Subject: New Daddy- Chapter 3 (gay-adult youth) Chapter 3 Please donate to Nifty… fty/ ____________________________________________________________________________ As I held sexy Mason in my arms, his father, Dan looked on in jealousy. He didn’t seem jealous that I was feeling up his preteen son’s perfect ass right in front of him however, he seemed jealous of Mason who was receiving all of my attention. “Go bring my bike inside the garage Dan!” I barked at him and he happily obliged. As he left, I asked Mason to give me a quick tour of the house and he happily played the tour guide, quickly showing off the ample house, but most excited to show me his room, decorated with his favorite movie posters, super heroes, etc. He was so adorable when he was excited about something, I couldn’t resist pinning him down on his own bed and feeling him up again, kissing him all over his face while my found its way up the leg of his shorts and inside his tightly whiteys. The feel of his soft supple ass, hairless hole and his smooth sexy boy balls made me crazy. We rolled around and kissed for a while, then Dan appeared at the bedroom door watching me feel up his son again. “Mason has soccer practice” he said nervously. “He’s not going today, he’s going to spend the rest of the evening with me, understood?” I commanded, and he nodded submissively as he continued to look on while I groped his sexy son. I decided it was time to turn things up a notch and really start to put Dan in his place and lay down the law. “Do you like when I touch you like this Mason?” I asked. “I love it Davey!” he answered with a soft bite of my lip. This boy was an absolute sex angel, he had a natural sensual way about him that lured me in completely. “Do you want me to come over here every day and play with your pretty hole, give you sexy kisses and love?” I asked. “Yes, please!” he said between kisses. “And do you want to play with my big dick whenever you want and learn to suck on it better like a good little boy?” I asked him as I brought his hand down the front of my shorts, letting him wrap his little boy hands around my thick slab. “Oh yes Davey, for sure, I love playing with your big donger!” he answered, now with lust in his eyes. “If you really want that, then how about you start calling me Daddy instead of Davey, ok? “Uhh. Ok, but what about my other Daddy?” he asked. “Just call him Dan, or you can call him “slave” or “servant”, “bitch” or “slut”, but there’s no need to call him Daddy again, understand? I’m your new Daddy and wimps like him are just meant to serve real men like me, isn’t that right Dan?” Dan didn’t answer, but just looked down at the floor humiliated. I raised my voice this time, “Isn’t that right!” “Yes sir” he replied! As much as I loved fondling Mason just then, I felt an urgent need to assert my dominance further over his father. Granted, I was already in his own home, uninvited, molesting his son in front of him, but he needed much more discipline. “Get over here slave and take off my sweaty shoes and socks” I ordered. Dan hurried over and kneeled at the foot of the bed and started undoing my laces “You see how a good slave obeys a real man?” I asked Mason. He just looked on and nodded as his dad concentrated on his task. “Now lick those toes clean!” I ordered once he got both shoes and socks off. Dan did not hesitate, but got right to work licking all around my toes, making love to them with his mouth. “You see Mason, he is such a natural born slave.. you see how he loves to obey me?” Dan’s foot worship was making izmit sınırsız escort bayan me really horny actually. “Now Mason, show Daddy how good you are at sucking on my hot muscle tits.” I took my shirt off and brought Mason’s head to my chest. “I love your big muscle chest, Daddy!” he complemented as he fondled my massive left pec and started licking at the protruded hairless pink nipple of my right. Dan looked up at his son in jealousy as the boy went to work on my nips. “There’s a good boy Mason, lick each one like a tasty lollipop” I said as he took turns lapping at each one with his sweet little tongue. “Now start sucking on them harder instead of just licking” I told him. My nipples were now rock hard and I went down the back of the boy’s pants again and found that lovely pucker, massaging it softly. “Daddy loves that sweet little boy hole Mason. Keep sucking on Daddy’s tits like a good boy. Pretend you’re going to suck milk out of them” I said and he began sucking harder, making me squirm with delight.” My cock was going to need some attention again very soon. I was getting over Dan’s foot worship by now. I ordered him off my feel and told him to lay down on the floor on his back. “Now see Mason, I forgot I’m still very dirty from my bike ride. Has this slave been nice to you the last couple of days?” I asked. “Yes, he’s been nice Daddy.” Mason replied. “Ok, do you think he deserves to lick the sweat off my big balls and my asshole?” I asked. “I think so Daddy” he said. By now, it was obvious to him that his father really wanted to please me. I stood up off the bed, took my shorts off and stood there only in my black jockstrap which my hefty cock and sack filled completely. Both of them looked at my body with complete awe, 6 pack abs, bulging chest, bit and quads. I knew I had an amazing body and cock that most men (and boys) would die to worship. I haven’t mentioned my face yet either which was apparently handsome enough to be offered several modeling opportunities in college, all of which I’d turned down. I knelt down on my knees and straddled Dan’s face, not touching him, but letting him inhale my aroma first for a while. I knew my balls and ass must be ripe, I still had my boss Alan’s saliva, mixed with cum coating them plus a layer of sweat and dirt from my long bike ride. “You don’t deserve this, but you can now lick that jockstrap clean slut” I ordered Dan. Mason watched in anticipation at the foot of the bed as if he was watching one of his favorite movies. Dan eagerly lapped up all the fabric that held my weighty ball sac. He got it soaking wet and the sound it made was sexy as fuck. “Open your mouth and suck on those big balls through the fabric now whore!” I said and he was loving every second of it. “You wish your balls were half as big as these don’t you, you worthless slut?” I asked Dan. He just hummed in agreement as he kept lapping at them hungrily like a kitten drinking milk. My cock was starting to rage and I told him to snake his tongue inside and start licking at the around the base of my balls. He wanted nothing more and snaked his tongue underneath the confines of my jock, lapping at my smooth heavy nuts. He tried using his hands to move my jock aside, but I slapped his face and told him not yet. “Clean my asshole first you slut” I said as I adjusted my ass so my hole was now directly at his nose. He definitely took a very big whiff of my funk before rimming, then lodging his long tongue up my tasty hole. Dan was one of the most skilled ass evinde görüşen escort lickers I’d ever come across and Mason and I smiled at each other as I bossed his father around “Fuck yeah, slave, lick than hot manly ass clean you dirty slut”. I bend forward slightly so Mason could have a perfect view of his dad licking my dirty hole like a pig. “Show this boy how much you love tasting my hot manly jock ass”. Dan was moaning with pleasure as he got my ass sloppy wet. “That’s a good slave!” Mason chimed in, now toying with his wiener inside his sexy shorts. “That’s all you get for now slut…. Let’s go outside”, I ordered as I stood and deprived him of my ass. I took Mason by hand and told him to lead the way to the pool. Dan followed behind us, my muscular ass on full display to him in my jock. Dan’s pool was awesome. Very minimalist, yet tranquil, high end patio furniture, chaise lounges, an outdoor shower, cabana and a hot tub. I could very much get used to this. Especially with the owner of the house providing unlimited sexual service as well as his preteen son to use as a sex toy. I realized I hadn’t pissed in several hours so I ordered Dan to the corner of the yard by the fence and told his to get on his knees. I assume he thought he was going to get to suck my cock as he looked very eager to please. I asked Mason out of his soccer shorts and I stepped out of my black jock. I positioned Mason just next to me so both of our cocks were pointed directly at Dan’s face, just inches away. My cock hung heavily over my sack, the heat of the day making my balls hang even lower than normal and they glistened in the sun, still wet from Dans tongue treatment. Without prompting, Dan instinctively opened his mouth apparently ready to suck. I asked Mason to take my cock in his hand and point it at the slaves face. Seeing his small boy hand on my fat cock again got me chubbed up, but I resisted the urge to get fully hard and let out a forceful stream of hot piss right into Dans waiting mouth. He immediately closed his mouth, so I slapped his face and told him to drink it. By now his face and hair were dripping with piss and he once again opened his mouth and begun taking swallows. Mason stood there speechless, still aiming my cock at Dan’s mouth, his boy boner was so cute, pointing up towards the sky as my stream subsided into drips. “Now shake that big dick off Mason and let that slave drink the last drops of it.” I told him. “It’s your turn now Mason” I told him. “Better take a pee before we go into the pool. Give that slave a nice drink so his belly gets nice and full” Mason was getting that devilish grin on his face as he forcefully willed his hot little pecker to pee. What an incredible sight! He looked like one of those cherub statues peeing into a fountain, standing there with his voluptuous little body, peeing into his own father’s mouth. Dan was drinking every drop, I don’t think he spilled a bit of Mason’s hot boy urine. I reached down and held his little cock with one hand and cupped his boy balls with the other, slowly jerking his boy dick as he continued to piss. “What a sexy little boy you are Mason I whispered to him. This slave doesn’t deserve to drink your this, but you are such a nice boy to give it to him. isn’t that right slave?” I asked. “Tell Mason and I what a lucky bitch you are to be able to drink our piss!” Dan replied immediately and said “Thank you both for allowing me to drink your piss, I am the luckiest servant” I ordered Dan to get cleaned up and to kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan go start preparing something for dinner. Mason and I spent the next hour or so playing in the water nude, making out and fondling each other. After a while, I had him sit up on the chaise lounge and began feeding him my dick, patiently attempting to force it further down his throat than he had been able to previously. He was still gagging a lot, but I was encouraging him and being as gently as possible…. “Fuck yeah boy, suck that big Daddy dick like a good boy. Show Daddy how you can take it down your throat like a pro”. It was difficult to resist the urge face fuck the boy, but I had no intention of hurting him and I had plenty of other mouths available to be forceful with if necessary. After a bit of oral training for Mason, I flipped him around on all fours and told him to stick his beautiful ass out of me. I was rewarded with a perfect view of what would be my ultimate goal. His cherry red boy pussy was literally winking at me and inviting me in for a taste. Without warning I penetrated that pink hole with my tongue and he began writhing with pleasure as he verbally encouraged me. “Oh Daddy, that feels so good. Eat my boy hole Daddy, I really love it”. I reached under and fondled his little balls and penis as I chowed down on that ass. After about ten minutes of eating that beautiful pussy hole, I heard Dan approaching, saying dinner was ready. “Shut the fuck up” I ordered, “We’ll be in when I’m finished, now stand right there and watch me finish with my appetizer”. I could see Dan’s jealousy again as I greedily penetrated his boy’s ass with my tongue. The thought of him watching me got me so horned up, I started yanking my big dick feverishly, stood up, pressed the tip of it right up against Mason’s now enflamed open asshole. Several large shots of thick man cream shot directly inside that tight sweet little pussy, the rest I shot all over his pink rim. My cum began and squirting out of his hole and dripping down his beautiful hairless taint. The white foamy liquid that formed around the ring of the boy’s sphincter was soooo fucking hot to look at. I began slapping my cock it and creating more of a mess. Once totally spent. I ordered Dan to beg me to clean up the mess. “You don’t deserve to be anywhere near this manly cock, but since you’ve been good today, you can start with my big dick you, then you can clean up the boy’s hole.” This was the first time I let Dan put his mouth on my cock, so I made sure he knew it was an honor. “Get that cock nice and clean slave, or you’ll never taste it again” After a few seconds of my cock in his mouth, I pulled it out and slapped him in the face with it hard as fuck. “Now, clean the boy’s hole” I watched in awe as he eagerly sucked the huge load of my jizz off his boy’s perfect ass. Mason chimed in “Clean my hole up like a good slut”. After a few seconds, I ordered Dan back in the house and told him to bring the dinner outside to us. Mason and I rinsed off in the outdoor shower and I kissed him tenderly while I soaping him up, spending extra time on his hole. Mason and finished and sat down at one of Dan’s nice outdoor tables where the meal had been laid out. I told Dan to fix a plate for himself and eat it on the ground next to our table, but not to use his hands, only his mouth like a dog would. Mason and I cracked up watching him eat, but he still obeyed. I also made him act as a foot stool for me while I ate and conversed with his son. This was way too good to be true, I could not believe I found myself in this situation! After dinner, I gave Dan a shopping list of items to buy at the adult bookshop and told him to go out right away and not to come back without them. Top on the list was a series of butt plugs and ass toys. It was time to get Mason’s hole prepped for bigger adventures! To be continued.

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