Pt 4 – Opening Up


As he gets onto his hands and knees, the slave opens his legs and pushes his arse up for his Master to see. “Good boi, now don’t move as I get that tight arse of yours ready”. Preparing himself, the slave can feel his master’s hands probing his hole and the cool lube being applied. The Master picks up the tapered probe and begins to slip it in slowly, all the while cupping his boi’s cock and balls. The slave begins to relax as he becomes accustomed to the toy, taking it deeper and deeper with each stroke. “That’s good,” says the Master, “another few minutes and you’ll be taking the whole thing.” Just as the slave starts to enjoy the probing, almanbahis it is suddenly taken away and a more bulbous object is applied. Gasping the slave feels his arsehole stretch over the base before settling more comfortably over the plug. “That’s my boi. Now doesn’t that feel good?” “Yes sir,” is the slave’s only slightly-hesitant response before the sound of a hand pump being squeezed reaches his ears and he feels the growing pressure in his arse as the Master begins to expand the inflatable butt plug. “Lets get you into a more accessible position,” says the Master as he tugs on the slave’s leash, pulling him up into a standing almanbahis yeni giriş position. Wearing a tight eyeless rubber hood and penis gag the slave waits silently and obediently as the Master attaches his wrist cuffs to overhead attachments before fastening a spreader bar to his ankles. Naked, spread eagle and with the pump of an inflatable butt plug dangling between his legs the slave feels his cock twinge with excitement in anticipation of what is to come. Opening the bottle of baby oil, the Master begins to douse the slaves back and chest. The slave’s cock picks up at the feeling of his master’s hand rubbing the oil into almanbahis giriş his skin. Noticing the slaves swelling cock, the Master reaches down and gives the butt plug a pump forcing a stifled moan out of the slave. “You’re obviously getting used to that butt plug if you can get a hard-on,” the Master tells him. He resumes applying the oil, massaging it into the slaves chest and up his arms. Moving slowly down the boi’s body, the Master gets his boi-toy slick and shiny all over and gives the plug a final pump before standing back to admire. Knowing he has got his boi nicely warmed up, the Master wheels out his bench table before unhitching the slave and bending him over the leather covered piece of bondage furniture. With the boi supported under his chest and with arms and legs on their rests, the Master proceeds to strap the slave down until he can barely squirm.

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