN’!” Sure enough, when Forrest looked down, between him and Trey, a geyser of cum shot Trey’s dick. At that same moment Forrest shot his load up Trey’s asshole. “AWWWWWW, FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!” Forrest set Trey back down on the table. Then he stroked his dick and said, “I got another load to drop off. Where you want it?” “On my face.” Trey said. Forrest walked over to Trey’s face. “Here ya go!” Forrest said. “FFUUCCKK!” He sprayed his load all over Trey’s face. Trey licked as much of it off as he could. “I think you need a bath.” Before Trey knew what was happening, Forrest picked him up and threw him into the pool. “You mother fucker!” Trey screamed as he flailed around in the water. “I’m gonna get you for this!” Forrest just chuckled as he walked back into the house. The End

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