Naked On TV: And The Winner Is Love


“You three have buggered up my life,” I said, staring at the fully clothed Celeste, Naomi and Sam. “Your little game caused my lady parts to become very demanding.” All three just shrugged and continued our walk towards the river. I stood there for a moment, flabbergasted, then ran after and past them. Turning, my hands on my hips, I said: “What do you have to say about…”“Watch it, Julia,” warned Celeste. “You’re in shit.”“I know and you’re responsible.”“No. You’re standing in rhino dung.”I looked down and saw the poo I was in.Celeste went down on her knees and called us to look closer. She pointed to the ruff texture of the manure: “This area is called a midden, or a bush toilet. But which rhino eats bark, leaves or branches?” She gave me a handful of dry dung. “Feel it.”Rubbing the rough manure between my fingers I had no idea. “The one with horns?”These three people had the most profound effect on me, and they continued with their nature games, even when the cameras were not present.“Black rhino,” answered Naomi.“Correct. The dung is not as rough as that of an elephant and it differs from that of a white rhino,” said Celeste. “Why?”“Because the black rhino eats leaves and twigs, while the white rhino eats grass,” said a bored Naomi. “You can see the difference in their lips.”“How?” asked Sam.“The upper lip of the white rhino is broad for grazing,” answered Celeste. “While the black rhino’s is pointed for browsing.”“You mean like the pointy lip of that monster over there?” I said, pointing at what appeared to be the discussed black rhino. “I think he wants to use the toilet we’re standing on.”Celeste and Naomi slowly stood up, while Sam continued to inspect the dung in his hands. Naomi touched the kneeling Sam’s shoulder and said: “Get up slowly and move back behind those buffalo thorn bushes.” I wanted to run but Celeste took my hand and guided me away from the danger.~~~The heatwave hitting South Africa ten days before our final programme forced us to reschedule our recordings. Fred and I decided to bring everyone back to the lodge to have a day and night shoot in the comfort of the Lodge. I invited my three liberators to take a walk with me as I had a few things to share with them. Celeste and Naomi seemed to be more interested in teaching the handsome Sam about the bush than listening to my emotional and sexual confusion.Since almanbahis we left their camp, my pussy was constantly on fire, an itch I couldn’t scratch. I promised myself not to allow Fred into my pussy, as he and Naomi still had a thing for each other, and I didn’t want to have sex with my boss.When Sam entered me and Naomi licked my clit, something went off in my head and heart. It was as if I lost my virginity again, but not the one in my vagina.My Christian upbringing turned sex before marriage into a sinful taboo. I lost my virginity to my professor the night I received my PhD in media psychology. That was seven years ago. I was scared and didn’t enjoy it. I regretted that ever since and vowed not to have sex with someone I didn’t love. That was until Sam entered me from behind.I could still feel him pushing into me and Naomi’s finger next to his manhood inside my vagina. When Naomi licked my little nub, I encountered heaven. That was the first time anyone else touched me down there. But it was the phone call from my parents after that episode aired that had me fuming.~~~“We’re downwind from him,” whispered Celeste. “He has poor eyesight but great hearing and smell.”“Let’s get out of here…” Panic squeezed my throat as I wanted to get back to the Lodge.“Not yet.” Sam pointed to the rhino at the midden, who promptly sprayed his urine, defecated and once done, scattered the dung with slow kicks with his hind legs. He looked around as if to challenge any trespasser, and with flair trotted off.“He’s just confirming his territory,” whispered Celeste.I wanted to wet my panties but not to mark my territory. I just wanted to get out of there, but my legs wouldn’t move. I collapsed into Sam’s arms. Celeste and Naomi quickly stood next to us.“It must be the early morning heat,” said Naomi, looking concerned.Anger gave me new energy. Stuff them, I thought, I have to do this on my own.I slowly unbutton my khaki shirt, took it off and the next to go was my shorts. I quickly removed my bra and panties and threw my clothes at Sam. I had the good sense to keep my boots on. Turning around I started walking.“Where are you going?” asked Celeste.“Back to the Lodge,” I said over my shoulder.“Wrong way,” said Celeste. “The Lodge is east of here.”Where is east? I stopped, covered my face with my hands and I could feel my body shake with anger, shame almanbahis yeni giriş and humiliation. I wanted to share something personal with them and all they were interested in was rhino shit. When I opened my eyes, Sam stood before, his face filled with concern. His eyes sparkled with humor when he waved my white panties and bra in front of me. I didn’t see the funny side of the situation.“This is my peace offering,” he said, taking my chin in his hand. He leaned forward and kissed me softly on my pouting lips.“You cannot be naked and not expect a reaction,” he whispered and took my hand to his erect but still covered manhood. Involuntary, I squeezed his genitals. He kissed me again, this time with more passion, his hand touching my pleasure noddle.When I opened my eyes, Naomi and Celeste stood naked behind Sam, trying to get rid of his clothes. This was not what I wanted, not now, not here. I disentangled myself from Sam’s now naked embrace, kissed Celeste and Naomi and walked back to the Lodge, this time in the correct direction. Nudity should never be a reason to have sex. My whole life was a search for that one elusive ingredient.~~~Back at the Lodge, the other four participants were playing in a cool designer pool with a cascading water feature. Madeline and Trevor, the couple who went with Celeste, left after two days. Madeline was so jealous that she attacked Celeste when Trevor took food from her. The remaining four were all naked, splashing around. Five camera crews were busy filming the carefree frolicking. As soon as Sam, Naomi and Celeste arrived, Fred appeared and stood behind me.He rested his hand on my naked bum. I wanted to slap his hand away, but then I saw Naomi glaring at me. I didn’t move when Fred moved his hand around my body to cup my breast from below. His clothed hip pressed against my naked body. I let my hand drop to his crotch, barely touching his growing erection.“Ladies and gentlemen,” began Fred. “I trust you washed the bush from your beautiful naked bodies and had some proper food.” He moved behind me, rubbing his erection against my bum cheeks and placed his hands on my hips. “We are moving to the last phase of the show. All the viewers enjoyed your survival techniques in the bush. But most of all, they loved, no, what is the right word?” With that he slipped his hands from my hips, almanbahis giriş over my body to my boobs and then moved one down to my pussy. “They fucking went crazy about all your sexual adventures. They want more.” By now Fred had his fingers playing with my clit. “Julia came up with the idea to close the series with a kind of Playboy TV Swing episode where everybody fucks everyone else.”A quiet settled over the group. The two couples looked at their spouses, then at the others, a few smiles appeared, and I detected a few frowns from the husbands.I gently removed Fred’s hands from my body and stepped forward: “You’ve managed to survive for so long in the African bush and had the opportunity to explore your primitive sex drives with each other.” I removed my boots and walked up to Naomi to kiss her. Anger flashed in her eyes and she stepped back. I turned around to face the others.“The question we want answered, is: is love limited? Can we love more than one person? Swinging raises a lot of questions. You have the opportunity to answer these questions for yourself and the viewers.”“Is sex just our animal nature to make babies,” added Fred. “Or is sex communication about unconditional love.”“What kind of crap are you spinning?” asked Naomi. “What has love got to do with fucking?” I detected jealousy in her voice and the way she stood with her hands on her hips, glaring at me.“That is what we want to find out?” said Fred.“To make this interesting,” I said. “The five couples will…”“I just count two, plus Celeste, Naomi and me,” said Sam.”I’m coming to that. Graham and Anne, Harry and his Anne, Celeste and Thandi, Naomi and Fred and Sam and I will partner up.” I continued. “Thandi is Celeste’s partner in life.” Thandi stepped forward, the beautiful black and equally naked African goddess, walked to Celeste and hugged her. Celeste had a big smile and after kissing Thandi mouthed a ‘thank you’ in my direction.“If that is the case,” said Sam. “Fred must strip and join us.” Sam walked up to Fred and started to undress him. When Sam pulled down Fred’s pants he came face to face with Fred’s circumcised cock. After fondling his balls, Sam guided Fred’s erection to his mouth and kissed the purple head. I walked over to them and pulled Fred from Sam’s mouth.“Down boy,” I said. “We have a show to do.”“Thank you, Julia,” said Fred, stepping back from the kneeling Sam. “Each couple has a room assigned to you. You have an hour in your rooms with the cameras to record your preparations for the evening. The theme for the evening is expressed in your costumes. Good luck.”

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