Ode to my master


As I kneel at Your feet  Your rough touch I yearn  The ache is so sweet  It makes my heart burn The look in Your eyes  Brings me such joy  And makes me realize  That I am Your toy You reach out Your hand  Slapping against my cheek  That’s when I notice the isveçbahis band  That makes me go weak “This gift of love  makes you forever mine  before the heaven above  and angels devine.” I shiver and sigh  Eyes dancing with delight  And I begin to isveçbahis giriş cry,  My soul shining so bright “I accept this token  of the love we share  our bonds, unbroken  I shall always wear.” Toward You, I bow  Offering You everything  For I isveçbahis yeni giriş belong to You now  Which makes my heart sing “With this collar I pledge  we’ll never be apart,  may no wedge  separate your heart from my heart.”My eyes fill with joyful tears  my journey now done  After all these years  My heart, You have won In place, You lock it  With great care  It is a perfect fit  I shall always wear You lift me up high  In Your strong embrace  I know, with a sigh  I have found my place.

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