My Young Boy Toy


My Young Boy Toy

This is an absolute true story that took place not too long ago.As I have mentioned before in my other stories,I would only cross the line if an opportuniyt presents itself for me to live out a long awaited fantasy.I have always wanted to have passionate sex with a young boy between the ages of 14-16, medium built and must be a virgin in both ways and when I think about the innocent cock of a young boy it just makes me more and more horny and wild.

Due to the nature of my work sometimes it can be very demanding resulting in overtime and extra meetings.One day as I was working on a project my boss requested that I complete this on the set day so I had to work overtime.I finished at 1 am and it was perfect and ready to go public.To my joy I was granted to next two days off just to relax and reap my rewards.Now My neighbourhood is very quiet and serene.Both my neighbours and very nice folks.The neighbours on the left are very close with my wife and I of which they have two kids, Tommy and Dale.Dale is the older one at 18 and Tommy is 14.Both boys and i are good pals and we talk alot about Tec stuff etc.Like I said I had 2 days off from work and I will be all alone.Day 1 arrives and my wife left for work at 5:45am and I just decided to go to the mini mart and get some goodies to enjoy and I also made my secret stop to get some Cannabis.When I returned home Jill came across and asked me if I can keep an eye on Tommy today cause he is suspended from school for 3 days.So i tought about it and said ok.At 7am Tommy came across and i showed him around and gave him full access around the house.

So I now had to lay down some rules and Tommy was quite ok with them.I told him if he needed anything just call me.So i proceeded to my room with my bottle of Whiskey and my Cannabis joint.I turned on the Tv and lit my joint and was just sipping on my Whiskey.About kocaeli escort bayan 1 hr later Tommy called out and I came down almost high and a little drunk.Tommy wanted to use my Pc so i said ok.So I went back up.15 minutes later I came back down to get some ice when I noticed Tommy was missing but he was in the bathroom.What I saw next took me by surprise,Tommy was watching Porn videos of mature men and young boys.I decided to check up on him and guess what,he was masterbating and saying softly, oh I want to be fucked by “…..” (My name). I was totally amazed at that gesture.Minutes later he was done and I quickly ran upstairs.My heart was beating like crazy and I had some more Whiskey and some cannabis to think what just happened.So now I realised here is a perfect opportunity to get my fantasy in the flesh.

So i went and took a shower and took about 5 pull of cannabis and went downstairs,Tommy was watching TV.I sat next to him and asked him if he wants to come and watch TV in my room.I got a 36″ Plasma in my room with surround sound etc.He agreed and we went up.As we entered my room Tommy asked what is that smell and I told him it is marijuana and he said He tried that 2 times at school.Infact that is why he got suspended.So I told him to get comfy and so he did.I gave him the joint and he took it boldly and started smoking and then asked for some of that Whiskey and I was a bit skeptical but gave him anyway.About 15 minutes later Tommy got high and drunk all together.What happened next surprised and shocked me at once.Tommy just jumped on me and said he wants to have sex with me and that he has been dreaming about me for the past 8 months.Without hesitation I said sure why not, lets try it out.So I turned off the Tv and put in a Dvd of some young boys with grown men and Tommy was so in heat and horny I could see his bulge in his pants.I was semi hard.So i told Tommy to remove kocaeli sınırsız escort his clothes and turn around for me to have a look and to lust after his beautiful young virgin body.When Tommy removed his shirt and then pants and was all alone in his little white boxers,he was so cute and what a pretty boy and had a delicious 5 1/2″ boy cock..Now my cock was now as hard as ever, yes all 8″.Now keep in mind that both Tommy and myself were high and drunk at the same time so we were on the wild side.I pulled him closer to me and when our skin touched it was smooth and soft.I kissed him and he was loving it.He did not have any experiencce but was up to it.I wanted to make him as wild and hungry for me to fuck him.I then took out some scented oil and put it all over his lucious body and we caressed and it was heavenly.I then held his head and guided him down and when I put my cock in his mouth it was so satisifying, I never wanted it to stop.Oh the adrenaline was intense.Now he licked and sucked like an amature but it was welcomed.I then rolled him over and in a quick dash I took his boy cock in my mouth, all I tasted was innocense, virginity and purity.I sucked every drop of pre cum and licked and sucked him with pleasure.Tommy was in heaven,he just keep saying yes,yes,yes.

Next i spun him over on his belly and placed a pillow under him and boy oh boy his pink, succulent anus was revealed.I went down and when i placed my tounge on it he jumped but was begging me to lick him.All I tasted was a pure virgin ass and I could’nt wait to fuck him but I wanted to make him more than 100% aroused.As I sucked on his anus I then placed one finger at the entrance and pushed a little.He cried for pain but he loved it and wanted more.So I took out my KY and lubed up his ass and also my finger and went back in.He was tight and hot but was crying for more.Eventually izmit anal yapan escort i got my finger all the way in and stared to work his hole.Tommy loved it so much he said please fuck me, I want ur cock.I told him not yet.I then spun him over and took his tool in my mouth and continued sucking and then he started to tremble and started moaning and groaning and then he shot his little bit of sperm in my mouth.It tasted delicious.After he came i said its time now and I flipped him over on his back.I took my KY and put alot on my finger and lubed his ass well,both outside rim and on the inside,then i placed alot on and around my 8″ hard fuck tool.Now I know that this is gonna hurt Tommy so I wanted to be as gentle as I can be.So I lined up my dick next to his hole.I teased him by rubbing it directly on his pink anus.When I placed the head and pushed the first inch went in with ease and he jumped but said to me to give him more.So I pulled out and lubed up some more and went back in.Now the Whiskey and Cannabis was causing my orgasm to delay and I loved it.When I pushed in my cock went halfway in and Tommy started whimping for pain so I pulled back out.Lubed up again and went for the prize.So i pused my cock up his hole nice “n” slow and boy it was so intense.It ws like his ass was strangling my cock.He was so hot,tight,wet and my cock was raging with pleasure.Tommy shouted for pleasure and that was my tip to start fucking him.I was loving every second of this,I thought to my self oh i want this to last forever.As I fucked Tommy young virgin ass my body started to shiver,my heart start racing and my cock was exploding from pressure and the intense tension of a young tight ass gripping my cock.And finally I shot about 6 loads of cum up his hole and I must confess it was one of my best orgasm.It took about 2 minutes for my orgasm after effects to ware off and then I pulled out and my cock poped out like a wine cork.Tommy told me that he loves me and wants to do this more often.I agreed with him but quickly reminded him that only when the opportunity is safe and proper.

Once again, what a fuck…..

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