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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 93d IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Remember you can make your donation in Honour of your favourite writer too. fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the author. ******************** I groaned and dropped my hand back to my cock, now holding the thick shaft two handed, my hips began to rise, slowly but purposefully fucking my solid dick between my hands. Precum oozed from my cock lips and was rubbed over my shaft and cockhead, I could feel myself thrusting faster and faster, my subconscious mind being consumed with getting me to blow my load, my toes began to curl; fuck I was getting close. I fucked my fists faster, feeling my balls begin to boil; I had reached the point of no return. My eyes shot open as the warm wet mouth engulfed my throbbing cockhead; shit, urrgh, I felt my cock pulse and pulse, my balls tight to my shaft, and two gorgeous blue eyes smiled up at me, his floppy blond fringe tickled my fingers. `Oh, shit Colin, that was amazing’ ******************* Operation Pied Piper � Part 93d Athol continues the story Archie let out a loud sigh and put down his paper `Will you calm down, what can possibly be worrying you that much? They will be fine, have faith in your son’ `Oh, I have faith in him, it’s those Russians I am not so sure about’ I just couldn’t settle since the boys had left earlier; sure Fort’s looked every bit the grown up Gentlemen; resplendent even, in his Colonel in Chief Uniform of the Imperial Regiment of the Life Guards Sankt-Peterburgsky’, His chest proudly bearing the blue silk sash and glittering Diamond star Broach of the Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle the First called”, the diamond star of the “The Order of St. Alexander Nevsky”, The diamond star of “The Order of the White Eagle”, the diamond star of “The Order of St, Anne” first class and finally the diamond star of “The Order of St. Stanislaus” first class, he looked amazing; but he was still my boy. Davy in his grey suit looked a bit like his valet, but I was so pleased he was going with him, I hoped things would go okay. There was a shrill call from the door. `Hello, we are here’ `Percy, Nathan, come in, welcome, welcome’ Archie and I both greeted them exchanging hugs `The boys have gone, you just missed them’ Percy grinned `No, we saw them in the foyer just as they were leaving, we couldn’t get to speak and I don’t think they saw us, but we sure as hell saw them. What was that Uniform Forts was wearing and all those diamonds, he looked amazing, he didn’t look very happy though for some reason as they got in to their car’ I glanced at Archie `Didn’t he? I wonder why? they were fine when they left here, anyway come in I am sure we will hear soon, the uniform? The Grand Duke made him the Colonel in Chief of one of the old Royal Guards Regiments, they are all quite mad, you know’ Archie, gave a little chuckle `Hang on I will call the butler; he can serve breakfast now’ `Is it just us then? Percy had a quick glance around. `Yes, Gethin, Callum and Gary are already up and out, Callum had somewhere he wanted to take them both’ `Well, that sounds more interesting than breakfast’ Percy chuckled and grabbed Nathans knee `Yes, but I hope you don’t mind, I wanted to speak to you both about your new jobs at the Castle’ `Of course, not a problem, Did Davy tell you about the meal with his parents? `Not very much, he said it went okay, I think that was the word he used’ Percy grinned, `Well, I will tell you all about it, your son Forts is amazing and so generous’ Archie came back into the room `The Butler said he will set up breakfast on the roof terrace overlooking the river’ `Oh, that sounds lovely, Nathan and I aren’t used to all this luxury’ Archie smiled `God this is nothing to what Forts and Davy have left for, those Russian Royals, spend money like water’ The Butler gave a little cough from the door. `Your Lordship, Gentlemen, breakfast is served on the roof terrace’ Percy glanced at me `God, I forgot you’re a lord too’ Archie laughed again as we made our way to the roof terrace `Oh, a Lord is nothing, if His Imperial Highness had been here, you would have seen some serious sucking up. Breakfast would be getting served by the General Manager not a butler’ I had to smile, Percy and Nathan, both laughed politely, the thing was Archie wasn’t wrong. We made our way out on to the terrace, London looked very grey, barrage balloon’s stretched ankara escort down the Thames, the wind causing them to bob up and down sagging, staggering even, like drunks on a night out. The Butler had set up a rattan table with four chairs, a beautiful white linen table cloth, silver cutlery and beautiful plates and cups. We were then joined by a small procession of chaps in chefs whites and tall chefs hats, they were carrying silver warmers, these were placed to one side. The Butler then poured tea and asked what we all wanted for breakfast. All this in the middle of a war and all thanks really to Forts, after all the room was in his name. `So, Percy, come on tell us what happened at the meal last night? Archie had been dying to know; Nathan and Percy exchange glances. `Well, we were a bit worried when we got there, not only because of Davys dad; William, but Fort’s looked very upset, in fact Davy and him quickly headed off to the gents together, which left us making small talk with Brenda’ Nathan interrupted. `And playing with little Andrew’ Percy nodded and continued `You should have seen the size of the teddy bear, Forts and Davy gave him; it must have cost a fortune’ I nodded `It did, I tried to talk him out of a load of expensive presents; but he wouldn’t have it.’ `Oh, that may have been why it was a bit quiet when we got there, I saw an envelope in Williams hand; he didn’t look happy about it’ I felt myself sink, I had warned Forts, that money could be seen as charity and people were proud; but he had been insistent. Archie looked up as he buttered some toast `Sounds like a bit of a disaster, if you ask me?’ `Well, it got a whole lot better when Davy and Forts came back from the Gents, I can tell you, they got the Champagne flowing and the food was amazing; even William cheered up, I think it was the Champagne and he was a bit tipsy’ `Now, that I would have liked to see’ Percy continued `After the meal we all went through to the Piano Bar; To Davy’s Parents surprise, Forts had booked a room for them so they could stay the night and he even arranged a nanny to look after little Andrew so that Brenda and William could stay with us, what a hoot we had, your son has an amazing baritone voice’ Archie almost choked on his toast `What Forts? `Yes, lovely and deep singing voice, not very tuneful, but lovely and deep’ We all laughed. `I think we kind of took the place over, but then Forts was paying for everyone’s drinks, so Davy said. Even William joined Forts, Nathan, Davy, Brenda and I singing round the piano, such a hoot’ Archie laughed again `His Imperial Highness singing, I wish I had been there, I am surprise Davy didn’t do one of his Beverley sisters songs?’ Nathan and Percy both began to laugh `He did, together with Forts he sang “kiss me goodnight sergeant major” to rapturous applause, I might add’ That was it, Archie completely lost it laughing. `It was probably best I wasn’t there’ `Oh, Athol you would have loved it, best night of my life’ We had all gone for a full fried English Breakfast, which was now served up. `Percy, Nathan, I take it you are both going to come to the Castle at the start of the new term and take up the positions I offered you? They exchanged glances again, Percy dabbed his mouth with his napkin. `Yes, we are both really looking forward to it’ `Well as we discussed Percy you will take over the English department and Nathan you maths’ They both nodded, I caught Nathans eye. `Nathan I hear you’re a bit of a Rugby star, how would you be setting up a rugby team, Archie and McPhee already run a boxing club, but a Rugby Team would really allow us to start entering into the Public Schools sports leagues, what do you say? Nathan, didn’t get a chance to speak, Percy did it for him `Oh, he would love it’ He nudged Nathan and gave him a wink `All those mud-covered boys, I can even help with the half time drinks if you want?’ Percy cackled like an old crone. Nathan just smiled and nodded `I would love to Athol, thank you’ With breakfast over, we all stood on the roof terrace and looked out across war ravaged London. There was a little cough from the butler. `Your Lordship, there is a phone call for you’ ** Gregor takes up the story It was funny, I had that escaped Nazi Pilot to thank for it, I so loved being back living in the Castle; yes, having one of the gate lodges was nice, but it was also so quiet. I liked the noise of the school waking up and the general hubbub of the daily life. It was funny with everyone away: Athol had left Mr Evans in charge, I love Rhys, but he really didn’t have the gravitas of Athol or his brother Gethin for that matter. Maybe that’s why he always left him in charge, he knew nothing would change and the Castle and School would be in safe steady hands. I couldn’t think back without getting a warm glow feeling; I loved my life, it hadn’t always been like as good as this as you know; Christ, to think I had nearly lost my job in that fight with Forts; how I had misunderstood him; Oh, I still wanted escort ankara him again, but accepted that the love of his life was Davy; I couldn’t imagine them apart. Then Athol and Archie getting hitched, the old Laird would have had a fit; the scandal when they had been found together all those years ago had rocked the small community. I lay thinking; I wondered what Rhys would want for breakfast, I would put plenty on the plate, I knew full well the Smyth twins would be in his room too. They were a cheek pair; Anthony and Jon, they seemed to have adopted him, he didn’t seem to mind though, they knew he was nice and kind and took advantage of that mercilessly; they were such an odd pair when they first arrived, with their jet-black hair in that bowl cut and those piercing unnaturally blue eyes, they could both have got jobs in one of Hollywood’s new horror films. They were both third years now; thirteen going on fourteen, they had started to loosen up a bit, their hair had changed to a short back and sides style, this helped them; making their piercing sapphire blue eyes look spectacular, they had shot up too, both undergoing growth spurts, they were nearly five feet tall. I laughed to myself, both of them were in fact young men now, even my Landers, was changing. I patted his bum. `Come on you, time to get up’ ** Anthony continues the story. Rhys moaned deeply his hand pushing down on Jon’s head as he knelt between his legs on the bed, Jon’s hands gripping his teachers hard, cut thick seven inches; Jon had what little spare skin the cock had on it, stretched hard back, the bellend throbbed a deep purple; the cock lips, stretched open; the tip of his tongue, was working its way down, as far as he could push it into Rhys fat cock; sending the teacher writhing on the bed, in pain or was it ecstasy. I leant over and licked Rhys’ nipple; it was standing up hard after my tweaking session just a few moments ago, he let out another groan and I took it between my teeth and suckled on it, my hand pushing through the thick mat of chest hair and then sliding down to his belly button. His thick jet-black treasure trail had never lost its fascination for me or Jonathon for that matter; hopefully one day we would both be as hairy as he was. He continued to groan as Jon forced his tongue deeper; his voice begging him to be gentle; now it was my turn. I sat back and selected a long hair real close to his nipple, while he was distracted, I curled it round my finger and as he moaned again; I pulled it from his chest. He let out a yowl. `Hey, play nicely’ I grinned and reached for another one, yanking it out by the root, he snapped his eyes shut and thrust his hips upwards, burying Jon’s tongue even deeper. Jon winked at me and pulled out his tongue, a gossamer thread of precum connecting him to Rhys; we had worked out Rhys liked a bit of pain; well, his cock did. A few more hairs and we would be sharing his dick as a precum straw. Rhys looked at me with doe eyes, pleading with me not to do anymore; distracted, he didn’t see Jon reaching for his hairy nuts; he lost another hair as his hands shot to protect his hairy family jewels; he clambered on to his knees. `You chaps are really cruel, now who is going to give me his butt first? I moved beside Jon `But we haven’t finished our fun yet’ The two of us moved our mouths to his hairy hanging nuts; we had done this so many times, we didn’t need to speak, each of us sucked one of the large eggs into our mouths and we proceeded to roll them over and over with our tongues; pulling them away from his body, stretching his ball sac, licking off the man taste he was covered in, his stiff cock bobbed above us, occasionally dripping a droplet of precum on to one of our faces, we eased out his eggs and pushed our hungry tongues into his groin, lapping and licking up the fresh sweat that had gathered there overnight. He moaned and groaned to our touch `You two really are insatiable’ Another groan as we moved to the bottom of his shaft, his cock bobbed wildly slapping against his thick treasure trail. I looked up at its flared head; it wasn’t only us who had changed, so had Mr Evans, or Rhys as he now allowed us to call him in private. I remembered back to me and Davy standing with him on that first night trying to have a wee and me illuminating his groin with the torch; he had gone crazy. His was one of the first adult cocks I had ever seen: I would blush if I thought about the number now. We nibbled and licked our way up his cock shaft; the shaft swayed in constant motion back and forth between our tongues, his circumcision scar testament to his birth in America; when his father had been working there, to my eyes it looked so brutal, the change in skin so obvious, I always spend more time kissing and licking it. His cock lips continued to dribble out a steady stream of precum, the first dribbles were now reaching our mouths, we lapped it up like dripping ice cream on a hot day. Rhys let out another deep moan as I took his cockhead into my mouth, ankara escort bayan Jon, dropped back down to his balls and began licking his hairy sack again. Rhys now had his hands on both of our heads, his hips lifting off the bed, grinding his cock and balls into our faces. His breathing was definitely getting quicker. I cocked my head to the side and looked up at him, his bellend still in my mouth, he gave a little smile; panting. `Come on chaps, let me fuck one of you at least, we have to be getting up soon, Gregor said he would drop in some breakfast’ Now you probably remembered that Jon and I didn’t like to get fucked, that had all changed one night with Rhys; that mad Russian Count Ouranoff, had given him some cannabis; both Jonathon and I became so chilled and sexy that one thing led to another and I found myself riding Rhys’ cock for all I was worth, closely followed by Jonathon, now the fear was gone and the initial pain had been replaced by pleasure, he had a hard time keeping us off of his dick. Jonathon, glanced up at me his mouth still stuffed with one of Rhys balls, he eased it out. `Go on Ant’s you go first’ Now it was time for our usual game. `No, you can go first’ `But I think you should’ `No, it’s okay you go first’ Rhys as usual, randy and raging to fuck, interrupted me, his hands gripped my waist and turned me on to all fours, Jon, giggled and got on all fours beside me; we loved to make him choose between our butts, we both gripped our arse cheeks and pulled them apart, our heads only centimetres apart on the mattress. Rhys mumbled `Shit, choices, choices’ Then I felt a lick across my now exposed hole, then Jonathon grinned at me as he felt the same. Rhys positioned himself in behind me and eased a finger into my butt, Jon groaned as he felt fingers from his other hand push into him; there we both where, heads down arses up, both of us being finger fucked, now it was our turns to moan and groan as he worked his fingers deep to stretch us both open. When he was happy, he slapped both of our arses and went `Eeny, meeny, miny, moe’ Slapping each of our arses in time to the words `Out goes you’ Jonathon let out a little moaning cry as he realised he was out and I was going to get Rhys cock first. I steadied myself and Rhys’s swollen wet bellend pressed against my pucker, as the pressure increased I felt my arse open to accept him; I opened my eyes, Jonathon was now millimetre’s from me, his lips opened as he pressed them to mine, his tongue sliding inside my willing mouth. Rhys gave my arse a slap as I felt his pubes and balls against my taint. `Right now, you’re going to pay for all those hairs you plucked out you little minx’ I felt him withdraw his cock and then gasped into Jonathon’s mouth as he hammered his dick home again; my mind dissolving into mush as he got into his rhythm. ** Down in the Castle kitchen, Bruno was already up and about, he loved his new role and wanted to make sure he did nothing to upset anyone. Niki, sat on his hips, Bruno’s left arm supporting him in place as he worked with his right. Niki, planted a kiss on Bruno’s lips. Bruno looked both pleased and surprised `What was that for my little Monkey? Niki blushed, his understanding of English was getting better and he knew what Bruno had said, he leaned up to Bruno’s ear, whispering `I love you’ Bruno pulled Niki closer and held him tighter `I love you too, Monkey’ `Good morning, Bruno, Niki’ Bruno smiled and nodded and in broken English said `Good morning, Gregor, Landers’ Gregor glanced round the kitchen, the water boilers were already on and nearly bubbling, Bruno was weighing out crushed porridge oats into a big pan; everything seemed to be under control. ** The static from the phone line was so loud, Athol couldn’t make out what the operator was saying, more static `Dad! Dad! is that you? `Hello? …Hello? …Forts,… Forts son the line is terrible, …Forts, God son, what’s happened, …Fort’s son you are going to have to take a deep breath …I can hardly hear what you’re saying’ `Dad is that you, Dad, can you get to the Grand Dukes as soon as you can, Davy’s gone’ The line went dead. Athol stabbed at the cradle `Operator! Operator! we have been cut off; can you get them back? `Sorry Sir, the line has been disconnected at the other end’ ************************* Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. 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