Not Another Ticket


“Shit.” Alexa said, ” I’m going to get another parking ticket.” She stood at the door of her apartment building watching the cop looking her car over. Walking down the steps, her mind raced with what kind of sob story she could lay on the officer to get out of the ticket.

By the time she was ten feet from her car, she still didn’t have anything good to tell him. She stopped, sighed and then decided to use a little sex appeal. She was dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl for her staff Halloween party, she figured she might as well play the tease.

“Excuse me officer.” She said tapping the cop on the shoulder. He turned around and she noticed his eyes roam over her. “You wouldn’t be giving me a ticket would you?” She asked seductively. He didn’t answer.

“I don’t think I really deserve a nasty old ticket, do you?” She asked as she rubbed up against him. He looked down at her cleavage and then back at her, but still said nothing. Alexa started to get a little nervous at his lack of reaction.

“What would make this ticket go away?” She asked her voice starting to crack.

He said nothing.

“Look, I can’t get another ticket. I am begging you! I’ll do anything you want.” She said as she sunk down to her knees in front of him. She looked up at him as she unbuttoned his pants, pulling the zipper down and tugging at the pants until they were around his ankles.

She was happy to see that her teasing didn’t go unnoticed after all. She took a hold of his eight-inch cock and licked the precum off the tip. He gave a little shudder. She took a couple of sucks to get a feel for the cock in her mouth before she pulled bahis siteleri it out and started to suck on his balls. She took her time with each of them as she slowly stroked his cock, never taking her eyes off of him. She liked to see how the pleasure of her work played across his face.

She stroked his cock a few more times before taking the head into her mouth and took a couple of sucks. She then licked from the base up to the head and let her tongue swirl around the head a few times before cramming it back into her mouth. She slowly worked herself farther down the shaft. She relaxed her throat, but still took her time as his cock moved past her gag reflex and to the back of her throat. She stuck out her tongue and licked the balls with the cock still in her mouth. This produced a loud groan from him.

She pulled the cock out of her mouth and took a couple of deep breaths as he pulled her to her feet. He undid the buttons of her white blouse and took a moment to admire her firm tits. He caressed them and then moved into to molest them with his mouth. As he sucked on her right nipple he ran her left one between his thumb and forefinger getting it hard. He moved to the left nipple and she gave a little shudder as the night air hit the wet nipple.

His hand worked their way under her little plaid skirt, pushing past the panties and finding her wet spot. His fingers caressed her lips and his thumb found her clit and started rubbing it. It wasn’t long before she pulled his fingers out and hopped onto the hood of her car. He lifted her skirt and slipped off her panties, kneeling in front of her he took a few moments canlı bahis siteleri to admire her shaved cunt.

His first lick was a slow one; he savored the taste as his fingers traced her outer lips. He started at the clit and slid a finger down until it reached her opening. Slowly his pushed his finger in, feeling the resistance. He stopped and withdrew the finger; bring it to his mouth to have another taste of her and to lubricate his finger a little more. She watched as he took his time wetting his finger in his mouth and once he was done she anticipated its return to her pussy. His finger slid in easier this time and was greeted by a satisfying moan.

It wasn’t long before he had two fingers inside as he licked her clit. He alternated between flicking it with his tongue and sucking on it. It didn’t take long for Alexa to pull him up and into a passionate kiss.

As they kissed he let his cock rub against her trying to let it find her hole without guidance. It didn’t take him long before the tip had found its mark and he eased himself inside of her, until his balls touched her ass. She bit back another moan as he slid out and when back in, getting a feel for her. He set a pace and kept to it, as he didn’t want to cum to early. She lay back on the hood and enjoyed the feeling of getting fucked by a complete stranger on the street where anyone could see them.

“Harder.” She said, and he seemed happy to comply. He grabbed her legs and spread them wider apart and picked up the pace. Alexa held her legs for him, opening them as wide as possible, while trying to keep her moans down.

She started rubbing her canlı bahis clit as she felt an orgasm starting to build. He picked up the pace as her fingers worked faster to bring on the orgasm. Soon she exploded as he kept going.

Once the waves of pleasure stopped, she pushed him out and got off the car.

“I want you in my ass.” She said and then she turned around and bent over the hood of the car. He slid his cock back into her pussy and pumped a few times before pulling out and rubbing her juices over her ass. He then positioned his cock at her ass and pushed slightly. They both seemed surprised on how easily his cock slid into her ass. She must have been lubricated from the orgasm, the juices running down to her ass. He slowly worked his way deeper into her ass and the pulled out just as slowly. His pace gets a little faster, with her not protesting, faster still. He spreads he ass cheeks and enjoys watching his cock slip in and out of her tight ass.

She bit her arm to keep from screaming when it hurt and to stifle the moans when it felt good. “I want you to cum in my ass.” She said.

He dug his fingers into her ass cheeks and started pumping faster. He knew he wouldn’t last for much longer but he was enjoying her ass too much to care. It didn’t take long before he was cumming in her ass.

She got off the car and turned to face him. “So I won’t be getting another ticket will I?”

“Hey Jimmy, There you are the party is in full swing man. Hurry up.” Alexa looked around and saw someone standing outside the apartment complex next to hers wearing a pirate costume.

“Nice costume Jimmy, that looks like a real police uniform.” The guy said as he started walking over to Jimmy and Alexa. Alexa turned to Jimmy with a look of surprise on her face.

“No ticket tonight.” Jimmy said as he winked at her and walked towards his friend.

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