Positive Energy Experience


This story contains naughty peeing, desperation and girls pissing.

“Suzanne, what are you doing?” Natalie said when she saw her friend and roommate standing with her hand on the boys room door.

“I think the guys need some positive energy, they’re such stuck up pricks.” She pushed the door open a little and turned to face Natalie. “Wanna help?”

Natalie broke into a big grin. “Yes! What do I do?”

Suzanne pushed the door completely open and looked around. “It’s empty. Come on.” The men’s bathroom had 4 urinals, 4 stalls and 4 sinks. “Stop up all the sinks and we’ll fill them with our energy.” She looked at her girlfriend’s jeans. “It would be easier in a skirt with no panties.”

“No problem.” She replied as she skinned her pants and panties down, pulled them off and threw them on the floor. “I’ll just go bare ass. So what do we do?”

“First we’ll leave our energy in all the sinks.” She was barely tall enough to reach, but she lifted her skirt and started to pee in the basin, then stopped her stream and went to the next one. “You get the last two, I think my energy is getting depleted.”

Natalie hopped up on the next sink and pissed joyfully. “Don’t worry, I have plenty!” She filled the last two with her golden nectar and jumped down. She grabbed some paper and wiped her crotch, then threw the tissue in the sink. “A little something extra. So what do we do now?”

“Refill our bladders of course. There are so many places that need our positive energy.”

They weren’t ostim escort supposed to be in the school at all since it was spring break and the college was locked down with no entry for two weeks, but Suzanne talked her friend into staying in the teacher’s lounge which had comfortable couches, showers and toilets. They found a way to sneak in and out, so they brought food drinks and snacks and settled down for a fortnight’s stay all alone in the spooky old school.

“I’m ready.” Suzanne said. “Wanna spread some more positivity?”

“You know I do. You know who positively needs positivity to combat her constant negativity? Ms. Peabody.”

“You are so right! She needs it more than anyone. Let’s make sure her classroom has lots of energy.” She looked at Natalie who still was naked from the waist down. “Are you going to stay like that?”

Natalie nodded. “Until it gets cold, no pants.”

Suzanne stripped off her skirt. “Then I will, too! May I say that you have a beautiful pussy, with the hair shaped like that. Your slit is like a straight line. Mine looks like a hastily packed bag with stuff hanging out all over.”

“Ha ha! Yours is pretty, too. It looks delicious and I know it’s tasty.”

“Peabody’s class first.”

They strolled down the corridors half naked, arm in arm, to Ms. Peabody’s classroom and opened the door to a familiar sight, math class. The desks were all arranged in rows and Ms. Peabody’s desk was up front as usual. Suzanne pulled out all the drawers ankara otele gelen escort in the desk and arranged herself on one side.

“You take the other, Nat. I really gotta release some energy.”

“Me too.” Natalie replied and a stream of hot yellow pee streamed out of her pussy right into Ms. Peabody’s top drawer, soaking all the supplies in there. They made sure to wet every drawer till their supply ran out and closed up the desk as they giggled, skipping, hand in hand, back down the corridor.

“That was so naughty!” Natalie said as they ate some snacks and drank soda.

“Yes, and we’ve got two weeks to pee anywhere.”

“What will they do when everyone returns?”

“They will experience our positive energy and rejoice that someone cared enough to leave them something.” She paused. “Then they’ll get the bleach out and try to find the dirty culprits who pissed all over the school!”

They really did enjoy their pissing spree, running down the corridors dripping urine all the way, drenching Ms. Peabody’s classroom and making sure the boys room was soaked in girl pee then making love all night after the exciting pee sessions. It was the last Friday, classes were to return on Monday and they decided to spend the rest of the time thoroughly wetting Ms. Peabody’s classroom. Suzanne was squatting on the desk, pants less, while Natalie was pissing on the chair when the door opened. It was Ms. Peabody! Caught in mid piss, unable to stop the flow, ankara rus escort they continued peeing while the professor stared at them both, shocked. She looked different without her usual tight bun and severe clothes. Her hairdo was right out of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar, her short shorts were tight enough to show camel toe and she sported more than a little cleavage. She was standing there, legs squeezed together, dancing uncomfortably and putting her hand between her legs.

“I can’t- I can’t hold it!” Her piss gushed out, soaking her shorts, running down her legs into her shoes. She struggled to get control and spread her legs to let the pee spray onto the floor.

“You dirty girls!” she said, flustered and embarassed. “You made me wet myself.”

The girls rushed over to her, hugged and comforted her.

“Don’t worry, it’s just pee, it washes off.”

“Yeah, we all have accidents.”

“I didn’t bring a change of clothes. And to tell the truth I always wanted to piss in my classroom but never had the nerve.” She slipped out of her shoes and pulled her wet shorts down and off. “Oh, fuck it.” she said and pulled her thoroughly soaked blue panties off, too, exposing her shaved pussy.

“So you like piss?” Both girls nodded. “Ever taste your piss?” Again, two nods. “Taste mine.” It was more of a command as she wrung her pissy panties into the girls mouth. “Now tell me what you were doing here?”

They explained how they had nowhere to go and stayed there during break and decided to leave their positive energy all over the school.

“Can I participate in you Positive Energy Experience? I’d love to piss all over the school just once!” The girls agreed enthusiastically, broad grins and hearty laughter echoed thru the room as Ms. Peabody said “On to the dean’s office!”

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