Subject: The Pretty Boy and the Pauper – New story Please consider donating and helping the site keep bringing you free, top quality stories. Donate at: http://donate./donate.html All events are fiction. All characters are a figment of imagination. All character’s represented in this story are 18 or over. Hope you enjoy, any feedback is welcomed and much appreciated. E-mail me at: [email protected] The Pretty Boy and the Pauper Well, that was a waste of my fucking time. Bored of trolling through Grindr and Tinder, I decided it would be a good idea to go out to some gay clubs. Get wasted, have some fun and bag me a hot top to rail me into a blissful coma. Of course, that didn’t happen. Danced with a few guys, made out with a few and scored some Molly, but didn’t find anyone to take me home. Too many bottoms in this town. Well, I found someone to take me home, but, I didn’t get the sex I’m after. Just made out for a bit, before he decided he wanted to go to bed. But, not for sex. To sleep. Pretty much kicking me out with a boner and an unsatisfied hole. It’s not like I’m ugly or anything. I suppose you could call me a twink. At least I was when I was younger. At 5’10”, I’m thin, but not stick figure-thin. I’ve filled out a little since coming to Uni. Added a bit of muscle, but I only have a little definition at the moment. It can make me look a little chubby, even though I’m really not! However, that doesn’t seem to matter to the gay community here. Maybe it’s my face they don’t like? Though, I think I’m pretty cute. Dark black hair that I’ve let grow a little over the last semester. I style it slicked back, a single, wavy strand falling towards my right eye. I’ve also got a little goatee going on. It’s only 1 step above stubble, but I think it gives me a more masculine look. My nose is a little wide but doesn’t stick out and I think it looks cute. Apparently, I’m the only one as I’ve not gotten laid in over a month. Fuck, I’m frustrated and desperate. And thanks to the prick, I’m now walking back to my student flat at 4 in the fucking morning. Alone! At least I’m not far now. All I gotta do is cross this road and walk another 10 minutes and I can crash in my nice, comfy bed. Stumbling a bit, I gauge my chances of jumping the fence in the middle of the road that separates the different lanes. I’m definitely not drunk anymore, however, my coordination isn’t quite there yet. Deciding to play it safe, I walk a little ways further and use the tunnel that goes under the road. It’s the way I usually take to get to and from uni, so I don’t panic as I see the usual bum that seems to call the tunnel home. “Spare any change, mate?” I don’t know how many times he’s asked me, but I’ve never replied to him. It’s best to just ignore them. “Oi! I’m talking to you!” As I walk past him sitting with his dirty, tattered coat covering his legs, I take a cautious look down. Reading the `Please Give Generously’ sign next to a red baseball cap. “Don’t fucking ignore me, faggot!” I’m halfway through the tunnel as he decides to sling the homophobic slur at me. I’m not a confrontational person, however, I will stand up for myself, and as my friends will tell you I do not tolerate straight twats being homophobic. The addition of the alcohol and drugs make me even braver as I turn to give the pathetic homeless prick the chewing out only a drunk and high gay guy can give! As I turn around, expecting to see him still sitting near the entrance of the tunnel, my wit gets stuck in my throat as I take in the blanket, coat and baseball cap, but no tramp. It takes my tipsy brain a little too long to realise he’s walking towards me. “I said; don’t FUCKING ignore me. FAGGOT!” I hadn’t heard him get up, but he was now right in front of my face, his gruff, ginger bearded face mere inches from mine. The smell of alcohol and cigarettes being spat at me as he shouts me down. My confidence left in my surprise as he grabs me by my shoulders and turns me and pins me against the tunnel wall. “I seen you here before. Yeah, you’re definitely a faggot, aren’t you?” His voice is quieter now, but it still has an intimidating edge to it as his wide, crazy eyes look me over. “I bets you want my cock don’t you?” His right-hand releases my shoulder as it reaches down and grabs his cock through his trousers. That brings me out of my shock. I start to struggle to free myself from his grip, making sure to keep my face as far away from his as I can. “Ew, fuck no!” I look away from the creepy grin that’s now on his face. I grab at his left arm, trying to force it off me. “I gots a real big cock here for you, faggot.” As I feel his arm start to give, he pushes his body against mine, grinding what I’m sure is a hard cock up against my left leg. “I don’t want your diseased assed prick! Now fuck off and leave me alone!” My senses are assaulted by the smell of stale booze, cigarettes and piss. I try to push him off of me, however, he just grabs my arms, pushing them into my sides as he continues grinding into me, sadistically laughing as he does. “I bets it’s bigger than a faggot like yours.” He lets go of my right arm, once again reaching down, however, this time he doesn’t grab his crotch, but mine. “Oh my God! Stop! Fuck off!” I redouble my efforts to try and get him off me, but he just grabs my balls, causing me to wince in pain. “See, faggot. Your tiny prick loves it!” As he says that, he starts squeezing my hard cock. What the fuck? Why am I hard? I mean, I know I have a sub fetish, but this ain’t that! Sure, I love it when a muscular, hung top takes tuzla escort control, throws me around and makes me his bitch, but this is a dirty, disgusting tramp forcing me against my will. Or is it against my will? We’re about the same size and he’s obviously been homeless for a while. His ripped, stained clothes hang off his skinny frame. Surely, even in my slightly tipsy state, I should be able to push him off. Or beat the shit out of him. Like the time Mark Boston tried to bully me in year 10. He was bigger and more muscular than me, but I fucking tore into the shitbag. That’s when I was skinnier too. Now that I’ve been working out, bulked up a bit, this twig should be easy for me to snap. “If my cocks bigger than yours, you gots to suck it.” Moving off of me, he starts taking off his jumper. “What? Fuck you! Fucking perv!” As he’s starting to undo his jeans, I take a look at his pale chest and stomach. I take in the sparse hair in between his flat pecs and leading to his belly button down to his now unbuttoned trousers. “Don’t come near me, ever again!” Free to walk off, I take one last look at the pitiful, pale figure as he starts to push his jeans down. Trying to take a breath of fresh air, all I get is the stench of stale piss from the tunnel. “Oi! Faggot!” I’m just a few metres away from the exit, don’t look around. Do not look around! “Look what I got for y’u!” I can feel the fresh air blowing in from the tunnel exit. All I have to do is go a little further, I should have run the moment he started stripping. No, I should have kicked the shit out of him the moment he started stripping, then ran! Turning around, I’ve not made much progress with getting away. He’s still less than 10 metres behind me. Now, fully naked -even his boots and socks- he’s standing there, swinging his big, hard cock around in his right hand. I know I should turn and run, but I can’t take my eyes off his dick. It’s so big and thick. The confident swagger as he closes the gap between us has me frozen in place. He doesn’t say anything as he reaches me, just gives me a cocky grin as his hands move down to the button of my black jeans. I don’t resist as he pushes my tight jeans and briefs down to mid-thigh. “See, faggot. It ain’t even a competition.” I blush a deep crimson as I look down at our cocks. I knew it wouldn’t be a competition. His is long; 8 or more inches and thick. Flared out in the centre of the shaft to make it look even thicker. Mine is just 5 inches. Thankfully, I enjoy bottoming so much. “Now suck it, faggot.” Placing both hands on my head, he pushes me to my knees. Not that It needs much force. My brain has long since escaped, leaving my body to get what it needs. Grabbing the base of his shaft with my right hand, I wrinkle my nose as the smell of piss and stale cum hits me. I gag a little as I think what the other side must smell like. Closing my eyes, I take the plunge, putting as much of his thick cock down my throat as I can in one go, trying to avoid any taste. I get a slight tang, however, I don’t have long to process this as once inside my mouth he grabs fists full of my hair, keeping my head still as he long fucks my throat. All control is taken from me. I gag, sputter and choke as the monster is forced into me. Mind going blank as I try and fail to control my gag reflex. Thankfully, he doesn’t stay long inside my throat before pulling all the way back. Giving me time to relax before the next assault. Taking my hand off his cock, I place both my palms against his skinny thighs, trying to gain some measure of control over how far he thrusts into me, but I know I have no control. I know I’m now at the mercy of a dominant man and I’ll be used until he’s finished with me. “Ah, fuck faggot! You gots a hot throat.” All I can do is gargle in return as saliva drips from the corners of my mouth and flung from the shaft pistoning in and out of my slutty throat. “Yeah, good faggot, such a good faggot.” His moans and groans of pleasure make me hopeful that he’ll be finished soon. I’ll get his load of cum and I can be released from this servitude. Suddenly, he pulls out, pushing my head away. Has he cum? I didn’t feel or taste anything. Maybe he’s just finished with me. Lifting me up to my feet by my armpits, he turns me around and pushes me, face-first into the tunnel wall. He can’t be, can he? He presses his torso to my back and starts nibbling on my ear. Then I feel it. Not his cock, but a finger, pushing against my hole, somehow wet with what I assume is saliva. “Hey, what are you-” “Shhhh, faggot. I’m a treat you good. Give you what you need.” As he says that, his finger sinks into my hole as I relax the muscle. He’s right; I do need this. It’s what I went to the gay clubs for, throwing myself at any and everyone that I thought looked like a top. I moan into the tunnel wall as he adds a second finger, the Molly dampening the pain and intensifying the pleasure. As his fingers open up my tunnel, I feel a wave of release. Finally, someone’s playing with my hole. Someone’s about to fuck me! I just need to close my eyes and pretend it’s someone else. Like, Luke from my creative writing class. Tall, dirty blond with long, wavy hair and smooth looking muscles. He always wears board shorts and flip-flops, no matter the weather. Yeah, Luke can get it! Imagining Luke behind me, I start grinding up on the fingers probing inside me. Feeling good I give out a little moan. “Yeah, the whore hole’s good and ready.” Brought out of my fantasy, the homeless guy removes his fingers from inside me. Okay, this tuzla escort bayan is it. Last chance to run before … it happens. My hole flutters in the wind, inviting anyone and everyone to fill it. Feeling even needier and desperate than before, I don’t move a muscle as I hear him spitting behind me. I assume on his cock. Seconds later, I feel the searing hot head of his cock at my entrance. I breathe deep as my needy hole’s already reaching out to the invader. “Wait! Put a condom on!” The thought of the potential diseases this man could be carrying scares me. “Pfft, I ain’t gots no rubber.” Well, I didn’t expect you to! “No, in my wallet thereeeaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” I’m interrupted mid-sentence by having the biggest cock I’ve ever had shoved into me. The fact I wasn’t expecting it meant I wasn’t able to prepare myself. If he’d given me a chance I could have had my hole pushed out and ready for him to slowly slide in. As it is, without warning he’s shoved the head and the thick bulge in the middle right past my ring and into my hole. The pain is immense as my screams echo back at me. His hands tightly grip my waist, stopping me from being able to move off of the massive invader. If he’d stop, I could get my breath back and control my spasming butt hole, but as he continues to drive more of his cock into me, the burn of my ass hole makes control impossible. “Ahhhhhhh, that’s it faggot. Scream on my big cock.” He finally shoves the last of his shaft in and stops for a moment. Breathing deep, I try to push out and relax my hole, however, the damage has been done. There’s a stinging burn coming from my anus ring as it helplessly spasms around the massive invader. However, I’m able to calm my breathing, and as he starts to pull out the sting is met with a slither of pleasure. I can’t help but give out a slight sigh of satisfaction as he pushes his full length back into me. Despite the pain, the itch and need are being scratched, driving a wave of contention throughout my body. Hands pressed against the tunnel wall, I continue my deep breathing, trying to concentrate on the pleasure and forget the pain. After a couple minutes of slow fucking, the sharp pain has reduced to a slight ache as the pleasure of his cock stroking my insides takes over, causing me to moan, and groan like some slutty pornstar. Speeding up, he gets a good rhythm going, making me feel really good as I can feel all the spots in my ass being treated to a vigorous and pleasurable fucking. Making my prostate sing as he’s almost in constant contact with it, making it feel like he’s stroking my cock from within. Thankfully, he’s stopped talking -being reduced to grunts and pants- allowing me to go back to my fantasy of Luke. His creamy, muscular skin and easy, friendly smile. I imagine his wavy hair flowing around his face from the effort of fucking me. Once again, I’m rudely forced from my fantasy as the cock is suddenly ripped from my hole. I give a yelp of surprise, as air rushes into my now gaping anus. I go to turn around, disappointed it’s over. My hole still wants more. However, I needn’t have worried. Before I’m able to turn and face him, he grabs me under the arms and starts to drag me off towards the exit of the tunnel. My jeans bunched around my ankles, I can’t walk or really put up much of a fight as the cool night air hits me. Finally out of the stagnant tunnel, I breathe deep before being hurled to the ground. Thankfully, he has the courtesy to throw me down on the thin strip of grass that lines the pavement, separating it from the road. Grabbing my hips, he pulls them up, forcing my head into the grass and dirt. Completely removing my jeans, he gets back between my legs, wasting no time in putting his cock back into my hole. There’s a momentary sting of pain, my hole having closed a bit during the move, however, he spares no time in getting straight back to pummeling my guts. His pace quicker and more frantic, I give a sharp cry as my sensitive little button radiates pleasure. As we grunt and moan together, I lift my head; looking at the darkened windows of the buildings that surround us on either side of the road. It’s crazy how no one has heard us. Heard my screams in the tunnel, but there’s no sign of life. Not even a taxi. I give out the loudest scream I can. Not in the hope someone would hear me and come to save me. No, it’s a scream of pleasure. My body finally getting what it needs, my ass being destroyed to give pleasure to another man. Worshipping his cock with my hole. I continue to scream out, daring anyone to come and look. Daring them to try and stop this beautiful moment. I’ve stopped worrying who’s fucking me, all I care about is that I am being fucked. If I hadn’t been so picky, I’d have gotten cock long before now! Holding myself up on shaky arms, I angle my ass to get even more contact on my fuck button. Looking down along myself, I notice the light from a street light glinting off the precum dribbling out of my hard cock. I watch it throb as my prostate’s being hit and shake from the force of hips hitting my round cheeks. Feeling the cock force continuous waves of pleasure through me. The frustration and desperation melting away as the head of my cock feels alive with electricity. “Gunnu breed you good faggot. You going to take my fucking load.” His words come out in uneven rasps or pleasure and exhaustion. His grunting gets louder as his thrusts get shorter and more forceful. My prostate being punched by the head of his cock in short succession is too much. I let out a garbled scream escort tuzla as I watch my cock fire out my pent up load. Several thick ropes shoot out across the grass underneath me as my body trembles in the most amazing orgasm. Never have I ever cum from anal sex before. It feels amazing! As my dick gives out the last of its cum, the battering of my hole and prostate starts to feel less pleasurable as I crash down from the high. I squirm as the big, thick cock inside me rubs against the sore muscles of my ring. My button, now well and truly satisfied cries out in agony; a raw nerve being constantly prodded. A nerve that now feels like it’s connected to my bladder rather than my balls. I grit my teeth and try to clench that muscle that stops you from peeing. However, every time I try to, it just causes my hole to try and grip the cock inside me. The shock of pain makes me instantly release. Being powerless to stop it, I give out a small whimper as the cock inside me fucks the piss out of me. I can’t look away as the heavy stream hits the dirt, the light shining off the continuous flow. The pounding of my ass causes my now semi-soft cock to fling around, spraying my piss all over my legs and shirt. My bladder still releasing, I hear a loud animalistic growl over the sound of my piss hitting the grass. The cock is shoved fully inside of me, forcing a stream of pee to shoot out, hitting my lips and getting into my nose. Lifting my head up I sputter, trying to get the piss out of my nose as the body behind me unloads its cum into my sore, well fucked hole. The thrusting over, I just stay as still as I can. My balls and bladder empty, my hole finally satisfied, all I’m left with is waves of shame. Slowly removing his cock from me, I let out a sigh of relief. A throbbing pain emanates from my ass as I feel something trickling down over my taint and balls. “Hehehehe. Thanks for that, FAGGOT.” He spits the slur before spitting out a ball of phlegm, hitting the back of my head. Now standing up, he pushes my ass with a foot, forcing me to fall flat on the ground with a muddy squelch. “Well, I thinks I deserve this for being so kind and giving you whats you wanted, hey?” I don’t turn or try to move to see what he’s talking about. I just lay in a puddle of my piss and cum, trying to figure out why I let this happen. I feel something hit my back as I hear him walk away; most probably back to the tunnel. I stay there for a couple of minutes. Exhausted. Not having the energy or will to move. The sound of a car passing gives me a second wind. Quickly getting up, my ass gives a loud complaint. Gingerly, I look around for my clothes. Picking up my jeans, I notice my briefs are missing. Deciding not to think about it, I put them on. My phone and keys have stayed in my pockets, however, my wallet was next to where I had been laying. Checking inside, it looks like he took out �10. Cursing him, I pocket my wallet and look for my shoes. One sock hasn’t made it, but I don’t care as I slip on my right trainer. The left has fallen down by the entrance to the tunnel. Slowly, I creep my way to my shoe. Trying not to make any noise, but my bruised hole makes it hard to walk, causing a shuffling step. Picking my shoe up, I glance down the tunnel. The tramp is just sitting there, the same position as when I had passed him before. Looking as if nothing had happened. For a moment I think it hadn’t and it was all just a drunken hallucination. However, as I bend over to put my shoe on my ass informs me that it really did happen. The walk back to my flat took longer than usual, needing to take it easy. It gave me time to think. Think why I let myself get fucked raw by some homophobic homeless twat. It’s not due to him being attractive. Unhealthily thin and pale, his hair is thinning, a bald patch appearing in the centre. Maybe I could convince myself it was all for his cock. A monster in stark contrast to him. Big. Thick. Powerful. However, if I’m honest with myself, I know I had submitted to him before I saw his magnificent piece. There was just some form of aura about him. The way he talked about me, the way he took control. Fuck, maybe I just have issues and in desperate need of therapy. Unlocking the door, I head straight for the bathroom. I need to get rid of every memory of tonight. First getting rid of what he’d left inside me, I douched until I saw blood on the toilet paper. I’m shocked there wasn’t blood from the beginning, that he didn’t rip my hole, but somehow he managed to avoid drawing blood himself. My clothes dumped in the corner, I step into the shower. Getting the stink, cum and piss off of me. I gingerly wash my hole, the ring feeling puffy and sore. I give a sharp intake of breath as I try to push in a little more. Make sure I’ve really gotten everything out. The pain reminding me of being pushed against the tunnel, having his fingers inside me. Having his cock drilled into me. Being thrown to the floor and used as a fuck toy. I reach for my hard cock with my left hand as I continue to push against my battered hole with my right index finger. I furiously wank as I force throbs of pain and pleasure from my anus, trying to recreate the feelings of earlier. Trying to feel the tramps dick one more time, pretending he’s still fucking me. Within a few minutes, I let out a gasp, followed by a pitiful cry as I shoot my 2nd load into the shower drain. Four strong blasts before the shower spray washes the last dribbles off of my hand and cock head. I feel like crying out of shame as the truth continuously hits me; a disgusting tramp gave me the fucking of my lifetime and I’d give anything to do it again. If you’ve enjoyed feel free to drop me a message ail. Also check out my other fty//gay/adult-friends/desperate-times/

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