Pleasure Cruise: Chapter 2, A Lady’s Gift, Ari


I walked about the ship and explored. I had already found three gyms, two conference rooms and several dining rooms that served as ball rooms and event rooms as well. There were also several bars, each sporting a unique name that fit the theme of the cruise like The Secret Spot, Hushed Whispers and my personal favorite, Entwined. None of them were open until after seven. There was an upper deck with three spas and a vast pool, which struck me as funny, all the water around us and a pool onboard. The rest of the ship was passageways filled with staterooms, which I was guessing only allowed entry if your stateroom was located down one of the long passages. I had tried to explore them too but my key card wouldn’t gain me access. I walked around on the weather decks and scoped out possible fun spots I might be able to bring someone. I also kept an eye out for where the staff hung out; that way, when I wanted a private moment with a woman, I knew the places that were going to be busy. I looked at my watch, still only six thirty, people would be arriving soon, if not already lining up. I made my way starboard, the right side of the ship if you’re facing toward the front, and looked out over the rail. I was right, men and woman were already lining up, many with bags in hand and others leaving suitcases with crew members to have taken to their rooms. I watched as people met in line. Damn, I should have thought of that, I could be meeting potential women now, getting the jump on some of the competition. “Oh well Alex,” I mumbled to myself, “Early bird gets the worm, but it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese.” I looked on for a bit then checked my watch again, seven on the dot, I smiled. Time for breakfast I thought, then changed my mind. If I waited till eight I bet I could make up for the time lost in line and meet a few women then, at least getting the jump on the passengers who would join us in Seattle and those who were late today. I pushed off the rail and headed back to my room. Maybe I’d hit one of the gyms. I entered the room to find it empty, Ari had left, but she cleaned up and made the bed. I smiled to myself; she cleaned up. She may make a good sub, even though staff were off limits. I put my clothes away and organized my stuff, stowing it inside the built in cabinets that all clicked shut to prevent rough seas from making them open. I put on a body armor shirt and some gym shorts, changed into my gym socks and shoes then headed out. I wasn’t a major gym rat, but I wasn’t one of those guys that went in and screwed around either. I used to practice Shōrin-ryū but it had been a few years, almanbahis I had also gotten into another sport that involved padded weapons but that was a lot nerdier, still great cardio though. I wanted to take some of the cruises yoga classes, I bet yoga could be pretty interesting here. I stretched as I plotted, staying fit meant I had better stamina. I looked in the gym mirror, I was lean and muscular but not so much that I looked like a steroid using gym rat with more muscle than brains. I was simply muscular, semi-toned, my skin slightly tanned but what always surprised me was the interlocking Celtic rose vines tattooed on my arms starting at my wrists and going halfway up past my elbow. The vines had all kinds of hidden designs in them and a few other hidden things. I had gotten them tattooed years ago and grown so used to them that I didn’t notice them on a daily basis, so when I looked at myself in the mirror they always shocked me a little. I liked the way they looked, I had worried that they may look silly being rose vines. On the contrary when people saw them they thought bad ass, or so a few people have said. Not that many people saw them, I kept them covered most often. I worked through a few light sets of curls and bench presses, moved onto pull ups. After a decent lift set I moved onto a light tread mill run. I didn’t like running much, it was boring, and so I tended to drift off into fantasy land when I did. Today was no different, I let my imagination run away. My thoughts had run so far I hadn’t realized there was two women looking in the window until a woman in a dark grey business outfit and long dark red curly hair passing by slapped her hand hard against the glass. My head jerked up and the woman kept on walking, smiling back at the other two and winking at me. They seemed embarrassed at first then burst into giggles. Damn, I hated giggling. I smiled at all three and returned her wink. They were pretty despite their giggling though, with tight little bodies in their matching school girl outfits, too cliché for me. Although I thought, two for the price of one, then shook my head, no too much drama. Too much giggling, although I bet their cries and screams were decadent. Now, the other woman had spunk and she was womanly, not girly. Her hair was amazing and that wickedly beautiful smile as she thwarted the girl’s fun time while they just stared had me thinking naughty thoughts. My gym shorts started to extend, I stopped running and toweled off and wiped the tread mill off. Giving the girls one last smile, I stepped out the door to a barrage of giggling. “Girls,” I said almanbahis yeni giriş nodding at them as I passed, headed back to my room to shower. They giggled more and went their own way. The ship was definitely filling up. I had passed men and women just coming aboard looking for their rooms. I entered mine and showered quickly in case the hot water didn’t last long. Grabbing a pair of dark slacks and a tight grey shirt, I dressed and made my way to breakfast. Maybe if I was lucky the suit lady would show up. My waiter brought me my coffee, and I ordered a light breakfast, omelet with ham, cheese and tomatoes. I watched men and women enter, some couples, but no suit lady. The waiter came back refilled my coffee and left, he was pretty good. He figured out what I needed without having to ask and did his job, not a lot of small talk, I wasn’t a fan of small talk. My food arrived and the waiter asked if I needed ketchup or hot sauce, I needed neither, and he left. I liked him, straight to the point and not a bother. Good tip coming his way. I did enjoy a waitress who flirted a little though, but as a waiter he was perfect. I finished my meal and drank two more cups, paid and left disappointed. Returning to my room I found a paper slid under the door with the ships schedule, looked like a few comedians, a band and some regular day activities till we hit Seattle. Of course we had the Introduction Dinner. I smiled and decided to go listen to Cat’o’Nine Tails, an all-female BDSM rock band. I figured if they sounded terrible I could at least meet some women or crash the comedy act. I decided to walk about and chit chat out on the top deck. I took the elevator, not that I was lazy but the stairs were probably empty. The elevator opened to a breezeway with a bar not far to the left and the pool a short distance out into the sun. I walked out casually and looked around taking in the sights and decided to head to the bar first. I ordered a Captain and Coke. Drink in hand I glanced at the clock almost eleven, underway in an hour. I walked out into the sun and instantly felt its rays begin to warm my skin, the pool was empty but the chairs around it had filled nicely with a buffet of bikinis. I smiled, maybe this cruise was going to be great. I sat for a little bit and casually enjoyed the ocean air. It was weird to me to be getting underway and I not having any work to do. I finished my drink and headed inside for a quick nap. I was almost to my room when I spotted the suit lady. She was still wearing her dark grey suit top matched with a pin striped pencil skirt. She was leaning against the almanbahis giriş counter of the information desk, a seductive smile on her face as a nervous clerk reached for her key card. Her stockings accentuated her legs nicely, and her heels screamed sexy, but in a professional working woman kind of way. Her long dark ruby hair was done up now in a bun held firm with a black hair tie. Her milky white skin made her hair jump out, enriching its color. The clerk handed back the card, he seemed to be apologizing a lot. I smiled as she looked up, winked at her and kept on walking. I couldn’t place her, sub or Domme she seemed dominant but her eyes begged to please. Maybe she was a flip like me. I could feel her watch as I walked by, and after twenty feet, I could hear her heels click clacking on the deck as she followed. The click clacking pace quickened ever so slightly, so I slowed for her to catch up. As she came along my left side I smiled at her and she back. The ship jerked a bit, and a fog horn sounded, letting all those aboard, on the pier, and within a five-mile radius that the ship was underway. She stepped to the side and braced herself against the bulkhead. “Enjoy your work out?” she asked her voice teasing, sexy and firm. She was born for the court room; a lawyer I would bet my best whip on it. I looked her up and down allowing her to see my obvious appreciation of her body and stopped once I reached her gorgeous green eyes. “Looks like you enjoy working out too,” I said it as a statement not a question. “Must be hard to find time between court cases,” I added to confirm her being a lawyer. “Oh I don’t do court, but my firm makes time for us to stay fit. Full gym in fact.” she said, her eyes copying mine and fully checking me out. As her eyes dropped, I admired her blouse in a lighter grey than her suit protruding out past her flat stomach. I was sure she was all natural and not pushed up, I looked up just before she caught me in a second glance. “Firm huh, so you going to the comedy show or to see the rock group?” I asked hoping she would want to meet up. Her thick ruby lips pressed together as she made up her mind, her hips swaying back and forth as we walked. “I think the rock band, but I’m not sure. Not a huge fan of comedy but the band maybe too loud,” she said her mind still debating it as only a lawyer and a general could, weighing every little option. “You?” she asked, looking at me. “The band, if its loud I may cut out early too.” I said figuring that was exactly what I’d end up doing. “See you there then?” I asked a single eye brow raising in quizzically. I tapped my key card on the electronic device that opened the door to the passageway leading to my stateroom. “You have one of the big suites?” she asked totally amazed and opening the door for me. “I splurged.” I said being honest but hoping I sounded modest.

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