Practice Pays Off


It was a beautiful Saturday late afternoon. I was done with all the things I had to do around the house. My wife was gone for the weekend and I was feeling a bit bored. I thought I would take a shower, shave and pull out the makeup and see if I could do myself any justice in looking passable. Many attempts before had failed, but I was getting a little better each time.I got out of the shower and was nice and clean, smooth from head to toe and went to the bedroom and pulled on a pair of my Wolford synergy gobi pantyhose. These are like wearing silk and they massage the legs as you move. I tucked my privates and looked in the mirror, I thought, ‘mmmmm, looks like a closely shaved pussy.’ I pulled on a black lace camisole and went to the bathroom to do my make up.I put on the moisturizer, then the foundation, some bronzer, and blush, mascara and eye shadow. After each, I looked at myself and thought each step went well. At the end of applying everything I took one of my brushes and blended. I put on my glasses and thought, oh my, I look like a woman. I mean, really, I thought this is the first time I thought I was no longer that man with makeup on.I sort of strutted to the bedroom to finish getting dressed. I pulled on my skirt and blouse. Pulled on my strappy black sandals and tied them. I looked in the full-length mirror and saw a balding woman looking back at me. I grabbed my wig and walked to the bathroom my heels clicking on the hardwood floors. I flipped the wig in place and looked again in the mirror. Now I know I am no “cover girl model” but I thought, I would never question if I was a woman. I was getting a bit stiff in my pantyhose looking in the mirror feeling those soft silky pantyhose being touched by my skirt. I wiggled a few times just feeling the fabric touching my ass, legs, and lower tummy. My tucked cock was starting to strain under the restraints of the crotch of the pantyhose so I thought, I’d better either go for a drive or a walk.                                                                                   I look okay, I thought. So why not both.I put some press-on nails on. I grabbed one of my wife’s purses and threw my wallet, lipstick, cell phone, cigarettes, and lighter into it. I grabbed my keys and headed towards the garage. I walked around the car and as lad like as possible I sat in the seat, tucking my skirt under my ass, as I had seen other ladies do so many times. I swung my leg up and isvecbahis into the car keeping my knees together. Just practicing, I thought. I didn’t want to look like a guy leg in first and then my crotch wide open for everyone to see. Success! My trial period was over.I arranged things in the car and pushed the door opener to reveal the world to me. I stepped on the clutch, turned the key, then it dawned on me that I would be backing out of the garage into our alley. I thought, the neighbors, what if they see?  Another tingle ran through my body and I shook a little, like when walking out into a cold morning, and you get a shiver.I decided I was going for it and let the clutch out, the car kind of lurched backwards, I definitely am not used to driving a car that has a stick wearing heels. I needed to concentrate on what I was doing. I backed into the alley swinging the car to exit to the street. I live in a smaller town, but we are a bedroom community for a larger city. I felt a little nervous now driving a familiar car through my neighborhood dressed and made up, wig on and people knowing that it’s my car. I then thought, well, keep your head down look straight forward and no one will notice the driver’s a woman. I pulled from the alley on to the street moving along, not fast but not doddering either.I kept my head down eyes straight forward. I stopped for the stop sign and drove down the street, to a park about a mile away. My heart pounding, I have visited this park before dressed and with makeup and a wig on, but never in the light of day.I spotted an empty parking spot and pulled in. I opened the door and slid my legs out. My heels clicked on the tar as they hit, and I got that same chill up my spine. Am I really going to do this? I thought. Before I could think of the answer I was up and standing. I closed the door and realized I forgot to grab my purse.I opened the door again and grabbed my purse putting it on my right shoulder. I closed and locked the door and started a walk along the paved path by the river. I was strolling along looking at the water and hearing the kids on the upcoming playground equipment. I saw a park bench facing the river and took the opportunity to sit and have a cigarette.                                                                            I opened my purse and pulled a cigarette from the pack. I grabbed the lighter and went to light my smoke, Now flicking a lighter is a lot different isveçbahis giriş with nails and I had to make several attempts to get it to spark. I held the flame to my cigarette and suck in deeply. So far I was just enjoying looking at the water of the Mississippi flowing in front of me. I inhaled again and felt the rush of the nicotine rushing to my head. I had my legs together and tucked somewhat to the side, like I had practiced at home sitting in my office chair masturbating to porn or a good cyber session, to look lad like and give that dainty appearance even though I thought about the words or movie on the screen and stroked my member to it until the cum would blast and land on my pantyhosed legs.I kept inhaling enjoying the warmth of the now low sun hitting my legs and the breeze cooling them. Just then a man walking by noticed me and said, “Hi.”                                                                                                                                                                          I looked at him and smiled no words escaped my mouth though. I was speechless as this stranger looked at me and didn’t even flinch as to my gender. I thought, I must look okay, and a warm flush spread through me. I also just thought to myself, how will I use my voice? I didn’t think about that until now. I mean at home I can talk out loud in my regular voice telling my imaginary lover, “to fuck me deeper,” or, “right there, yessssss, right there.”But how do I respond to a person asking a question or giving a compliment or just a simple hello? I thought, I can’t yell out, “right there, right there,” to them. I sat and pondered for a few minutes as I finished my cigarette.The opportunity arose soon enough as a couple walked passed. Both looked at me and nodded and said, “Hello,” in gentle light voices.                                                                                                                                                                                                         I softly half-whispered, “Hello,” back. I was pleasantly surprised that it sounded feminine enough to pass. The couple smiled and whisked by me and continued down the path.My cigarette done and out, I tossed the butt in the garbage can, and then stood to go back to the car. I stepped on the path and started walking slowly as my knees had stiffened slightly and walking in heels always takes me a couple of isveçbahis yeni giriş steps to get the rust out. I took about ten steps and I heard a voice from behind say, “Look out sexy!”                 I stepped to the side and turned my head to see a younger guy on a bike coming up from behind quickly. I took another step to the side and he whistled past me saying, “Thank you.”                                                                                                                                   I felt so good him calling me sexy. I got to the car reached into the purse grabbing the keys. I opened the car door and sat down on the seat and swung my legs in just as I had practiced it. I closed the door, snapped my seatbelt in place and stepped on the clutch. I turned the key and off I went.I was going to go home but thought, this was fun and rather exciting. I thought, maybe just a drive downtown and down Division Street. It was still light and I was feeling very good about how things went in the park.I drove down Benton Drive to the east end of the city. I turned onto Division Street and headed west. Now Division Street has twenty-six traffic lights from one end of the city to the other and I was not thinking about that as I turned on to the street. I soon remembered as I had to stop for the second time.After each light, my skirt seemed to ride up just a little higher than the last as I would engage and disengage the clutch for each shift. Before I knew it, my skirt was just below my gusset of my pantyhose showing off all of my thigh. That’s when a truck rumbled up next to me and I looked over to see a younger man looking in my window at my legs and giving me a thumbs up and a nod. I smiled at him and felt my cock grow a little as the blood rushed to engorge it. I know from my experience,  the effect of seeing a nylon covered leg has on me. I must have flushed a bit, because all of a sudden it got warmer in the car.I kept driving on, and the truck stayed with me as the passenger was checking me out, each time I looked over he was staring down at my legs. My cock now straining at the crotch of my pantyhose and I was so glad it was tucked up or would have made quite the bulge in my skirt. My feet worked the peddles at each stop light and my skirt stayed at my crotch. I know that the passenger was getting a good show, because his eyes never left my lap. I got through downtown, and headed towards the highway to go back to my little town. I turned on to the highway, and the truck zoomed on, the tension in my pantyhose lessened some. I couldn’t help but be a bit turned on though, as I thought about giving that young man a little innocent show.

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