Pensioner in his wife’s tights


Pensioner in his wife’s tightsI’ve always had a passion for ladies tights since the mid 1960’s when they became popular with the introduction of the mini skirt. I used to be embarrassed buying ladies tights as the village I lived in only had a few shops and most of the ladies serving knew me. Most Saturday afternoons I would venture to my nearest town, Glasgow, to buy my ladies tights for my weekend pleasure. By the early 1970’s I had a girlfriend who wore tights and on my request stockings and a Suspender belt. She worked till about 4pm most Saturdays and I used to travel in to meet her. This particular Saturday I went into town early to buy some Color Climax porno Mags from “Campbell’s Health shop” on Stockwell Street. This was before sex shops and you were met bahis şirketleri by a couple of old guys in white coats. The shop was stocked with porno mags, most with black stars covering the naughty bits…but they also sold the Swedish Color Climax Mags though these cost about £3 each. I had bought a couple along with a basic vibrator and the guy asked what I was up to now…..I said I had a couple of hours to pass till I met my girlfriend, he suggested I should go to the soft porno cinema The Classic Grand on Jamaica Street. So off I queues, thankfully, straight in, paid my £2 entrance money and passed the usherette selling porno Mags instead of ice creams. The cinema was dark and the screen lite the place up…..I ventured down to the side and sat bahis firmaları down, there couldn’t have been more than a few dozen people in. The film was pretty tame but within the local legal restraints. After about half an hour an old guy came in a sat next to me…strange I thought…lots of empty rows in front and behind me. He sat for a few minutes then mumbled something about the action on the screen….next thing he reaches over and takes my hand and places it on his exposed erection covered in nylon…he says …”…..can you wank me off?…..I’m wearing my wife’s tights too…you okay with that?”…by this time I had a semi watching the screen action…..I sort of stroked him a few times before feeling a load of warm cum on my fingers….he shuddered kaçak bahis siteleri and gasped a bit….he then said “thanks” zipped his cock in his trousers and left me with his sticky cum on my fingers….fortunately I carried a linen hankie and used this to wipe my fingers and hand….by this time I was pretty hard myself and had wished he had hung around to masturbate me….I looked around and as there was no one close by I unzipped myself and stroked to a wonderful orgasm……watching the action on the screen. As I left, before the film finished, I passed by a few rows where I could see a few guys stroking for all their worth. As I left I again passed the usherette with her porn Mags for sale. There were a few couples in and I vowed to return with my girlfriend, but sadly the cinema closed. I met my girlfriend but never told her of my cinema trip in case she thought I was gay. I was about 20 then and thought the guy as a dirty old man…here I am now 63 and wouldn’t mind someone pleasuring me.

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