Old FarmersYoung Girls

Ava Addams

Kelly had moved to Kansas City for a good secretarial job. Her dad had passed away and then her mom. There was nothing left for her in Junction City, Kansas. She had liked her new life of dating, drinking, dancing. She was a virgin. As her mom told her, “It’s your one bargaining chip, don’t give it away.”  She had endured many back seat wrestling matches but had held out. She had learned how to put up a good fight. As Miss Junction City, she would come to need that skill. One by one, her virgin friends fell, but she held out. Her apartment neighbor, Sue, had a similar story. From Joplin, she had won Miss Joplin, lost her folks, moved güvenilir bahis to Kansas City and retained her virginity. But now they were living in a very different world than when they moved here. The grid had gone down last month and things had gone to hell. It was no longer safe here, especially for a girl. At nights, gangs roamed thru their apartment building. The girls had changed the names on their doors to men’s names. Every morning another door had been kicked in. The items in the apartment were still there, but the girls were gone. But necessity is the mother of invention. A gathering of old farmers and city girls had güvenilir bahis siteleri begun to occur every Sunday morning down at the big church parking lot. The girls would talk to the old farmers in their pickup trucks and some would go home with them. The pastor would hang around the parking lot to do spur of the moment weddings in an attempt to keep the girls legal. He had a brisk business. The girls walked down to the church Sunday morning. Sue talked to an old farmer in a Dodge RAM crew-cab pickup. He had lost his wife and was looking. Kelly talked to an old farmer in an F250. He too had lost his wife. Sue then chatted iddaa siteleri with an old farmer in a Dodge Power Wagon. He wanted a couple of girls. “I have trouble getting it up, so I would need blowjobs. I figured with two wives it would be less of a burden on each one. He had a big farm and supposedly had been prepping. It sounded good.Sue ran over to Kelly, “Hey, Kelly, how are you at sucking cock?” “Well, I wouldn’t still be a virgin if I wasn’t good at it. Some of my dates were insistent and a blowjob was the only thing that saved my hymen from being destroyed.””Good, it was the same for me. In fact, that is one reason I left Joplin. I had gotten a bad reputation as a nasty girl there.””Anyway, I found this farmer who can’t get it up and would require getting head. He wants two wives to share the burden. He has a big farm and is a prepper. What do you say?”

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