Our Cuckold Wedding Part Ten


Jen called me after my father had taken her coffee to her and she told me that he was naked again.She told me that she was going to help my father decorate the Christmas tree this morning.“In the nude?” I asked.“Of course!” Jen replied, “I love being naked with your dad.”She called me back about ninety minutes later and again, she sounded excited.“I told you that your dad was naked when he brought my coffee,” Jen shouted, “We sat and chatted while I dried my hair.”“Did he have an erection?” I asked.“Your father always has an erection!” Jen screamed, “I was sitting at the dressing table, drying my hair and looking in the mirror and I saw him place my phone on the floor by the bed.”“Why did he do that?” I asked.“I realized that he put it there to pretend that I had dropped it again,” Jen shouted, “Because that would mean a spanking for me!”Jen told me that she played along and walked to the bed and pretended to be looking for her phone.She told me that she pulled the pillows back and he asked what she was looking for and she told him that she was looking for her phone.“He bent down and picked it up from the floor and said, here it is, you must have dropped it,” Jen said excitedly.Jen told me that he handed her the phone and told her that she must have dropped it again.“He said, you know what that means don’t you?” Jen shouted, “I said, yes it means that I have been naughty and I get another beating!”Jen told me that Jason smiled and asked, “How many did your delightful cheeks get yesterday?”“I told him they got twenty each and he said, so now it’s thirty on each,” Jen screamed, “I said, I know sir!.Jen told me that there’s something very sexy about an old man spanking her and seeing what it does to him makes it even more erotic.She told me that she had finished her coffee and Jason asked if she wanted another cup, she accepted and he went downstairs to get more coffee while she finished drying her hair. He brought the coffee and handed it to her and when she put the cup on the nightstand, she spilled a tiny drop.“He smiled and said, oh you naughty girl,” Jen told me, “He said, you know what that means don’t you?”Jen told me that she smiled at Jason and said, “Yes, that means my breasts get beaten as well.”Jen told me that Jason asked her if she remembered how many times her breasts were spanked yesterday and she told him they got ten spanks each.“He said, so they each get twenty spanks today and I said okay sir,” Jen went on, “Then he asked me if that was okay and I shouted to him that it was fine, I have to be punished for being naughty!”“Wow Jen,” I replied.“Then I said, and I know the final five will be much harder and he asked if that was okay and I said, of course, I must be punished!” Jen told me with a lot of excitement in her voice.“He asked me what time should the punishment begin and I said at eleven o’clock,” Jen said softly.She told me that they had breakfast and she had to keep using the bathroom to dry her wet pussy because she was so excited about being beaten again, then they went to the living room to decorate the Christmas tree.“Trevor, I accidentally dropped an ornament and it broke when it hit the floor,” Jen told me, “Jason said not almanbahis to worry, then he said, but you know what that means don’t you?”Jen told me that she smiled at Jason and said, “Yes, another punishment because I was naughty.”“Wow.”“Then he said, your cheeks and boobs are already going to be spanked,” Jen shouted down the phone, “And Jason said, do you know what that means?”“Your pussy?” I asked.“I said, what does it mean,” Jen answered me, “He said, for that punishment, you will be on your back with your legs apart, and I said, okay sir!”Jen told me that Jason couldn’t hide his excitement as he explained, “If you’re okay with it, I will have to spank your….”Jen told me that he hesitated and stumbled to find the words.“So, I shouted, pussy?” Jen shouted down the phone to me, “He said, yes, is that okay?”“Wow, what did you say Jen?” I asked her.“I said, it will have to be, I must be punished!” Jen replied, “How many spanks does my pussy get and Jason said, ten!”“Did he spank your pussy?” I asked.“I smiled at him and said, I know, the last five spanks to my pussy are harder, aren’t they? And he said, yes, is that okay?” Jen told me, “I said, yes they have to be, I was very naughty and I must be punished!”Jen told me that she set an alarm on her phone to prompt her at eleven o’clock and they continued to decorate the Christmas tree in the nude.Eleven o’clock arrived and her alarm chimed and Jason asked what that sound was, so she told him it was an alarm for her punishment. She told me that Jason smiled and he went to the couch to get ready for her beating.Jen told me, “Jason said that he will try not to spank too hard and I told him that he should spank as hard as he pleases, I have been naughty and must be punished, even if it hurts!”“What did he say to that?” I asked.“He said, okay then but please tell me if I spank too hard and I said, it MUST be hard, I have been naughty and MUST be punished.”“Wow Jen, you like it that much?” I asked.“Yes Trevor I do,” Jen replied, “I told Jason that even if I scream and have tears, he must complete the punishment, no matter how painful it is for me!”“What did he say?” I asked.“He said, okay, I will spank you harder than yesterday.”She told me that she positioned herself over his lap and he started spanking her cheeks. The spanks got harder as she counted down and by the time that he had reached twenty, her cheeks were burning and by twenty-four, she was biting her lip and he kept asking her if she were okay and she always told him that she was fine and he must continue.Jen said that when he had completed twenty-four, he reminded her that the final five were going to be much harder.“I shouted, I know and I’m ready for them,” Jen continued, “The next spank was indeed harder and I winced and he asked me if I were okay and I shouted, yes sir!”Jen told me that the following three were progressively harder and she did feel tears in her eyes.“He spanked you that hard?” I asked.“Yes Trevor and it was amazing.”Jen told me that the final spank was the hardest and she screamed as his hand found its target.“Jason said that he was sorry and asked if it was too hard,” Jen went on, “I told him that he HAS to spank me hard! almanbahis yeni giriş He was so concerned about hurting me and I wanted him to, I liked the pain!”Jen told me that she stood up and Jason offered to massage in the lotion to take away the sting; she let him and he kept telling her that her cheeks were very red. She told me that she told him that it was okay and it needed to hurt her, she needed to be punished for being naughty!Jen told me that he spent almost twenty minutes rubbing the lotion into her sore cheeks.“I took a deep breath and got on my knees and said, okay now my breast punishment sir,” Jen went on, “He asked if I was sure and I said, yes, and don’t worry about beating them too hard, it must hurt me!”She told me that she took hold of his stiff cock and said, “Do you mind if I hold this while you beat my breasts.”“And did you?” I asked.“He said, sure, I like you touching me,” Jen went on, “He said, its ten on each and I shouted, no it’s twenty on each sir.”Jen told me that he started spanking her firm breasts and again, each spank got harder as she counted down and by the time that he had reached twelve, her breasts were stinging. And when he reached fifteen, she could feel the tears in her eyes and he again asked her if she were ok to which she said yes and for him to continue.“He stopped briefly and said, but you have tears babe,” Jen went on, “I shouted that I didn’t care and I must complete the punishment and I know the last five are harder.”“Wow Jen,” I replied.“He said, are you sure, I’m hurting you? I shouted, yes I’m sure, it must hurt me!” Jen went on, “It must hurt me, I must be punished, I was very naughty! I don’t care how painful it is!”Jen told me that the next four, stung her breasts like crazy, his hand landed on her left nipple twice.“He swung his hand on the final spank and I couldn’t feel the pain until my breasts had finished bouncing,” Jen went on, “Then, I felt the pain! Again he asked if I were okay and I shouted that I was perfect.”Jen told me that she handed him the jar of lotion and he massaged it in her breasts.“He told me that he could feel me tighten my grip on his penis with every spank,” Jen went on, “I asked him if I squeezed too hard and he said, no it was nice.”Jen told me that, Jason asked her if she wanted the final punishment and she said that she must!“I told him, you hand out the punishments and I MUST complete them, sir, no matter how painful they are or how much they hurt me, I MUST obey.”“You wanted him to spank your pussy, didn’t you?” I asked.“Yes of course I did,” Jen shoutedJen told me that he finished massaging the lotion on her breasts and he suggested that they go to her bedroom for the final punishment as she will need to be on her back.She explained that they went to her bedroom and she laid on top of the bed, near the bottom so that her legs were draped over and her feet were touching the floor and she asked Jason, how he wanted her to lay?“He said that he wanted the soles of my feet on the bed and my knees bent,” Jen went on, “And he needed my legs parted as wide as I could get them.”“Wow.”“I said, yes sir,” Jen replied.Jen told me that she got into that position and almanbahis giriş he helped adjust her body until she was exactly how he wanted her.“He saw you that intimately?” I asked.“Yes Trevor, my pussy lips and clit were very visible. My legs were spread wide open!”Jen told me that again, Jason asked if he should continue and Jen shouted that he needs to!“I told him that he MUST complete my punishment and to spank as hard as he feels necessary,” Jen went on, “I told him that I was very naughty, I broke an ornament and the pain should reflect my crime!” Jen told me that he positioned himself and carried out the first spank to her wet pussy. The first one was not very hard at all and after his hand had made contact with her pussy lips, Jason asked if she were okay and she shouted that she was fine and he should continue.“The next four got harder and harder,” Jen told me, “Then he said that the final five would be harder still and I shouted, okay sir, I’m ready.”Jen told me that he changed position to get a better aim.“He asked me if he was hurting my beautiful vagina!” Jen laughed over the phone, “I shouted that it has to hurt, it’s a punishment.She told me that the next one, number six, made direct contact to her clit and she whimpered.“I shouted, I’m okay sir, continue,” Jen went on, “He asked if he was going too hard and I shouted, not at all, it has to hurt!”Jen told me that the next spank was a lot harder and she whimpered a little louder and again, Jason asked if she were okay and she confirmed that she was.“Spank number eight hurt more and I gritted my teeth as I prepared for number nine,” Jen went on, “Number nine hit right on my clit and lips and it stung!”Jen told me that my dad then asked her if she were ready for the final spank and she told him that she was ready.“I said to him, this one is going to hurt, isn’t it sir?” Jen went on, “He said, yes I believe it will and I’m sorry to do this to you.”“What did you say?” I asked.“I said that it’s not your fault, I was the naughty one and deserve to be beaten,” Jen went on, “I told him that he MUST spank me hard when you punish me! I don’t care whether it’s my cheeks, my breasts or my pussy, you MUST spank hard!”“Did he say anything?” I asked.“Yes Trevor, he said, okay then, get ready because this final one is going to sting!”Jen told me that Jason pulled his hand back and let rip and it was hard, very hard!“I screamed and pushed my hand to my pussy,” Jen went on, “That final one hurt a lot and I climaxed at the same time!”Jen told me that as soon as she screamed, he pulled his head in between her breasts and hugged her waist and cried that he was sorry. He saw that she had tears running down her face and he wiped them for her and again, he apologized.“I told him that I was fine,” Jen went on, “He said, I have hurt you and I shouted, you HAVE TO, it’s a punishment, it HAS to hurt me.”Jen told me that he sat back up and looked down at her pussy.“Jason told me, it’s a little red and again he apologized for hurting me,” Jen went on, “Jen told me that she grabbed his cock and squeezed it and said, “Please stop apologizing, the beatings have to hurt, they HAVE to!”Jen told me that Jason just sat there looking at her naked body and finally he asked why she was still in the position for her spanking?“I told him that, you never told me that I could close my legs,” Jen went on, “He laughed and said, you are just too darn cute.”

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