Night at the Beach

Big Tits

There is nothing more relaxing than spending an evening at the beach. I go here often, seeking release of any stress I might be feeling. Hoping it all goes away from me as easily as the tide pulls away from the shore. The beach normally empties out by 5pm, and occasionally one or two people remain, but they too, seek some sort of solitude. The beach or its jetties, soon serve as a fishing place for one or two local fisherman, also looking for ways to unwind and relax. For some of us, the beach and ocean seem to pull us in their direction. An unexplainable relationship.

The air is balmy, and the occasional spray of surf reaches my skin. The spray is salty so it soon adheres to my skin easily. I feel so relaxed. The sun is setting behind me, and dusk soon moves in, as day blends into night. I can now see the outline of fisherman as they step close to their lit lanterns on the jetty. I walk to the surf, and let the cool water run over me. The heat of the day will soon leave me. I can’t resist a swim, and head into the water. The feel of the water rushing over me is exhilarating.

After swimming a bit, I move back to shore, and as I leave the water, I see in front of me one of the fishermen. He calls out to me. “Nice swim?”

I tell him it’s wonderful, and he ought to go for it. I can see his smile, as he holds up his lantern. He’s tall, and good looking. Dressed as most of the fishermen, he is wearing rubber waders, and no shirt. His arms are muscular, and I’m certain, well tanned. His hair tussled from the windy breeze that surrounds us.

Moving towards him, we begin to chat. He surprises me by telling me he has seen me here often. I tell him this is my place to seek solitude and relaxation, especially after long tiring days at work. I watch him as he baits his line and casts it out in the water. We share basic information, and I learn he is a flight instructor. He too, comes here seeking solitude on ground level. But his ultimate goal is to catch a fish or two and if not, at least the eye of a pretty girl. He then smiles at me. I return the smile, and remember his comment about seeing me here before.

Hours pass and I notice the lanterns that graced the jetty earlier with their small flickering lights, are now gone. We are alone on the beach. I can hear the surf pick up in its intensity, and feel the cooler spray on my skin. He continues to fish, and I now find myself unable to leave. The conversation dies down for a bit, but there still seems to be some kind of connection between us. I feel drawn to him. Unexplainable, but there.

I see him suddenly move quickly to a pole standing tall out of pole holder buried deep in the sand. He picks it up and begins to walk to the shore. He has something on his line and I watch at how he struggles to land it on the beach. I walk over to him and tell him “good job.” He grins like a little boy catching his first fish. He tells me there will be more. He baits his hook and returns the line kaçak iddaa to the water. It’s not long, and again he repeats the task of landing another fish. I am now standing close to him, watching his every move. When the next fish is hooked, he hands me the pole and wants me to try. I take the pole, but realize quickly it’s going to take a lot of strength to land this one. He offers to help me. He moves behind me, and puts his hands on mine. With his help I am able to reel it in, and feel like I have caught the biggest fish on record. “That was cool,” I tell him. He lets me do it again, and after several catches I can no longer concentrate on landing the fish.

His rubber waders keep sticking to my back and legs, as I press into him, and we laugh about that. His arms encircle me, and I feel his moist skin on mine. I can feel his warm breath on my cheek as he speaks to me about what to do next. My senses are heightened. As time passes, I feel as if I want to stay in his arms for the night. We continue to land one fish after another, and finally, after many successful catches, he breaks away. “That’s it for me,” he announces. An overwhelming sadness comes over me. He packs up his things, and tells me he hopes to see me again. He wants to know if I am leaving soon? I normally would have been gone way before this, but now I feel the need to relish the past couple of hours, so I tell him I plan on staying a bit longer. How do I explain this overwhelming attraction to this stranger?

I watch him turn and leave and follow his movements till he is off the beach and boardwalk. I return my sights out to sea, and watch the distant lights of boats move slowly up and down the coast. I felt something with him, a connection. Fate? Destiny? I couldn’t let go of him.

Time passed again, and I suddenly hear someone behind me. It’s him, and I feel my pulse race immediately. He’s now in shorts and a tee shirt, and has obviously gone and showered. “I couldn’t let you sit here alone.” Along with his chair and blanket, he had a bag with him, and told me there were three things he always brought to the beach with him, when he wasn’t fishing. An old blanket, a chair, and ‘something to warm me inside.’ I couldn’t decide what I wanted tonight to keep me warm inside. “How about picking one,” he said, now holding up a bottle of wine and two containers of coffee. I chose the wine, and out of the bag came two paper cups. I smiled and acknowledged his choice of glassware.

“I like to keep things simple.” He said

He set up his chair next to mine, and we sat and watched the surf together, picking up our conversation where we had left off earlier that night. We finished the wine and he grabbed my hand and suggested we walk along the beach. Holding on to his hand, long after he pulled me up, we moved to the surf, and began our stroll. We didn’t get more than 50 yards, and he stopped. He looked at me and said he came back because he felt this overwhelming connection kaçak bahis to me. “The feeling was almost a nagging one,” he offered, to which I chuckled. I quickly apologized for the laugh and told him I had had the same feelings, although ‘nagging’ was not the word I would have chosen. He smiled back at me.

There is never an easy explanation for how two people can feel something, and so strongly after meeting so briefly. But we did. So when he took me in his arms and began kissing my face, I let him. This was new for me. I normally maintained a distance, encircling myself with walls, which were not so easily removed until I was comfortable with someone. The touch of his lips on mine, mixed with our surroundings, led me to an instant shutter.

He took me in his arms and we kissed for a long time. I could taste the salty remains of the night air on his lips. I loved the feel of his warm tongue moving in and out of my mouth, leading me to pleasure. We walked back to our chairs, and he unrolled the blanket he brought and laid it out on the sand. Grabbing my hand again, he led me to the center of the blanket and in unison we sat down. Or lips met again, and this time, we both were a bit more aggressive with our kissing. We both had a mutual goal, but no words were spoken. He removed my tee shirt, and began licking my breasts and nipples. I could feel a shiver move through me. As we moved to a lying position on the blanket, he wrapped the remainder of the blanket across us.

I could feel the wetness grow between my legs, and had no doubt I wanted him as much as he was showing me he wanted me. His hand held a breast, while his tongue moved around the nipple, teasing it, and then taking it in his mouth, sucking gently. There was something so erotic about his warmth mouth moving over my cool and damp salty skin. My fingers moved through his hair, and I could feel the coarseness that occurs as the salt air dries it. He moved back up to my mouth and his tongue traced my lips. The kiss seemed to linger. I loved the feel of his wet warm tongue pushing into my mouth, while my mouth eagerly sucked on it. I could feel his now erect cock through his pants pushing in to me, stirring in me a want, a desire. The longer we kissed, the more we seemed to melt into one another, the more the pleasure built.

“I want to feel you in me.” The words formed on my lips, easily. We both moved to remove the rest of our clothes. When we were undressed, he readjusted the blanket so we were totally covered, and nestled in our small place on the vast openness of the beach. His hand reached down between my legs and sought out my wetness. His fingers tracing the outer edges of my opening. I opened my legs further, an invitation to him. His fingers continually searching, exploring, producing an occasional shiver of sexual excitement to move through me. His touch was intoxicating. He rubbed my hard clit, and soon verbalized he wanted more. I grabbed his hand, and pulling it up to illegal bahis my mouth, I slowly licked them. I then traced his mouth with the remaining wet fingers, and said to him, “There’s more where that came from.”

Moving down to my growing wetness, his mouth began seeking out my now obvious pleasure. I could feel his tongue move slowly over the outer lips, lapping the smooth skin. He again pushed his fingers in my wet pussy, and slowly moved them in and out. He moved his lips over my clit and sucked on it. The intensity of the pressure on it was pushing me towards the edge. I wanted to wrap my legs around him hard and pull his face into me hard. His tongue taking long licks up and down, sucking in the present wetness. He made small sounds like a child does enjoying an ice cream cone. The more he licked, the wetter I became. An endless cycle of pleasure.

The climax hit me first in small waves, and as I pushed my pussy harder and harder into his face, and his tongue moved in me deeper, the waves hit harder. An explosive shudder ripped through me, and I wanted to feel his cock in me. “Take me, please, ….please” I begged, almost breathless.

He positioned himself over me, and I reached for his cock to help guide him into me. As I let go, he moved his hard cock away from my wet opening, and pushed the length against my swollen clit, rubbing it. Teasing me. I wanted to feel him in me deep, the ultimate top off to my climax. For me, this was the finishing touch. To feel a hard cock push into me, taking me, claiming me. I wanted it. I moved lower, hoping to reposition myself to capture his cock. His strokes were long, and hard against my clit. I could feel myself nearing the edge again, but I wanted to ride the next wave with him. Again I begged between my pants, “please take me, fuck me….. Ohh, please fuck me.”

Moving as I did, his cock now at my wet opening, I pushed into him at the same time he pushed back into me. His cock burst through the opening, and slid easily into my pussy. “Ohhhh, that’s it.”

I had him. He began pumping into me, still with long tireless strokes. My hips moving into him, in unison with his strokes, both working together towards one goal. I could hear his breathing stop, holding it, and then grunting. Primal grunts. I lifted my legs higher, and allowed him room to penetrate me deeper. With final push, he grunted, and released all the air from his lungs. His climax was released into me, deep in me. His breathing now in pants. “Oh baby, that was so good.”

As he slowed his pace and enjoyed his final release of pleasure, I tightened my pussy muscles around his cock, squeezing him, providing him with final bits of my own pleasure. Our mouths met again, and his face was wet, soaked with my pussy juices. I could taste my own passion. His tongue meeting mine. The kissing slowing. Both enjoying the sexual high we produced together.

I could hear the waves meeting the shore, and could now see the beginnings of a new day start to appear on the horizon. Night melting into day, no real beginning, no real ending. We laid together till the sun came up, enjoying the beginning of a new day, and a new relationship.

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