Pajama Party


About a month ago, a local woman’s group sent Vicki a letter, asking her to speak at one of their upcoming meetings. Since my wife is an accredited counselor, they requested that she talk about, ‘How to handle sexual harassment in the workplace,’ and then host a question and answer session afterwards. Vicki was quick to reply, saying that she would be happy to help. Truth be known, my wife is well qualified to speak on the subject of ‘sexual harassment.’ When she was young she had a well paying job, but the owner was constantly trying to get into her pants until I threatened him – after that he fired her. That really pissed my wife off so she sued him – and won, but she was still out of a job. To add a little levity to Vicki’s shitty situation, the guy’s wife also worked there. After Vicki sued him and won, the wife was so pissed that she filed for a divorce, and then she ended up owning the company. The wife hired Vicki back, and then Vicki worked for Marta for five years until she sold the company. The fact is, every job, except for my wife’s current volunteer position, she’s endured some sort of sexual harassment. From the ‘cat calls’ to guys copping a feel, and from some women too – she’s been through it all… She can’t help that she’s hot. Plus, many women that she’s worked with over the years who were nowhere near as hot as my wife endured much of the same shitty treatment. About a week after my wife agreed to speak, while Vicki and Gloria from the woman’s group chatted on the phone, my wife appeared at my home office door. With her cellphone in hand, she said, “Hon’, would it be okay if Gloria and her husband Patrick came over tonight after dinner to prepare our presentation?” “Vicki, did you already say that it would be okay?” “Well Hon’, yeah I guess I did – but I can cancel if you’d like.” “Vicki, no that’s fine… But neither of us have even met them.” “I know, and I thought about that too Hon’, but I’m sure it will be fine… They’ll be here around seven o’clock, and it should only take an hour, maybe two…” “That’s fine Babe.” > > > > > Well, the seven o’clock hour came quick, but not before Vicki, Tara, and I had a nice dinner together. Afterwards, in true ‘Vicki style,’ my hot wife orally took care of ‘Big Alex’ and Tara’s pretty pussy in the shower – but that left her horny for more. I promised my insatiable wife that isvecbahis as soon as her guests left tonight, that Tara and I would return the favor and put a big smile on her playful pussy lips. When our doorbell rang, I was expecting to greet an older women and an older man at the door – oh boy was I wrong. Gloria is a hot as hell redhead with big tits and a great body. She’s around thirty I’d say, and her husband Patrick, he seemed to be a quiet, good-looking guy. Even though my wife had little time to prepare for her guests, she had appetizers, coffee, cookies, and soft-drinks ready. As soon as the ladies and Patrick began to discuss their event, I excused myself and retreated upstairs to my office. Since Tara was also familiar with being sexually harassed at work, she stayed to contribute what she could. How time flies… What was to be an hour or two turned into three hours. But by the time our guests were ready to leave, a very dense fog had set in – far worse than what was predicted. Actually, it was so bad that I couldn’t even see the street from my front door… And to make matters worse, Gloria and Patrick live in the city, and that would be a horrific ride home. But like a true trooper, although Patrick wasn’t happy that he had to drive in this hazardous weather, they left. Not long after Gloria and Patrick drove away, Vicki’s cellphone rang – it was Gloria and she was panicked. She told my wife that visibility was almost zero, and they didn’t think they would make it home safely. Feeling Gloria’s concern, my wife said, “Gloria, just come back and spend the night – we have plenty of room.” Upon hearing that Gloria and Patrick were coming back, Tara asked if we would mind if she went to bed, citing that she had a grueling day at work. Naturally, Vicki and I kissed her goodnight, and then we told her that we love her. > > > > > It was about fifteen-minutes after Gloria had called when they returned. Luckily it was Friday night, and none of us had to work in the morning. It turns out that Gloria and Patrick have been married for less than a year, and they didn’t have to worry about getting back to their condo since they had no kids or pets. Just after they returned, Vicki and I escorted Gloria and Patrick up to our guest bedroom. While I stayed and talked with Gloria and Patrick, Vicki fetched pajamas for Gloria to choose isveçbahis giriş from, and a pair of my pajamas for Patrick. I probably should mention that since we’ve become swingers, Vicki no longer owns one pair of pajamas that are not sexy. In fact, the only pajamas that my wife now owns, but never wears, are ‘two-piece, short and sexy baby doll pajamas,’ and one pair is see-through – she left that pair in her drawer. When Gloria looked at the different pajama choices that my wife had to offer her, she was a wee-bit sheepish at first – but she picked a pair of red silk ‘baby dolls’ to match her hair. My wife picked the exact same sexy pair, but in black. By now it was approaching the eleven o’clock hour, so we all put our pajamas on, and then we congregated in the living room. After spending some time with Gloria and Patrick, I realized they were really nice people… A little strange, a little shy – but nice. While we talked, Gloria said that she never expected that she’d be at a ‘pajama party’ tonight. Vicki then shared that she was still a kid the last time she was. To add a little adult fun to our impromptu pajama party, Vicki made a pitcher of margaritas, and then she also put out a tray of finger-foods. After some lively conversation and our first margarita, my wife suggested that we go downstairs to our game room for a friendly game of pool – so we did. Like most people, neither Gloria nor Patrick was much of a pool player, not that we are – we just enjoy the game. While we played and sipped on our margaritas, Gloria and Patrick were both pretty buzzed after their second one. And by the time we finished our third margarita, Patrick was not only feeling no pain, he was also feeling-up his buzzed wife whenever she bent over to take a shot. Actually, it was kind of funny to watch – I guess drinking margaritas turned Patrick into a pervert and a pool shark all at the same time. > > > > > Vicki had just finished topping off our margaritas, and now it was her turn to shoot. This time she didn’t have much to shoot at, so she took her time to decide which ball to play. When she finally bent over the table to line up her shot, Patrick decided that he was going to help. “Oh well” I thought with a chuckle inside, but that was only until Patrick got behind my wife and started to ‘feel her up’ like he did his wife. Since I was isveçbahis yeni giriş curious to see what was about to happen next, I didn’t say anything to Patrick… And to my surprise neither did Gloria. Vicki seemed more than a little miffed with Patrick, so she hurried her shot – and missed. Gloria was up next. Once again, Patrick moved behind his wife to help her shoot, and this time when she leaned over the table, he reached under her silky red pajama top and grabbed her big tits. That move pissed off Gloria, and then she told him to behave himself or walk home – Gloria missed her shot. Patrick was up next, and he quickly took a shot and missed. Now it was my turn to shoot. At this point, Patrick’s mischievous moves were far more amusing than the game… I quickly took a random shot and missed. Again, it was back to my wife, and once again Patrick was all over her. Within a few seconds Vicki firmly told Patrick that he’d better stop – but he didn’t. In fact after he was scolded he reached under my wife’s pajama top and groped her huge mounds of joy. Fuck was my wife pissed – Vicki quickly took a shot and missed. Once again, it was Gloria’s turn to shoot. Considering what Patrick just did to my wife, and Gloria didn’t scold him, this time I cut in front of him before he moved in behind Gloria… “Two can play this fucking game,” I thought. As I hovered over Gloria’s hot body, I took her pool cue out of her hand. After I gently set the cue on the table, I embraced her around her waist from behind and kissed her neck. While I held her hot ass tightly up against my stiffening cock, I reached under her pajama top, and then I cupped her big tits just like her husband did to my wife – but longer. Now, with Gloria’s beautiful long red hair snuggled up against my shoulder, I whispered into her ear, “Listen gorgeous, if your husband touches my wife again, the big cock you’re feeling against you lovely ass is going to find its way into your wet pussy, whether you like it or not – I promise.” Well shit, buzzed Gloria whispered back, “In that case darling, I certainly won’t stop him…” And then after she kissed me, she took her shot – and missed. > > > > > It was Vicki’s turn again, and once again Patrick was all over her body. Since scolding Patrick didn’t stop him the last time, plus his wife’s threat didn’t seem to faze him, and I just had his hot wife in my arms and her big tits in my hands, this time after Patrick felt-up Vicki, he pulled my wife’s pajama panties down to expose her hot ass, and then he kissed it. Now I could tell that my wife was super pissed.

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