Nurse Betty


I had come home to find you dressed in your sexy nurse costume, showing off your amazing 34D’s with a skirt barely below your firm ass. You are in full role playing mode as “Nurse Betty” and you tell me that you understand that I have an appointment to work on a major issue that I am experiencing. Immediately I know what you are referring to, as after 6 years of being together and 4 years of marriage you know what it is that bothers me most about my sexual performance, but to keep the fantasy alive I play along and I tell you how I can’t recover as fast as I or my wife would like.

You nod and take notes on your clipboard; you ask questions about what I generally liked to use to get myself excited. After a few minutes of discussion you said that you had an idea that might be able to help me, but you warn that it is a little unorthodox and that many would consider it an “alternative” solution. I answer back that I am looking for something alternative as all of the doctors I have spoken to at this point have not had any solution for me and that I was looking for something different, really I was wanting to do anything that would enable me to better fulfill my wife.

After a few minutes of convincing you, you are finally satisfied and stand up from your stool sitting in front of me, showing off your long legs. After noticeably catching me staring and working my way up your legs you cough getting my attention and snapping me out of my haze. After condemning me for my staring at your legs you reiterate that this is an alternative treatment. Slowly you pull the pen out of your hair and slowly let your hair down, shaking it out of its bun like you are a model. Once your hair has been let down you remove your dark sexy glasses and ask me to stand up next to you.

Slowly I do, not sure if this is the right thing to do; after all I am a married man and I truly love my wife and don’t want to change anything about my life other than to have move sex more often. Sensing my nervousness you again assure me that this is a purely medical engagement and that there is nothing that I need to worry about. Gently you stroke my face to help soothe my nerves, it is slowly working and I find myself getting a little weak in my knees what with having such a sexy woman standing in front of me stroking my face. Finally, you lean in and press your soft red lips to mine, giving me a soft calming kiss.

You back off and ask “is everything is all right? Are you feeling all right with the treatment up to now?” I respond saying “that I am not totally comfortable, but since this is a purely medical experiment I don’t see the problem with continuing.” This causes you to smile and you proceed to kiss me again, this time harder and with more passion, slipping your tongue into my mouth, which I accept. I return the favor and bring my hand up to the back of your head.

After kissing for what seemed like forever, but couldn’t have been more than a minute you break the kiss and back up. Then you instruct me to remove my pants and sit down on the “exam table” as you want to proceed with the first leg of the treatment. I respond asking “wasn’t that the first part of the treatment?”

“No, that was just to make sure that you were comfortable” you respond, “this treatment may be entirely medical, but it is extremely personal and I wanted güvenilir bahis to make sure that you were going to be able to handle it.”

Again, I assure you that I will be able to handle it, and I take off my pants and boxers, freeing my already hard 6″ cock. Embarrassed I say “I’m sorry, sometimes he just can’t help himself.”

“That’s fine” you respond, “it’s purely natural, besides it is needed for the treatment to be effective so this just save time, now please sit on the exam table.”

I do as you respond and have a seat on the cold exam table, with that you proceed to open your blouse even further than it was to begin with and reveal a very tight and sexy red bra, barely holding in your bursting breasts. Then you reach down and grab my hard cock with your right hand, while proceeding to begin kissing me again. Slowly your right hand rubs my thick cock as you start kissing your way down to my neck. You let go of my cock only for a second to remove my shirt, when you get my shirt off you resume working on my cock and begin kissing your way down my chest.

Finally, I speak up, saying “listen, Nurse Betty, I understand that this is a medical treatment and all, but this doesn’t seem right, are you sure that this is going to work? I just don’t see how this is going to fix my problems.”

“Well,” you respond while never stopping what you are doing, “in order for me to fully understand and be able to fix your problem I need to see it in action to verify that my treatment will work.”

“I see, well I guess that is acceptable, so, what is the first leg of my treatment?”

“You just sit back and relax and I will show you.”

“Ok” I say as I lean back a little on the table and try to relax. Slowly you finish your way down my chest and your mouth is just inches from my cock head. Then suddenly you flick your tongue on the tip of my cock, sending shivers down my spine, I almost cum at that instant. The pre-cum is slowly flowing out as you lick up and down my shaft, paying special attention to my balls, which you take into your mouth once at a time.

Finally, as you sense that I am ready for that next step, you decide you have done enough teasing and proceed to take my entire cock into your mouth. It won’t be long right now, and you can tell, you move your tongue around while deep throating me. Picking up the pace your face is fucking my cock and I can’t take anymore, “I’m cumming” I scream to give you ample warning. This only adds to your resolve as you suck harder and harder craving my cum. Finally, I shoot my load into your mouth, at least 5 heavy spurts; you catch all of it in your mouth before moving off my cock.

I am panting heavily telling you how amazing that was, but you don’t say anything, instead your bring your mouth up to mine and press your tongue deep into my throat. You still have some of my cum on your tongue as you didn’t swallow it all, I have never tasted myself before, but this was so erotic that I just couldn’t get enough.

Finally, after 2-3 minutes of passionate kissing you pull back and ask me “so, now that the first leg of our treatment has been completed how do you feel?”

“Wow that was just amazing, you are amazing!”

“Well, I am glad to hear that”, she responded “so, tell me are you ready for more.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t think güvenilir bahis siteleri that I’ll be able to do much more at this point, which is exactly my problem.” I said, dejectedly almost at tears both from the great orgasm I just experienced along with the realization that I am not able to fully please someone as sexy as Nurse Betty.

“Not to worry”, reassuring me ‘this is a pretty common problem and I have a lot of experience with helping men such as yourself resolve similar issues.”

“Well, that is great news; I will do anything to be able to get going again and be better in bed.”

“That’s great to hear”, you say. Turning back into a medical mode you continue “well, it looks like right now that you simply aren’t excited is that true?”

“Well, to be honest, once I get off I do have some troubles getting excited, maybe that is my overall issue.”

“I see, well, here is what I am going to do. I want you to get up off the exam table and take off my blouse; I have already helped you a little by unbuttoning several of the buttons at the top.” I then proceed to do as I am requested. “Great”, you say “now, remove my bra.” After, I do this you continue, “Now, take off my skirt.” When I do this, it reveals the sexiest red thong that I have ever seen; I can’t help but thing just how lucky I am.

“All right, now I am going to sit up on the exam table, I want you to remove my thong using your teeth.” I give you a sly smile and get to work. I decide that the best approach was to work one side of the thin strap holding up your thong at a time. You put your legs up in the air to help me and slowly I move your sexy red panties up your legs a few inches on each side at a time.

Once I get your panties past your hips and towards your thighs you went dripping cunt comes into view. What a site to behold, you are shaved except for a little racing stripe above your engorged clit. Finally, once I feel that I have the panties down enough I take the middle part of them into my mouth, tasting your juices from your wet pussy and pull them the rest of the way off.

“Great work, “you say after I am done “now, are you ready for some more action?”

“As sexy as this has been, I just am not ready yet.” I respond, “I told you that it really is a major problem for me, I want to be able to do more with you right now Nurse Betty, but I just can’t get my cock to comply.”

“Hmm, I see that you are going to be a tougher case than I was expecting.” You pause for a minute thinking, adding “I have an idea, but isn’t going to be easy and will require some work on your part.”

I don’t hesitate in responding “I’ll do whatever I need to do, please anything!” I am practically begging you at this point.

“All right, what I want you to do is eat me out.”

“Anything you say.” I try to contain my excitement as while I am not ready for more action on my part at this point, once I smelled and saw your delectable pussy I just wanted to eat it. I dive in and lick you all over your thighs and all around your pussy lips. Finally, as you are squirming, desperate for me to lick your cunt, I flick my tongue over your large clit. This sends you into convulsions and I continue to lick and suck on your clit as your hips buck against my face. Finally, I stick my tongue deep into your cunt, sending shivers iddaa siteleri up your body. Meanwhile, I am tickling your clit with my right hand, rubbing the nub between my finger and thumb.

“Oh yes, I am cumming, don’t stop” you scream as I continue my assault on your pussy and clit. Finally, I feel your body freeze and within an instant my face is covered with your cum, I continue to attack your pussy with my tongue causing your to continue to cum against my face. After a few minutes and two more orgasms you tell me to stop and I move my face up to yours, locking our lips into a passionate embrace as our tongues wrestle inside our mouths.

I break the embrace after a few minutes and say “Thank you Nurse Betty.”

“Thank me? I should be thanking you!” You then ask “why are you thanking me anyhow?” In response I grab your right hand and move it down to my now hard again cock. You smile and ask, “So, does this mean you are able to go again?”

“Yes, I believe it does.”

“Good, but in order to make sure that my treatment has worked I need to actually see you through the end, after all that is the last part of the treatment.”

“I see,” I respond, “what does the last part of the treatment entail?”

“Well why don’t you lie down on this examination table and I can show you.”

As you get up, I take your place on the exam table. You then climb back onto the exam table, this time standing above me, with each of your feet to the outside of one of my hips. I stare up at your gorgeous body thanking God for the view as you slowly crouch down until your knees are almost fully bent and your hot dripping pussy is only an inch or two from the head of my hard cock. Just before finishing your decent you ask “Are you sure you are ready for the final phase of the treatment?”

“Oh yes, I can’t wait.” I was practically begging you as you slowly impale yourself on my cock. Slowly you kneel down, inch by inch, until you reach the base. Your pussy is so warm and wet wrapped as it engulfs my cock.

You rest at the base for a few seconds, adjusting to having my cock in you. Finally, you begin to move your hips up and down, slowly at first, but with increasing speed stroking my cock with your wet pussy. I reach up to touch your magnificent breasts and your nipples are hard as erasers as I give them a little pinch to send you jumping. Finally you lean down and place each breast in my mouth, allowing me to nibble on them, which is just making you scream harder! Meanwhile I am grabbing your ass and tickling your rear entry, which you seem to like as moments later you are screaming in orgasm from the multiple sensations throughout your body.

As you come down from your orgasm, you decide to change positions; you turn around and move into a reverse cowgirl. “My Nurse Betty, you sure know how to please a man don’t you.”

“Well,” you respond, “it is my job.”

Not only did you happen to find my favorite position, but you start playing with my balls and before long I am about ready to cum. I tell you and ask you where you want it. You respond, “Shoot that hot white cum into my pussy baby.” This dirty talk sends me over the edge and I fill your pussy with stream after stream of hot cum, more than I imagined possible given that I had gotten off just a few minutes ago.

After a few moments you get off me and say “now your treatment is complete and you should be cured.”

“Thank you, “I respond. “Can I come back for more treatments in the future if needed?”

“Of course, I am always eager to help anyone with any medical issues.”

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