Subject: Nude Dudze Chapter 16 NUDE DUDZE 16 SCOUTS SCHOOL BOYS AND SATISFACTION The first group we had after our splendid father and son fiesta of love and mass sex was a group of boy scouts. There were three troops from different parts of Australia who were part of the SC-out and about movement for gay and transsexual boy scouts. While this fine movement is not about sex but rather inclusion there are of course some members who are more than willing to include pleasures of the flesh in their programmes. The three groups we were hosting had been specially created by the scoutmasters for randy boys who were very willing to do more than the normal scouting activities. The group consisted of 47 boys and six leaders. Three scoutmasters and three late teens who were assistant leaders. The three troops that came were made up of “special” members of each troop who engaged in discreet sexual activities with each other on normal scout camps but also did special sex camps at secret camp sites around Australia. This camp was definitely special as they could openly indulge in their favourite activities. The three scoutmasters had met each other over the years and learnt that each other was gay and over time also discovered they were fond of boys and recruited sexually active boys for their troops and organised these special camps in different parts of the country a couple of times a year for the actively gay scouts to have fun with their cocks. One of them was a member of our club and told the others about our nudist camp for boys and all thought it would be ideal place for their next joint camp. When they all rolled up I met them personally (clothed) welcomed them and showed them to their accommodation. Each troop had its own villa and all members of the troop would be together in these villas and more than happy to share beds. After they had all put their gear in the villas we had an orientation meeting with me telling them about all the facilities and asked if there was any questions. All the boys were very good looking and aged between 12 and 16 and all were buzzing with excitement and obviously pleased to be here. I was pleased when one of the more outgoing boys asked if they were allowed to be naked all the time and the boys were very pleased when I said yes adding it was normal at this camp. A couple asked their scoutmasters if they could strip off and they said go for it and all the boys went inside and got off their clothes and returned nude and I was very delighted to be surrounded by 47 very sexy naked boys all giggling and laughing and commenting on each other’s cocks some of which were responding to their freedom. The scoutmaster added that during the day time scout activities the boys should wear hats because of the sun and also their special pink scarfs and woggles, but that was the only clothing to be worn and over the next 10 days. It was a delight over the next 10 days to see them wearing only their scarfs. The scoutmasters and their assistants also stripped of and it was plain to see that the boys had seen these larger cocks before. The main leader then said the afternoon was free until four pm when group activities would start and added that two of the troops had special initiation ceremonies to perform to introduce a new boy to their individual troops and this would happen in about 30 minutes. They all then went to unpack and investigate the camp. The scoutmaster who was a member of our club said I should watch the ceremonies in the villas on our hidden CCTV as it was very erotic and I thanked him and said I looked forward to it. I went back to the club and tuned the hidden CCTV cameras in each of the villas to the big screen so all could see whatever happened in all the villas. The two troops assembled in their separate villas and held almost identical initiations so it was obvious it was a ceremony that had been performed by the groups many times and had a tradition of many years. The ceremony started and two boys were outside the door and the rest of the troop was inside in a semi-circle just wearing towels around their waists. The scoutmaster and his older teen assistant stood behind and gave the instructions and ran the proceedings. He then called the two boys outside who were wearing shorts into the room. He then told the troop that Martin the new boy wanted to join the troop and had sexual experience with a member of the troop and was willing to undergo the tests involved. The man asked martin if he was willing to do the tasks and the boy agreed. He then asked the other boy his proposer if he could guarantee that Martin was capable of shooting sperm and he said yes. He then asked the Martin to prove he was a boy by revealing his cock and both he and his proposer stripped off their shorts and stood naked in front of them with their lovely boy cocks on full view. The scoutmaster then said he was definitely a boy and asked the rest of the troop to now reveal their dicks to welcome the new member of the troop. His proposer then took Martin around the room and got him to shake cocks with all present giving each one three tugs on his cock and getting three in return. When he finished they went back to the front of the semi-circle with Martin now having a full throbbing erection due to being felt by all the other boys. The scoutmaster then made the boy swear an oath that he would keep all that happened secret and never reveal to outsiders their sexual behaviour. When he finished the oath the man said his proposer has told them he could cum and he was now to lay down on a small mattress which was put down on the floor and told to prove this by stroking his cock until he climaxed and make sure he shot most of his sperm onto his body for all to see. I learned later that the proposer always told the new boy what was expected of him and advised him not to jerk off for a couple of days before the ceremony so the boy knew what he had to do. It must be very special feeling for a boy to perform this most secret act in front of a group of other boys for the first time. The proposer was also allowed to assist if the boy wanted. Martin lay back on the mattress his lovely young body on full view. The thirteen year old body was very good with nice nipples which were a bit puffy typical of a boy in puberty and his chest was nice to look at going down to a nice flat stomach. He had a nice small patch of pubes sitting above his lovely just under five inch uncut boy cock now fully erected with its nice purplish cock head showing having pushed his foreskin down when it erected. He then moved his hand down gripped his firm shaft and began to slowly stroke his favourite toy as the other boys and leaders eagerly looked on with some saying things to encourage and support him in this special sacred moment. He quickly got into a rhythm gradually increasing his speed as his young body let his sexual lust for satisfaction take him over. He used his other hand to gently massage his small balls to increase his erotic feelings. The speed of his hand got faster and all knew he was getting close and he began to moan in pleasure. Then the magic moment arrived he let out a louder groan and his body shook and his hard cock shot out his lovely sperm in two very good and powerful squirts followed by a couple more smaller drops as his hand kept pumping prolonging his orgasm until his cock could take no more and he stopped and caught his breath. All of his sperm had landed on his body and one of the shots of sperm had reached up nearly too his nipple and all the boys watching clapped and cheered when he had finished and he lay there red faced breathing heavily his body totally spent. The leader then told the boys to continue the ceremony and one by one each boy came forward took some of the Martins spunk on his finger and put it in his mouth sucking off and tasting the fresh teen semen and making sure was some for all. When all of them had tasted his cum the leader came forward and said. Martin you have given us the privilege of seeing you enjoy one the greatest pleasure a boy can give himself and proving to us that you are more than capable of shooting out the precious fluid of life. He then went on to say that as he had shared one of his most private moments it was only fair that he see the other boys do the same act and prove themselves to him. He was told to stay lying on the mattress and the other boys closed in around him and began to stroke their by now very erect cocks. Martin looked around and was clearly enjoying seeing all these other teen boys jerking on their cocks in front of him. After about several minutes of this action the first of the boys began to cum and shot his load of spunk onto Martins naked body. Within a couple of minutes of the first boy unloading all of the boys had squirted their precious cum onto him and it was quite a sight to see the young sexy body decorated with fresh boy sperm. I must say here that for me it is one of the most erotic sights to see boys shooting their sperm out of their young cocks in front of each other, the sight of the white fluid squirting out of a young boys cock is one of the most beautiful sights to see. The boys then moved forward one by one and took some of the fresh semen on one of their fingers and gave it to Martin to lick off. I must say Martin did not hesitate and did very well in eating all the cum that was offered to him and I suspected that this was not the first time he had tasted another boys cum. When all the boys had had given Martin some cum the master said we are all now cum brothers united in having tasted each other’s sacred juice. He then told the boys to clean the remaining sperm off Martin and instructed his proposer to go first. The boy came forward winked at him and wrapped his mouth around Martins cummy cock and leaving it clean of sperm after that the remaining boys in groups took turns licking the sperm off his body until all was gone. The master then said to Martin he could pick any boy in the troop except his proposer and that boy would spend tonight with him and Martin could do anything sexual he wanted with him. Martin picked a very cute slight older boy who looked pleased to be chosen. He also added that he would become a full member of the troop when he had sex with all the members of the troop. The Scoutmaster then finished by affirming their oath the secrecy of the cum brotherhood and keep performing their sacred duty of having as much sex as possible in the next ten days with each other and the other troops. Martin then prompted by his proposer moved forward and thanked the master and boys for being allowed to join their special group and that he looked forward to sexual fun with all his new brothers in cum. He then said he would like to specially thank the scoutmaster and then took the man’s hard cock in his hand and went down on his knees and slipped his young mouth over the larger organ with all the boys eagerly looking on. The man of course was the only one at the ceremony who had not cummed and was clearly aroused. The boy worked his young mouth with encouragement from the on looking boys and was soon rewarded with a mouthful of man cum which he proudly showed to the other boys with his mouth open before swallowing the man’s load much to the appreciation of the other boys. The other troop’s ceremony took part at the same time and was done the exactly the same way I did sometimes glance at the other screen but concentrated mainly on Martins initiation. When they had finished all of them went outside to the pool area with the other troop which did not have a new member. I left the club and went back to the camp and strolled down to the pool where all the boys were frolicking in the water with each other. It was clear to me some of the boys had met each other before. I was wearing a pair of shorts and some of the boys called out for me to get them off. I looked over at one of the scoutmasters also in the pool and nude who indicated it was OK and stripped them off revealing my very hard erection to the cheers of the boys. Three of them came forward and dragged me into the pool and suddenly I was in the middle of a load of laughing splashing sexy nude boys. I felt young hands fondled my hard cock and I managed to grab some young cock back in return. In a few minutes boys were all around me and their hands groping for my firm member with each one giving it a few tugs and after a short while lifted me up to float on my back and took turns stroking me. It was a wonderfully feeling all these different hands on my prick and soon it happened and one boy bought me to climax and I shot my sperm up into the air for all to see with the boy shouting as I orgasmed “Thar She Blows”. The scoutmaster said it was a game the boys invented called Moby’s Dick and I noticed a few of the boys from the troop which did not have a an initiation getting the same treatment and once again had the pleasure of seeing more young teen cocks spurt out ther juice. I relaxed around the pool for about an hour admiring the teen dicks on display and noted none of the boys exhibited any signs of shyness or modesty and were used to being naked in front of each other and scoutmasters and me. I returned back to my office keeping an eye on the CCTV and at 4pm they all met and the scoutmaster went through their 10 day programme which did involve a lot of normal scouting activities including doing an environmental study of the local reef and rainforest. Also a few Boy Scout games. This gave me an idea and I called Clive to ask if Robert Irwin would be visiting him any time soon and was delighted to hear he would be here in 5 days for a 3 day visit. I asked Clive to ask him he would like to give the scouts a nature talk. Clive said he was sure he would but would phone him and get back to me. Twenty minutes later he rang back and said Robert agreed with a couple of conditions, which were he could do it naked and the boys were naked as well, and he was free to have sex, to which I replied that should not be a problem. Later that night I told the two scout masters about the special guest and they were both delighted and hoped they would get to see the celebrities’ young dick. I said that won’t be a problem as Robert loved to flash his cock for all to see and he probably would like a bit of sex fun with the boys as well and both of them agreed that would not be a problem to provide. The next few days were good with the boys doing their scouting activities during the day and having lots of sexual activity at night. I noticed one or two boys were always sent to the scoutmaster’s room every night and was told that the boys operated a roster so that the men had a boy or boys for sex every night and the boys were pleased to do it. I also asked the master about something I saw the boys doing which was when not doing scouting activities but just walking around. They at this time always appeared to when walking past each other grab hold of each other’s cocks and shake them. The master informed me it was a cute way of communicating. When boys went past each other they would stop and grab each other’s cock and give it one shake. Then if neither boy gave another shake they would move on. But if one boy shook the other boy again twice it meant he wanted sex that boy. If the other boy shook twice he agreed. Then the final part was a boy would shake once for a joint wank, twice for oral sex and three times for anal or whatever the other boy wanted. The ritual finished when both boys gave the same number of shakes and they then went off to do whatever they had decided. I said it seemed like a great way to quickly decide what each other wanted or were prepared to do and it is cute to see them shaking each other’s dicks every time they passed each other. Over the next few days I saw this ritual many times and in most instances the boys just shook and walked on but there were ankara yeni escort times I saw boys smile at the reaction and take each other to a chalet or into the trees to enjoy each other and satisfy their teen sexual lusts. Over the next five days it was a delight to watch the boys doing their scout activities and enjoying the freedom of having sexual activity both in couples and groups whenever their young cocks felt like it. The big day came and Robert arrived at the camp Clive had picked him up from the airport and told him he had two boys staying with him at his bungalow and they were available for sexual action any time he wanted it. I let him settle in and have lunch and then informed the scoutmasters he was here and then he looked at me and stripped his clothes off revealing his lovely sexy body and cock. I then took him down to meet the scouts who were told to expect a very special guest for a talk on local fauna and flora. One thing I had learned about Robert from the other times we had met was that he had no inhibitions about his body and was more than willing to be naked and loved showing off his lovely dick to any who wanted to see it and he loved it even better if it got hard when he was with people. He was introduced to the boys by the leader who were clearly excited to see him and were also naked. He walked around meeting all the boys and shaking hands and sometimes making comments about the boy’s nice cocks and how good it felt to be naked with friends and his cock gradually rose to full mast along with some of the boys. He then started his nature talk with all the boys sitting in front of him and many admiring his superb erection. He began the first of his talks which he said would last about an hour and during this his cock drooped as he concentrated on his talk. When he finished they all applauded and thanked him looking forward to his other talks and nature walks over the next few days. He also notice a very cute boy in front whose gaze was transfixed on his cock. When he finished the leader came down and thanked him and brought forward two very cute boys about 13 and said they would like to thank him privately inside on behalf of the group. Robert said that would be nice and asked the boy in front of him if he would like to join them. The boy jumped at the chance and the four of them greeted each other and started to go inside. As they walked it was clear to see that all the boy’s cocks were quickly responding to what the boys knew was going to happen inside and by the time they got to the door had semi hard cocks. Once again I said my goodbyes and went back to my office and called Clive over to observe Robert in action on the CCTV. Clive said it was wonderful to see this boy in action and he wasted little time getting down to business first by taking the boy who had admired him and slipping his hard cock into the star struck boys welcoming mouth. He let the boy suck him for about two minutes and withdrew saying he did not want to cum quickly and then took the young boys rampant member into his mouth and vigorously sucked him with the other two looking on enviously. The boy was extremely excited and horny and it did not take much for Roberts’s accomplished sucking action to get results the boy orgasmed loudly as Robert took the boys fresh sperm into his mouth and swallowed it greedily finishing off and getting up and deep kissing the very pleased boy. He then said right it’s you two’s turn now and got them into a three-way sucking position with mouths on hard young cock and hands moving over smooth young teen bodies all very aroused and pleased to have a hard teen cock to suck on. It was plain to see that all of them enjoyed the taste and feel of a cock in their mouths and having a boy’s mouth around their hard dicks. They changed positions many times but eventually nature and teen hormones took their course and all three boys managed to cum within a minute of each other and got to enjoy the salty taste of each other’s fresh sperm. The three broke up and the smiles on each of the boy’s faces told us they had enjoyed the experience as they kissed each other and then went back outside and could be heard telling other boys they had tasted croc cock. Over the next couple of days this became the routine with talks and nature walks and when the educational part ended Robert showing the boys many different ways they could satisfy his horny cock. When he finished Robert would come to the office and watch his performance on the CCTV with me and Clive. After making his porn film he really enjoyed looking at himself in action. On the first day after watching his performance he asked about Chris and said he would like to see him. I replied he would like to see you as well and would be home about 5pm that evening and he could come over if he wanted. So that evening him and Clive and two other boys rolled up and Chris met him at the door stark naked and they immediately kissed each other deeply. Soon both were naked and going for it like sex crazed rabbits. I asked if they wanted some privacy but Robert quickly replied he loved being watched it turned him on. It turned into a lovely evening and night with all of us including David and Jimmy in our big bed with boys being swapped regularly and both Chris and Robert being right sex sluts. The highlight of the night for me was getting my mouth around Roberts cock and actually getting a taste of his fresh boy cream before he drained himself dry of spunk with all the others. For me it was truly a memory I would keep all my life of the flavour of his warm fresh spunk in my mouth and knowing I had swallowed the juice of an Australian icon. After Robert had left to go back to Australia zoo I found it was also very interesting to see the cross troop activities with the boys taking the opportunity to enjoy sexual action with new partners. In salute to this endeavour a couple of nights around the obligatory campfire the masters put all the boys names in hats and the boys drew out random names to pair up the boys for sexual fun. On the second last night they did one of these draws with by drawing one boy from each troop to have threesome action with each other. This was very hot to watch on the CCTV with a lot of the groups having triple sucking action. There was however a couple of groupings where one boy was being fucked whilst sucking another boy’s hard cock and over all every boy tasted the sperm of a new friend. The last night at my suggestion to the leaders was to use our ER area for a mass orgy and all agreed. Once again it was a pleasure to see a large group of boys with the three masters and three assistances all engaged in very energetic lustful mass sexual activity. The boys were highly turned on and kept moving from group to group with some obviously trying to suck and feel every cock at some time during the night. The climatic orgasms were wonderful with the excited boys shooting out their spunk into each other’s bums and mouths with faces grimacing in absolute pleasure and satisfied groans. Im sure at the end when they all drifted away to sleep there was not one single drop of sperm left in any of their young bodies. The CCTV recording of it was so good I took it home and Chris was still watching TV so I put it on and both of us serviced each other’s cocks as we watched the boys and masters really going for it. We then jumped into the big bed with the others who were asleep and dozed off in each other’s arms with the lovely taste of each other’s cum lingering in our mouths. The scouts left the next day with many boys thanking me for such a lovely holiday and had loved being naked all the time and the highlight of being free and able to have sex so openly whenever they wanted and hoped they could come back again soon. The main scoutmaster said he had already made a booking for another visit and all smiled. I asked the scoutmasters how they recruited the boys into their special troops and was surprised to hear that most of them were recruited by other boys which reconfirmed my belief that teenage boys had high sex drives and were more than willing to have sex with other boys and just scared that being outed as gay was all that stopped them but public attitude to being gay was changing. This reminded me of some conversations I had overheard whilst observing the boys on the CCTV. One group of four in particular talking about how much they loved dicks and playing with other boy’s dicks and having other boys play with theirs and the great feelings they got doing it. The fact that during this conversation the boys were in a circle with their hands on each other’s dicks made it even more erotic. I waved their coach goodbye with very happy memories of boy enjoying themselves as they should and the campfires with the nude boys singing very dirty songs and feeling each other’s dicks and hoped they would return many times. A few days later we heard a rumour that three journalist were sneaking around asked questions about the camp and one of our police connections confirmed this. Also that they had hired a local boat. I mentioned it to Clive who told me he was aware of them and not to worry he had it under control. A couple of days after this there was a big search for a missing boat in the area. I asked Clive about this and he said they would never find it and those drones from Yuri had been very handy. He asked if I wanted more details and I said what I don’t know can’t hurt me and we left it at that. I was leaving to go back to the resort after the next group at the weekend and knew the camp was in good hands. I found out a few months later it was based on a rumour an ex police officer who was transferred from our town and who ended up in prison for corruption and one of our members who let slip a bit too much when drunk one night and was overheard. We had someone visit him and Clive was sure he would be more discreet in future. I also saw Brian who said he was losing his contract for sailing holidays with delinquents mainly due to budget cuts. He had a new idea and asked my opinion and said it was good. He would do long charters for boylovers from the camp to the Asian resort taking about 14 days from one to the other. He already had a waiting list of wealthy men wanting to do it and were turned on by the thought of being at sea on a nice yacht with a couple of willing naked boys and being able to have any sort of sex they desired. I said we would work out the details and should be able to get him clients in both directions. He said could take 5 men on each trip and said it would a wonderful holiday for them. The weekend came and with it the private boarding school group returning to once again to ceremonially install the new head boy prefect in accordance with their historic traditions. They were so pleased with last year’s arrangements and felt much safer and freer than when they used to do it in the school chapel. They arrived late Friday afternoon and the ceremony would take place on Saturday night and they would return to the school on Monday. The group consisted of the headmaster and all the 5 house masters, about 40 boys which included all the prefects specially the new ones and other privileged boys who would help in the proceedings. Seven of the schools board of governors all of them old boys and some proud fathers were here to witness their sons go through the same ritual that they had done when attending the prodigious school. There was of course the “virgin” boy who would be the new head boy’s attendant and sex toy for the next year. I was very pleased to be told that this year I could attend the service as well instead of watching on TV and told them I considered it an honour. I do love traditional old rituals special when they included performing sexual acts. We had decorated the room very well to look like an old temple and the headmaster was pleased. They had bought their ritual regalia and items which included a small statue of a naked boy erect and another one of what they called the sacred penis. All of us were dressed in decorated ceremonial robes which parted at the navel area to reveal the wearers genitalia. At the start we had an apron over this area until instructed to reveal our manhood’s. The prefect had similar robes but of a plain design and the boy being installed wore what could be describes as white pyjamas with tear away patches over vital areas. It was for me much more of a turn on this time to see it all in the flesh rather than on a screen. There was about ten minutes of ritual involving the scared penis and the men reciting very sexual vows. Then the prefects came in, first the new ones and the normal ones and were followed by the senior ones escorting the new head boy. The head master then instructed two of the senior boys to go up to the head boy and tear patches of his top revealing his teenage nipples and then to take the patch off his groin revealing his lovely cock which all were glad to see was already half erect. The rest of us were then told to reveal ourselves and took off our aprons. Now all in the room had their dicks on open display. Then the same as last year the head boy was stripped of his top kneeled and all the senior prefect filed past him and he took each boys cock fully into his mouth for a few seconds. When all the boys had gone past they filed past again and one by sucked the head boys cock for about 10 seconds each. Needless to say the head boy by now was fully erect and his lovely teen cock was a pleasure to see. Just over 6 inches with his uncut foreskin pulled back revealing a lovely purplish cock head framed by a lovely patch of soft teen boy pubes. After all the senior boys had passed the boy had his pants totally removed and was very aroused. Then the “virgin” boy was brought in fully naked with penis erect by his proud father and brother who presented him to the head boy. He was 12 years old and extremely beautiful brown hair green eyes and boyish chest and nipples. His young uncut cock was an impressive five inches. The boy had obviously been coached on what to do and knelt down and took the head boys erected cock straight into his mouth and began to suck it rhythmically up and down taken it deep into his mouth. I had a good view of this very erotic scene and looked around at the audience of men and boys and there was not one soft cock in the house as we all watched enjoying this highly erotic scene. The head boy was in heaven smiling and enjoying the feeling of the young mouth around his dick and was smiling and looking at various members of his audience. It was clear he was enjoying putting on this spectacle and enjoying putting on this show for his peers. Having been warmed up by the senior boys it did not take long before the head boy said “prepare to receive my seed” and then groaned and shook in pleasure as he unloaded his spunk into the young boy’s mouth. The young boy did very well standing up and opening his mouth and showing the audience his mouth full of sperm and the he swallowed it and got big applause from us all. The head boy moved down and took the young boys cock and started to suck him in return. The boy’s father had told the group that the boy had shot his first load of cum about 3 months ago and neither he nor his brother had sucked him off so as to save him for this great honour. Being that young and turned on it did not take too long for the head boy to be the first to taste his young fresh cum which he eagerly swallowed and then stood up and deeply kissed the boy and faced the approving audience. He then instructed the new prefects to suck the senior prefects to prove they were worthy and we enjoyed the sight of them bring the seniors to orgasm and eating their sperm. When they had all finished the headmaster said the formal ritual was finished and welcomed the new head boy and then instructed all the yenimahalle escort boys present to thank the governors and adult guests in the traditional manor and that no cock should leave the ceremony unsatisfied. The proceeded up to them presenting their cocks for whatever the man wished to do. Some sucking the boy’s fresh meat and others getting the boy to suck them. I was pleasantly surprised when the headmaster bought a very beautiful 14 year old boy up to me and said he was mine as I was a special guest. The boy had long dark hair, sparkling green eyes and pale complexion with lovely red lips. His body was perfection with developed brown nipples and a small bush of pubes above a thin erected 5 and a half inch uncut boy cock. I took him in my arms and tongue kissed him. He also pushed his tongue into my mouth and the feel and taste of him was very arousing. I moved down kissing his nipple on the way past and then licking his lovely cock head. I could wait no longer and took his lovely cock into my mouth enjoying the silky softness of it as my mouth and tongue enjoyed his boy meat as my hands roved over his smooth body. I was in heaven but all too soon I felt the first squirt of his teen semen hit my mouth and soon fill it with that lovely warm salty fluid which I eagerly swallowed. Boy sperm was becoming a big part of my diet lately and I craved and enjoyed every drop of it. I stood up and once again the boy kissed me lovingly and his mouth then made its way down my body and attached itself to my very hard man cock. With the boy on his knees in front of me I had a chance to look around and saw all the men were like wised engaged in sexual activity with a boy. The head master was next to me with a lovely boy latched on his dick and he smiled at me and he introduced the man on the other side of me also with a boy’s mouth around his cock. He said I hoped I was enjoying his son’s attention adding that he had trained him in the art himself and was very proud of him and he himself had sucked his first cock at the school twenty years ago. I congratulated him on how well the boy was sucking me and my body and mind reacted to the joy of being sucked by the boy as his proud father looked on and shot my load of spunk into his son’s mouth. He also shot his load just after and I congratulated him again and we shook hands as both boys licked the last drops of sperm from our cocks and we adjourned with the head master for some drinks all being totally spent. We arrived at the drinks area we had set up at the back and met other men and boys who likewise had satisfied their sexual lust for the evening. We could still see some remaining couples and groups and boys but soon all had joined us. Everyone thanked me for providing the facilities and adjourned back to their rooms. I noticed all the men took at least one boy with them for the night I suppose in case they got horny again during the night and was pretty sure most of them would be taking care of the boy’s morning hard on before breakfast. The next day was relaxing for them all as the new prefects were introduced to the traditions of the school and that night was for the boys in particular all to have private intimate sex with each other. The headmaster said if ever I was in Brisbane they had an apartment I could stay in and entertainment could be arranged. I waved them off the next morning and said they were welcome to come back again next year. A week later I was off back to the Asian resort to see if everything had run well while I was away mind you Stefan had been there a few times, and I was really starting to get used to flying by private jet and this time I was joined by six boys aged 12 and 13 from Sydney who had been recruited as staff for the resort. The boys had been recruited by a business acquaintance of Stefan and were good company for the flight. I introduced myself and after meeting them all it was obvious they were all sexually experienced and knew what was expected of them when they started work. The consensus from the group was they would be making a lot more money and have a better class of client than those they had been picking up around the infamous wall area of Sydney and always dodging the corrupt cops or having to pay them off with either money or free blow jobs. We all had a good chat and found out a lot about them. Two of them had made very amateur porn movies for some man at his house but never go much money for it but did admit it was fun. All of them had done sex parties organised by their pimp for groups of men and admitted it was a kinky turn on to do it with a group of men watching them. Of course they had to relieve all the men afterwards. The money they got for this was OK but the pimp got the most of it. I told them they will be asked to do sex shows at the resort, and do all sexual acts with the clients and may have the chance to make good quality boy porn as well. They were very pleased to find out they would probably be making more in a day than they did on streets in a month and all seemed relieved and happy with their decision. With about two hours to go before arrival we had run out of talk and a couple of the most outgoing boys asked if I would like to see the goods. I agreed it would be nice and soon had six naked boys in front of me and inspected their lovely young cocks which I noticed quickly stood to attention. The boys asked if they could strip me and I agreed and soon all of us were naked and wrestling in the lounge area of the jet. A thirteen year old dick was presented to me and my mouth gladly accepted it and shortly after starting to suck it I felt a young mouth slide onto my erect cock as well. I got the feeling the boys had not had sex for a couple of days and soon once again was tasting the fresh spunk of a teenage boy the taste of which triggered my cock to fire its load into the other boys mouth. I looked at the others and the four remaining boys had paired up and were 69 each other so I grabbed to boy who had sucked me and wrapped my mouth around his very erect boy cock and had the pleasure of sucking out another load of precious boy cream. In all it only lasted about thirty minutes for all of us to cum and then we all sat back and I congratulated them on their excellent sexual skills. The boy who started it all said Stefan had told them to take care of me on the flight and hoped they passed my quality control. I said that I considered them very worthy of employment at the resort and also told them they would have to do some school time as well as their education seemed a bit low and reminded them that all boys there did some sort of further education to help them when they got too old for sex. We landed at the town airport and took the boat to the island and all the boys were impressed with the resort. I took them to their accommodation and they opted for a two bedroom unit and a one bedroom one next to it so all would be together. There was two boys to each bedroom as were all the boys in the resort. They all said they were very impressed with their rooms as they had all mod cons for a teenager. Cable TV, Xbox and compute but we did remind them that the computer would be monitored as they were not allowed to say where they were. I also introduced them to their 18 year old “big brother” who was to be their confidant and supervisor and then both of us I took them on a walk around the main resort. The boys were gobsmacked at how luxurious it was and amazed at seeing the clients and other boys a lot of whom were naked. I explained most of their working hours they would be naked as this showed off their young cocks and got the guests excited and more likely to have sex which meant that both them and the resort made more money. I asked the boys how they felt about that and they all said it was cool with them and liked showing off their cocks and asked if they could get naked now. I said no they had a couple of day’s orientation and training to do before we let them loose for sex with the guests. I did add that some of the training would be with their supervisor and specially invited guest to observe and refine their sexual techniques. We then went down to the main pool area and as I expected at that time of day there were a couple of men being serviced with friends looking on. Once again they were pleasantly surprised and I noticed a few boys adjusting their cocks in their pants as they became erect. I introduced them to the men explaining who they were and a couple of client’s said they could not wait to try out the new meat. I told the boys to flash their young dicks which pleased the men and then we took the very excited boys back to their accommodation to start their new life all looking forward to about running around naked most of the time. Over the next five days they would have talks about how to treat the clients and deal with difficult situations and get to know their “big brother” and also shown all parts of the operation. There would as well be some practical lesson to refine their sexual skills and learn various ways to learn how to use their young bodies to sexually arouse and please older men and how to look sexually attractive and appealing to the clients. Stefan arrived the next day with some more boys for the porn film studio and we had a good talk for a while about how things were going. He reassured me he was quite happy about me splitting my time between the two places and was very happy with the resort which was making very good money and operating smoothly. We had a nice meal that night and watched the guests and boys interacting with each other and for a change I had a night in bed alone. The next morning at 10.30 he invited me down to the film studio to watch some filming. On the way we looked in on the six boys being trained and they had just finished a lecture about the sex drive of men and how to flirt. They all seemed quite happy about being nude as well. Stefan asked if he could take the boys down to the studio as well and their guardian said yes that was on the programme so all of us headed down not quite sure what to expect. We got there and I saw it was another big production and was pleased to see the ten Scandinavian boys were part of the cast which consisted of 18 randy teens from 13 to 16 and two men in their twenties. The theme of the production was a Boy Scout camp holiday with both one on one small group sex action but the highlight of the production would be mass group orgies. We got to the studio and there was twenty one boys lounging around waiting to start including the very sexy six Scandinavian boys I had met. All of them were wearing silk knees length robes but I soon noticed none of them had them tied up and all their glorious teen cocks were on full view. I suppose if you are making porn movies and your young cocks re going to be seen by millions of people there is not much point in being modest about showing off your prize possession. The scene was being filmed outdoors on a set designed as a camp site with several cameras positioned to get the action. I asked the six boys how it compared to the porn they had made and they replied it was nothing like this, theirs was just one guy and a video camera in a lounge or bedroom with two or three boys. The director told them to get ready and they took up positions ditching their robes but with scout scarfs on. It’s quite sexy to see boys totally nude with just a scarf especially this group of extremely good looking teens. Most of the group went off into the jungle leaving a boy and one man on the set. The story was the man and boy would be having sex in the camp site and get caught in the act as the troop came back from a hike. The two in the middle took up the 69 position and the filming started and they sucked each other’s cocks with gusto. They were filmed for about 10 minutes with many stops and changes of camera angles until the director was satisfied and called it to a halt. He then called the rest of the cast to get ready and started again with the boys on the edge of the jungle and walking in to the two others going for it on the ground. The returning boys formed around the couple who realised they had been caught but kept sucking to the cheers and egging on of the rest of the troop. The cameras also filmed the watching boys who were feeling their cocks and getting erections. The two in the middle said they were ready and two cameras zoomed in on them to capture close ups of both of them climaxing in each other’s mouths. The next bit of filming was of course the mass orgy of all the boys engaged in group activities with at least three in each grouping. Some were spit roasting boys some were fucking and some sucking and kissing and it was a beautiful thing to see. I looked around at our new recruits and all were fully erect turned on by what they were seeing. One boy commented that is was a lot different than we he got filmed and this was real movie making. A couple were commenting how the action stopped the cameras repositions and started again. I told them that it was important to have good quality shots of all the action and of course get very good footage of the “money shot” as the men who bought and would be watching the movie wanted to see the sperm shooting out of the boys cocks and into mouths or all over each other. Just then the director called a halt to the action and said to stay in position and when the boys felt like they were going to cum give the signal so the close up cameras could get to them. Everyone stayed in position for back ground and started to go for it once again and pretty soon the real action started with some boys giving the signal and being filmed spunking in all their glory. Over the next 40 minutes all the boys got filmed shooting out their juice and the director was very happy with all the action and congratulated the camera men for capturing every boy’s orgasmic explosion in all its glory. The new recruits were very turned on by what they saw and their supervisor took them back to the training area where they met six men with whom they could show their skills on and the men to relieve the boys by now high sexual lust. Unfortunately I had to give this a miss as other business called. There had been a few problems whilst I was away one of which the Jedward boys had been far too boisterous around the pool and a bit rough with some of the boys. Apparently Louie had sorted them out. They were away touring at the moment but I saw Louie who was enjoying a break and he agreed to keep them away from the communal pool area for a while. I must say Louie has very good taste in boys and had a gorgeous thirteen year old English boy with him from one of his talent shows and was in the process of promoting him and improving his on stage act. He was also actively grooming the boy in the sexual acts as well. We both sat there talking for a while enjoying looking at the cute raven haired boy with the typical pale English complexion swimming and diving into the pool. He had a very pretty face and nice thin body with lovely nipples and a wonderful thin boyish cock with a nice patch of black pubes complementing it. The boy obviously knew both me and Louie were admiring him and had a semi erection. As we were both naked the boy knew he was having an effect on us by our rising cocks. He sprang out of the pool and ran up to us and kissed Louie and with no hesitation or modesty latched his mouth onto Louie’s firm erected man cock and began sucking furiously. It was a display of how far I had come in the last few years to think it was nothing unusual about two men sitting drinking their gin and tonics whilst a young boy sucked one of their cocks and continued talking. The inevitable happened of course and Louie unloaded his sperm into the boy’s moth and he then offered me the services of the boy. Once again I refused as I had an appointment yozgat escort with another boy and was saving myself for him. I did however ask if I could have a taste of the boy’s lovely pencil like 4 � inches of boy cock and the boy walked around and presented it to me and I pealed back his foreskin fully revealing his throbbing red knob and kissed it. I then slowly devoured this lovely pubescent boy cock fully into my mouth and slowly worked up and down on his firm young shaft. It only took five minutes and he started to moan and I felt his cock twitch and his body shudder and then the magical taste of his fresh young jelly like spunk exploded on my tongue and I savoured every drop of this precious juice of life. I thanked Louie for a very pleasant talk and headed off to my main appointment of the day. I visited all the remaining chalet owners wearing one of our silk robes, our Asians were very happy and as usual keeping to themselves, and Peter was fine enjoying his semi-retirement but helping out at the film studio. Justin and Harry were away working, Yuri was also good and keeping security and surveillance tight and up to date. I specially left Daniel Radcliffe to last as he invited me down for the afternoon. He was very popular with the guests and I assumed many had wanked over him when younger and watching him in movies. He still loved walking around the pool area naked and a couple of times a week performed a public sex act for their entertainment. He said it really made him feel alive to sexually satisfy himself in front of an appreciative audience. I rang the doorbell and he opened the door and welcomed me and took me down to his pool area. As usual he was stark naked and I commented that he still loved flashing his wand. He laughed and said if you got it flaunt it, at which time he grabbed my robe and stripped it off saying we will get that man cock of yours nice and hard very soon. We sat down and got some drinks and talked about how things were going and he was very happy living here. He then called out and four boys appeared from the bungalow one of which was the very sexy Craig with his lovely red hair and pubes. He came straight to me and gave me a deep kiss whilst his hand felt and massaged my cock getting it to start erecting. Daniel then introduced the other three boys who were also very stunning, one of thirteen and two fourteen years old. He specifically introduced one of the fourteen year olds who was also a flaming redhead. It turned out he was a cousin of Craig’s and got Daniel to fly him out for approval on arrival. Daniel said when the boy arrived at the bungalow he stripped him off took one look at his beautiful uncut cock and took him straight to the bedroom and had a couple of hours sex with him. When he came back he told Craig his cousin had got the job. Now he wanted me to enjoy the expert sexual attention of the two red heads. He then called the other two stunning young teens over and said he will do these two while he watched me and the redheads in action. Both boys were stunners one a blonde German and the other a mousey brown haired American. Without another word the Craig and his cousin took me to one of the big sun beds and Daniel took his two to another next to it. The redheads wasted no time leaping onto me and rubbing their smooth naked bodies against mine with their hands working on my cock to get it nice and hard. I also had one hand on each of their impressive boy cocks working them up to full erection. Once we were all fully erect we looked each other over admiring the fully erect organs. Craig then quickly got his mouth around my firm member whilst the other boy offered me his 5 � inches which I greedily accepted into my mouth and savoured the feel of this lovely boy cock head and shaft sliding over my tongue and filling my mouth giving me that special feeling only a true boy lover knows. I looked over to Daniel who was on all fours and gave me sideways look and a thumbs up. He had no wasted any time and had the German boy well and truly fucking him energetically thrusting in and out of his arse. At the same time he had the American boy thrusting his lovely cock into his mouth and by the noises they were all making were clearly enjoying the experience. I wonder how many people in the world would pay to see what I was seeing Harry Potter being spit roasted. I tore my eyes away from the erotic scene and concentrated on the two boys with me enjoying the feeling of Craig’s young mouth sucking and licking my cock and balls rhythmically whilst at the same time enjoying the taste of a young teen cock filling my mouth. I had to slow Craig down a few times to make the moment last but after about 15 minutes I could wait no longer. I all happened quickly first with the cousin unloading his tasty teen boy cream into my mouth with two very large squirts. The sensation of this went straight to my cock and I quickly followed suit shooting my man spunk into his lovely young mouth. He swallowed it all and highlighted my orgasm by keeping to suck me until I could take no more and I had to pull him off. Then it was Craig’s turn to have his stiff young dick worked on. Me and his cousin both pounced on his very firm cock and worked our mouths in unison on each side of it meeting at his lovely cock head and taking turns at licking and sucking the most sensitive parts of his raging organ. Craig highly aroused cock could not take much of this attention and he shot a big load of sperm just as the two of us were sliding our mouths up to his throbbing head. Both of us got fresh boy cum splattered onto our faces but his cousin beat me to the prize and got to suck the last drops out of his orgasming organ. When he had finished the both of us looked at each other’s cum covered faces and quickly kissed and licked each other’s face clean much to the delight of Craig who comment it was very sexy to watch. The three of us then lay there totally spent enjoying the warm glow of sexual satisfaction and feel of naked bodies with one smiling boy on each side hugging and kissed each other. I said we should lay here for a while and do it all again in about 30 minutes giving me some time to recharge. I looked over to Daniel just in time to see him cop a load of cum in his mouth but missed to other boy shooting into his arse but did noticed his cum covered cock as he had shot his load whilst being fucked. He walked over to us and I put out my hand and got some of his spunk on my finger and tasted it saying I always wanted to taste some of his wizard cum. We both looked at each other’s happy faces and he agreed to another session when we had all recharged. The three of them then joined us on the large sun bed. It was crowded with six of us but very nice to feel each other’s warm sexy bodies while we rested. After about forty minutes Daniel ordered some drinks and his house boy brought them to us. He was employed directly by Daniel and was a smooth twink about twenty years old and as gay as they come. He was also naked. He served the drinks and left us with Daniel giving his dick a feel as he passed by. We finished our drinks and Daniel said its time for more action. What followed was a total unorganised pandemonium of all our bodies entwined with each other in all out lustful sex. I just took whatever cock was offered to me and most of the time had no idea whose it was or who was sucking or jerking mine. The four boys just set upon us like a group of sex starved nymphomaniacs using their young stiff cocks in every possible and imaginative way they could think of. I enjoyed a couple of mouthfuls of young sperm before my old cock exploded in orgasmic delight about the same time as Danial’s did. We both moved to one side and enjoyed the sight of the boys going for it in pure playful sexual delight their young hard sexual organs being sucked and played with. The enjoyment clearly showed on their young faces when the all finally orgasmed for the final time and joined me and Daniel who thanked them for the show. Craig came up to me and asked if I was satisfied and I replied I was well and truly satisfied. I thanked Daniel for his hospitality and commented that at one stage I thought I was sucking on his cock and he confirmed that I was. Well I said that’s one thing to put in the diary sucking a cock I had wanked over many years ago when the first Harry Potter movie debuted. He added he would be down by the pool late in the afternoon with some dedicated fans putting on a bit of a show for them saying it really turned him on doing sex acts in front of these older guys and he was addicted to public group sex. I made my way back to the main building and sat down with a drink and reflected on my present life. Craig asking if I was satisfied started me thinking and over the next few days mulled over this issue. I reviewed what had happened over the last 8 years since I had met David in Thailand and discovered not only the love of my life but a fellow dedicated boy lover. We had built our convention centre which was making us a lot of money and then built the boys camp which was my favourite project. Watching the naked boys enjoy themselves with no inhibitions was a delight. Others may find it strange but for me it is one of the most erotic things to watch through our see through walls a boy alone pleasuring his cock thinking he is in total privacy. It really turns me on seeing him in his most erotic private moment shooting out his young sperm and in some cases tasting his precious fluid. Off course it was really hot seeing a few boys actually shooting it into their wide open mouths. Also in the last few years meeting other boy lovers who were now very good friends. People like Brian and Clive also my new Scandinavians Peter and Stefan and many other from around the world. Getting to be involved in the boy love resort was also a highlight even if it meant being away from the camp for about half of the year. But this was compensated by seeing adult men enjoying their sexual freedom openly many for the first time. I was missing my boys Chris and Roger but next year Roger would be going to the local technical college as he was more into mechanics and academics. Chris was a bit of a problem but Peter and Stefan came up with a solution. Chris had one and a half more years of school but was determined to be a porn actor. The two professionals in that industry advised that yes they would make a few movies with him over the next couple of years especially another one with Robert Irwin, but stressed when he got older they would not want him. They suggested doing a cinematography course so when he got older he could make movies. As Queensland has a booming international film industry there would be a lot of work and demand for well-trained people. He could also make porn movies for Stefan. This could also be done at the local technical college. So the big answer to the question was I satisfied the answer was yes. A good lifestyle good friends and as much boy sex as I wanted I pondered my lifestyle as I sat under the palm trees drinking a cocktail. I watched as three very sexy looking boys walked past their lovely cocks swaying as they walked by and waved in acknowledgement, I felt that tell-tale tingling in my dick and decided to walk down to the training area and see if I could help the new boys practice their technic and satisfy the natural urge’s in my cock. Yes life was perfect. EPILOGUE. First off this is a work of fiction but based on different things I have seen and experienced in different parts of the world. The bars and clubs in Amsterdam were real and some still exist today but only with boys over 18. In the 60s 70 and 80s it was legal to have sex with boys over 12 this lasted until the law change in about 1992. These bars/clubs used to have boy sex shows once a week in the busy season and once a month over winter. Up until this time child porn was also legal and easy to buy and it was big business all over Europe and especially in Denmark. Bars mentioned in Thailand also were all real but many closed these days and many had boy sex shows every night and naked boys dancing on stage but due to a crackdown not anymore unless you want a pay a lot of money. In Australia due to a loophole in the laws you could get child porn from mail order sex shops based in Canberra ACT as being federal territory and had different laws to the states the laws were later changed. Nudist camps in Europe were very open but the best places for guys like us were in Hungary at Lake Balaton and on the Yugoslavian coast. One in particular which was destroyed in the civil war between Split and Dubrovnik was very good with a separated beach for males only. Local boys in most east European countries were open to sex specially for hard currency’s like Deutschmarks and US dollars. In other places in Europe single men were discouraged or followed around and not made to feel welcome. Scandinavia has always been very open about sexual issues and nude swimming is normal and saunas are a big part of life. Nudist camps in Australia are restrictive and do not like single male members and most ban boys between the ages of 12 to 18. There is one in NSW which has a separate camp for teenage boys only near the main family camp. When I was in the boy scouts we quite often went skinny dipping and on a couple of occasions our scout master took his “special boys” on camps where we were naked all the time and sexual action took place. I have heard on the grape vine there are a couple of places where certain scout groups go for nudist camps. Men’s boy sex clubs and man boy love groups do exist specially in Europe and some have ritual sex. One is in northern Germany and based on the order of Teutonic Knights and have been informed there is a branch of this in Bavaria a couple of German friends told me about their various sexual goings on but I have never seen one of their ceremonies myself. Likewise in Scandinavia group man boy sex does happen and there are groups which visit each other for swapping sessions. I have had the privilege of being invited to two of these and once was invited to a more formal night of ritual sex unfortunately I my travel arrangement did not allow me to attend but one of the friends who asked me along gave me a good description of what happened. Private boarding schools in Australia and in the UK have always been hot beds of sexual activity among the boys and some of the teachers and it had always been accepted that the prefects had their pick of younger boys for sex. I lived in Windsor for a while near the Eton school and had some boys who went there who came to my house at the weekend in their free time where I let them drink and smoke and we looked at porn and of course this sometimes ended up in sex. They told me a lot about what happened there but no one ever talks or complains as that will ruin you for life with the “old boy network” also their fathers went there and knew what happened. They told me that the prefects would detail boys to go to certain house masters and teachers flats on the weekends to “entertain them”. There is of course the Westminster boy sex group which has been going for over 150 years and has had many influential members including some from the Royal Household and at least two prime ministers, high ranking military officers members of the clergy and law professionals. A case this year 2019 one man’s complaints about what happened to him 30 years before were investigated and the end result was the man got 28 years prison for perjury (thats more than murderers get). The fact that it was investigated by operation Yew Tree was no help as two of the most senior police running that investigation are suspected of being in the sex ring and the judge also thought to be a member as well. It was the old boy network circling the wagons. The harsh sentence was to deter further people coming forward. There is also strong rumours of ritual boy sex groups associated with ex public school old boys. One in the midlands and one in Devon but have never been able to get any evidence of these other than rumours. The kind of resorts I wrote about are fictional but maybe one day it will happen.

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