My Wife Says I Need Sex Lessons!


“Really? You came already?” Allison asked in frustration as I pulled away, my penis becoming rapidly flaccid inside my condom.

“Yeah.. Sorry.” I had been struggling to satisfy my wife, Allison. My premature ejaculation problem certainly wasn’t helping matters. She was getting frustrated, to the point our relationship was at risk. “Was I at least close to getting you off?”

Allison shook her head no. “No Cameron. You know it’s already difficult with you having such a small penis, but if you also cum fast, then there will be no hope.”

Allison didn’t hold back, and it hurt, but it was also no surprise. We had discussed my shortcomings frequently. I hadn’t gotten Allison off ever in our relationship. For a long time, she kept giving me the benefit of the doubt, assuming I would improve with practice. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. To top things off, when we started talking honestly, she admitted I was too small for her. I always suspected I was a little small, but she confirmed it. It still hurt and embarrassed me every time I heard it. Now her frustration was reaching such levels that her remarks had become blatantly blunt.

“I think we are going to need to resort to drastic measures.” Allison said tersely.

“Anything babe, what can I do?”

Allison looked right at me. “Sex lessons.”

“Sex lessons?” I asked.

“Yes Cameron. You obviously will not get any better on your own. You’re going to need someone who knows what they are doing to train you.”

“So you’re saying I need to have someone tell me how to be better at sex and, like, take notes?” I asked.

Allison sighed. “No. I mean, I have someone in mind who will literally show you how to get me off.”

“Are you saying you want me to let you have sex with another guy? And you expect me to watch?” I asked, absolutely shocked.

“It’s not about letting me. Only I get to decide who I have sex with. And since you cannot satisfy me, what better way to learn? I have someone in mind. Adam, from my work, I hooked up with him before you and I were an item. He’s one of the best I’ve ever had. He’ll show you exactly what can get me off. Besides, until you can do it on your own, this is going to be an open marriage.”

“Adam? That guy? There has to be another way.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“There is no other way. If you want to save our marriage, then you need to do this.” Allison said matter-of-factly. “I’ve been considering this for a long time and even discussed it with Adam. He’s open to the idea. Tonight was your last chance to figure things out on your own. Anyway, I’m going to bed. I’ll text Adam in the morning so we can work out the details.”

I couldn’t sleep that night. My wife was going to sleep with another man while I watched? What was I even going to say to him? I already felt awkward just thinking about it. The morning came and Allison set everything up for the following weekend.


I paced around our living room anxiously waiting for the arrival of our guest. My stomach was in knots and my entire body felt blushed with embarrassment. Adam hadn’t even arrived yet! I really didn’t want to watch Allison sleep with him, but seeing as how it was going to happen whether I liked it or not, I simply wished for it to start as quickly as possible so I could get it over with.

Allison was in our bathroom finishing up her makeup. She went all out to look her best for tonight. She bought a matching bra and panties and a new, and very short, dress. That morning she had also gotten her nails and hair done. Finally, she had me help her shave her privates, to make sure she was completely smooth for Adam.

Outside our window, I saw a car pulling up our driveway. “Honey, Adam is here!” Calling to Allison. I was panicking a little. The last thing I wanted to do was answer the door myself and face Adam alone. I was embarrassed and nervous enough already. Unfortunately, there was a knock at the door and Allison still hadn’t come down. Reluctantly, I made my way to the door and opened it.

Adam greeted me with a big cocky smile. “Hey Cameron.”

“Hi Adam, um, Allison will be right down.” I replied, moving to the side allowing Adam in.

Adam was handsome, tall, not ripped, but in good shape. He was probably about ten years older than Allison and I. We’re in our mid-twenties. “No worries. Hey man, by the way, I think it’s really cool that you can accept needing help. Most guys would be too embarrassed to admit they can’t get their wife off. And also accepting your, I mean Allison told me about your small.. well, you know.”

“Yeah, thanks.” Good god, where was Allison? This was agonizing.

Finally, Allison appeared. “Hi Adam! Thanks for coming. Are you as excited as we are?” Allison asked.

“Hell yes. I still remember how amazing it was back before you met Cameron.” Adam answered.

“Oh my god it was the best. We were like two sexy puzzle pieces that fit together just right.” Allison laughed. “Why in the world did polatlı escort we ever stop having sex anyway?”

Adam shrugged, “guess that’s just life sometimes. I have to say though I’m excited to do it again. You have no idea how many times I think about it when we’re at work.”

“Oh, I have an idea. I see you checking me out.” Allison said with a flirty smile.

“I can’t help it. All the guys at the office stare at your sexy body in those outfits you wear, but I’ve seen you naked. It’s such a mental tease, knowing what’s under those clothes.”

“Oh, it’s not easy for me either. I know what’s hiding in your pants mister. That thing is a monster.” Allison’s eyes glanced down, and she smiled.

Adam chuckled. “Well, I’m more than happy to let it out again. So, how do you want to do this?”

“I think we should just go straight to the bedroom if you are ok with that? I’m thinking it would be best if you and I get started and you can explain things to Cameron while he watches. We really want Cameron to learn something.” Allison said.

Adam held out his hand, and Allison took it. “Ok, let’s get started then.” He then led my wife, hand in hand, to our bedroom.

Allison and Adam came to a stop at the foot of our bed. “Cameron, make sure you are paying very close attention.” Allison told me.

“Alright Cameron, at the start, it’s really important to get her in the mood. Allison should be aroused before you even touch her privates. I’m going to start with some kissing.” With that, Adam pulled my wife in and kissed her deeply. After a few seconds, he broke the kiss to address me further. “Now see my hands? I’m starting by holding the small of her back. My other hand is just on her hip. From here, I’ll move my hands to other areas while we make out.”

Allison and Adam locked lips once more. His hand on her back pulled Allison in tighter, her hands moved up his chest, then over his shoulders until her arms wrapped around his neck. The hand Adam had on her hip moved down to her ass. He squeezed her firm butt and she pressed her pelvis into his.

Adam spoke up again, “you can tell Allison is getting into it now. That’s my cue to move further, like touching her chest. And when she responds positively to that, you’ll see me start to undress her.” Instead of kissing Allison on the lips again, Adam started kissing her neck. She moaned and he moved the hand that was on her back slowly up to her chest, gently groping Allison’s left breast over her clothing.

Allison responded by removing one of her arms behind Adam’s neck, bringing her hand to rest momentarily on his shoulder. Next, she slowly moved her hand down over his chest, down across his stomach, past his waist, and it came to rest on his groin. I gasped at the sight of my wife feeling another man’s privates, even if it was over clothes.

Adam clearly took this as a sign. He slipped the straps of Allison’s dress off her shoulders and pulled the dress down. She put her arms to her side to allow it to fall to the floor. Allison was now in only her bra and panties, still making out with Adam as they groped each other. Next, Adam moved a hand behind her and expertly un-clasped Allison’s bra and removed it. Her perky breasts were exposed, her nipples erect.

They stopped kissing again, allowing Adam to speak once more. “Even before I put my hand between Allison’s legs or take off her panties I’m going to play with her nipples.” His hand moved to her breasts, massaging them while he kissed her again. “I’m sure you noticed I gently groped her breasts, then gently pinched her nipples. Allison moaned and pushed her pelvis towards me. That’s a clear sign I’m getting her aroused and that she wants me to touch her pussy, but I’m going to tease her a little first. Now watch, first I’m going to swirl my tongue around the nipple, not a lot, maybe once or twice, then I’ll bring it into my mouth and suck on it gently. If she’s really into it, then sometimes gently nibbling at it might get her going even more, but only do that if she’s really horny.”

Adam lowered his mouth to Allison’s chest. He followed through just as he said he would. She continued pushing out her pelvis as if she were desperately trying to get Adam to notice it, almost like she was humping the air. I had never seen my wife so horny. Finally, Adam hooked his fingers in the waist of her panties. With one swift motion, he now had my wife completely naked, lying on my bed in front of him.

Now Adam looked down at Allison. “Beautiful, you’re doing great. Here, let’s spread your legs a little.” He gently spread my wife’s legs. Allison offered no resistance. “It’s safe to say Cameron won’t need an anatomy lesson, right?” Adam asked with a chuckle.

“Actually..” Allison giggled. “Given my husband’s skill level, why don’t you give him a refresher?”

Adam smiled and nodded. He touched my wife’s pussy and gently massaged the outer area in a circular motion with his fingers. My eyes must have looked pursaklar escort like saucers at this point. Seeing another man physically touching my wife’s bare pussy was shocking, despite the fact I knew it would be happening at some point tonight. “The general area is called the vulva.” This entire idea was silly. I didn’t need an anatomy lesson. The only reason for this was to humiliate me. It was becoming apparent that Allison was enjoying the aspect of emasculating and humiliating me. This was becoming far more that just lessons. Next, Adam massaged Allison’s pussy lips, alternating between sides.

“This is her labia. You can already see how wet she is in this area. That’s from her being really aroused from everything I’ve already done to her.” I guess Allison was right about one thing. Adam did know how to please her. I had never seen her pussy so wet. She was already hornier than I had ever managed to get her. Using his fingers, he spread them apart. “And if you spread them open, you can see her clitoris here.” He said, rubbing it with his finger. Allison’s body shivered with pleasure. “As you can see, it’s very sensitive and very pleasurable for her to be stimulated here.” Finally, Adam slipped a finger inside of her. “Of course, this is her vagina. Although, I’m sure you are well aware of that. Do you have any questions?”

It took several awkward seconds before I could muster a reply. “Uh, no. I think I’ve got it.”

Allison laughed, “good, we might quiz you later!”

Adam had never moved his hand. He still had a finger buried in my wife. “I’m going to give Allison her first orgasm now using my hands.” Adam turned his hand, so it was facing upward. He slipped his middle finger in to join his pointer. Allison closed her eyes as Adam slowly manipulated his fingers. “I’m using these two fingers to stimulate Allison’s g-spot. I’m going to use my other hand on her clitoris.” He now rubbed Allison’s clit with his other hand. She started moaning and squirming like I had never seen. Allison’s hips began to buck and soon her body trembled and liquid shot from her pussy. Had Allison just squirted?

Through heavy breaths, Allison looked at Adam and told him. “That’s the first time I’ve had an orgasm I didn’t give myself in a couple years. Thank you.”

Adam smiled. “Well, I’m not done with you yet. Does Cameron need any lessons on oral?”

“He needs lessons on everything.” Allison replied, laughing.

“Ok Cameron, pay close attention to what I do with my tongue. Look how I start with a flick of my tongue on Allison’s clit. Then you’ll see me going to an up and down motion while maintaining rhythm. That is really important.” Adam lowered his face between my wife’s thighs, her back arched and her moans returned. Allison writhed on the bed in pleasure, her body seemed to act involuntarily to the pleasure. Allison grabbed the bedsheets tightly as Adam brought her to an orgasm for a second time.

Adam got up and started undressing. “First, I have to say Cameron, you are a lucky guy. I love how your wife’s pussy tastes. Anyway, now that I’ve done a good job of getting her really turned on, we can finally move onto sex.”

Allison looked at me. “Go ahead and undress too. It’ll be weird if you are sitting there in clothes while Adam and I are naked.”

I was hesitant at first, but after a momentary delay, I silently compiled. Adam had started before me. Out of curiosity, I watched closely when he got down to his underwear. I wanted to know how I compared. When Adam finally pulled his underwear down I gasped. It was only semi-erect and huge. It currently pointed down at an angle, easily over 6 inches and thick. I began to get stage fright, I’m so much smaller. My penis became super flaccid, so much so I could feel it receding almost like it wanted to hide.

“Come on now.” Allison commanded. “I know it’s small and already told Adam. Just get on with it.”

I nodded, hooked my thumbs around my waistband and removed my last bit of dignity. Feeling the air, and eyes, on my exposed genitalia, I wanted to disappear.

“Good boy.” Allison said, then she giggled with her hand over her mouth after glancing at both our crotches.

Compared to Adam, I was tiny. My small, flaccid penis was practically a nub sticking straight out. Just the head of his, still only partially erect, member was larger than my entire dick at that moment. I tried to discreetly tug at and play with myself in an attempt to get at least somewhat erect so the comparison wouldn’t be so pathetic.

Allison took Adam’s cock in her hand, stroking it. “I missed this big guy.” She looked almost as if she was salivating over a delicious steak.

“It missed you too.” Adam replied. He was fully erect now. I wasn’t even sure how long.. 8 or 9 inches maybe. It was so much bigger than mine that I struggled to even estimate. Allison’s fingers couldn’t even touch. It was just so thick.

Allison looked at Adam’s thick cock and licked her sincan escort lips. She looked up at him and asked. “Why don’t you say we finish our lesson? I’ve waited long enough.” She released his cock from her hand and returned to her back on our bed. Her leg’s spread wide.

Adam moved between my wife’s legs, before pausing and turning to me. “Before I slide it in, come closer and take a look.” I approached until I had a clear view of Adam’s cock only an inch from Allison’s dripping pussy. “Pay attention to what I do here. I’m taking the head of my penis and I’m pressing it between Allison’s labia. Now I’m going to use one hand on the base of my penis and move it up and down. See? As I do this, I’m pushing forward with just the slightest amount of pressure. You can see my penis head is slowly moving deeper between her labia with each motion.” Allison shuddered as Adam’s cock teased her, moving over her clit. “If I pull my penis away for a moment. Now look, the entire tip is glistening. By using your wife’s wetness, I lubricated the end of my penis, so it’ll slide in more easily. This is one of the benefits of foreplay and getting her in the mood.”

I didn’t even know what to say! All I could do was stare Adam’s fat cock head. Finally, he lined up his cock with Allison’s vagina. Adam pushed forward, sinking the tip and first couple inches of his cock into my wife. She gasped and her entire body reacted to the large intruder. “Now my penis is a lot larger than yours, so notice that just the tip has already caused quite a reaction. I’m only going a couple inches in, now pulling out, a couple inches in, then pulling out.” I couldn’t believe it. I just stood there and watched, dumbfounded while Adam fucked my wife. “Each time I’m going just a bit deeper. Now see? She’s just in pleasure, no discomfort.”

Adam was right. I had never seen such a look of bliss on my wife’s face. He was going deeper now. Before long, he was fucking her with the full length of his long dick. He no longer narrated his actions and I’m pretty sure they forgot about me. I sat down and watched. Allison’s moans and screams were so consistent and loud that I couldn’t keep count of her orgasms. There were many. It was almost mesmerizing. I never managed to get Allison off during penetration. After witnessing Adam fuck my wife, I doubted I’d ever be able to match his skill.

“I’m getting close. Where do you want it?” Adam asked as he picked up the pace. It was only at this moment I realized Adam never put a condom on. I had always worn one with Allison, even after we married. I was certain that Allison would tell him to pull out.

“Don’t you dare pull out! I want to feel your cum inside of me.” Allison replied, to both my shock and horror. Moments later, Adam pushed in deep and grunted as he unloaded his seed deep in my wife’s pussy.

Adam pulled out slowly. I saw cum dripping from my wife’s well fucked vagina. Adam patted me on the back. “Now, let’s see what you’ve learned. Your wife is already very turned on, so in this instance I think you can go directly to oral.”

I approached slowly. He couldn’t really expect me to eat out Allison’s pussy right after he came in her, could he? Allison certainly thought so. “Hurry up Cameron, I’m waiting.” She said. Finally, I got down on my knees and had my face by her pussy. I could smell the mixture of her pussy and Adam’s cum. At last, I lowered my mouth and took a single lick of her pussy. It was the first time I had ever tasted cum. Not exactly great, but not repulsive as I expected. I swallowed the small about in my mouth and returned my attention to Allison’s pussy.

I started licking Allison, unfortunately lapping up Adam’s cum which continued flowing from her vagina. “I’m going to have you stop for a second, come up for a breath, ok?” Adam asked. I raised my head looking at him. Adam chuckled and said. “Oops, just lick your lower lip real quick. You’ve got a little cum dripping down.” Humiliated, I licked it off my lip and swallowed. “Anyway, don’t forget to maintain rhythm, ok? Now let’s try again.”

I was determined to get my wife off and prove I could do it. Remembering what Adam said, I kept my rhythm and kept licking. Only a couple minutes later, it happened. I got Allison off!

Adam patted me on the back again. “Nice work! What do you think Allison?”

“I think lessons were a good idea. Cameron got me off much faster than I expected, given his past performance. You’re an excellent teacher!”

Adam nodded. “Yes, but it’s not just improved skill. I’m sure since you were already so turned on, it made it easier. Tell you what, why don’t we continue baby steps? I can continue to come over, get things started and we can have sex, ensuring you are adequately turned on. Then, after we have sex, Cameron can go down on you. That way it takes the pressure off of him a little. From there we can gradually have Cameron try more advanced stuff.”

“I think my favorite part of that idea is I get to continue having sex with you!” Allison responded, winking at Adam. “I just wish he could learn how to have a dick as big as yours!” She laughed.

Adam laughed at my expense as well. “That might not be possible, but he can use toys. Maybe a strap on? As long as he learns the technique, it might work better.”

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