Picking up my Stepsister


Okay so I guess the best place to start is the very beginning so here it is. I just turned 18 a week prior to my life changing moment. Okay so I just graduated highschool and was enjoying the summer before I was to start college. When out of the blue my step sister decided that she was going to come back home. Now this might seem like good news, but trust me you do not know Abby.

Now she seems cute and funny when you meet her and you would never guess that she is a vindictive blood sucking evil bitch, but I assure you she is. This is the girl that drained my mother’s bank account and took off out west with her biker jerk of a boyfriend 3 years ago. An event that I might add that almost caused our parents to split. Yes almost it did not happen, but they still argue about it to this day.

So Abby called my mom and told her the she and Chad split up and she was trying to get clean and sober. Apparently someone told her that it works better if you have a support system or some bullshit like that. Nevertheless my mom forgave her and agreed to have her come home. Here is where it gets real shitty. Because I opted out of getting a summer job. So I had to drive to Oregon to pick her up and bring her home.

The drive there was not a problem. I was going to take my time and see some cool sights. It was a 39 hour drive and I had 4 days to do it. So I mapped it out and figured if I done most of the driving at night I could get a few hours of sleep in the morning then waste some time during the day and nap before I was on my way again.

Hell a lot of my time was spent with a hitchhiker I picked up in Tennessee that was headed to California. Sarah was a cute blonde with perky tits and a fat ass so I agreed to drop her in Oregon. The first stop for sleep was a little shit hole town in Illinois the motel was just as run down as the town. The good part was the room had two beds and decent cable.

“I have dibs on the shower” Sarah called as we carried our bags up the staircase. Which was fine with me. I planned on stretching my legs before hitting the shower anyway.

Now since she got in the truck we had talked quite a bit. She was 24 and was trying to make it as a singer. Her love was country music but she had a talent for rap as well so some people told her LA was the best place for her to go. Add that in with her consent flirting and I was lust struck within the first hour. As far as the rest we had similar interests in bands, our hobbies were similar, and as we talked about her sex life being a desaster and all guys were the same wham bam thank you ma’am types.

To which I assured her it wasn’t the case. Some of us actually enjoy the playing more than the climax, but she shot it down with a promise, promise comment. Before we reached the hotel she seemed more intrigued about the play part that I had mentioned. Asking for details and such to which I jokingly said that it would be more fun if I just showed her. That pretty much killed the conversation as we got off the interstate and reached the motel.

So here I was at some shitty motel with a beautiful girl in the shower. No parents, no rules, just the time limit to get Abby. I wondered if maybe the flirting and sex talk was just Sarah’s way of keeping the ride interesting or if I might actually have a shot. As I pondered the thought I sat on one of the beds and flipped through the channels.

I settled on a channel that had snakes on a plane playing and it was only 5 or 6 minutes in. Of course as soon as I got comfortable and started watching it went to commercials. So I went to the drink machine down by the office to get a few drinks. When I got back I walked in to find Sarah in a tank top and booty shorts bent at the waist between the two beds with that nice ass of hers pointed towards the door.

“Damn, that’s quite the sight!” I exclaimed as I shut the door.

“Like what you see?” She said, spreading her legs to look back between them.

“I refuse to answer on the grounds that I might incriminate myself.” I retorted.

“Oh, you’re perving out on me are ya?” She stood up, turning around.

“It’s hard not to. You got an ass that makes a guy want to bite down, develop a lockjaw, and be drug to death.” I tried to use an old saying of my dad’s to see if it actually got anywhere. Which by her smile it seemed to.

“18 and already a smooth talker. You better go take bonus veren siteler a shower before I lose all my wits and jump your bones, mister.” She shook her finger at me.

“That’s it, no shower for me.” I joked as I grabbed my things.

“Dirty boy.” I heard her return as I closed the bathroom door.

When I came out she was already asleep so I hopped on the other bed and was soon out myself. A little time later I felt something warm on my shaft and awoke to find something bobbing up and down under the sheet I had draped over me. Pulling it back I saw Sarah’s cute face as she sucked my dick.

“Mmm, I’m sorry I saw your hardon, and couldn’t help myself.” She said pulling off for a moment then going right back to the task.

“Oh, that’s fine.” I said leaning back against the pillow. After a few minutes I flipped her body around to where we were in a 69 position and awkwardly removed her shorts to reveal a smooth shaved pussy. It was already damp with her juices and glistening in the dim light. The pink gash was so inviting that I wasted no time as I ran my tongue up her gash.

The moan she gave around my dick was all I needed, and I started to eat her pussy for everything I was worth. With a wide flat tongue I licked up and down getting everything slick with my saliva. Then I pushed my tongue into her opening trying to force it in as far as I could. Fucking her hole with it, trying to get as much of the sweet tasting nectar as I could. In a few minutes she had forgotten all about the blow job and was trying her best to ride my face to the orgasm I kept denying her. Once I had her frantically bucking her hips I started working on her clit sucking it into my mouth and lightly nibbling it.

“Oh my god please don’t stop. Right there, right there. YEAH!” She screamed as gush after gush of her juices splashed across my face. After a few minutes of shaking she fell limp across my body. So I gently rolled her off onto the bed. “Wow, you weren’t lying about that!” She said a moment later.

“I tried to tell you.” I smile back at her.

“Well, we can have sex if you’d like but I need a minute.” She explained.

“That would be great, how about we order a pizza and pick up where we left off after we eat?” I offered.

“Sounds like a plan.” She said fighting with the sheet to drape it over her exposed bottom half.

I sat in the little office chair on the other side of the room while we waited for the food she had taken over the TV remote so I just read on a book I had been reading on my phone. The pizza was there in 25 minutes so I had to pay the full price, but really didn’t care. We took our time eating and just talked about our hobbies and such.

“Shit!” I mumbled under my breath. When I realized I didn’t bring any condoms.

“What’s wrong?” Sarah asked after hearing me.

“We can’t have sex. I forgot condoms,I’m sorry.” I told her.

“Oh, no worries I’m on the shot and don’t like them anyway.” She said with a smile. As she threw the sheets away from her.

Without another word I was on the bed kissing her deeply. As our tongues battled back and forth between our mouths I ripped the tank top off her body. She moved to pull away, probably to express anger over the torn garment, but I quickly moved my hand behind her head locking her into our heated kiss. After a few more minutes we broke the lip lock to catch our breath.

“You… tore… my shirt… you… ass.” She got out in between breaths.

“Yeah, I didn’t want it covering those yummy tits any more.” I explained. “If you’d like I’ll buy you another to replace it.” I told her just as I dove forward, sucking half her right tit into my mouth.

Anything else she wanted to say was quickly forgotten as she started moaning. It turned out her slightly bigger than a handful of boobs were extremely sensitive. Not just the nipples which I was rewarded with 2 screaming orgasms by sucking and nibbling on them, but the soft tanned flesh of her mounds. As I sucked a hickey onto the bottom side of her left tit I felt her body shudder with a few micro climaxes.

As I worked slowly down the left side of her body letting my mouth explore the ridges of her ribcage, she continued to moan and groan with some of the sexiest noises my ears had ever heard. As I reached the bottom of the ribs I moved over to the right side and copied the bedava bahis same pattern. My goal was to work her slowly to an oral orgasm she’d never forget.

When done exploring her ribcage I moved up to give her a quick bit passionate kiss before making my way down across her jaw line to nibble and tease her earlobe. Then slowly teased and explored the soft skin of her neck. Reaching her collar bone I moved up to give her another quick kiss before working my way down the other side. By this time the hotel room was echoing with her delighted moaning. Each time I hit an extra sensitive spot she would let out a slight hiss as her breath caught, and I would make sure to pay a little extra attention to those while there.

Then I continued down the valley between her boobs only stopping inline with her nipples to give each one a few good flicks with my tongue which caused her head to thrash back and forth. Then I worked my way down side to side covering the whole surface of her flat tummy in little nips and licks as I moved along the smooth skin. When I reached her cute belly button I dipped my tongue inside and played with the dangely blue rhinestone piercing. Before I moved down more. I placed a hickey on each of her hips then worked my way past her pussy and down her left thigh.

She grunted in protest, but did not say a word as I made my way down to her ankle exploring the ins and out of the soft skin down her limb. The back up her other leg. When I met the soft sensitive part where the leg meets the mound I pulled away and lifted her legs up until her knees rested on her tits. Then after enjoying the view and aroma of her gorgeous pussy and most of her ass for a few moments I planted a wet kiss on the small space between her drenched slit and her puckered star. The temptation overtook me and I ran my tongue roughly over her backdoor.

The startled moan squeaked from deep inside her as the point of my tongue dipped into the tight bud. Then it grew into a drawn out squeal of excitement as I drove it deep inside. I tongue fucked her ass until she let out a ear busting scream before her body went stiff then shook violently as her pussy convulsed before my eyes.

“Oh, oh my god. Tha… that was… the… first…” the words trailed into a moan as I ran the flat of my tongue from the bottom of her slit up through the outer lips and across her clit. The back down until the tip dug into her opening. I fucked her deep and as hard as I could with my tongue until her upward thrusts dislodged my tongue. So I slid in 2 fingers and attacked her clit with my mouth. Just to be sure it would shatter the earth as she knew it I reached up with my free hand and tweaked her nipples. Her climax was one for the richter scale as she trashed around under me yelling gibberish as her pussy sprayed me in a thick coat of her womanly juices.

I did not let up until her body rolled through climax after climax. For at least 5 minutes straight. Her body was limp and she looked as though she was going to pass out when I finally stopped licking her clean. Without any warning I moved up and planted a kiss on her lips. My now rigid cock strained to be free of my gym shorts as the tip of the tented fabric poked her clit. Another massive orgasm tore through her on the contact.

“My god, if you can cause that with your mouth I can’t imagine what that fat cock can do.” She exclaimed when she regained herself.

Getting off the bed I went and got her some water. After handing it to her I stripped down before climbing back onto the bed. She downed the contents, throwing the cup to the side, before diving head first at my half hard cock. Her amazing mouth had me full mast in seconds. With my length half way down her throat. She moaned around my shaft as her body quivered in another small orgasm.

“Holy fuck two firsts in one night.” She said, pulling off my cock, and pushing me on to my back. “You’re the only person to ever have licked my ass, and you made me cum from it. Then I suck your beautiful cock and cum again. This is already the best sex I’ve ever had, and you haven’t even fucked me yet.” She went on as she straddled me.

She slid the head of my cock across the folds of her drenched pussy and tapped it against her clit a few times before lining it up with her opening. Then slid down about 3 inches before stopping. “Holy fuck it’s like I’m being deneme bonus filled with a baseball bat.” She moaned before taking a few more inches.

Now to explain. I am well above average. At 8 1/2 inches and being as big around as a skinny energy drink can. With balls the size of plums.

Here this gorgeous woman sat with 5 inches lodged in her thighs pussy trying her best to adjust to what was assuredly the biggest she had ever had. As I lay there willing myself to calm down so I do not blow this early. After a minute or so she pulled up about an inch, and with a wink and devilish smile she thrust downward as hard as she could. Taking me all the way to the root.

“Ahhh FUCK!!!” She screamed as my head crashed into her back wall with the force of her thrust. “Holy fuck. It’s more like sinking over a fucking parking meter.” She bluntly commented.

She took a long break to let her body adjust. “You know, if you didn’t have me so worked up this thing would have killed me.” She said, wiggling around a little bit.

“Why do you think I’m so good at the foreplay part?” I bluntly asked with a slight hip thrust into her.

“Ahhh. You cocky bastard.” She shot me an evil grin, before pulling up my shaft until her tight walls only held my head inside her. “Holy fuck!” She almost screamed as she quickly dropped back down.

Her pace was slow at first, but she started to enjoy how well my cock filled her to completion. After a few minutes she was riding me frantically, pounding her cervix onto the head of my cock on every down thrust. She pointed me so hard that I feared she might actually cause damage, but the squeals and sounds coming from her we’re that of only pure pleasure. So I laid the gripping her great ass in my hands letting her have her way with me, as I battled with my fast approaching climax. Trying everything I could not to come until she had. It was no use after the excitement of the night we had had and the conversations we had. I was so worked up I could not hold back anymore.

“I’m gonna cum.” I warned her.

“Shit, fuck, yes big boy fucking cum. Shoot your load deep in my pussy, baby.” She shouted as she bottomed out and started grinding me frantically. “Please fill me up, I’m so close baby. Cum with me!” She begged as my balls tightened up and the first shot flooded up my shaft. I can not be certain, but either the shock of my shooting inside her caused her to jump up a little, or I came so hard it literally lifted her up about an inch on my shaft. Either way her orgasm hit as soon as she felt it.

Her body shook and bucked wildly as I shot my load deep in her tight pussy. After our mutual climax subsided she fell onto my chest as we tried to recover. “Wow, that was intense.” She muttered.

“See you thought I was bullshitting you the whole time, bet you won’t underestimate me again.” I said back with a thrust of my limp dick.

“Oh, my god your as big as my ex was fully hard and you’re soft.” She giggled. Which caused her pussy to go into contractions around my meat that was still lodged in her warmth. The flexing muscles sparked life back into my cock. As she got control of herself she realized I was hard again. “Really, already?” She asked in disbelief.

“What can I say? I have a beautiful girl on top of me, I can’t help it.” I told her.

“Well then, stud, flip us over and fck the memories of those dipshit exes of mine out of my mind.” She said with a demanding tone.

So I rolled us over and just went to work. I did not waste time on a build up of talking about what she wanted. I just started pounding away. In under a minute she was bucking up into me spurring me on with her feet wrapped around trying to pull me deeper into her. As orgasms racked through her small frame. It seemed just as one would subside another would spark. Having just emptied my balls I knew this was going to be my chance to literally fuck her brains out. So four the next 45 minutes maybe closer to an hour I drilled Sarah’s pussy like a mad man.

In my loss of control I did not notice that she had passed out from the pleasure. Until after I went to clamp my mouth to hers as I was once again depositing a healthy load of my cum deep in her folds. I pulled out in a panic and the suction effect her tight walls had on me woke her up when my cock popped out of her followed by a river of cum leaking down to the sheets below.

“Oh my god, is that all from you?” She asked as she dipped her finger in the mess.

“Yeah I have been told I cum in gallons.” I joked, as she licked the goo off her finger.

“Mmm, it taste wonderful.” She exclaimed, reaching for another scoop.

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