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I nodded sagely, and as I chuckled to myself; ‘Dr Jekyll’ promised to be good. With only days to go to the big day, McPhee and I tied Forts down to agreeing to tonight, Friday, the 12th of June, for his ‘stag night’. I would reveal to him it was a toga party later, something even McPhee didn’t know yet, all would be revealed at the venue. Now, you probably think that McPhee knew all of my plans. Come on, you know me better than that. His toffee-nosed upbringing had left him way too trusting. But his help and enthusiasm was just what I needed to spur me on and convince Forts and others to come along. It had taken several chats with Davy to talk him out of wanting to come. He would just spoil the ‘fun’ I had lined up. I had managed to get Callum and Gethin to agree to take him out separately. Itzka Brodskoy had been overjoyed when I asked him if we could hire his club for the night. He, of course, on finding out what it was for, had waived any charge. Additionally, he said he would lay on some ‘sexy assistants,’ as he called them, to help the party along. Dexy and the other Americans were also desperate to come. He had agreed to drive us in to Aberdeen in one of the US Army trucks. I would have to make sure that he wasn’t in a fit state to drive us all back, especially if Forts was to enjoy his last night of freedom. I had already spoken to Leith. He was up for supplying everything needed to make the night go with a bang. He would meet us there. All was set for later. ** McPhee takes up the story I was freshly showered. It felt good after a day spent helping Forts, and yet another amazing hot and sweaty shag from Con after I got back to our room. Tonight was Forts’ stag night. While I was waiting for Con to have his shower, I lay down on the bed. Hearing the shower being turned off, I eased the bed covers down a bit and slipped under them, making sure I was revealing my hairy chest. I propped myself up on my elbow, trying to look sexy. I smiled as I watched Con come into the room from the ensuite. He glanced over at me, “What is it?” “Nothing… I love you.” “You can’t want me again. I am an old man. Have some pity.” He chuckled as he removed the small white towel from his waist and raised his leg on to the chair by the table and dried his calves and feet. His cock and balls swayed gently with his drying motion. “How did you get on with Brandt earlier? You haven’t mentioned him.” Con grinned over at me and smiled, “Ahh… So, you want to know what happened, do you?” He gripped his cock and squeezed it, giving me a cheeky, sexy grin. “Are you sure you want to know?” That took me by surprise, “Really?” I sat up, “You and him?” Con laughed and jumped on the bed, crawling up over me. He kissed me, “Oh yes… We had wild sex… He likes geriatrics, didn’t he tell you?” Con kissed me again. I realised he was pulling my leg. “You’re not a geriatric. My arse is still smarting… You’re gorgeous… And I love you.” Con kissed me again. He slipped himself under the covers and snuggled up to me. I kissed him back and nuzzled into his ear. Con thought for a moment, then spoke. “He has an amazing body, though. And he is a Viscount… That out ranks you in the old aristocracy league tables, doesn’t it?” He began giggling as he saw my face. I gave him a playful punch. “A small cocked Viscount.” I added, folding my arms, pouting. He chuckled, “Oh, have I upset you?” He leant in and kissed me again. I pretended to avoid his puckered lips. He laughed, “He has amazing cum gutters though!” “I know. I have seen them in action!” I jumped on Con and began tickling him. “Have you? Have you?” Con shrieked. “Yes, with my load,” I laughed, still tickling him. Within seconds of him retaliating, I was a squirming wreck. Exhausted, we ended up panting in each other’s arms, both of us giggling like schoolgirls. Con cleared his throat and stroked my face; suddenly he sounded all serious. “I love you Chris. Nothing happened with Brandt. I wouldn’t want it to. Not when I have you.” I felt all warm inside, “Do you really mean that?” “Of course I do!” He pulled me closer. I kissed him again. “Con, Forts has offered us one of the cottages at the Pittodrie Estate.” He lay back, cocking his head as he looked at me. “What, for you and me to live in?” I nodded, “Yes… Only if you want to, otherwise we can stay here at the Castle and continue to share this room.” “What do you want, Chris?” I felt my eyes glassing up, “I just want to be with you.” Con smiled and wiped my eyes with the edge of the sheet. He leant forward and rubbed his nose against mine, “And I just want to be with you.” “Shall I say yes to Forts, then?” “Yes.” Con sat back and got comfortable, leaning against the headboard. His arm was under my shoulders, holding and supporting me. “Are you sure you won’t get fed up with an old codger around all the time, kissing and pawing at you? Because I am not sure I can control myself.” He chuckled and squeezed me again. “I can’t think of anything better.” I buried my face in his neck. He kissed the top of my head. “Well, that’s settled then… Now don’t get cross with me. But I have to say this to you.” My heart skipped a beat. I looked up into his face. “What?” “I realise you are younger and have a higher sex drive than me. So, if you have fun with someone else… Let’s just say, I understand, just always be honest with me. That’s all I ask.” I went to speak. Con put his fingers to my lips, smiling. “Don’t say anything. Just kiss me… I just wanted you to know, I will understand.” I love this guy. I pulled myself up and clambered astride him and kissed him again… ** Davy takes up the story Forts was undecided about what to wear. I sensed he really didn’t want to go. Dima had already pulled out, deciding he wished to stay with Theodora, although he insisted Forts and Robert go. “Well, how do I look?” Forts was standing in front of the full-length mirror. I went up behind him and wrapped my arms round his waist, my head resting on his shoulder. “You look gorgeous to me, as always.” Forts was wearing a dark three-piece suit, not one of his now usual tunic jackets. Our eyes met in the mirror. I knew what I had to say. “Forts, you know you have my permission to enjoy yourself tonight.” “Enjoy myself?” I dug my fingers into his waist. “You know what I mean. Tonight, you have my permission.” Forts gripped my hands to his tummy and slid them downwards over his cock. He winked in the mirror, “This is all yours. No one else’s.” “I know. But for one night only, you can have fun if you want to.” Forts chuckled, “Does that mean I have to ankara escort say the same thing to you?” He squeezed my hands again. “I know that Gethin and Callum will want you to.” I feigned looking shocked, my eyes focused on his in the mirror, “What sort of guy do you think I am?” Forts spun round and kissed me passionately, “I know just what sort of guy you are.” I grabbed his balls and squeezed and then broke for the door, Forts in hot pursuit. I didn’t get far. I ran straight into McPhee. He grabbed me, laughing, “Don’t you two think of anything else? Come on, Athol wants to speak to us all before we leave.” * Laughing and joking, we all piled into the staffroom. Athol handed round glasses of whisky to us all and then called everyone to order. “Son,” he chuckled, “Friends… of my son.” He looked round the room. “Have a great night. But a word from the wise, don’t overdo it. I don’t want to be getting called down to the Police Station to get you all released. Gary, Nathan, I expect you to keep order and make sure Forts gets home safe and well, so that he can get hitched on Saturday next to this amazing guy.” Athol put his arm round me and kissed my cheek. Forts laughed, “Hey put him down dad. He is mine.” More laughter, then Athol raised his glass, “To Forts and Davy.” Everyone echoed, “Forts and Davy.” God, this was all becoming real so quick. Then, with drinks all downed, Gary shouted, “Come on, we have a party to attend.” Forts came over to me and kissed me, “Are you sure you won’t come?” Before I could answer, Gary barked, “Yes he is! It’s bad luck.” He took hold of Forts’ arm and ushered him towards the door. Forts, grinning, shrugged his shoulders. I gave him one last kiss goodnight, and he headed out of the room. ** McPhee picks up the story Con had decided that a night with the ‘grown-ups’ as he put it, was more his thing. He told me to have fun and stamped my dance card. But as he watched us all clamber up into the back of the US Army truck, I felt he was praying I didn’t ‘dance’ too much. With lots of hooting of the truck’s horn and cheers, we set off down the driveway. Dexy was driving, with Lance and Greg up front in the cab with him. In the back were Forts, the two Roberts, Gary, Brookmeyer, Houston; I wasn’t quite sure why he was there. Then there was Nathan, Niki, Brandt, Miles, Burgess, and myself. As Dexy turned us onto the main road towards Aberdeen, the little communication door slid open between the cab and the rear of the truck. Greg’s grinning face appeared, “Here, give the ‘groom to be’ a swig of this.” He passed through a glass bottle of brown liquid, with what looked like a black label in the dim light. Nathan pulled the cork out and sniffed the neck of the bottle, “Wow, smells like aviation fuel.” Greg tried to reach through and playfully hit him, “You cheeky limey. That’s the finest Tennessee Whisky, Old number seven. Take a swig and pass it round.” Dexy shouted, “Two swigs for the groom.” Peals of laughter erupted round the truck. Nathan went first, taking a large swig and then passed the bottle round, all of us taking a big gulp until it got to Forts, when Gary grabbed the bottle. “Head back and mouth open, Your Imperial Highness.” Forts didn’t look too happy to start with, but as we all joined Gary’s calls to “Gulp, gulp, gulp,” Forts opened his mouth. Gary up ended the bottle and poor Forts was left gasping and spluttering as he tried to keep up with the flow of liquid, finally he had pushed the bottle away as the brown liquor ran down his chin. He had glared at Gary, spluttering, “What the fuck… Gary!” Gary sneered at him, “Shut up. It’s supposed to be a fucking party.” I thought Forts was going to hit him. I moved down the truck, seating myself between him and Gary. The bottle did do the rounds a couple more times before we arrived in Aberdeen, but I made sure I was the one to pass it to Forts and, like the rest of us, he took just one gulp. He had mouthed at me, “Thank you, Chris.” Luckily, the tense atmosphere caused by Gary didn’t last long and soon Forts was laughing and joking with the rest of us once more. He peered out the back of the truck, “Hey I recognise this place.” Glancing round at Gary, he said, “Are we going to Itzka’s place?” Gary smiled, “We sure are.” I couldn’t tell from Fort’s face if he was happy or not. * As we pulled up, Dexy blasted on the horn a few times. Itzka came out and met us by the door, ushering us all straight through into the main bar. I couldn’t make out what he was wearing, it looked like a sheet with a belt round his middle. The place was empty apart from the barman, who was dressed similarly to Itzka. Gary and Itzka had a quick conversation and then Itzka stood up on one of the lounge chairs. “Your Imperial Highness, Gentlemen. I place the bar, steam rooms, saunas and pool,” he winked, “And anyone you find in them,” a dirty chuckle, “at your disposal for your complete enjoyment. Now first you all have to change into these.” He held up what looked like a white sheet. “It’s, toga party night!” He jumped down before anyone could say anything. Forts just stood there. He didn’t look happy. Gary threw sheets at everyone and then quickly stripped off and wrapped himself in the sheet, toga style. “Come on, what are you all waiting for?” He harangued or was it cajoled us? “Come on McPhee, Nathan, you’re not going to be party poopers, are you?” Nathan and I exchanged glances. I began to remove my clothes. Forts was trying to smile as Itzka grinned and welcomed him, thrusting a glass of Champagne into his hands and then helping him to remove his jacket. Forts stopped at his white underwear and picked up the sheet. Gary was straight over, he grabbed the waistband of Forts shorts and pulled them down, “Sorry Your Imperial Highness, no clothes allowed under the toga.” I didn’t know what to do as poor Forts received a load of jibes from the others who were now all naked or wearing their sheets. He looked really uncomfortable. I think Itzka even sensed the atmosphere. He looked worried, hoping it wasn’t something he had done wrong. He turned to the barman, “Champagne for everyone and call the boys in.” “Yes, Sir.” * With everyone clutching a glass of Champagne, the door towards the rear of the room opened and in came Leith. He crossed to Forts, “Congratulations, my friend.” Forts nodded and thanked him. Next through the door came a dozen gorgeous young guys, all in very short togas, which barely covered their peachy butt cheeks. God, was I drunk already? I certainly felt a warm glow. I tried to think what or who they reminded me of, was it satyrs or sexy cherubs? Ah, no, it was a young Davy. All were blond haired. Their bare arms, legs and feet had obviously been oiled and gleamed in the electric light. I felt my cock give a twitch. Behind me, there was a great whoop from the guys. Well, everyone except for Forts, who just glared at Gary again, shaking his head as he did. Gary didn’t notice, though. He was deep in conversation with Leith. Did I just see him point to Nathan and then shake his head? What was that about? Two of the cherubs got to either side of Forts and dragged him to one of the couches. I was just about to go to his rescue when Gary appeared next to me holding out another glass of Champagne. “Here, knock this back McPhee, there is plenty more.” I took the glass, “I was just going to rescue Forts from those cherubs or is it satyrs?” I gestured over at Forts. Gary pushed the glass against my lips, “Oh come on. He is a big boy now. He doesn’t need you spoiling his last night of freedom.” I took the glass, starting to feel uncomfortable about how intently Gary was watching me. I could feel his aggression. I glanced round and Leith was with Nathan. I watched as Nathan downed the glass of Champagne he was offered by Leith. Then something really strange, Leith looked straight back at Gary smiling and nodded, mouthing, “One down.” “McPhee!” Gary spoke again, more commanding this time, “Come on, drink up!” I put the glass to my lips and took a sip. Then pretended to stumble forward and dropped the glass. Gary leapt back as it smashed to the floor, spilling its contents. “Oh, Gary, I am sorry. I will get another one.” Gary scowled at me, “Stay here. I will get it for you!” As soon as he walked away, I hurried over to Forts, who I have to admit, was looking a bit goofy and doe eyed. Both of the Cherubs were now perched on his knees, their hands stroking and caressing escort ankara him. One had his head next to Forts ear. As I sat down, I heard him say, “So, you’re a Russian Prince. That makes you filthy rich, and gorgeous too.” He licked a chuckling Fort’s neck. Fort’s hand slipped to the cherub’s now bare arse cheek, his fingers kneading the doughy handful. Easing past one of the cherubs, I leant to Forts’ other ear, “Are you okay? I am not sure this is what Davy had in mind when he said you could have some fun.” Fort grinned at me vacantly. “McPhee!” I spun round; it was Dexy. He pulled me up. “McPhee, don’t drink anything, Gary or that guy,” he pointed to Leith, “Give you. Greg is sure he saw them dropping pills into the Champagne.” I knew what he was saying was correct, although I didn’t want to believe it. One look at the state of Forts and now Nathan too, who was slumped with another cherub stuck to his face, tracing his chest tattoo with his fingers, confirmed it. “What do you want me to do?” Dexy hissed. “McPhee! Drink this.” It was Gary. Dexy took the glass from his hand, “How about you drink it, BUDDY!” Dexy pushed the glass towards Gary’s lips. That was the spark, Gary roughly pushed Dexy away and threw a punch at him. The two of them flew at each other, fists flailing. I stood frozen. Greg and Lance crashed into the two of them, trying to pull them apart. Brookmeyer and Houston joined in launching themselves at Dexy. With the cherubs scattering, even from Fort’s lap, Itzka appeared. “Gentlemen Please, please… stop.” Niki appeared at my side and grabbed my hand, he looked petrified as the brawl continued. The shouts and curses, mixing with the splintering sound of breaking furniture. “Call the Police.” Itzka screamed towards the barman. Forts was still slumped with that goofy grin on his face, watching the fight take place, eventually, it kind of fizzled out. The opposing sides stood glaring at each other, being held apart by a wall of bodies belonging to the two Roberts and Brandt. Several had black eyes and blood covering most of their faces and once white togas. Itzka was beside himself, he took me aside. “Chris, what happened?” “Gary and Leith have been doctoring people’s Champagne.” Itzka shook his head, “I am sorry. Gary told me to arrange all this, the boys included.” I patted his back, “Look, none of this is your fault. It’s Gary’s!” Itzka was in shock. “Is His Imperial Highness okay?” I turned to Forts, he was sitting grinning, staring at his empty glass. I nodded and half smiled, “Yes, look at him. He thinks it’s all funny!” The door to the bar opened and in came the Police, truncheons drawn. ** Davy continues the story Chris and the two Roberts helped me get Forts into the bedroom and stripped out of his toga and on to the bed. “Thank you Chris, guys. I am not sure what to say, apart from thank you for getting him back safely. Is everyone else okay?” Chris nodded, “Well apart from Athol is on the warpath and several of the others have black eyes and thick lips, I suppose you could say yes.” I nodded, “I bet Athol is pissed off, especially after all he said.” Chris turned to leave; the others followed. Chris stopped and nodded with his head towards the bedroom. “He should be okay soon. I don’t think he had too much.” I said goodbye and closed the main door. Marcus came into the sitting room, bringing some water and coffee. I took the tray and went back into the bedroom, closing the door behind me. “Davyeeee… Hehehehe.” I put the tray down beside the bed, trying not to laugh as Forts grinned like a goon at me. I took off my dressing gown and climbed onto the bed. Forts lunged at me and pulled me off balance. I landed on his chest. “Davyeeee… I’m sorry… Where have the naughty cherubs gone?” “Naughty Cherubs?” “Yes… There were lots of them!… They all looked like you.” He giggled again. I had no idea what he was talking about. “Forts, here drink some coffee. You are rambling.” He took a few sips and snuggled down into the bed. I pulled the covers up over him and kissed his lips. “Get some sleep. You will feel better in the morning.” He gave me another goofy look and stuck out his lips for another kiss; which I gave him. “Now sleep.” I turned off the bedside light and nestled up to him. * My cock throbbed as it was tightly squeezed. The hand was gripping it, wanking it firmly and purposefully. I felt lips press to mine and a tongue ease between them into my mouth. “What the fuck! I leapt up, scrabbling for the bedside light switch. “Forts, it’s you! Christ, I nearly had a heart attack.” “Who did you think it would be?” “Well, after the state you got home in, I didn’t think it would be you.” Forts looked confused, “The state I was in?” “Yes, don’t you remember?” He shook his head, “No, I just woke up horny.” I couldn’t resist it, “What, dreaming about Cherubs?” “Davy, what are you talking about… Cherubs?” Forts looked baffled. “Yes, you said there were lots of them and they all looked like me…” Forts grinned, “I thought it was me who was supposed to have been drinking.” He flashed me a Fort’s smile and pulled back the covers, exposing his throbbing cock. I giggled, “You can’t get round me like that.” I switched off the light and now, in the dark, I got on my knees and reached for his hard shaft. He gave a little giggle as I licked at his glans. “Oh, I think I can.” The heat from his groin intensified that Forts smell I loved so much. I felt his hand begin to caress my back as I moved my tongue up and down his erect shaft. I pushed away the last of the covers and manoeuvred his legs, bending his knees and spreading them nice and wide. A fresh hit of musk hit me, I breathed it in deeply, before burying my nose in his royal ball sac. He moaned above me as I kissed each of his orbs. I pushed my nose in between them, his sac skin engulfing my nose. I savoured the smell and the tingling waves it caused to spread all over my body. My cock throbbed again. As I moved, I felt a dribble of my precum stick to my leg. Fuck, I was leaking like a tap. I wanted to chuckle. I was the same last night with Edwin and Forts. Edwin obviously smelt different from Forts, less manly, but still horny. Even Edwin’s precum tasted lighter, less mature. I loved both tastes and smells, both had me leaking like a tap. Maybe Forts was right, I was just an insatiable man slut. I licked his balls again, feeling them moving in their sac. Forts spread his legs wider. I forced my nose and tongue straight into the slightly sweaty crease of his thigh. Licking and breathing eagerly, my mind flipping as the tastes and smells ignited the fireworks. I wanked my hard cock faster. Forts was groaning above me. His hand still caressing my back, but now with more force as it slowly moved more towards my shoulders. I lifted his balls and pushed my tongue towards his taint and hole beyond. New, yet familiar smells and tastes assaulted my senses, fresh, sweaty, musky, man smells, I licked greedily. Forts gasped above me, “Hey, someone is feeling left out. Don’t forget him.” He slapped the top of my head with his bellend. “He is all upset.” Forts chuckled. I mumbled, “We can’t have that.” I kissed up his ball sac to the base of his shaft. “Kiss it.” Forts half groaned, half hissed. I gripped my thumb and forefinger round his ball sac and pulled gently. My other hand gripped the thick, hot shaft. I felt Forts tense. I licked my wet tongue from the base up the shaft to his glans ridge. “Oh, yes.” He gasped again. I coated his shaft with my saliva licking several times up the now taut, throbbing skin. His hands dropped to the side of my head and cradled it gently. After a few more moans, I felt him easing me upwards. “Kiss me,” he panted. I straddled his legs and shuffled up his body. His steel shaft slid between my arse’s cheeks and bounced up hard against my butt as I sat astride him. I leant forward, our tongues finding each other and wildly exploring each other’s mouths. Forts moved his legs to bring his knees up behind me, his feet flat on the bed. His hand eased apart my arse cheeks, and he lifted me gently, rolling me forward. His wet bellend dragged down from my tailbone, slipping and sliding, inching towards my twitching hole. I reached back and eased his cockhead into position before sitting back slowly. Taking his cock no longer hurt. My arse lips spread, engulfing his bellend, my sphincter kissing a familiar friend and drawing him deep inside ankara escort bayan me. I slid slowly down, until I could slide no more, his coarse pubic hair tingling against my taint. “You okay?” He whispered. I clenched my arse cheeks. “Couldn’t be better.” Forts gently rolled his hips, his cock sliding partly out of me, before he reversed the motion and he ploughed back into me. My hands dropped to his chest as the pleasure overwhelmed me. I dug my fingers into his chest hair, forcing my arse down to meet his rising cock. With one of his hands continuing to grip my arse cheek, guiding me up and down, his other hand reached for my throbbing cock. He chuckled as he gripped it, his thumb smeared over the exposed head and cock lips, coating my whole bellend in sticky juice and sending my body shaking with the pleasure streaming through me. “Hey you’re pretty wet, Davy boy.” I didn’t need to be told. My brain took over, I felt my balls tighten and my arse muscle locked hard round the thick shaft deep within me. Forts felt it too as he began to thrust harder and deeper. I threw my head back. Letting out a long-drawn-out howl, as my cock erupted, blasting cum into the darkness. I heard Forts grunt, and he began to spurt deep inside me. Coating my insides in his sticky, thick white gloop. I collapsed on to his chest. My lips again seeking out his, as I gasped, “I love you.” “I love you too…” * The sun was shining on the curtains when I heard the knock on the door. Forts called out, “Come in.” It was Marcus, he brought in a tray of tea and some biscuits. He gave me a wink and retired, closing the door behind him. I looked at Forts, “Morning sexy.” He gave me a Fort’s smile, “It’s me who should be calling you sexy. My little cherub.” I turned onto my side, facing him. Forts was grinning. “Yes, I remember now. Dad isn’t going to be pleased about Gary.” I nodded, “No, from what McPhee said, Athol is pretty pissed off.” I explained what had happened, filling in a few blanks for Forts. He shook his head, “I never wanted a bloody stag night, anyway.” I snuggled up to him. “Me neither. Do you think we could just take everyone out for dinner instead?” * Forts didn’t have time to answer. Our bedroom door burst open and Dima ran in, followed by Robert. Dima practically collided with the bed, his face scanning Forts’. “My Prince, are you okay? Robert was just telling me what happened. You didn’t get hurt, did you? I should have gone Sir, I am sorry.” Forts recovered quickly from the unexpected interruption. “Dima, I am fine and stop calling me Sir.” “Are you sure you’re okay? Robert said you had been drugged.” Forts chuckled, “So I hear.” Robert stepped forward, “Forts, Athol is apoplectic. He has ordered everyone to be in the staffroom at nine o’clock.” I glanced at the alarm clock by our bed, half-past eight. Dima still looked beside himself, obviously still worried about Forts. “Dima, please, I am fine. More importantly, how is Theodora?” Dima looked relieved to be talking about something different. “She is resting, Forts.” “Well, maybe you had best not mention last night to her, I don’t want her getting stressed at all. I am fine.” Forts smiled at me and pulled me closer, “Davy is looking after me.” Robert shuffled uncomfortably, “Forts, I had best go and get dressed. I have to report to the staffroom with the others.” “Okay, Robert.” Dima stepped forward, “Forts, Robert didn’t do anything. This doesn’t seem fair.” Forts nodded and sighed, he turned to me, “Davy, maybe I had better be there too, what do you think?” I kissed him, “You don’t want to know what I think about it all.” Forts flashed me a smile, “Oi, I was good and behaved myself.” I winked, “Very nearly. But maybe you should go to the meeting.” ** Archie takes up the story I watched as Athol totally lost it. Things had started out reasonably calmly and civilised, but I could tell that Gary’s attitude to what had happened, and probably more importantly the way he looked at and spoke to Athol, displayed nothing but contempt. Nothing pressed Athol’s buttons quite like disrespect and rudeness, and Gary knew it. Finally, Athol exploded. “GARY! Just what the fuck do you think you were doing? Jesus Christ, man! Look at everyone! This is a fucking school. Don’t you realise how your actions could jeopardise all we are trying to achieve here? And more important than that, Forts is a bloody Russian Grand Duke! And YOU will be the Laird after me. Yet you’re acting like an idiot.” It was a sorry state of guys lined up in front of him. Of the combatants, the three Americans, Dexy, Greg and Lance, looked the best, but still sported black eyes. Gary could barely see out of one eye and his lip was fat and puffy. Brookmeyer was the same. Houston had obviously been better at ducking, but even he had his hand bandaged. Nathan looked as rough as shit. Brandt, Robert Meisner and Robert Milner looked unmarked, but all had been arrested and Athol had to stand bail for them, too. Niki was standing next to McPhee, holding his hand, tears rolling down his cheeks. Moments earlier he had tearfully explained how they had managed, with Itzka’s help, to get Forts away out a back door. Poor McPhee kept glancing towards Harding, who was sitting quietly next to me, avoiding his gaze. I just caught Gary shaking his head, sneering once more as Athol finished. That was it, Athol had him by the throat. “Well?… I fucking asked you a question, Gary!” “Mr MacDonald,” “Shut up Brookmeyer. YOU are in enough trouble as it is, young man. Just how do you suggest I explain your appearance to your parents?” Houston stepped forward. Athol turned on him, “Stand still. You are in as much trouble as him.” Athol stabbed his finger towards Brookmeyer, still gripping Gary’s throat. Everyone looked round as the staffroom door burst open. “Dad. Christ, let him go. I am okay. It was just a prank that got out of hand! Please let him go.” Forts burst into the room, heading for Athol. Davy was in hot pursuit. “Son. Stay out of this!” Athol barked. “But Dad, for God’s sake. Please, I am okay. There was no real harm done.” “Drageon. I said stop!” Forts held up his hands in a gesture of surrender, “Okay, okay. But let Gary go. Please dad.” Did it suddenly dawn on Athol at that moment that he was still holding Gary round the throat? Did Forts’ pleas penetrate the red mist that had consumed him? Whichever it was, Athol released his grip on Gary, giving him a little push in the chest as he hissed, “This isn’t over yet.” Athol turned and walked to the window. Forts looked at me, shaking his head, then turned to the rest of the people and asked them all to leave. Silently, they all filed out of the room. Forts crossed to Athol, putting his hand on his shoulder. “Dad, I am okay. I promise.” Athol turned, shaking his head, “But your special night was ruined. What is wrong with my brother?” “He is only your half-brother.” Forts half smiled. “Come on dad. Come and sit down.” Athol nodded, he looked crushed, “It was supposed to be your special night.” Forts held out his hand to Davy. “Dad, it was, thanks to this amazing chap.” Davy smiled and winked, “And to some cherubs.” Athol looked confused, “Cherubs?” “Dad, it’s a long story.” Forts blushed. Davy moved over and gave Forts a kiss on the cheek, then turned to Athol. “Do you think instead of anymore stag nights, we could host a meal here for everyone on Friday night? Both of us would much rather celebrate with our close friends.” Athol looked at me, “What do you think? Or shall we just take them both out and get them pissed?” I grinned, pleased my partner had calmed down. “Oh, I think a meal would be a nice touch.” ********************** Folks, I really hope you’re enjoying the story. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing your feedback with observations and suggestions. Please email me to let me know. Blackscar. Other Nifty stories by Blackscar. ‘NightCam Fun’ � Gay/Encounters ‘Exploring my brother’ � Gay/Incest ‘Josh’s Adventures series’ – Gay/Adult Youth ‘An Army life for me’ – Gay/Adult Youth/Military ‘Grandmas Bedroom’ � Bisexual/Incest ‘Dominic Online’ � Gay/Adult Youth ‘Vampyre’ � Gay/Adult Youth ‘Operation Pied Piper’ � Gay/Adult Youth ‘Scream if you want to go faster’ – Bisexual/Adult Youth ‘Red and Nick’ � Bisexual/Military ‘The Extraordinary Christmas Party’ � Bisexual/Incest ‘A Brother Used’ – Gay/Incest ‘A very English Trailer Park’ – Gay/Adult Youth ‘Special lube Oil’ – Gay/Adult Youth

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