Nude In Public


Passing by our local photoshop I was called in by the owner. Karen asked me if I would have my wife give her a call. Sally and Karen have known each other for a while and have a slightly complicated relationship. Sally called her that evening and after an hour-long call filled me in on Karen’s reason for the request.Karen, a professional photographer, had shown her work in several local galleries and saw her fashion work published in women’s magazines. She proposed a photoshoot that would be artistic with a possible commercial angle. Her idea was to have Sally pose nude in various public indoor and outdoor spaces around New York. It sounded crazy but Sally was intrigued. For as long as she could remember she loved being naked isvecbahis and being looked at, being photographed was even better. Karen’s plan involved an early departure, around three-thirty AM, ensuring that the indoor work could be accomplished with minimal concern for bystanders. She would start with a subway ride to Grand Central Terminal and later on to Central Park shooting all along the way. Karen also dangled the thought that her ad agency contacts might view Sally as a potential model. Sally, thirty-two, still had the body of a teenager. She was tall and slender with small breasts, long legs, and, as I observed, the ass that launched a thousand ships. Shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and ivory white skin made isveçbahis giriş her a world-class package. After some thought and discussion, she decided to do it if I could come along to provide a measure of safety for something that could get risky. Arriving at Karen’s shop around three AM Sunday we prepared. She brought along a trenchcoat and a pair of come fuck me slingback heels. Sally, wearing only a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt quickly undressed. Donning the flats she put the clothing items, along with the heels in a bag that I was to carry. She looked great.A cool spring morning, we walked the several blocks to the subway, and once below Karen indicated it was time to begin. Exchanging her flats for heels and handing isveçbahis yeni giriş me her coat Sally posed at the ticket machine and turnstile. The station, appearing to be empty, allowed Karen to pose Sally on the stairs and on the platform. On the seated shots she had her open her legs a bit for a more erotic, eye-catching look. The station janitor looked on with approval.When the train finally came it appeared to be almost empty, at most there were a handful of passengers in each car. Our car had a couple of late-night party goers, some shift workers, and the conductor. Handing me her coat we exchanged footwear as she put her heels back on. With an appreciative, if sleepy audience, Karen posed Sally in a number of elegant and sexy poses, seated and standing. Being careful Karen made it quick to avoid any uncomfortable possibilities. For her part, Sally loved the danger and shamelessness of being naked in front of strangers in a public place. 

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