Subject: Nico the Manny – Part 1 (Adult-Youth) Hello readers. I hope you enjoy this work of complete fantasy fiction. Also if there are any minors reading this intro please click the X at the top of the screen and leave. Come back when you’re old enough. I hope to post more of this series soon so let me know if you enjoy. Also remember that a small donation can help keep this great community of likeminded men free to all. Take a moment to make a donation here fty/ On with the story, “Nico the Manny: Part 1” ************************************************* I waited patiently outside of the school with my ear buds playing a podcast. I stood near the assigned area for parents to meet their kids once class was dismissed for the day, but purposely removed myself from the parents and other caretakers as I did not want to chat casually about the school or the upcoming field day events. I was not there to make new friends, I only wanted to see Andy and take him home. My name is Nico and I am 22 years old. After years of working in food service and customer service jobs I had been hired by Andy’s parents as their after school Manny. I would pick up Andy each day after school and stay with him until late in the evening when his parents returned from their jobs at the hospital. They were both doctors and worked mostly nights which gave me plenty of time alone with their son. Over the podcast I heard the bell ring and watched as the students started to exit the building. My eyes scanned over several of the young boys, admiring their cute little faces and tiny bodies. While I loved looking at other cute little boys, I was only excited to see my little boyfriend Andy. I could feel my cock move a little with the boys nearby excitedly meeting their parents, but when Andy emerged from the building I felt it swell and jump as he came into view. Andy was such a perfect and adorable little boy. He had just turned 9 the month prior and had the glowing skin and bright smile of a boy half his age. He had shaggy brown hair and hazel eyes, and full magenta lips. He was thin but had a thick little butt and still carried a bit of baby fat on his legs, which I adored. I loved little boys of all ages and sizes and shapes but in my opinion Andy was perfect. Just the thought of his little body could get my cock to leak. I had showed fellow boy loving buddies his pictures and most agreed that he was every ped’s dream. Andy smiled and ran to me and gave me a big hug. “Hi Nico!” He said excitedly. “Hey baby. How was your day?” I had my arms around him and wanted to kiss him passionately but knew I couldn’t on the sidewalk in public. “It was good. We learned about dinosaurs!” “Dinosaurs?! That’s awesome! What’s your favorite dinosaur?” Andy thought for a moment before responding “triceratops!” I thought of the little dinosaur undies I had recently seen him wearing and how perfect his tiny butt had been packed into them. How I had admired the little cartoon dinosaurs stretched across his plump little ass. How I had rubbed his little butt in those undies for so long before pulling them down and working my tongue into his little bald hole. I remembered how he had moaned as my tongue exploded his little butt. I also remembered taking those undies home to use as my cumrag when I could not fuck Andy as much as I wanted. Lastly I remembered my roommate coming home and catching me recently before joining. We had stood over those little dinosaur undies talking about beautiful little boys while beating our cocks. We had both shot huge loads soaking and staining his Dino undies. My roommate had begged me to let him meet and play with Andy but I had to deny his request for the time being. I had been lucky enough to find a boylover my age who needed a roommate and we had shared boys and enjoyed videos of boys together since moving in. More on him later. My cock jumped at the thoughts but I quickly came back to my senses and realized I needed to get him home. “Triceratops is my favorite too! You ready to go home?” “Yes sir.” he responded softly while smiling at me devilishly. Andy took my hand and we walked away from the school and other families. Andy’s home was only 4 blocks away and with each step I became more excited. It had been a long weekend so I hadn’t seen Andy for 3 days and I had thought of him every second and came into his undies multiple times. Every day that I was set to pick Andy up I would count the hours until I could see him again and when I finally did I could never get back to his home fast enough. Finally we reached Andy’s building and entered. The doorman, Reggie, opened the door and smiled. “Afternoon little man!” He said happily. “Hi Reggie!” Andy responded giving the large black man a fist bump. “Nico! How’s it goin, bro?” “It’s real good, buddy” I said with a smile. I then shook his hand with a solid pump. I had noticed Reggie checking out Andy’s little butt on several occasions and admired the man for his overt interest in the kid. As he only recently started the job I had never had a chance to speak with him one on one but my sixth sense told me that Reggie also loved little boy pussy, and wanted Andy’s little white boy pussy stretched on his fat black cock. I also felt like Reggie knew that I was aksaray escort taking Andy upstairs to his room to fuck him raw, deep and rough. I hoped to get to know Reggie better and hopefully give him Andy’s hole one day but at that moment I just wanted to get into the apartment. We entered the elevator and rode up toward the 15th floor. While riding I took the first opportunity to have an intimate moment with my secret fourth grade boyfriend. I knelt down in front of Andy and looked into his eyes. “I’ve been hard for you all day, baby” I took Andy’s little hand and put it on my cock, snaking down the leg of my jeans. His little fingers gripped it and stroked me slowly. Andy sighed and rested his forehead against mine. “My little boy pussy needs your cock, daddy” he whispered softly. I leaned in and gave Andy a soft kiss, slipping my tongue in his sweet little mouth and sliding my arms around him. Andy kissed me back as I slid my hand down and felt his plump little boy butt. I knew there was a camera in the elevator but I also knew that Reggie was the only one who could see it and a part of me hoped that he was watching, adjusting his fat black cock as he saw me molest his little boy crush. The elevator stopped and I stood up, rushing to the door and fumbling with the keys. I finally found the right key and opened the door and we entered. As the door was closing I pulled off my leather jacket and hoodie and tossed them to the ground. Without a word I unzipped Andy’s jacket and pulled it off before lifting his t-shirt over his head. Andy leaned back against the door as I sunk to my knees in front of him. I had thought about his little cock all day and couldn’t wait a second more. I leaned over and tugged down Andy’s jeans revealing his Spider-Man undies. I felt my cock swell and leak in my jeans as I admired the little bulge in those undies. I couldn’t wait any longer and pulled those tiny undies down to Andy’s thighs watching his little hard spike pop up. “Fuck baby! I love your perfect little cock!” I pulled his jeans and undies off and tossed them to the side. I sat back for a moment and just admired his perfect little hairless body and rigid little cock. I leaned down and took the boy’s hard little cocklet in my mouth savoring the taste of him as I freed my raging dick from my jeans. I slid down on the barely 3″ spike and opened wide taking the little smooth marble balls in as well. I moved my tongue around his tiny balls and little shaft savoring the taste of every tiny spot. I ran my hands up his legs and gripped his small round ass and pulled him forward into my hungry mouth. I had sucked a lot of cock in my life and there was nothing as exciting as the feeling of a little boy’s hard cock in my mouth. While I loved little boy dick I had also really grown to love another ped’s cock down my throat as well. It was a thrilling experience to feel a ped cock explode in my throat knowing that he was thinking of little boys when he shot. I had recently sucked off my roommate while he watched videos of little boys. I had shot by barely touching my cock with his ped dick unloading in my throat. As thrilling as that had been nothing could compare to a tiny cock dry cumming between my lips. As much as I loved fucking little boys I would be a happy man if I could spend every day all day giving tiny boy cocks dry orgasms. Nothing thrilled me as much as when a boy would shake and whimper as he experienced a dry cum in my mouth. Over the summer I had attended a private MAN boy weekend upstate. There were hundreds of men and dads in attendance and each came with at least one boy, but most came with multiple boys. At one point over the weekend it had been a dry cum challenge with several of the younger boys who could not shoot a load yet. The goal was to make as many little boys dry orgasm in the shortest time. I had taken the award furiously bringing 13 boys to dry cum in 30 minutes. As I was sucking the last little boy my cock had shot hands free just as the boy’s little cock pulsed and dry came in my mouth. Back in Andy’s apartment I was sucking his tiny cocklet furiously as I stroked my raging ped dick. Andy moaned and put his hands into my curly hair. He gripped it tight as I sucked his little cock and balls. I ran my hands up and down Andy’s little body as i luxuriated and enjoyed his sweet little boy cock. I moved up and down opening wider for his little balls and then pulled back wrapping my lips around the little shaft. At one point when I went all the way down I snaked my tongue out and nearly touched his little hole with his genitals in my mouth. As I was pulling back I felt the telltale sign of a dry cum as his little spike surged and began to jump. I quickly slid my hand around him and slipped the tip into his tiny hole. I forced my finger in until I felt his tiny prostate. Andy cried out as I opened his hole and massaged his little spot. No sooner had I touched it than I felt his prostate begin to spasm against my finger as his tiny dicklet jerked in my mouth. After nearly a minute, when his full body orgasm subsided I pulled my mouth from his boy cock and withdrew my finger. I moved up and kissed his little mouth while he was still gasping for breath, working my tongue deep into alsancak escort the back of his throat. I kissed my 9 year old boyfriend as I picked him up and carried him toward his bedroom. He wrapped his little arms around my neck and his legs around my waist. The head of my cock was pressed and leaking against his sweet little hungry hole. When I entered his bedroom I laid him down and stood over him, staring down at his little hairless body and rock hard tiny cock still standing straight up. i licked off my shoes and stepped out of my jeans. I crawled into the bed on top of Andy licking his sensitive little spike as I passed. His entire body shook again as I kissed up his flat tummy, over his tiny nipples to his mouth for another long passionate kiss. Andy instinctively raised his legs and wrapped them around my waist. He was so well-trained but honestly it hadn’t taken much work. In my experience some boys were born to take adult cock and Andy was one of them. I had fucked a lot of boys and Andy was honestly the sweetest little boy pussy I had ever felt on my cock. No matter how hard I fucked him he stayed hard and loved every second of it. Even when he would cry from a brutal fucking he would come back for more soon. The first time I had babysat Andy he had come out of his room wearing little superman undies. He cuddled up next to me as we watched a movie and at one point he had put his leg over mine before laying his arm over my stomach and resting his little head on my chest. I had put my arm around him and rested my hand on his tiny butt. I had been attracted to him the first time I saw him and knew that I was going to get my cock inside him, but with his affectionate nature I knew it would be easier than I could have even hoped. I had instantly started to get hard from the touch of this adorable little boy. That day I had let Andy not only see my hard cock but touch it as well. Instantly I knew that Andy was a boy wise beyond his years and knew how to touch a cock and make a man feel good. We had so much fun that first time and I was in heaven feeding this sweet little boy his first load that day. I had always been a boy lover and lived to give little boys their first taste of cum. While many likeminded men I had met linked their attraction to little boys to early experiences with older men, that had not been my experience. I was part of the minority who had simply learned the joy of younger boys on my own with no prior sexual experience. I feel I was born a ped. When I was younger the first time I held my little brother in my arms I had felt my own boy cock start to swell. My mind immediately flooded with thoughts of what I wanted to do with him. I couldn’t stop thinking about him all day until I went to bed. That night I had blown my first load thinking about my little bro asleep in the nest room. After that the first time I was alone with him i had pulled out my cock and beat off quickly shooting a huge load on my little brother, covering his little face with my cum. I knew in that instant that my cock needed young boys. A fellow boy loving buddy had encouraged me to pursue a career as a male nanny, or manny. He had worked in the field for years and told me about all the sweet boys he had molested during his time in the profession. I looked at the ads of parents wanting a full time manny and was lucky when Andy was my first charge. Andy had quickly responded to my touches and cuddling and had initiated our first encounter by grabbing my cock and squeezing it while looking up at me innocently. There was nothing hotter than a virgin slut. Now, a year later, Andy and I had sex nearly every day after school. We had started simply touching and kissing. Typically I would jerk off while Andy lapped at my balls before I pulled his head back and shot my cum into his open hungry mouth and pretty little face. Over the year I had trained him more with eating his hole, teaching him to eat mine, sucking his little cock, fucking his face, and eventually breeding his ass. I had taken my time with each new action to assure that he was comfortable and enjoyed what we were doing. While I knew plenty of peds who wanted a boy to cry and struggle when they were fucked or molested, that wasn’t my style. I loved giving little boys pleasure and a dry orgasm was the height of perfection for me now, Every day I would pick Andy up from school and rush home to get the boy naked in his bed, making sure to make him orgasm first so his hole was tighter and would feel every thrust. As I kissed my boyfriend I pushed the head of my leaking cock against Andy’s hairless little hole, coating his pucker with precum. Andy’s little cock continued to stand up rigid. “Do you want it baby?” I whispered to my lover. I wanted him to want it, to beg for it. Even though he had taken to cock in his hole quickly, it had taken time to turn him into the cum-loving slut that he was now. I loved how much he wanted my dick, as much as I wanted to give it to him. “Yes sir,” Andy moaned pulling back his legs and raising his hole to press against my leaking dick. “Please fuck me” he said breathlessly. I loved how much Andy not only enjoyed being fucked, but seemed to need it. The first time I had fucked Andy, the amasya escort boy had cried and whimpered while burying his little face into his superhero pillow. After I had shot inside him and came back to his senses I had asked Andy if he was ok. Andy had smiled and crawled into my lap pressing his tiny gaping hole down on my dick again. He kissed me and whimpered “fick me, daddy” in a soft little boy voice that made my already hard cock swell. I grabbed his tiny hips and pushed him down to my balls, knowing his gaping stretched hole could easily take it. He had exclaimed loudly and tossed his head back as I bounced him on my raging ped cock. Andy had another dry cum on my dick causing me to blast another load inside him, flooding his tiny hole for the second time that day. As he sat on my cock shaking I noticed the time. I had to pull him off my cock and quickly dress him in his little Jammies and tuck him into bed. I gave him a big deep passionate kiss before I reminded him what a special little boy he was and told him I would see him the following day. In the present I was pressing the head of my cock against Andy’s little hole. I loved that no matter how much, how often, and how hard I fucked the little boy his hole remained tight. It felt like the first time every time. I pushed my hips forward and pressed my thick cockhead against Andy’s little hole, smearing it with pre. “Mmmm!” Andy whimpered biting his lip and closing his eyes. I pushed more and felt the full head of my cock pop into the tiny hole. I held still feeling Andy’s little boy pussy spasm and milk the head of my cock. “That’s a good little boy” I cooed in a low deep growl, looking down at my Italian cock slowly impaling my little boyfriend’s tiny hungry hole. I grabbed Andy’s ankles and pushed them back as I sunk my cock in more, pushing half of my 8 inches into Andy. “Daddy!” Andy exclaimed naturally as he threw back his head and opened his mouth. That was another way I had known Andy was one of those special little boys who was born to take ped dick. The first time I had played with his little hole with my finger he had not only whimpered and moaned only the way a little boy can that makes my cock rock hard, but he had also instantly started calling me daddy. Some little boys just know what a ped needs to hear. As I pushed my raw fat cock into him his little cock jumped and swelled. I pulled back so just the head was inside and quickly pushed in again, this time sinking a bit deeper. Andy moaned loudly as his hole was stretched on my grownup cock. Once again I looked down at my ped cock and marveled at how well Andy could take it. I knew his little ass was made to be used and I was so proud that I was the man who had taken it first. The first of many I was sure, since a little boy like Andy would need multiple men and multiple loads growing up to keep him satisfied. Plus I’m my experience some peds could sniff out or sense when a little boy needed adult cock. Someone would find him soon and give him their dick too. But for now I was incredibly happy to know that Andy needed only my cock every day. I imagined andy sitting in class day dreaming about me picking him up and taking him home to fuck him every day. His little hole twitching, hungry for his boyfriend’s powerful boy loving cock deep inside his 9 year old hole. I placed Andy’s tiny ankles on my shoulders before reaching down to tease his tiny hard cock. I stroked his tiny spike between his thumb and forefinger as I pulled my own cock back out to the head and again pushed in, this time sinking in to my heavy hairy nuts. My boy was impaled and his tiny hole spasmed and gripped my large adult cock buried inside him. He let out a cry that sounded like a mixture of a scream and a moan as his little cock jumped between my fingers. I wasted no time and started to fuck my little boyfriend with long, deep strokes to my balls and out to the head. I wanted to feel that tiny boy pussy on every inch of my hard ped cock. I started to move faster driving in and out while Andy whimpered and begged, repeating the phrase I had taught him to say when me or any ped ever fucked him. “Fuck me daddy! Fuck my tiny boy pussy!” He cried out like a good little slut. I slammed in and out of the 9 year old hole watching as the head of my cock pressed against the boy’s tummy from inside. I continued to stroke the little cock feeling it jump and swell between his fingers. Suddenly I felt Andy’s tiny dick swell and pulse repeatedly while his boy hole gripped my cock tight, massaging it and milking it as the little boy had his second dry orgasm that day. I pushed my cock in to the base and allowed my lover’s hole to work my cock, squeezing it tight as his entire hole contracted around my dick. Being a true ped I imagined this was how his hole must have felt all the time years ago, tight as fuck to grip adult cock like a vice. As I began to shoot I suddenly thought how much fun it would have been if I had met him years earlier. I felt my cock swell and my balls pull up tight as I began to spurt inside, painting Andy’s guts white with my thick load. My cock pulsed spewing my ropey load, gush after gush, filling the boy’s tiny ass. After I emptied my balls into my boyfriend I leaned down, bending Andy nearly in half to keep my cock in the boy’s hole. I kissed my tiny lover gently. “You’re such a good little boy,” I whispered between kisses. “I love you daddy,” Andy said softly as he gasped for breath. He really was a good boy. Every boy lover’s dream. To be continued….

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