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Subject: Peeping boy-10( Gay Adult Youth)(Mb,Mbb,Bb,oral,anal & masturbation) Peeping Boy -10 A story By: Papa bear The following story is completely fictional. None of the events or characters are real. Warning: This story contains sexual relations between a consenting youth and an adult male. If this kind of story offends you, is illegal in your municipality or you are under the age of 18 leave now! This story may contain explicit sexual content involving masterbation, oral and anal sex , between a M/B or M/B/B. If you enjoy this story and other stories here on , please consider contributing to the archive! If you enjoy this story please let me know! You may contact me ast I will try to answer all emails. Flamers will be ignored and blocked! A brief summary: Joey age 12, Papa bear early 60’s and Joey’s new friend Toby age 13, who has joined in on their secret fun. *********************************** Peeping boy part 10 A story by: Papa Bear *********************************** That evening I masturbated several times, reflecting on the two boys. The intense 3 way with Toby and Joey made me feel young again. Toby really enjoyed our secret fun and was a very eager boy. I’m really looking forward to making this a regular thing, hopefully Toby will join us often. The next few days were a bit busy and I didn’t get to see Joey very much, occasionally we chatted over the fence and briefly in my garage. On this particular Thursday afternoon I was in my garage, attending to some chores and Joey drops by, after school. ” Hey Papa what’s up?” Joey asked. “Hey buddy, oh just doing a few chores, how was your day?” I replied. ” It was good, but we had too many test. I’m happy tomorrow’s Friday.” He replied. ” I bet you are buddy, any plans for the weekend?” I asked. ” Yeah I want Toby to spend the night, but mom and dad might not be home. Some trip I think.” He replied. ” Oh I see, well you might ask to stay with me again. You know we could have a lot of fun, with Toby all weekend!” I suggested. ” Oh fucking awesome, yeah I’ll ask my mom and see. Not sure about Tony’s parents, but maybe.” He replied. ” Ok buddy, but be careful. Our secret fun is between you, me and Toby. If you’re parents are going to be going out of town, just suggest that I watch you again. Then Toby can ask if it’s ok with his mom.” I instructed. ” Oh yeah really good idea, I’ll do that!” He exclaimed. Thinking to myself ” Oh man this could be a great weekend!” ” Awesome Joey, just remember to keep our little secret buddy.” I said. ” Oh yeah Papa, I will. I love our special fun!” He replied. “Well I guess I better get home, got lot’s of homework and chores. Don’t want to get in trouble!” He exclaimed. ” Yeah you better get at it, don’t want to wreck your weekend…..right?” I said, as I gave him a wink. “Ok Papa, I’ll see you.” He said, as he leaned in and giving me a quick kiss. With that he was on his way. My eyes locked on his cute little ass, as he walked away. ” Wow, what a fucking beautiful boy and damn a whole weekend with both of them. What a treat this weekend should be!” I thought to myself. The next day just as we hoped and planned ,Joey’s Mom came over and asked if I could watch Joey this weekend. She explained about having to go out of town, which I already knew. ” So do you think you could watch Joey and his friend Toby. Would hate for him to miss his sleep over, because of our business trip.” She explained. ” Why sure no problem Betty, I’d be happy to. Joey’s a great kid and very well behaved.” I replied. ” Oh thanks Mark, your a great neighbor and friend. I’ll call you later with the details.” She said. She gave me a big hug and we said our goodbyes. Later that day I was in the garage and Joey was getting home from school, so he came running in all excited. ” Hey Papa, it’s all set. Mom told me I’m staying with you this weekend and Toby’s parents said ok. Mom talked to his mom last night.” He said. ” Fantastic little buddy, sounds like we’re going to have a fun weekend.” I said, giving him a wink. ” Yeah I know I can’t wait!” He said, rubbing his dick through his pants. ” Well it looks like somebody is already horny.” I replied. ” Yeah I’m always horny, My dick gets hard all the time.” He said, laughing. ” Well you better save that for this weekend …..You’re going to need it!” I said, with a seductive look on my face. ” Funny and you save yours, I want every last drop!” He said, as he opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue at me. ” Well I better get going Papa, I’ve got a little homework to do, I want to get it done before tomorrow.” Joey said. “Okay little buddy, give your papa a hug.” I said He quickly complies, comes over and gives me a big hug. Of course I took the opportunity to grope his little ass. We kissed each other briefly, as a garage door was open. ” Bye bye Papa, see you tomorrow.” He said, as he headed home. ” Bye bye Joey see you soon.” I replied, waving to him. Shortly after dinner the phone rang and it was Betty. ” Hey Mark, sorry I’m so late calling you, we had to make all of the plans.” She said. ” No problem whatsoever Betty I’m just relaxing after dinner.” I replied. “Great so here’s the plans. We need to be at our business function by 1:00 p.m. on Saturday. balıkesir escort So, I’m thinking we would drop the kids off tomorrow morning. Toby’s going to spend the night tonight, because his parents had plans.” She explained. ” Okay well that’s great no problem, anytime is fine.” I replied. ” Fantastic and as always I can’t thank you enough. I’ll try to make sure it’s not too early, so let’s say 9:00 a.m.” she said. ” Yes that’ll be perfect, I’ll be here and I don’t have any plans all weekend.” I replied. ” I’ll get their stuff packed up and I’ll leave you some money, for food. You know boys, they love pizza.” She said, laughing. ” Oh yes and us big guys too!” I replied, laughing. ” Ok, well again thank you so much and we’ll see you tomorrow. Have a great night.” She replied. ” See you then and you have a great night as well.” I replied. I sat back and relaxed the rest of the night, with extreme anticipation, for the boys arrival tomorrow. I didn’t want to jerk off, saving every last drop for the boys! The sun shinedown on my body, as I arose the next morning. I’m very eager for the boys arrival. I woke up early, to make sure I was done with everything. I’ll be giving them my complete attention all weekend. I made sure to have a good selection of porn ,to help ease Toby into some of the more intense sex, that Joey and I have already experienced. I also made sure there was plenty of lube, because we’re definitely going to need it. Before this weekend’s over I want to fully initiate Toby, into our relationship and our fun! I’m pretty sure Toby is an anal virgin, but by the end of the weekend he won’t be! Soon the doorbell rang and I felt as gitty as a school boy. My cock twitch the minute I heard the bell. I had a lot of fun the last time Joey spent the night and with Toby joining us, this is going to be an exciting weekend. I answered the door and let my guest in. The boys packed light, each of them had a backpack. I greeted everyone as they entered. ” Hello Betty, hi guys. Come on in, Joey will you show Toby the guest room.” I said. ” Hi Mark, boys go put your stuff in the guest room like Mr. Kimble said.” Betty said. ” Ok Mom, be right back.” Joey replied. The kids ran off to the guest room, as Betty and I discussed when they would be back and Toby’s emergency contacts. They quickly came back, as Betty was finishing up. ” Ok gang, I have to get going. I have a few things to get done before we leave.” She said. ” Bye Mom, see you when you get back. Love you.” Joey said, as he hugged her. ” Be good boys, listen to Mr. Kimble and do everything he tells you.” She said. Thinking to myself ” Oh I like that statement ,everything I tell them!” ” Again Mark thank you so much, your a lifesaver.” Betty said. ” No problem Betty, Don’t worry about the boys,I’ll take good care of them.” I said ” Bye bye.” Betty said, as she headed out the door. I closed the door and locked it, my mind was filled with excitement. It’s just me and the boys till Sunday afternoon. ” Ok guys make yourselves at home and get comfortable.” I said, winking at Joey. ” Ok cool Papa, be right back.” Joey said, as he and Toby headed back to the guest room. I wasted no time. Immediately I went to my room and stripped out of my clothes. I have no intention of wearing any clothes all weekend ,unless absolutely necessary. I casually listen at the door, the two boys talking in the guest room. ” Come on Toby get naked, we don’t wear anything while we’re staying with Papa.” Joey said. ” Dude, really?” Toby asked. ” Yeah and we can even go outside naked in the backyard, just like we were the other day.” Joey replied. ” Cool, I’m not used to being naked all the time, but it could be fun.” Toby said. ” Oh yeah man it’s fun and I’m sure we will have lots of fun together!” Joey exclaimed. Their conversation was already getting my cock hard. I decided to break the ice and go into the room. ” Hi boys, did you get comfortable and settled in?” I asked. I could clearly see the Joey had no problem, as he was already naked. Toby still had on his shorts , but had taken off his shirt. He is just as adorable as the other day and quite sexy! ” Hey Papa, yeah I’m trying to get Toby to get naked, like me.” He said. ” It’s okay Toby we’re all guys here, we’ve already seen each other naked the other day. We can stay naked all weekend.” I said. ” Yeah you’re right, ok.” He said, as he pulled down his shorts and underwear. His boy cock was rock hard and pointing slightly upward. ” See you’re hard like us.” Joey said I laughed and said ” Yeah, you guys got great looking cocks and you should be proud.” ” Wow thanks, but yours is bigger.” Toby said. ” Don’t worry buddy, yours will get bigger as you get older, besides you got a very impressive cock for your age.” I replied. He looks down at his cock and grabs it and says. ” Thanks, you think it’s impressive?” ” Oh yeah man, your going to be hung.” I replied. ” Yeah Toby yours is bigger than mine, see.” Joey said, as he walked over to Toby, put their cocks together and grasped them firmly. ” See it’s longer and bigger.” Joey said, as he held their cocks together. I just stood there admiring the two boys, as they compared their cocks. Joey had them both firmly grasped, as both stared at each other’s cocks. bartın escort I could see Joey slowly starting to stroke their cocks together. ” Oh man that feels good.” Toby moaned out. He tilted his head back slightly, putting a hand on Joey’s shoulder. Both boys obviously enjoying the manipulation of their cocks. My cock was throbbing at the site. I felt drawn to them, as I walked over slowly behind Joey. I placed one hand on each shoulder and locked fingers on Toby’s hand. The two boys were locked in a cock rub jerk off. I came up very close to Joey, with my cock resting on the crack of his ass. He didn’t miss a beat, as he continued to jack their cocks and then pushed his butt back into my cock. I leaned over and watched. I bent down and kissed Joey, on his forehead. Joey immediately looked up at me, with those puppy dog eyes and we met each other in a passionate kiss. My cock was throbbing and nuzzled in the crack of his ass, as Joey continued to masturbate their cocks. I glanced over at Toby , who was intently watching us. We broke our kiss and I asked ” You want to kiss?” ” Ummm…. I don’t know, I’ve never kissed anyone before. Except my mom, but not like that!” He exclaimed. I quickly reached over, placed a hand on the back of his neck and drew him close. I brought my lips to his and gently gave him his first kiss. His lips were slightly quivering as they met. I backed away a little, to get a glimpse of his face. His expression is to be cherished, one of innocents and newfound pleasure rolled into one. Immediately I moved in and began to give him a passionate first kiss. Just like Joey, it was awkward at first, but as we continued to kiss he quickly caught on. I glided my tongue along his lips and parted them slightly, as my tongue darted in. He ooened his mouth and we began to French kiss. Joey at the same time kept grinding his ass into my cock. He never missed a beat, as he continued jacking. Toby was really getting into the kiss and a very quick learner. We were going at it hot and heavy, as he began to moan in my mouth. Joey was increasing the speed, at which he jacked their cocks together. He kept shoving his ass into my cock, as my head poked his rosebud. He clinched his ass cheeks and wiggled his butt, masturbating my dick with his ass. I could feel the heat emanating from the two boys and you could feel the lust in the air. I can hear Toby’s moans getting louder in my mouth, as they resonated in my brain. Joey suddenly reached back and grasped my cock. He continued to grind his ass into my cock, as he started to jerk me. Our kissing became intense and Toby’s moans increased. Joey begin to moan and groan, as he grinds his ass into my cock. Toby’s slightly pulling away from our kiss, as he moans out. ” Ohhh…. I’m going to cum…oh fuck man… I’m gonna shoot!” Joey must have heard this and frantically began beating their meat. Joey’s breathing and moans become much louder. His jacking of my cock slows, so I start to fuck his little hand. All of us are humping, jacking, grunting and moaning. When Toby cries out. ” Oh fuck….fuck…. I’m gonna shoot….fuck!” I couldn’t miss this, I look down quickly, as his cock started to spew cum all over Joey’s hand and spurting on his stomach. This sent Joey over the edge, as he started to shake, shiver and tightened his grip on my cock. ” I’m going to cum…oh…oh…oh… crap… oh…shit!” He screamed out, as he shot his load, adding to Toby’s cum. This sent me over the edge, as I frantically fucked Joey’s hand, with the tip of my cock nuzzled in his ass. ” Oh man…fuck yeah…oh yeah…oh…fuck…Papa’s going to shoot. Gonna cream your ass boy..oh…fuck… oh…oh…oh fuck!” I cried out, as I unleashed, creaming Joey’s ass. Our orgasms so intense, all three of us nearly collapsed. We held each other tightly together, as our jizz dripped down our bodies and onto the floor. ” Fuck man that was awesome!” Toby said. ” Yeah my ass is all slick with Papa’s cum!” Joey exclaimed. I smiled and look at the two angels, their youthful excitement was a delight to my ears. I chuckled a bit, looking down at the floor and said ” Look at all that cum, I’m glad I got tile floors.” Both boys laughed, as we slowly broke apart. Looking over at the boys cum covered bodies , I licked my lips and thought to myself ” Can’t let that boy spunk go to waste!” I quickly dropped to my knees and grabbed both of their asses. I eagerly started to lick their bodies clean, savoring every last drop! Each boy shivered and slightly giggled, as I ate every last drop of cum off their bodies. Then I quickly turned Joey around and buried my face in his crack, licking my own cum. Joey was obviously loving this and pushing his ass into my face. After I finished feasting on Joey’s ass, I suggested we all take a shower. We all went into my large shower and cleaned up, of course playing with each other as we did. We dried off and the boys wanted to play video games. I hooked up his system to the den TV, where I could watch them play and gaze upon their beautiful bodies. We spent the rest of the morning chilling in the den. I admired their naked bodies, as the boys played their video games. They soon tired of the games and switched to TV, switching channels and choosing Star wars The revenge of the sith. They joined batıkent escort me on the couch. Joey cuddles up to my side, while Toby sat next to Joey. ” This so cool, being naked. I can’t do this at home. I normally wear my boxers.” Toby said. ” Yeah, I can’t either, but here at Papa’s we can do anything we want! Joey exclaimed. I chuckled and said. ” Yep anything you guys want to do or try, we can do!” Now with horny young boys I knew it would be something to do with sex. I could almost read their minds. ” Anything?” Toby asked I laughed and said. ” Yes absolutely anything!” ” Well…ummm…do you think we could watch some porn?” Toby asked. I knew he would be the first to ask, since he’s a bit older and slightly more mature. ” You bet, I even picked some out for us to watch.” I replied. My private collection of man boy sex, so we could give Toby some encouragement. Since I’m pretty sure he’s never done most of what Joey has with me. ” Fucking cool man, yeah let’s watch some porn dudes!” Toby said, as he grabbed his cock and shook it. ” Ok, let me get it.’ I replied, as I got up and got the DVD’s. I returned and setup the player, returning to the couch. ” Ok, Toby sit here and Joey you sit here.” I instructed, as I sandwiched in between them. ” Now first let’s talk, everything we do here is very private and a secret. No one else can know or I could get in big trouble. Plus we wouldn’t be able to do this anymore. Understand!” I stated with authority. ” Dude I won’t say nothing, this is fucking awesome!” Toby replied. ” Yesh I won’t say nothing Papa!” Joey exclaimed. ” Great, I really like you both and hope you like me.” I said. ” I love you Papa.” Joey said, giving me a hug. ” Yeah man your cool.” Toby said. ” Ok, let’s watch some porn!” I said. We settled back, each boy at my side. I placed an arm around them and drew them in tight. The first movie I chose was a cute boy, about their age, with an older man. The scenes were arousing, as he slowly undressed the boy, laying on the bed. It quickly progressed, as the man gave the boy a great blow job. Both Toby and Joey were jacking, their eyes glued on the screen. The boy is really enjoying his BJ and trashing about. He’s grabbing the man’s hair and humping into his mouth. Toby and Joey are jacking away, as the boy moans in pleasure. The man is really going crazy on the young boy’s cock and the boy is really humping into his face. I can hear both boys start to breathe heavily and see their hands jacking faster. I denied myself that pleasure, as I wanted to feel their cum squirt in my mouth. When I saw the boy on the screen getting close and my boys approaching their climaxes, I dove down on Toby’s cock, swallowing it to his balls. ” Ohhh…. Fuck man….oh…oh…fuck.” he cried out, as he humps forward into my throat. He began to trust his hip forward shoving his cock into my throat and grabbing my hair. He was getting quite rough, which was a huge turn on. ” Shit….shit….suck my cock…oh…fuck…man… I’m gonna shoot…. I’m… going…to…cum…oh…oh… damn!” Toby yelled out as he unleashed a volley of cum down my throat. ” Crap Papa, that’s hot! Suck me please… please!” Joey begged. I pulled off of Toby’s cock and quickly moved over to Joey’s raging hard on and swallowed him whole. ” Oh damn Papa….oh my God… that feels awesome… please don’t stop!” He begged. I continue to suck his dick and play with his balls. Briefly looking over at Toby who was watching very intently. Joey’s body began to thrash around and he threw his hands back, as if surrendering his body to me. ” Mmmmm……ahhhh….oh crap that feels good… I’m going to cum soon. Joey moaned out. Knowing that Joey loves having his ass played with, I brought my hand to my face and gathered the slobber, as I continued to suck Joey’s dick. Then I smeared it over his pulsing rosebud, slowly working the tip of my finger in. ” Oh…Papa….mmmm….yes…yes… don’t stop.” Joey cried out. He began to push his cock deeper into my mouth, just reaching the back of my throat. I continued to work my finger in, down to the last knuckle. I backed out slowly and went to work on his prostate. ” Ohhhh…my…. God….ohhhh crap….shit…yes…yes… right there.. I… like…that…yes….yes… I’m going to shoot… I’m… I’m… cumming…ohhh…crap!” Joey yelled out, as he shot his wad into my throat. ” Oh man dudes, that was fucking hot!” Toby exclaimed. I slowly and reluctantly pulled off of Joey’s dick. I savored the mixture of their jizz, mixing in my mouth. I joined the boys back on the couch, This time both boys moved in and cuddled on each side. ” Oh man that was great, thanks Papa” Joey said. ” Yeah, that was amazing and thank you Papa.” Toby said. That was the first time he called me Papa and it melted my heart. I pulled both boys tight into my chest and stroked their backs lightly ,basking in our new bond. We cuddled together, watching the rest of the porn and both boys fell asleep. I sat there with both boys cuddled up against me, as I caressed their backs. This new bond and love that I have for the boys , was beyond words and filled my heart with joy. To be continued….. Papa Bear if you enjoy this story check out my other stories here on : https://www.//gay/adult-youth/roberto-the-boy-lover/ https://www.//gay/incest/the-nephew-problem https://www.//bisexual/incest/caring-for-samantha-and-jason/ If you like this story and other stories presented to you on the Nifty Archive, please consider donating to help this site continue its good fty/donate.html)

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