Part Two – Friends Reunited


When my friend, Terry, retired from the army, he moved back to the cottage next to the lake his grandparents had owned. We had spent many days and nights there in our high school and college days. Away from the city, away from neighbors, it allowed us to pretty much do whatever we wanted. Bonfires, fireworks, drinking all night, swimming naked in the lake and of course, sex! The cottage had two bedrooms plus a double bed just off the main room. Over the years we had brought girlfriends (and later wives) out but mostly it was a place for Terry and me to cut loose. My first visit after many years was the summer he retired. My long-time marriage was not a happy one. Oh sure, we got along alright but there was virtually no sex. I had two long term affairs, at one point overlapping each other, looking isvecbahis to fill the sexual void I lived in, but they had ended. I wondered, after all these years and his own unsuccessful marriage, if the sex Terry and I had years ago would renew. We never talked about it, especially in his army years. As I pulled my car in and parked, I felt the butterflies in my stomach from anticipation. The evening went pretty much as expected. We grilled steaks and sweet potatoes for supper then joined one of his sisters and her family for a bonfire, drinking our way through both. After they left, more drinking … much more. Terry disappeared into the cottage and returned with a small baggie of pot. (Excess was the whole point with Terry.) A bowl or two later and a couple more beers to wash it down and isveçbahis giriş we were WASTED! Now was the time for a swim! At 2:00 a.m. it was clothing optional, in fact clothing was pretty much frowned upon. We stripped off and went down to the dock. The bay was still and quiet with reflected starlight making the black water sparkle. We both dove in and swam for the far side. Cool water touched every part of my naked body. My alcohol-numbed body came alive with sensation, sexual sensation. We got to the far shore and sat next to each other in the water. I couldn’t resist the urge and reached for his cock, warming it in my grasp. He stood up and moved in front of me and I wasted no time. Still flaccid from the cold water, I sucked him into my mouth. The heat and my tongue soon made him firm isveçbahis yeni giriş and it filled my mouth. In Terry’s absence I had a gay lover. We had wonderful sex but my marriage had prevented me from seeing him as often as I wanted. No one would question a visit to my long time friend. Terry pulled his cock from my mouth, suggesting that we swim back to the cottage. We swam back, picked up our clothes and went inside. The cool water had chilled me, even after I dried off. I went over to the double bed and slipped naked between the sheets. Terry locked the door, turned off the lights and got into bed next to me. It was like years ago. First our legs touched, then hands wandered and caressed and finally hands found cocks and we began stroking each other, all without a single word. Terry reached for something on the night table, and then pulled back the covers and straddled me. He leaned forward and let his cock dangle in front of me. I immediately had it in my mouth hoping to finish what I had started in the lake.

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