Nude Beach Permission To Play


We weren’t sure how we were going to handle the time away from each other. My husband’s work was taking him away for three months. I wouldn’t be able to visit him and he wouldn’t get a break to come home. We knew this was coming and we had been trying to have lots of romantic times and outrageous sex together to store up the memories for our time apart. So with only a week until he left, we were discussing how I might make it through this period. We were actually just talking about me since his location wouldn’t provide him any opportunities for sex and I knew he wouldn’t cheat on me even if it was possible. But, what about me?”Honey,” he said, proving again what a sweetheart he is, “I know you won’t cheat on me, but I know you well. If you ever want it and need it, you can do whatever you want just so long as you tell me about it, before and afterwards.”I knew I could never replace our passion and the erotic moments we shared, or ever hope to replace his thick eight-and-a-half-inch cock, and so we talked about ‘what ifs’.About ten years before, we had begun to indulge in our exhibitionist and voyeuristic hobby. Living near a couple of Florida nude beaches made this possible whenever we were in the mood. I knew I would miss those very fun play times, and I knew I would often find myself in the mood… and so we were talking about ‘what ifs’.It was mid-afternoon on a Saturday. We had been chatting about this situation when he suggested that we take a drive down to our favorite beach. I am always up for a trip to that particular beach, and I couldn’t help but think that he had something on his mind. He confirmed my suspicions when he told me I should bring my favorite flesh-colored, anatomically accurate, very large and very thick dildo!As we neared the beach he said, “What about using this beach to relieve some of the pressure? You know, when you just need to feel like a sexy woman? When you really need an erotic experience?”He could tell that I was surprised by his suggestions, and he knew I would want to hear more. So he went on, “We have had some amazing sex on this beach and we have often been watched by other couples or, more often, by single guys. Either way, it was always a huge turn-on. We know this is a safe place and I am thinking you should use it to distract you from the time that we aren’t together. So that is why I wanted to come here this afternoon.”There was only one other car in the furthest lot as we parked, and we saw no one else around.I still wasn’t sure what he was thinking when he said, “Imagine that you are here alone and you are feeling like getting naked on the beach and you are feeling very horny. There isn’t any reason that you shouldn’t walk down to the nude beach section and take your bikini off. If you have the beach to yourself you can lay on your blanket in the sun and rub your pussy and make yourself cum. If you don’t have the beach to yourself you can still lay on your blanket and make yourself cum. Even better, you can use your favorite dildo. Wouldn’t you love to have a voyeur on the nature trail watching you?”I had to admit that the idea was delicious and I knew exactly how it might work. We had played together many times here fully aware that we were being watched. It was always so easy for me to entertain a voyeur, and often I would be able to secretly watch him as he beat off watching me. I loved to watch him cum. That always brought me to orgasm too. I was actually liking his idea…a lot!With no one else in sight, we took a moment to share a isvecbahis joint. Then, grabbing a blanket, we headed for the beach. As we stepped onto the sand, he stopped and told me to wait there for about five minutes, and then to follow him along the beach. I knew he was wanting me to visualize how it would be if I were alone. I would have the blanket, and he told me to spread it out wherever I wanted and then to just act natural. By that, I knew he meant to get naked and show off for anyone who might be watching. He told me that he would be spying on me from the nature trail, but that there might be someone else watching too!I was getting very turned on playing this game so I told him, “What are you waiting for? Get moving! I want to play!”With my not-so-gentle encouragement, he began to walk down the beach ahead of me. Just before he left he gave me a pair of sunglasses that he said I should wear. He told me that he had a similar pair and that I would be able to hear anything he said and he would hear anything I said even if I was whispering. His job is in the research sector and he is always coming up with really great toys for us and I liked the idea of being able to hear him and to talk to him too.I watched as he walked off, enjoying, as always, ogling his cute butt. I always tell him that, and he says the same sort of things about me. I love it when he describes my breasts as being ‘really great tits with perfect nipples just demanding to be licked and sucked’. He is actually right about that description of my 36C breasts, and my nipples are usually hard especially when I am naked and being stared at by a willing voyeur. I have been keeping my pussy smooth and it seems like his mouth and tongue are really enjoying that. I love the attention. It really gets me turned on when I can show my pussy to someone on the beach. I was hoping we would find a willing voyeur today.He disappeared from view. I gave him another couple of minutes and I started down the beach too. I hadn’t gone very far when I was startled to hear his voice coming in very clearly through the earpiece of the glasses. He was telling me he had just passed a guy who was walking in my direction. He said the guy stopped when he saw me walking down the beach toward him. He had turned and gone up to the nature trail that ran parallel to the beach and had stepped out of sight behind a large tree and some palmetto bushes. This was really turning out to be fun!”What does he look like?” I asked eagerly.”He’s about fifty years old and six feet tall… in good shape… he’s got a grey beard, but it’s neatly trimmed. And,” he added conspiratorially, lowering his voice to a whisper, “you are going to love this. You know what else is neatly trimmed? Yep, all around his cock! And it’s a very big one! He whipped it out when he saw you, and he’s starting to rub it. He’s beating off right now!””Where is he?” I quickly asked, my voice very uneven. I wanted to know where to put my blanket in the best spot, right in front of his hiding place. I could feel my pussy begin to tingle and I knew it was time to get naked.As I got closer to the tree I set my bag down. Making sure I was facing our voyeur, I untied my bikini top and let it drop onto the sand. I took a moment to rub my breasts and lifted them up as I pulled on my nipples making sure they would be hard and standing up straight when I lay back on my blanket. Next, I pulled the bikini bottoms off and spread my legs slightly so that I could rub my pussy and clit and give him a good isveçbahis giriş view. My pussy was already wet and I was getting very turned on. Through my sunglasses, I heard that the guy was watching me through binoculars and had a huge erection that he was stroking.I sat down making sure that I was facing the tree. I stretched out and spread my legs, giving our voyeur a perfect view of my very wet pussy. I squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples for him.I then heard a soft voice say, “You are amazing. This guy has probably never had an erection like this. It is standing straight out and he is jacking off and watching you. Actually, I am doing the same thing. Maybe you should rub your pussy for us.”Ever eager to show off, I spread my pussy lips and slipped two fingers inside. When I pulled them out, I held them up to my mouth and licked the wetness. My hand went back down and I began to pull on my clit. I heard a moan and realized that it was me! Next, I heard my husband confessing that he also had a major erection and he was beating off too, just like my voyeur.”Don’t cum yet,” I hissed at him. “I have plans for you!””I have plans for you too,” he responded, “and don’t be surprised if your guy makes an appearance. Who knows? I might even invite him to have a closer look.”My breathing at this point was extremely ragged. I was okay with anything!A moment later I heard his voice say that he was going to walk over to where the voyeur was standing and ask if he was enjoying the view but for me not to say anything so I wouldn’t be heard. I smiled and wondered what they could possibly talk about but figured it would have to be about me and the show I was putting on.I really wanted to cum and wanted them both to be watching so I reached for my very friendly dildo. My legs were now spread wide and I rubbed the head and shaft along my pussy lips until the dildo was shining in the sun. Then I slowly pushed it deeper and deeper into my pussy. I repeated this, getting faster and harder each time. I pulled it out and rubbed my clit, not gently but like a very horny woman who wanted to have an explosive orgasm. And that is exactly what happened!I knew I had pleased myself and my audience when I heard a familiar voice say, “Damn, that was amazing. Were you watching her cum too?”A new voice responded, “Yeah, that is about the most erotic thing I have ever seen. I have been watching her for a while. She is gorgeous and incredibly sexy. I loved watching her cum. I was just about to cum but I wanted to wait in case she wants to cum again. Look at her big tits and hard nipples! I would love to suck those. And I love her smooth pussy. Even from here you can see how wet she is.”And then my husband commented, “I wonder if she is going to cum again. I bet she would love to see two very horny guys watching her and beating off, hoping she will cum. Hey look, she is rubbing the dildo on her pussy again. I love to watch as she masturbates with it. Look how wide she has her legs spread and how she is spreading her pussy lips.”It was like a running commentary at a sporting event. He went on, “Her fingers are wet and rubbing her clit. What a sexy show she is putting on. My cock is dripping seeing how she is fucking herself with the dildo. It is almost like she knows she is being watched. Do you think she knows that we are here? I wish that was my cock slipping into her pussy.”The voyeur spoke up, “She might know because she is really getting turned on. What a perfect view! I would love to fuck her hot pussy isveçbahis yeni giriş with my mouth and tongue and with my cock. I would love to jack off right in front of her and have her wrap her hand around my cock and beat me off and then give me a blow job. Can you imagine squeezing her tits and pulling on her nipples and cumming on her tongue?”It was a blast hearing these two horny guys talking about me, how I looked and what they wanted to do to me. I began to use the dildo again. It only took a few strokes and I was cumming again. This time it lasted even longer and my moans were unstoppable. I couldn’t believe I was saying out loud that I wanted a cock in my pussy. The dildo was big, but I knew my husband’s cock stretched my pussy even more.I guess my husband heard my plea because I heard him say, “I can’t turn her down. I am going to go fuck my wife. Keep watching. I know we will all enjoy that and you can move closer for a better view if you want to.”I looked at the tree where I knew they were hiding and saw my husband emerge with his cock in his hand. He was beating off as he approached me. I knew exactly what I wanted, so I turned over onto my elbows and knees. This was always our favorite position and within seconds his cock was buried deep in my pussy. After just a few very hard and deep strokes I was cumming again. He reached one hand around and cupped my breast, pulling on my nipple. I was totally lost in the moment, but when I looked up again I could see our voyeur had moved to within about ten feet of our blanket and was furiously beating off as he watched us.This is exactly what our voyeur friend had wanted, to be jacking off in front of me while I watched. I always have loved to watch guys beating off and I especially love watching them cum because of me. I was remembering his comment about wanting to cum on my tongue, so I turned my head toward my husband. He was remembering the comment too and said, “Go ahead if you want to.”I answered by motioning to our voyeur with the very big erection to come closer, where I could grab his cock. My husband was fucking my pussy harder and harder and as soon as I began to stroke our voyeur I was cumming again. A moment later I had a cock in my mouth and a cock in my pussy and I could tell I was about to have a hot load of cum in both of those places. My husband began to cum first, then our voyeur’s swollen cock erupted a huge load of cum on my tongue and in my mouth. And then I began to cum again and again. I could feel my husband pushing hard to get every drop of cum into my pussy, and as I watched, our voyeur began to squeeze his erection, getting every drop out for me. I licked the head of his cock and I was cumming again!On our drive home I asked my husband what he had in mind for tomorrow. We both laughed and he said, “I just wanted you to know there are possibilities for you. I was kind of surprised that we both totally lost all inhibitions. That isn’t a complaint, because it was incredibly erotic. I am sure that our new voyeur friend will be on the beach looking for you again. I know that is what I would do. And just remember, you have to tell me about everything that you do if you decide you need to do more than show off. And about tomorrow and finding other possibilities for you, maybe you should call Britt and have her join us at the beach. You told me how sexy you think she is. I would love to watch the two of you play again.”I had to admit it was a very fun idea. I was smiling and very turned on as I reached over and freed his cock from his shorts. He was very hard and wet with precum as I beat him off and then took his cock in my mouth. I wanted to feel another hot load of cum in my mouth and it only took a few minutes and I got my wish!

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