Nothing Compares To You Part II


Nothing Compares To You Part IISummer Of 93’Nothing Compares To YouPart IIWith Maggi home and wanting dinner Natalie and I kissed one last time and rolled out of bed. “Really need the the bathroom guys, is that ok?” Maggi asked us. Natalie giggled a little and said, “Pete and I already used it”, as she ran over and kissed Maggi again.Nat grabbed a towel and covered her pussy as a little cum started leaking out. She grabbed me and said, “want to go out to the spa again?” “Sure”, I answered. “Maggi, Pete and I are going to be out in the spa”, Natalie shouted as she ran out holding her pussy and giggling.Once we were out there Nat ran off the deck, on to the lawn and said, “turn around, I don’t want you to see this.” “You’re not planning on pooping, we have three other bathrooms?” I asked in terror. “No, don’t be gross, I have to pee and guess what’s going to C-U-M out of my pussy?” She replied. “I’ve seen it before”, saying while smiling. “Maybe from your wife, but not from me; Pete you haven’t even seen me while I’ve been on my period, I don’t want you to think I’m disgusting, I haven’t even farted in front of you yet.” Nat said as she squatted on the lawn.“Yes you have the other night, Saturday…. remember??”, I said.“Oh My God, that was a giant queef, I told you when I did it, and it was your giant dick that pushed all that air in my pussy!” She explained.“My Dick Is Giant?” I asked proudly. “I’m done”, Nat declared and ran over to me and grabbed my cock. “Shut up, you know it is, let’s get in the spa”, Nat said. We started kissing as we held each other in the water. She was giddy with giggles as she kissed me. “Do you feel as good as I do, I can’t believe how in love I am with you.” Natalie whispered. I kissed her neck as my entire body tingled and said, “I love you Nat, you’re wonderful.” We moved around in the water coming to meet, each time kissing one another deeply. Right after we kissed Nat said, “We’ve got to get something together for dinner, Maggi shouldn’t do anything.” “Pete we need to make Maggi feel great tonight so she can relax, she looked so stressed”, Natalie said while climbing out. “Count me in”, I said as I jumped out of the pool. We headed to the outside shower to rinse off the chlorine. Nat asked, “Does this even work, I’ve never seen you guys use it.” “It works great, I watched the builders put it in myself, I even designed it, see how high the head is? It’s tall for me and Maggi.”, (Maggi is 6 foot tall and I am 6’ 5” tall) I said as I let the water run. After rinsing we toweled each other, quickly kissed and ran to put some clothes on.As we came out, Maggi came out in her robe and asked Nat to help her dry her hair, she asked me what’s for dinner. We had a great meal, all talking and laughing together; Maggi’s disposition changed dramatically once she had some good food in her and was able to relax.After dinner I said, “let me clean up and you two can spend some time together.” Maggi and Nat went to the living room where we had a huge sectional sofa and carpeted floors.Once I cleaned up I stepped into the living room to find Natalie and Maggi lying in each other’s arms kissing and talking. “Three times?” Maggi asked Natalie. “Yes and they were all intense, the first one I almost fell but Pete caught me.” Natalie answered.Maggi was in her robe, she stood and opened it revealing her incredible and athletic body to Natalie and me. güvenilir bahis Maggi was 6’ tall and totally hot with a hard body, “A” cup tits with perfect eraser nipples. She’s Italian with tan silky smooth skin, short, dark brown hair, brown eyes, a fantastic silky smooth black bush that went down her outer labia, she called her pussy’s fur coat. She dropped her robe and asked for a towel, putting it down she sat and crossed her legs, exposing her beautiful pussy. She said, “you know I should really work out tonight but, SHIT, I’ve been at work for 14 hours.” Maggi sat next to me and put her legs over mine as she maneuvered to kiss me. Kissing me deep as I returned and held her face answering her tongue with mine. Natalie was behind me and kissed my neck.Maggi pushed off of me with her feet, sliding herself down the sofa, her feet just touching me. Maggi said to me, “Pete, would you do anything for me and Natalie?” “Absolutely”, I declared. She pulled her knees up and parted her legs, sliding her hands down to her pussy. Slowly parting her velvety smooth butterfly lips, “anything?” “Anything” I answered. Maggi looked at me with want in her eyes and said, “we want you to go to the grocery store and get us what we need to make ice cream sundaes and banana splits.” “Is that it?” I asked. “Yes”, she replied. “That stuff is horrible for our bodies, what about some yogurt and fruit?”, I said. She looked at me and closed her legs. I said, “I’ll be glad to, what are you pregnant?” “Yes, we both are!” Maggi snapped back. Natalie grabbed me from behind and kissed the side of my neck saying, “she’s k**ding but we really do want to indulge.” “Let me get my shoes and wallet.” I Said.Returning from the store holding a pretty large bag of pure debauchery in the form of junk food, Maggi and Natalie came bouncing into the kitchen as I put down the goods. Maggi and Nat were both in short silk robes, the fronts open as they ran towards me. Maggi grabbed my face and kissed me passionately and said, “You never disappoint me.” Natalie was next, she opened her robe and pressed her naked body against me, kissed my neck and said, you’re my Knight In Shinning Armor.”The two ladies began making their concoctions. “Do you want one Pete?”, Maggi asked. “Sure, not to much though”, I answered. Sitting in our kitchen alcove we began eating as Maggi and Nat started in on each other. Nat took a peeled banana and slid it in and out of her mouth saying, “See Maggi you should practice.” “I practiced on you didn’t I”, Maggi rebutted and Natalie smiled and blushed. “But who had the screaming orgasm?”, Natalie asked of Maggi. “I did, thank you very much”, Maggi answered. Nat and Maggi kissed each other, Nat looked at Maggi and said, “Even though you’d maid me a little jealous.”“Wait, Jealous??”, I asked. Maggi started smiling at me while she blushed saying, “Pete, when I came, I said your name.” Maggi looked at Nat and said, “I’m sorry Nat I love you so much.” Nat replied, “I know Maggi, I feel the same way about Pete, There are days when I just can’t get him out of my mind.”I looked at both of them and smiled, this time it was me that blushed. Maggi looked at me and then Natalie saying, “Pete, Natalie and I are really head over heals in love with you, please don’t break our hearts.” I kissed them both and said, “I’ll never betray you.”Maggi asked me, “So Husband, what’s this about Natalie güvenilir bahis siteleri and her THREE orgasms?” I said, “I only had one.”After a few more minutes of ice cream madness we all stopped eating, Maggi and Natalie got up and led me to the living room. Both of them put towels down over the sofa and lit candles. Maggi undressed me saying, “I’ve waited all week for this, I love you so much, And DAMN DO YOU SMELL GREAT!”Both women threw off their robes as I stepped out my shorts, Maggi hugged me in front and Natalie in back. Maggi slid down to her knees and put the head of my cock in her mouth, bobbing up and down on it. (Maggi had a small mouth and could not get much more than the head of my cock in it). She gasped for air as she stood up and pulled me to the couch; Maggi started kissing me as Natalie slid down to my cock taking all 7” into her mouth and throat, coating me with warm saliva. Maggi laid back with her ass at the edge of the cushion and spread her legs wide, “taste me Pete, taste all of me” she moaned. Natalie got in the same position as Maggi, her leg across Maggi’s, spreading her legs and opening her wet vagina with two fingers, “Pete, I want you.”I went back and forth licking and tasting both of their pussies until Maggi held me and said, “Don’t stop, OH MY GOD, DON’T STOP.” Natalie pulled her legs together leaned over and started kissing Maggi; they both declaring their love for one another. Maggi began pushing her hips up and down, I could feel her pussy contracting in my mouth. “OH, OH, OH, Pete!” Maggi moaned. I rode her bucking hips, keeping her clit in my mouth until she had exhausted herself. Natalie was on the floor next to me and started kissing me, my face wet with Maggi’s cum.Nat grabbed my hand and put it in her pussy; it was soaking wet. She moaned, “Pete I can’t stop wanting you.” Natalie moved to her knees and laid her body across the sofa, presenting her beaver to me, plunging her two middle fingers into her soaking wet hole, she said, “Fuck me Pete, Fuck my pussy hard!”I mounted her from behind as she rubbed her clit with her finger. Maggi and Nat loved to talk dirty when we were all together. Maggi sat next to me holding my thigh as I drove my cock in and out of Natalie.“Oh Pete, fill her pussy deep with your cock, you’re going to make her pussy cum again”, Maggie said as she started fingering herself.Nat gasped, “Oh God I feel like your cock is up to my throat, God it’s so deep.” Keep going Pete, OH MY GAAAA…., COMING!!!” Nat’s Pussy clamped my cock as I pushed her whole body back and forth. “Oh My GOD, Pete” Natalie exclaimed and her pussy slowly released it’s vice-like grip. “Schnoop” her pussy made this sound as I pulled my hard dick out of her. Natalie was breathing like she just ran a mile up hill and said, “I’m not going to be able to walk!”Maggi was laying on the floor with her legs spread holding her pussy open with one hand, she licked the fingers of her other and rubbed the saliva on her open pussy as she motioned me to come on top of her. Pushing my cock in slowly until all of it was in; she tilted so we were totally against one another, she squeezed me tight and whispered in my ear, “oh my husband Fill me up, I want to feel you fill me up.”Maggi loved it when I came in her deeply and the more cum the better. Natalie was laying next to us naked and relaxed, smiling. The more Maggi and I intensified iddaa siteleri our union the more she smiled. I lifted my upper body as Maggi raised her hips moving to meet every thrust, she froze as her eyes opened with a surprised look, “Oh, Oh, Oh My God, I’m Coming!”Right at that moment I was balls deep and I felt her pussy expanding and contracting around me as I pumped my juice into the deepest part of her pussy. Pulse, Pulse, Pulse… I gave her every drop. “Oh Maggi, Oh…” I moaned.Maggi was flat on her back, face and neck flushed and red, her chest heaved to replenish her air. I was holding my self up, sweat dripping off my face onto hers. Natalie brought us a towel sat down beside us and patted our faces dry. She kissed each of us as my dwindling cock was still in Maggi’s cum-filled pussy. We stayed together until my emptied cock was completely flaccid.After my spent cock fell out of Maggi, I rolled over to rest my arms. Natalie patted the towel on my face and kissed me. She went down to my spent cock and put it in her mouth, sucking it in and taking all our cum. She licked all around making sure to get it all, savoring the taste of it. When she finished she moved over to maggi and kissed her stomach working her way down to her silky black bush and to her open pussy. Maggi’s pussy was swollen and red.“Oh, I’m too sensitive Nat, hold me please”, Maggi asked. Natalie moved up Maggi’s tight abs and to her tits, taking time to suck each nipple making them fully erect, moving to her lips, Maggi and Natalie kissed sharing their mouths with one another. Each saying, “Oh you taste so good.” They kissed for a few minutes as I went to the bathroom. After all of us had a break to the bathrooms and we met back in the kitchen, I was naked, Nat and Maggi had towels wrapped around their waists. Both explaining, they were still “leaking a little”. We sat together as Nat and Maggi resumed their assault on the ice cream. Feeding it to each other as they described our recent intimacy in detail. They were very descriptive to one another as they stared into each other’s eyes. “Oh Maggi, you don’t understand, my pussy is tingling like electricity is running through me”, Natalie explained. Maggi pointed at me with her spoon, ice cream flipped onto my chest, “OOPS, I’m sorry Pete, but you have us shaking from your Magic Body and COCK!” Maggi continued, “You have us sitting here with our pussies tingling, you sitting there with the most awesome body, and NAKED!” Nat leaned over and licked the ice cream off my chest, “What if Pete was covered in Ice Cream?”, Nat asked right before she bit down on my nipple.“OWW, shit Nat, I wasn’t ready for that!” I said. “You guys are getting a sugar high” I said as I checked to see if I was bleeding.Maggi moved in next to me and began kissing my ear saying, “you know Pete we could put down towels or something?”Natalie laughed, “we better hold off Maggi your house is too beautiful, but it is definitely on our (To Do List).” “You know I could get the plastic sheeting at the Hardware Store, I’ll figure out the logistics and we will put it on our (To Do List)”, I said while holding my chin with a look of contemplation.Maggi and Nat continued kissing me as we joked and ate ice cream. Maggi put her hand on my cock, “Pete you are so hard again”, she said like I didn’t know it. Maggi said, “Pete, I want to see you cum, I want to see it squirt out of you close up.” Maggi kissed me as Nat held me to her and said, “Pete will you Jack Off for us so we can see you cum?” “We’ll put on a show for you, you can tell us what to do”, Maggi said as she looked eagerly at Natalie.End of Part II

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