Nancy and the Counselor


Author’s note: The following story is a work of erotic fiction. If you find material of this type offensive, or are under the age of eighteen, please exit now.

Since I had only been working as a counselor and therapist for three years, I was determined to please my clients and build up my practice. After all, the clients were what paid the rent. Aside from that, I had always had a heart for helping others, and this seemed to be the most fitting profession for me. Both my undergraduate work at Penn and my Master’s studies at NYU were preparing me for the profession. Now nearly thirty, I considered myself an up-and-comer, since friends told me I had the looks, body, and brain to be a real success.

My office isn’t like those of the psychiatrists you might think of, with a leather couch for the patient to lie on while the therapist takes notes. It looks more like a comfortable living room, with an Oriental rug, desk, easy chairs, sofa, and a coffee table to make my clients feel at home.

Most of my clients had the sort of minor “hang ups” that seemed almost pitiful to someone who had never really faced adversity. But some were a real pleasure to work with.

I always looked forward to Nancy Connelly’s visits to my office. She is close to forty, but looks ten years younger, and has kept herself in wonderful shape and has a warm, outgoing personality. Helen buzzed me to announce that she had arrived for her appointment. I told her to send her in, and that she could leave for the day since this was my last counseling appointment.

Her job as Vice President of a local advertising agency required her to look her best when meeting clients. She had been promoted to the job five years ago, and seemed to enjoy it. Whenever I asked about the men in her life, she was always evasive. As near as I could tell, she had been engaged when younger, and lost her fiancé in an accident. Work was her life, and marriage wasn’t a priority, or even a glimmer of a thought, as far as I could tell.

As always, Nancy looked stunning with her short curly blonde hair, tan linen skirt and blue blazer with a white oxford cloth blouse. It bulged in all the right places. Everything about her was neat and tidy, and she would have been at home in the all the best places.

Nancy seemed a bit tense bahis siteleri when she came in, so I asked, “Is there anything unusual bothering you this week?”

“Well, I have had this recurring fantasy that I just can’t seem to get off my mind.”

“OK,” I replied, “sometimes it is helpful to act out a fantasy. When it isn’t as it seemed to be in your imagination, sometimes it goes away.”

“Acting it out might be hard, since it involves you.”

“Well, that shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s see how it works out. Why don’t you set the scene and we can do a little play-acting. You know how role-playing works, we act out the fantasy.”

She seemed a bit embarrassed, and said, “Well, it starts with you standing right behind me and helping me off with my blazer.”

“No problem. Like this?”

“Exactly”, she replied. “Then I have you rub my neck and shoulders to relax me.”

As I leaned over, I could smell a faint whiff of floral perfume. I spent a few minutes giving her a gentle massage, when she reached up and pulled my hands down over her tits and pressed them to her tits. I was a bit uncomfortable, but couldn’t resist giving them a squeeze. She started to moan softly,

“Please keep it up. It’s exactly as I expected so far.”

How could I resist? As I kneaded her tits, she moved back toward me until our bodies were touching. There was no way she could miss the stiff cock that was trying to poke through my pants. She wriggled against me, then began unbuttoning her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. Now I was squeezing her luscious tits through a filmy plain white net bra, gently squeezing her nipples, which were now erect.

To my surprise, she reached back behind her, and began to squeeze my erect cock through my pants, slowly but firmly.

“Are you sure you want to go on?” she asked. How could I help myself, with two handfuls of sweet, creamy tits, and a warm hand surrounding my cock?

I just murmured, and kept squeezing her tits and gently pinching her nipples through the filmy bra. She reached behind her to unsnap her bra, and then let it slip off her arms. Her tits were even more luscious without the net bra, and now my cock was really jumping. She had the tits of a porn star, something I hadn’t really paid attention to in our previous sessions. canlı bahis siteleri She moved her hand up from my cock and pulled down my zipper, then reached in and pulled it free. It isn’t a monster, but I have had no complaints. Where was all this going? I wondered?

Nancy quickly undid her zipper and dropped her skirt, to my surprise. My bare cock was now pressing against her ass against her white nylon panties. She opened her legs slightly, to let my cock press in between her thighs, and pulled it up from the front so that it was pressing against her crotch. Even through her filmy panties, I could feel the heat and moisture.

She released me for a moment, and the panties were the next to drop. She then reached down between her thighs, and dipped her finger in her soaking pussy, then held it up to my lips. The smell was enough to drive me wild, and I took it in my mouth and sucked it to taste her cunt juice. I can’t remember ever being so aroused.

She then pulled my cock between her legs again, and started rotating her pussy lips against it. Her cunt juices made it slippery and warm.

With her fingers, she slowly eased the tip of my cock barely into her dripping cunt, while she worked on her clit with her other hand. Who would cum first, I wondered, since my foreskin was being rolled rhythmically back and forth by her cunt lips?

Without a word, she turned around and started kissing me, thrusting her tongue deeply into my mouth. When I responded, she began to suck my tongue as if it was my cock, and I thought I would explode before going any further.

She loosened my belt and let my pants and shorts fall to the floor, then unbuttoned my shirt, which I shrugged off. Her mouth went down from my lips to my nipples, and then her tongue began to trace circles down my stomach. As she knelt down in front of me, she pulled my willing cock into her mouth, and began giving quick flicks of her tongue to the bottom of its head. She was obviously no amateur at cocksucking. She knew when to suck, and when to hold off to keep me from blowing my load.

She moved over in front of the desk, and bent down with her elbows on it, exposing not only her sweet, round ass cheeks, but also her bulging pussy. It was an invitation I couldn’t refuse. I stepped up behind her, canlı bahis and directed my cock into her pleasure zone.

She bent over allow me to push it fully in, then began squeezing it with her cunt. “Where had she learned this?” I wondered, but I didn’t really care. I was in the middle of the best fuck of my life.

While I was pumping her from behind, she pulled one arm free from the desk, and began madly fingering herself. I wondered if that was what she had been doing when this was only a fantasy?

“Higher,” she said. I was confused for a moment until she pulled off my cock, and lowered herself down until it was pointing at her asshole. Who was I to complain? The lubrication let it slid in easily to her tight hole, which gripped me like a blood pressure cuff. I started pumping her slowly, then faster, until I was about to explode.

“Now it’s my turn,” she said, and turned and slipped onto the edge of the desk with her knees apart. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see what she wanted, and I was eager to oblige. I pulled up a chair and started licking the inside of her creamy thighs, moving closer and closer to her pussy, and its sweet aroma.

I was no amateur, either, and began flicking my tongue back and forth on her clit, sucking it, and alternately sticking it all the way into her cunt and twisting it. Apparently, she got what she had expected, since she began moaning softly and squeezing her nipples while I worked on her pussy. Before long, she had the kind of orgasm that couldn’t be faked, and I kept licking her pussy softly as her body shook with spasms.

She then slipped off the desk and knelt down on the Oriental rug, and surrounded my throbbing cock with her full, eager lips. As she sucked, her hands gently massaged my balls, which were about to burst. She had a wonderful sense of timing, synchronizing her sucking with my now stronger spasms. As the first load of cum came shooting out, she took it in her mouth, and then she moved back to allow the rest to squirt onto her bare tits. We were both exhausted, but fully satisfied.

“You know that what we just did is really a violation of your Professional Code of Ethics as a psychologist, don’t you?”

What could I say? She was right.

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t think of reporting you.”

“That is, if we can have therapy sessions every Wednesday at four o’clock.”

It was a bargain that I couldn’t refuse.

The End


Unprotected sex is fine in erotic fantasy, but can be deadly in real life.

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