Online Fantasy Leads to Real


Online Fantasy Leads to RealGabrielle McBeth had a good life. She and her husband, Antonio, were 28 years old and had been married for six years. They had an eight year-old son named Aiden Antonio and a five year-old daughter named Ava Gabrielle. Her husband was an industrious fellow who flipped houses for a living earning just over six figures a year. She was able to be a stay-at-home mom. She had a GMC Yukon Denali in the garage. And her man had been fine with her and the k**s taking a seven day jaunt to her native Mississippi to see family. Her betrothed work a lot and couldn’t spare the time away.Unbeknownst to Gabby, Antonio had been watching online sissy porn. And he was growing to love it by the day. Around two years ago, he came across a pussyboi called ‘shimmerboi’. Shimmerboi was a bad bitch. Slim with a taut bubble booty. Lots of dirty talk and begging big dick dudes of all races to fuck her sassy punk ass. He also enjoyed reading about her exploits and how she would pull straight men at auto parts stores, gas stations, & sports bar. Shimmerboi was his kinda fag.Antonio finally decided to hit Shimmerboi up through social media. His first message told her he wanted to fuck the shit out of her. He apologized for being so forward.Shimmerboi wrote back a couple hours later saying it was fine.They ended up having a great conversation where he explained his past and reluctance to hit her up until now. He shared about the one time he did anal with his wife and how she hated it, but he loved how much tighter it was. So that was a bummer. Shimmerboi agreed that ass is better than vagina.Antonio was so turned on talking to her. He admitted he’d not yet worked up the nerve, but now he was ready. And, he wanted Shimmerboi to be his first. He asked could he go raw. She was hesitant. Yet, he explained that it would make him feel as if he was making love to her. That’s what he wanted. To be intimate and special. He confessed that lately his wife had not been very affectionate with him. He was feeling lonely in a house full of people.Shimmerboi expressed empathy. And, she said she would be honored to be his first faggot. Shimmerboi got off on that shit. She experienced a high everytime she added another motherfucker to the list – Black, White, Latino, Native American, South Asisan, & East Asian. It literally did not matter the man’s color. If she found him masculine and sexy, she would woo him with her bedroom eyes and heart-shaped mouth. She would hang out a different auto parts store every Sunday afternoon. She could always count on that for a quickie. And on Saturday nights, she’d check into a bonus veren siteler motel nearby some juke joint, honky tonk, lounge, hookah bar, or strip club. Her methods produced results. Always. Without fail.Shimmerboi also if Antonio had ever messed around with a femboi.Antonio told her that once he’d gone into a gay bar by mistake shortly after he turned 18. He’d only been looking for a place to drink where they staff wouldn’t examine his fake ID too closely. He met a woman and they went back to her place. She confessed in the middle of a makeout session that she was a transsexual. He was upset, but horny. He ate her juicy ass and she gave him a blowjob. Antonio also titty fucked her. He didn’t feel super comfortable so that was all they did. Ever since then he had a “deep desire to fuck a feminine dude”. Antonio was so turned on after chatting with her, that he pulled a vid of her dark chocolate ass getting pounded out by some lucky Pakistani Muslim nigga. The hairy, bearded motherfucker was beating her tail up. He imagined he was the lucky bastard putting his dick of in Shimmerboi’s pretty little sissy ass. The rag head was loving it. Antonio knew he would too.Antonio nutted hard before calling his wife. He talked to Gabby and youngins. They all said they missed. He did the same. He missed the little boogers. They would be back in three more days. And, he couldn’t wait to see ‘Man Man’ and ‘Li’l Bit’. He hoped his wife would be acting right, but wasn’t too sure.The next day, Antonio was up and at it early as usual. He had two properties being renovated simultaneously. One was a two bedroom, two bath, 900 square foot place in a soon-to-be fully gentrified section of town. The other was a foreclosure in the burbs with 2,300 square feet, four bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths. He was expecting great margins on both. He met with interior designers, carpenters, plumbers, and roofers. By 11:45 a.m. he was back at home in the tri-level townhome.As he pulled into the community, he spotted one of his neighbors putting trash into the dumpster. The guy was White with blond hair and light blue eyes. He knew him well. His wife spoke to the girly man nearly everyday. He brought the white four-door Chevy Silverado 1500 to a halt. The five-foot-ten, slim-built brotha with caramel skin that had a warm, earthy undertone hopped out of the truck. “Hey, man! Let me help you!” “Thanks, Antonio,” the five-nine, thick being replied with a gentle smile.“No problem. It’s what we do. Neighbors helping neighbors.” Antonio hefted the giant bag into the dumpster with ease. As he wrapped that bedava bahis task up, he slyly slid against the 36-inch waisted sissy’s, 40-inch ass. His loins in complete contact with the holiday-themed polyester and spandex leggings. They were white with alternating bands of white snowflakes on a red background, white Christmas trees on a green background, and tiny Santa on a gray background. His nostrils were teased by an incredibly fruity smell.“Thanks again, hun! You’re a sweetheart! Gabs is lucky to have you.”“You think so?”“I know so. If I had a man like you…Well, I’d make sure he was always happy.”“Your fine ass could make me happy now,” Antonio remarked before he realized it.The neighbor’s mouth fell open and he stepped back a beat. “How so?”“First what’s that perfume you got on? It’s nice. Second, I uh I uh got some pants I ripped. Was wondering if you could sew them up for me?”“Yeah I can stitch them up. And it’s just an apricot and coconut scented body mist I got for Christmas. I just go through with my bubble bath and I sprayed it on me.”“It smells great, Sean.” Antonio smiled hard. “Let me grab my pants. Can I come to your place?”“Sure that’d be great,” the punk giggled. “You know fashion design and merchandising was my major in college.”“My wife said you like clothes.” “Get them and come on over.”Sean sashayed towards his house. His shoulder-length tresses being blown back by a steady breeze.Antonio got back in the truck and pulled into his driveway. He ran inside the house and bounded up the stairs to the master bedroom. He grabbed a pair of random jeans from the walk-in closet. He jetted out of his home and damn near skipped to Sean’s front door. He knocked.Sean answered. “Hey, Antonio! Come in!”Antonio crossed the threshold and blurted, “It’s hard seeing you wear leggings around the neighborhood everyday.”“Why is that,” White boi purred.“Cause your ass is so phat.”“I didn’t know you were D.L.” Sean grinned and reached to rub Antonio’s crotch.Antonio was bone hard. “Ooh la la,” cooed the sissy,Antonio went in for a kiss.Sean accepted. He also undid his neighbor’s belt and pants. He pulled out the stiff 8¾-inch dick through the slit of the faded red no-longer-form-fitting boxer briefs. Then.Suddenly.Sean pushed Antonio away. “It’s not right for us to be doing this,” he clasped his hands over his head.Antonio did not like this at all. The veins in his neck throbbed. He stabbed his finger into Sean’s somewhat chunky chest. “Shut up, faggot!” He reached up and pushed the boi down to suck his dick. “I know you wanna fuck. I also get you respect Gabby. But she ain’t deneme bonusu holding up her end of the bargain.”“Huh,” moaned Sean.“She’s not loving on me much lately.”“But still…”Antonio’s face reddened. He grabbed the sissy’s fat ass and pushed him into the front door. Sean’s thin five-inch cocklet was hard too pressing into the door.Antonio pulled the tights down and knelt. He began eating the fresh pink asshole. He munched on the crack for probably a good three minutes. He felt Sean squirming. The sissy bitch was wailing with pleasure. He stood up and got butt naked. He ordered, “Turn around and suck my dick!”Sean sucked Antonio’s dick so well that it made him nut within 90 seconds.“Got dayum,” hollered the father of two. “Keep sucking, bitch! I’m about to fuck you. Get my pants and pull that rubber out the pocket. Front left, bitch!”Sean complied with the demands. Then he led his guest to the master bedroom. Sean bent over the bed so that his juicy derriere was in the air. Antonio salivated as he examined the wet, waiting clenched hole. He moved closer. When he got there, he began gliding his fat cock along the along butt crack. He smacked the corpulent badonkadonk. “Ooh, daddy! Put it in my faggot ass,” begged Sean. “Fuck me with that big Black cock, daddy!”Antonio pushed it in. The tightness overwhelmed him. “Yeah,” he grunted. He stroked slowly at first and picked up steam. He pounded with a methodical, caring sensibility. It felt like clouds and candy canes to him. His brain had him in another realm. It was so good that he pulled out momentarily and snuck off the condom before going back in. Antonio order Sean fully onto the bed.The sissy was flat on his stomach.They got under the covers by some means. It was a bit of a blur. But, Antonio had his arm hooked around Sean’s neck. The Black man started hammering the White punk bitch while kissing his full pink lips.“Mmmm,” moaned Sean.“Mhmmm,” groaned Antonio“Unhhh.”“Mhmmm!”They spoke no words for the entirety. They simply made noises.Antonio came as hard as he ever had in his entire life. Sean felt his insides being flooded. “Oh, daddy! You took that condom off, didn’t you,” he giggled.“Yeah,” huffed the married man.Sean clenched his hole. He pulled off the big Black monster and turned to face Antonio.The pair kissed and fondled one another for the next half hour.Antonio even ended up putting Sean little sissy cock in his mouth stirring it back to life for a few seconds.He fucked the bitch again.After a total of 56 minutes, Antonio collected his belongings and left. But not before taking Sean’s number. He went straight home and messaged Shimmerboi letting her know he’d given in and fucked his first fag. It turned the sissy on so much hearing the details.During this time, Antonio messaged Sean. The fag wrote back indicating he wanted to do it again later that night.It would soon be on and popping again.

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