Subject: Rip Him Up (Nikko (1) This is a story about hot guys from an online porn site It’s called ‘Rip Her Up’ It’s changed only to suit my desire for the ass ripping guys on it. This is only fiction as it is a straight site. And I would not believe that any of these guys would join in gay sex But would be nice. Enjoy ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Rip Him Up (Nikko (1) I find myself online more and more nowadays. Single again and just wanting to cruise for sex. Being gay I would of course peruse the gay sites. But I had been seeing way too many pretty boys and muscle guys in videos as of late. “Where are all the regular guys.” I kept thinking I just kept flipping through videos one after another finding anything hot. Or even chat sites or hook up sites. “Too pretty, too hairy, too fat, or too much muscle” I would say “Need to find something else” I cleared all my searches and then I remembered when I was younger. First realizing I was gay from watching straight videos. Or looking at straight porn mags. All those guys on there were hot. Regular sexy looking men. And even the younger ones were much better than what I was finding kocaeli escort nowadays. So I decided to search the straight sites. I know that would negate my getting any real sex. But I could at least get off from watching the hot guys on straight porn. It was almost instantly I found something that git my dick hard. It was a European sex site called ‘Rip Her Up’. The site had fake scenarios of guys viciously pounding on girls pussies and asses. The pain and hard driving sex was hot. And the guys were far more to my liking. It was then that I saw the hot black guy Nikko. He was tall and had a huge dick. Over eights inches of man schlong. Something I so wanted to suck and fuck. The lucky girl he was slamming was getting a hardy ripping. And I found myself jealous of her. “Man. Wish he would Plow me like that” I said I had watch Nikko and several other hot guys from the site. I actually had the awesome pleasure of inadvertently hooking up with one if them via work. It wasa pleasant ssurprise when I got slammed hard by the sexy and awesome fuck Sasha. But I never thought I would hook up with another guy from the site. And not the big hunk Nikko. But by the circumstance of getting kocaeli escort bayan the hot Sasha I was lead to Nikko. “I know someone else who would love to fuck you” said the sexy Sasha “Is he from yer fuck site?” I had asked “Yes” “His name is Nikko” Sasha said he would let the guy know if I was interested. I nodded a resounding yes. So he would send me to the hung Nikko. When I got back to my hotel that night after seeing dash, I went to the site again. “Ohh shiit him!” I shouted I had remembered from my first looks into the site, the big dicked Nikko. Fear and lust both struck me all at once. His dick was huge. A baton of sex. I feared the shredding my ass would take at his hands. But also I desired it. Then when I received a call from Nikko that night, I was surprised and scared atthe same ttime. Sasha came through with the hook up. “Damn him” I said to myself “He plans on killing me” The phone rang and I answered. “This is Nikko” he said “I was given your number from my friend Sasha” “He says you wish to fuck” I sat there and listened to the guy. His accent was heavy. But he seemed all up for some sex and fun. He suggested I come to him. “I have a flat kocaeli bayan escort on the north side of town.” He said “I will get there near 8 due to other engagements” “But I do wish to fuck you” “Sasha says you have great ass for fuck” I sighed and then felt my balls twitch. I pondered this guy crawling up on me and slamming that huge log home. The screams that would shook forth from my lips. What was odd though was I was getting a hard on, even as he spoke to me. The thought of his big ass crushing cock in me was getting mg horny, regardless of the pain I feared he would inflict on my ass. “Yeah man” I found myself saying “Gimme the address and I’ll go” It was as if my ass was speaking and not my head. It’s desire to be gutted by this hung dude was stronger than the fear of his dick breaking me. So I took don his info and made the plans to go to this dude’s place just to get fucked. “See you then” I finally said I hung up and reality slapped me. I had just said to this dude Iwould come over to his place for a hhead fucking. Was I mad!. Obviously so, because I still planned on going nonetheless. “Fuck man” I said “Gonna need to prep my hole for this” So I dropped my clothes and lay on the bed. I licked at my fingers and pulled up my leg. Then brought my wet fingers to my ass. Then thrust…………. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued

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