On Display


Another day is dawning as the sun slowly rises. Not that I’d notice though because our room has room darkening blinds but still the internal clock inside me wakes me up. I wake up slowly and snuggle back into you feeling the warmth of your bare skin on mine. I would like nothing better than to snuggle into you more but you’re sleeping so soundly right now and I don’t want to wake you up, at least not yet.I know how important sleep is and you don’t get nearly enough of it as it is so I indulge you in a few extra minutes of snooze time before I have to perform my morning appointed task. I take advantage of this time to just be with you like this and enjoy it, there aren’t too many mornings that happen like this where you don’t have to be anywhere early this morning. I treasure times that I can spend with you like this for they are very cherished.As much as I don’t want to wake you up I know that I must, I would love to let you sleep all day, but I know that I can’t do that. I stealthily burrow myself down under the covers trying my best not to wake you up quite yet. I soon find myself staring at the one thing that I can’t resist and crave so much….your beautiful cock that I can’t wait to get my lips around so I can taste you. I slowly and gently start licking you.I feel you start to awaken as you shift positions and your cock hardens further under my tongue. I hear your sighs and soft moans from above me telling me that I’m doing a good job so far. You reach under the covers seeking me out, your fingers entangle in my long blonde hair and you start to control my movements as I go down on you.You hold my head in place as you fuck my mouth….mmmmmm. I take every inch of your cock over and over, fucking you back. Your thrusts become more forceful and I know that you’re going to come soon. Your moans become louder as your orgasm approaches quickly, and not long after that you unload into my mouth coming hard. I love the way that you taste as I quickly swallow so I don’t waste a bonus veren siteler single drop.”Damn baby, you’re so good at that”, you tell me as you move the covers off you and see me cleaning you off.”Aww, well thank you, but I just love licking and sucking your cock and of course getting to taste you.””Can’t think of a better way to start a morning, doesn’t get any better than that my sexy girl””I so agree, Sir”We lay there for a little while longer, having a bit of a mini make-out session enjoying our time together because this doesn’t happen that often. As we lay there talking you tell me that you have a surprise for me because I’ve been such a good girl lately. I’m always a good girl for you but I do love surprises and I can’t imagine what you have in mind for me.You tell me that it’s planned for later this evening and to get myself ready while you’re gone. You do have to go do a little work today but it’s not like your normal crazy schedule. My mind is very curious about what you have planned but I’m so excited at the same time. You finally get out of bed, get in the shower and head out but before you leave you tell me to be ready tonight at seven.I go about my normal day, taking care of things around the house but I keep a close eye on the time. My day passes by quickly and soon it’s time for me to get in the shower or maybe I should take a bath to make sure everything is very clean for you since I don’t know what’s going to happen here tonight. I get into the whirlpool tub and soak a bit letting the jets relax me before I make sure that everything is clean and smooth. Just as I’m stepping out of the tub I hear your voice telling me that you’re home.”Hey, baby, I’m home I hope you’re ready for my surprise.”You come walking into the master suite and come into the bathroom; you pretty much know that is where you’ll find me getting ready for you.”Yes, I’m very ready and very curious about what this could be, but also very excited too.”I ask you bedava bahis what you would like me to wear for tonight because I know how much you like picking out my clothes for these occasions. You tell me that I don’t need wear anything tonight; the way I am right now is just fine. Hum well that makes me really wonder what you have in mind since I’m standing here oh so very naked. You take me in your arms and we kiss sweetly at first but then our passion grows. Just when I’m starting to get really turned on you pull away from me and tell me that we have something to do right now.You take me by the hand and lead me down the hall into your playroom and upon entering I see a fairly low oval table in the center of the room. I think to myself I wonder what that is all about since I’ve never seen it before but then I soon find out. You place a large fluffy towel on it so I’m comfortable and tell me to lie down on it face up. The table is almost large enough for me to fit on but not quite enough room for me to stretch out. I soon find out why as you begin to tell me.”Well my sexy pet; I’ve been learning and practicing the sensuous art of shibari. I’ve really had an interest in it ever since we saw the demonstration at FetCon. Tonight, I’m going to restrain you that way.””Sounds good to me, Sir. I always like to try new things as well.””Glad to hear it my pet, because tonight is going to be all about new experiences.”You talk to me as you are busy tying the various knots, making sure that nothing is too tight as you go. You start my upper arms securing them to the table and then connecting them to my wrists, my hands are free but I can’t move much else. Then you move down to my legs placing them into the desired position and tell me to keep them just like that while you fasten them down. You continue to talk to me during this process making sure that I’m comfortable.You tell me many times what a good girl I am and proud you are of me. You do each leg separately and deneme bonus when you’re finished you have my knees tied down wide apart with my legs pulled up so my pussy is completely exposed. You stand up admiring your work and tell me how sexy I look all tied up like that. My mind is going full speed now wondering just what you have planned.”I’ll be back in a minute, pet. Just relax and enjoy.”I can’t see you leave the room because of the way that they table is positioned in the room but I hear your footsteps leave and the door close. Being left alone like this gives me time to think, sometimes that a very dangerous thing because it gets me in trouble sometimes. As time passes I wonder just how long you’ve been gone. I know that you wouldn’t leave me for very long restrained like this for safety reasons.I wonder if you really did leave the room even though I heard you walking away and the door closing….are you still here with me just observing? I feel the air conditioner turn on and the vent is positioned so it blows right over me. The cool air is making nipples become hard nubs and I am very aware of how wet my very exposed cunt is.My question of where you are is soon answered when I hear footsteps coming back down the hall and towards the door. I hear you talking but I’m not sure to whom. The door closes as you begin to talk to me.”I’m back my pet. Miss me?””Oh yes Sir, I did miss you. And I’m also very curious about what you have planned for this evening.””Hum well; you’re going to find out right now what’s going on this evening, my sweet pet. But first one more thing, I’m going to blindfold you for tonight. Don’t you worry my sexy girl, relax and enjoy.””OK Sir, I trust you but I’m a bit nervous””Nothing to be nervous about my sweet girl like I said relax and enjoy.”You place a blindfold over my eyes and then kiss me sweetly and once again tell me how proud you are of me.I hear your footsteps walk away from me going towards the door and the door opening and closing. I hear more footsteps entering the room and then your voice.”Welcome everybody, I hope that you’re all hungry because I’ve prepared a snack for all of you and I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. Go ahead and enjoy yourselves. I know my sexy pet’s going to love it.”

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