Nanny’s Day Out


Nanny pulled the tight shirt over her head and smoothed it down across her firm tan belly. The image in the mirror showed two round mounds struggling to escape the bondage of the cloth. The nipples showed clear through the gossamer fabric but were not yet standing at their full extension. “Ah,” she smiled, “Dean will love this.” She knew they were slated to drive down Hwy 1 with the top down to a place of beauty and isolation. She shivered with the memory of the last time they stopped there. Those boys will wet–dream of her for months. A wicked smile danced across her face as she ran her hands up her sides to her breasts. The nipples had began to blossom at the first thought of the warm wind caressing over her body and now them were begging for attention. She loves the way Dean would glance at her as they drove around the sharp curves in the mountains. The tension of his spilt focus added a splash of danger to their teasing. One time he almost smacked into a tree as he flicked his finger tips across her front in a mad attempt to get her to pull up her shirt. Grinding gears and teeth, he righted the chariot and pulled over into the next turn out. Her heart pounding from the excitement, he turned and quickly pulled her top up and bit into her tit. His hand snaked out, yanked her short dress up, and slide two fingers into her sopping wet crotch. Nanny never went for a drive with panties on. The one time she did, Dean spanked her hard and not for pleasure. He then tied her hands behind her back with her lace underwear ulus escort and made her sit in the car with her skirt above her crouch as he drove fast down the mountainside. She came three times during the journey and he spanked her lightly for getting his leather seats wet, but he did lick up all the juices as them poured from her pussy.

Her hands roamed about the frontage of her outfit, the short, short skirt with pleats to accent her ass. Dean loved her ass, he touched it ever chance he could. He would cup her cheek with his warm strong hand and gently kneed her buttocks in a group of strangers. Nanny, once in a naughty state of mind, had position herself in rooms so her back was always against the wall. She would thrust her tits out for all to see but Dean has beside himself for want of her ass. He was in this heighten state of frenzy for about a week when he suddenly grabbed her at a party, steered her into the bathroom and fucked her deep in the ass as he bent her over the Jacuzzi. She laughed to herself at the thought of the hostess finding the guest towels soiled with their lovemaking.

Her fingers traced increasing smaller circles around her right breast. This tit is the one Dean will pinch or bit first. Because of that treatment the nipple jumps up to full length at the slightest touch; wind, cloth will make it pop out like a ground hog in early spring. She has been trying to train the other sister to response at the same time. As she got closer and closer to the peak yenimahalle escort of the mound, she flashed quickly with her fingertip across the left breast to make it stand up at the same time as the right. Beauty in symmetry! Her boobs looked like an ice cream sundae with two cherries on top. Oh to be able to lick that treat!

Nanny gently started to knead those mounds to get her twat wet. Dean was not due for a while. Reaching down to the edge of the leather skirt, Nanny slowly pulled the hem up like Dean liked to do. He will take minutes to get the lips of her pussy exposed to his eyes. She can see the line of the dress move like the terminus of the sun across the surface of her legs. Seeing what he sees made her, legs tremble at the reveal of her mound of Venus. The shape of her pussy pushed out her inner lips because her hair was trimmed tightly but not shaven. The contrast of the darkness of her pussy hair against the whiteness of her mound made one focus at the completeness of the picture. She can almost hear him draw a sharp breathe at the beauty of that sacred grove. Wetting a finger in her mouth, she slowly dragged the ball of the digit across the slit of her womanhood. Her lips spring apart as if they had a will of their own and engulfed that naughty probe. Glancing at the mirror, Nanny saw a wanton woman at the edge of a tumble down the slippery slope of lust. Moving her finger around, the red inner lips of her pussy became foreground to her black skirt and white eryaman escort skin.

Quickly she jumped onto the bed and sat on her knees. The legs tuck under her ass and her pussy lips inches above the bed caused her to pop apart. Her fingers started to work inside her like Dean’s tongue would do as she sat on his face. At this point, Nanny would reach out a grab his prick and slide it deep into her mouth. The feel of his head opening up her throat and the taste of his salty shaft on her tongue would make her cum hard for the first of many times. Without him here, she settled to slide first one finger into her dripping honey pot. The feel of the juices on her hand made her slip a second finger in. Holding her hand still, she fucked those two luckily finger hard. A third finger made its way into that steaming cauldron, stretching her out like Dean’s hard cock would. Nanny watched herself ride that horse as she pulled with her other hand on her nipples. The pain of the pinching made shrives run up and down her spine. The wetness from her snatch was drenching her hand and a fourth finger joined the group. Dean had once gotten her to open enough to take his whole hand in but she had never been able to do it herself. The memory of that session made her squirm down onto her fist and the thumb slide into her pussy with ease. Dean had whispered dirty thoughts into her ears as he gently pumped his arm in and out of her full pussy. The bitch in the mirror was beside herself with lust and Nanny joined her in the howl of a major cum fest.

Breathing hard, Nanny pulled her hand out of her pussy and brought it to her face. First smelling the rich odor of her cum and then tasting the sweetness of her juices she realized there as a jingling of keys in the front door. Dean was here!

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