Office Banter Ch. 04


James woke up slowly lying on his side, sleeping pulling at his eyes. His eyes adjusted slowly to the room around him. He took in his unfamiliar surroundings and wondered briefly where he was. The dull lifeless curtains, the small table with an uncomfortable looking chair next to it. All the signs of a nondescript hotel room. It was then he noticed just how hard his cock was. Morning wood he thought to himself. He flexed his cock hard enjoying the sensation of the rough sheets against his exposed cock head. He thrust gently into the sheets and smiled at his mild perversions. Rolling onto his back he reached down and gently ran his fingers up and down his shaft. He heard the soft breathing of a form lying next to him in bed. He looked over slowly his eyes focusing on the exposed naked breast.

‘Perfect’ James said simply as he gently toyed with Debbie’s nipple.

The tingling sensations running through her body and into Debbie’s head pulled her from sleep. She looked down to see James’ fingers pulling on her now hard nipple. She sighed deeply, arched her back to give him more of her breast to play with, and closed her eyes. What a way to wake up she thought.

‘I’ve got a bad case of morning wood. Fancy fucking it away?’ Debbie was brought back to reality with his words. His voice was soft, but faintly husky. Must be all the wine they had drunk the night before.

‘I need a pee first.’ Debbie replied opening her eyes and looking at him. She pulled herself away from his expert hands and rolled out of bed. She was still naked as she walked around the bed and made her way towards the bathroom. Just as she was closing the door she felt James push it back open. He was stood in the doorway watching her, a mischievous look on his face. She stopped and watched him; his naked body stood filling the doorway, his hard cock flexing angrily in front of him.

‘Go on then’ James said as he smiled at Debbie. She chuckle to herself and shook her head.

‘You weren’t kidding when you said the list of things that didn’t turn you on was short than the list that did’. Debbie laughed again and sat down on the toilet. She spread her legs slightly and looked up at James. She wasn’t entirely sure she would be able to go with him watching.

James moved around so he was stood in front of Debbie, his cock was pointed at her face. He took a step forward moving his cock closer to her. He sighed as her cool hand reached out and took hold of it. He looked down at her sat on the toilet gently stroking his cock; theirs eyes locked and James heard her start to pee.

Debbie was enjoying the feel of his cock in her hand when James abruptly pulled back and squatted down in front of her. She let him pull her legs open wider as he stared directly between her legs. She stopped herself mid flow and laughed as he looked up at her expectantly.

‘You’re a dirty fucker, you know that?’ she asked as she relaxed, letting her urine flow from her again.

‘No, just very curious’. James replied as he stared between her legs with more than just a little intensity. As her flow began to ebb, James stood up and took his cock back in his hand gently stroking it. ‘That was pretty cool.’ And with that he walked out of the bathroom.

When Debbie came back into the room she found James laying spread eagle in the middle of the bed. His hands were behind his head and his eyes were closed. He had a smile on his face and looked as though he was remembering something enjoyable. His cock was still very hard and stood out proud from his mid-section. Debbie just stood and stared at him. She too smiled as she remembered something enjoyable. Mostly the previous night. She was mildly surprised that she could walk at all. Even more so that James was hard again. Morning wood indeed she thought to herself.

James felt the bed move as Debbie gently crawled up between his legs. He kept as still as he could as he felt her hands next to his legs. He tried not to move as her hair tickled his thighs. But he couldn’t help sighing as her tongue flicked across his balls and licked the full length of his cock. She playfully tongued the slit in his cock causing him to moan deeply. But as he did so she stopped. He resisted opening his eyes and waited for what was next.

Debbie was torn with what to do bahis siteleri next. She loved having his cock in her mouth, but she was more aroused than normal. Was it the way she had been woken up? Was it James watching her pee? She must admit that did turn her on a little. But she could feel herself getting wetter by the minute. She knew her pussy lips would be swollen and exposed and anyone stood behind her as she knelt on the bed would have been able to see her entrance wet and ready.

‘Fancy some breakfast?’ Debbie decided instead to toy with him, like he had with her the night before. She smiled as she remembered him holding her in the air, impaled on his cock as she fought to ride him. But he held her still, pushed up against the wall, and asked if she liked the hotel. She hadn’t, didn’t, but none of that had mattered with 8″ of James’ cock in her.

‘Yes, please.’ James knew what she was up to and decided to play along, even if his cock was frustratingly hard now. He flexed it hard and felt it rub against her chin. He was surprised when he felt Debbie get off the bed and opened his eyes to see what she was up to. She was leaning over the table with her ass pointed towards the bed while she pretended to read the menu.

Debbie wasn’t sure what he was going to do next. She waited patiently as she heard him moving around behind her. Knowing him as she did, she just expected him to come up behind her and try and force his way into her. Like that very first time in her front room. She yelled out unexpectedly as James’s tongue dug suddenly and very deep into her pussy. She lurched forward onto the table in surprise but James gripped her waist tight and pulled her back onto his mouth.

James decided rather quickly after seeing her bent over the table that he wasn’t in the mood for games. He did want some breakfast and he saw exactly what he wanted. He pushed his tongue roughly inside her and began to tongue fuck her opening. His nose poked against her asshole as his head bounced up and down behind her. He held on tight as Debbie tried to buck and thrash away from him. He stuck his tongue down through her crack in search of her clit. He pushed it around with the tip of his tongue causing more thrashing and now screaming from Debbie. He licked back to her opening and stuck it in deep tasting the sweetest pussy he had ever tasted. With his mouth slick with her juices and his tongue seeming to have a mind of its own, he held tight as he stuck his tongue into her ass.

Debbie reeled as her ass was invaded with James’s tongue. Her first thought was of disgust until she remembered the midnight shower they had had together. James had been very particular with his soaped up fingers and her ass. She could feel the combination of James’s saliva and her juices running down her legs. It was a good thing James was holding on to her as her knees were close to buckling under his assault on her ass and pussy. Then just as quickly as it had started he stopped.

After wiping his face on the back of his hand James stood up and looked down at Debbie. She had collapsed on the small table in front of her. Her ass pointed upwardly into the room. James reached down and rubbed his hand over her back and down the crack of her ass. He rubbed the spit around her asshole and gently eased his middle finger into her. He loved to watch his finger disappear into her.

Debbie tried her best to relax and not push the finger invading her ass out. She concentrated as the finger kept pushing deeper and deeper into her bowels. How long were his fingers she wondered? She held her breath as she felt his knuckles against her ass and groaned heavily as he began to wiggle the finger inside her. She knew she was at his mercy now, and she trusted him completely. As those thoughts ran through her head, she relaxed even more.

James felt her tight ring relax around his finger and he slowed pulled it out. He sat down on the bed behind him and slowly pulled Debbie’s tiny frame back down with him. She came willingly and ended up sat in James’s lap, his cock sticking up between her legs. He reached around and slowly cupped both of her breasts in his hands. He ran his hands around the outside and gradually towards the middle, pulling both her nipples at the same time.

‘Perfect’ he repeated canlı bahis siteleri again as he pulled and tugged at her breasts. ‘Can I keep them?’ he asked.

‘Yes, but only if I can keep this’. She responded as she took hold of his cock and stroked it between her legs, as if she had her own.

‘You have to promise to keep it somewhere safe’ James replied as he pulled harder on her breasts, the feeling of her hands gently playing with his cock driving him mad.

Debbie slowly lifted up, never taking her hands of off James’s hard cock. Her nipples were on fire as James expertly pulled and massaged them, as he always did. She rubbed his cock up and down her slit using his cock as her own private toy. She rubbed his cock head around her clit causing her to roll her head back on to his shoulder and moan deeply into the side of his head.

As her head fell against his shoulder, James bit down gently on her shoulder and nibbled up and down her neck. He resisted thrusting up into her and enjoyed being used as a toy. He cock flexed uncontrollably as the sensitive head was rubbed roughly against her clit. The flex caused his cock to momentarily enter her, and she pulled it our roughly.

As Debbie pulled his cock out of her she pulled herself forward off of James and stood slightly on her shaking legs. She looked down between her legs and held his straining cock at her entrance. As she lined up his cock she sat down hard taking him balls deep in one full penetration. Her groans were only slightly drowned out by James’s shouts of ‘Fuck!’. She held onto his knees for support and watched as she slowly rose up off of his cock. She watched as the glistening cock slowly revealed itself. She stopped as the head was about to come into view. She held herself in the air for one brief moment before crashing down onto him again, taking his full length in one powerful stroke.

James fell back on the bed as the sensations over took him. His head rolled back as Debbie slowly pulled herself off of him and then pounded back down again. It was taking every bit of his control not to just grab her hips and fuck her wildly. Again she pulled herself up and ploughed back down again. Her ass landing hard on his hips. Again she slowly pulled herself up and hammered back down. After a dozen more heavy impacts she held herself down on him. She was giving him the fucking of a life time. This time he pulled himself up and reached around her. He roughly grabbed her breasts and pulled her backwards on top of him.

Debbie’s legs were exhausted from crouching over him. She loved having the control of fucking like that, but she allowed herself to be pulled backwards on top of James. She felt his slender frame against her back allowed herself to go a little limp on top of him. His fingers were pulling and mauling her breasts and she moaned as he started to slowly move his cock in and out of her in small, slow patient strokes.

James grabbed a hold of both her prefect breasts and slowly started to push and pull his way inside her. He felt like his cock was on fire as he slowly increased his pace. Keeping one hand on her breast, he used the other to find Debbie’s clit. As his cock found a rhythm of pounding into her willing body, he slowly began to rub her clit. She sat up slightly as the shock of his touch went through her body. James used the hand on her chest to hold her down. Now it was his turn to fuck her.

Debbie felt the familiar feeling of an orgasm building inside her. James’s cock was picking up pace and she hoped she would come either before, or with him. Her legs started to twitch as his finger mercilessly rubbed her swollen clit. His balls no longer slapped against her and she knew they had tightened up and were ready to explode. She started to shake and her pussy began to ripple against the cock invading her as her orgasm began to take hold.

James knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer, her pussy was clenching at his cock as he felt himself grow bigger inside her. He could hear her screaming out that she was coming and he could feel her body convulsing on top of him. He used his knees to keep her legs open so he could fuck her deeper while she orgasmed. She was trying to push him away but James fucked harder into her as his orgasm ripped through his body. canlı bahis He gripped her pussy with his hand and pulled her breast roughly. His head pushed into the back of her neck and he yelled out gutterly as he felt the first thick rope of cum work its way out of his cock into her pussy.

Debbie’s entire body was hyper sensitive. She felt every convulsion of James’s cock as it pulsed cum into her. He thrust hard several more times into her as his balls emptied. She collapsed on top of him as her body went limp. She squeezed her pussy around his cock, enjoying the moans and convulsions it brought from James. She reached down between her legs and gently rubbed his balls, feeling how tight they were pulled against him. She almost thought they would fit inside her as well if he had pushed any harder.

The two exhausted bodies lay motionless on the bed. The only sound was heavy breathing as they both fought to regain their senses.

‘I need a pee now’. He said roughly.

‘Tough.’ Debbie replied as she squeezed her pussy walls around his slowly deflating cock. He grunted deeply and she smiled.

‘Stop that!’ James replied not at all seriously. She squeezed him again and he pushed her off.

‘Hey!!’ Debbie felt his cock slip from her and she instantly wanted it back in her. She felt empty now.

James got off the bed on shaky legs. He steadied himself on the small table. Finally he stood and moved towards the bathroom. He stopped halfway across the room and looked down at Debbie lying with her eyes closed.

‘You coming?’ James asked at the motionless form on the bed.

‘Thanks, I just did’ Debbie replied without opening her eyes. But instead rubbing her hand across her stomach and up across her breasts.

Debbie was pulled from her blissful state by James pulling her from the bed. So he was serious then, Debbie thought to herself. She wondered what he was up to now.

‘I’m still curious about a few things’ was James’s only replied to her inquisitive looks.

James took position in front of the toilet while Debbie stood with her back against the sink. Standing next to him she simply looked him up and down wondering what was going to happen next.

‘Help me.’ James stated simply as he watched Debbie with intense eyes. Debbie could sense a small amount of fear in them. As if he was almost worried what she might think.

‘and how would you like me to do that?’ Debbie asked innocently, as she felt the combination of her juices and his cum drip down her legs.

In response James very slowly reached out and took hold of Debbie’s hand. He placed it on his cock never taking his eyes from hers. He felt he hold his cock tentatively, unsure of what to do. He looked down and moved her hand slightly, pointing his limp cock at the toilet. He relaxed and felt his urine start to flow. He looked back at her expectantly.

Debbie felt the urine run through his cock and heard it splash in the toilet. She looked at his cock as he peed and slowly pinched her fingers around him. The release of urine stopped. She slowly released and it started again. She chuckled as she squeezed and released a few more times. She looked up at his face and saw him watching her with a smile on his face. She held his cock as he continued to go.

James relaxed as he felt the last of his built up urine escape him. He leaned over slowly and pressed his lips against Debbie’s. He felt no resistance as his tongue pushed between her lips and teeth. He sighed as her mouth opened slowly and theirs tongues danced together. His cock was still in her hand and she held it fast as they kissed.

‘I told you I was very curious’ he said with a smile as he broke away from the kiss.

Debbie looked down at the flaccid cock in her hand ‘am I meant to shake it now?’ she asked with a wry smile. But instead of waiting for an answer she simply let go and turned to face the sink.

As she washed her hands, James went behind her and with one hand on her ass he leaned over and started the water in the shower. James stood back up and rubbed his hand down her ass and between her legs. He pressed a finger into her wetness and slowly pulled it out.

Debbie watched in the mirror as James brought the finger from her pussy to his mouth. She watched as James sucked their combined juices off of his finger. Debbie turned her head to face him and kissed him deeply, tasting both their juices in his mouth.

‘Fancy a shower?’ James asked as he pulled away. His hand was already back between her legs.

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