Subject: Peak Excitement I was tired and ready for bed; it was late about 11:30 and everyone in the house had already gone to bed. I climbed the stairs and went through the door to my brothers’ room and closed it and went into mine and left the door wide open. Our rooms were connected in this century old house. It was ok, my brother and I were a year apart and we got along rather good. I was just starting my first year at the community college at 19. My brother was 18 and people had mistaken us for twins while we were growing up. I had already experienced a lot sexually with other boys since I was 13 so there was not a lot of surprises. I have a high sex drive and at 19 was getting off 2-3 times a day by myself or with a little help from my friends. I never thought about my brother in that way until the other night I heard him beating off when I left the door open a crack. It had been hot during the Summer nights and with no Air conditioning we left our windows open and the door cracked so we would get a little air circulating between the two rooms and sometimes we had a fan or two running. Being warm we just slept with a sheet over us and wore our underwear. I am 6’2″, 170 lbs., brown hair blue eyes, şişli travesti a muscular gymnast body and tan from wearing only shorts during the Summer. My brother, 6’4″, blonde hair, blue eyes 160 lbs. swimmers build. He was hot and fun to be around, I noticed however he seemed to be a bit more introspective as of late and I thought maybe he was beginning to question his sexuality. Like I said I left the door between our rooms open and with only the moonlight shining through the open window I removed my underwear and climbed under the sheet naked the touch of the sheets on my bare cock made it stir. It to its full 6.75″ length, at a little more than 5″ around it feels nice and thick in hand and I always got compliments on it. I started stroking slow as I listened to hear if my brother was still sleeping. As I stroked and the precum started to flow my brother stirred in his room and I could just barely make out his shadow in the light. I stopped and listened and proceeded after he stopped moving. I sped up my stroking then slowed it down using the fingertips of both hands on either side of my dick. He moved again and raised his head like he was looking at me, I stopped and rolled over onto my side. I needed beylikdüzü travesti release bad. I stopped moving and slowed my breathing to sound like I was sleeping. I heard movement and closed my eyes. It sounded like he was getting up, maybe he had to pee or something. I heard him walk to the door and stop then step into my room and up to the side of my bed. He reached under the covers and grabbed my cock. I slowly rolled over and pulled the sheet back and as I did, I reached out to massage his dick through his shorts. He was hard as a rock and he dropped his shorts so I could get a good grip on him. His cock was almost as long but not as thick. We smiled at each other being quiet not to wake anyone else up in the house. I sat up and started licking his cock up and down and his knees started to shake so I whispered to him to lay down and relax. i then began licking underside of his dick. His curved up smacked up hard against belly. I grabbed it by the base and pulled it up so I could size it up and see if I was going to be able to deep throat him ok. I licked around the head and slowly lowered my head onto his throbbing meat. It pulsed and leaked its sweet nectar into my mouth. That made istanbul travesti me go down more until the whole head was in and I kept going till he hit the back of my throat. He breathed deeply and evenly as I made love to his dick. After a couple minutes of this he pulled my head off from him and returned the favor. He licked my big cock head causing a stream of precum to ooze forth and swabbed it clean with his tongue and lowered his hot mouth as far as he could go while keeping hold of the base with thumb and index finger. He stroked with mouth and hand as he did, so brought me up to peak excitement. With unbridled lust I pulled him off me and swallowed his pole to the hilt and then pulled off to lick his balls and up his shaft to take it all in again. I grabbed his balls ever so gently and began stroking them and tickling underneath and as I did, he gasped and unloaded stream after hot pulsing stream of his sweet seed into my mouth. It tasted so good as compared to other boys. As his breathing was returning to normal, he grabbed my cock and stroked me as I lay back. My cock was sticking straight up and out ready to blow and soon I was spewing hot jizz all over my face, abs, and his body and hand. Wow, we just lay there a second catching our breath. I reached over and grabbed my underwear and cleaned myself off and my brother. I hugged him and he got up and carefully stepped back to his room. So that was the first of three times we had fun together.

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