Power Chapter One: In The Beginning


My father had been abusive to me, my three sisters and my mother. He was killed in an auto accident while driving drunk. I only went to the funeral to assure myself that he was really dead. I was 16. My mother had taken out a fairly large life insurance policy on him because he had no thoughts about providing for his family if he died. Now he was gone. My mother spent the next two years pounding into my head that I needed to respect women. When time came for college, she said she would pay for all of it if I went to the college she chose for me. Of course I went to the college she chose for me. I was not the brightest one around, but I was not stupid. A relatively new college had recently been accredited in a pleasant location in the South. It was called Anthony College in honor of some woman from a hundred years ago. It had been founded, and was still run, by women. However, men were heavily recruited and many were offered scholarships. The student body was about 51% female and 49% male, not a bad balance. The promotional literature said that all students would be given many opportunities to learn more about themselves isvecbahis and to integrate the many different facets of their personalities. This all sounded like nonsense to me, but I wasn’t paying for it. According to the brochure there were two dormitory complexes on the campus. Friedan Complex housed the women, and Abzug Complex housed the men. Another couple of supposedly-famous broads from the past. I was assigned to the Abzug Complex. The brochure had a long list of Dormitory Regulations. I got to the part about “Men are never, under any circumstances, allowed into the women’s dormitory complex.” That’s where I stopped reading. Was this a monastery or a college? I was majoring in math. Regardless of a student’s major, there were specific courses that were required every semester. I saw that first semester freshmen had to take HS 101, “Gender Roles.” Probably a bunch of feminist crap, but, hey, I had taken Home Economics in High School. I could make it through this one. I was excited about the required course for second semester: HS102, “Introduction to Human Sexuality.” That sounded more like it. I isveçbahis giriş asked my mother when I would be going to summer orientation. She said there was none. Freshmen had to arrive a week early for orientation. I guess it didn’t make a difference if I lost a week of vacation in the middle of the summer or at the end. My high school girlfriend, Kathleen, was going to a college on the other side of the country. That was fine with me because we weren’t all that serious anyway. I mean, I couldn’t even get to first base. Every time I came up to the plate my bat was ready, but I struck out. At the final end of summer party she agreed that we could see each other in our underwear and then make out. That was actually kind of exciting. No girl had seen me in my underwear except my sisters, and they hadn’t seen me since I had turned 13. I had led a sheltered life, and had never seen a naked girl, or even one in her underwear except in pictures. Sure enough, we found a secluded place at the party and stripped to our underwear. She was wearing plain white bra and panties while I was in plain white T-shirt and jockey isveçbahis yeni giriş shorts. There was a significant difference, however. She didn’t have a seven inch pole tenting her panties. Kathleen saw my erection and said, “Don’t get hopeful.” It wouldn’t have mattered much. We kissed for a few minutes before she stood up and got dressed. She told me stay the way I was while she got us a couple of cokes. Twenty minutes later she had not returned. I peeked out from the bushes and saw her talking and laughing with some of her friends. She noticed me and started toward my position, bringing her friends with her. I went to get dressed and found out she had taken my clothes with her. I tried to hide in the bushes but without success. She told me I had to come out and let the girls see me before she would return my clothes. Blushing, embarrassed and now without an erection, I complied. They took pictures (which wound up on the internet, of course), then gave me back my clothes. I arrived at college as an 18 year old virgin with no experience at all with girls. I was very modest about my body, probably had more inhibitions than a whole country full of neurotics and so little knowledge of the opposite sex (or sex, for that matter) that I was in little danger of changing virgin to past tense. My roommate, Jay, was as different as could be.

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