My Wife and Her Fancy Man


If you ask anyone who know us they would tell you that we are the perfect couple; great fun and totally in love with each other. All of that is 100% true; but we also have a dirty little secret, or at least my wife Chloe had…..until she confessed all in late June of this year.

“Who was that?” I asked my wife as she put some baked beans and some spaghetti hoops into the shopping trolley.

“Oh, Jim…..Mr. Baxter..? He’s a neighbour.” She replied with the merest hint of a blush, “He lives around the corner, near the bus stop.” then quickly moved further along the aisle looking at soups.

I was puzzled, as I’d never seen him before or at least certainly didn’t recognise him and there was something in the way she touched his arm and laughed at whatever it was he’d said a minute or so earlier, before he looked straight at me and winked as he gave a little wave.

Our daughters were squabbling as usual so I wasn’t able to ask any more questions about the rather dapper much older man in the powder blue Harrington jacket, pristine white t-shirt, Levis with turn-ups and a neat pair of Chelsea boots, until I got home.

Still intrigued I brought the subject up when we were putting the shopping away.

“Oh,” she pondered, “There’s nothing to tell really……He is just a friend…..I thought…you knew him too. No?” Chloe unusually stumbled over her words and seemed to be choosing them carefully. “He has that nice big garden… know the one?”

I could vaguely picture a house with a nicely tended garden; but certainly didn’t know the occupiers. In fairness I hardly knew the families who lived either side of us, so that was no surprise.

We had moved here at Easter; when my new job as a National Account Manager meant moving the family nearer the company Head Office. Obviously my wife, 32 had to leave the factory where she worked as receptionist but had a new job lined up to start in September; leaving her as a ‘lady of leisure’ in the meantime.

Again Chloe brushed off my questions as she began making the evening meal sending me off to bath the kids.

The following morning, Saturday I decided to walk to the shops instead of taking the car to get some cigarettes and a newspaper, but really so I could get a look at the mysterious man’s garden. Nope; I certainly didn’t know the people who lived here. Why would she think I did?

The weekend was our normal hectic 48 hours ferrying the kids to dance classes, gymnastics and two different birthday parties plus my golf on Sunday morning meant that I never found the right moment to bring the subject of her ‘Fancy Man’ up again; especially as I had to go to bed myself at 9, because I had to leave at 6am for an appointment with a major account.

The next couple of days were a blur; business was good but but I couldn’t get Chloe and her ‘friend’ out of my head; so much so my cock was red raw after two nights alone in hotels.

Once home on the Thursday I was desperate to bring the subject up but somehow it also felt ‘wrong’……prying even, but this was my wife and….possibly another, much older man.

I did take a lot more notice of my darling wife over those few days though; she did look sexier than I’d probably realised, and she had a ‘glow’ about her that I’d obviously missed by taking her for granted in all walks of our life, especially the bedroom.

After four weeks of regularly teasing her about her ‘fancy man’ and copious masturbation in hotel bedrooms fantasising about her and the dapper older gentleman, I finally plucked up the courage to bring the subject up one evening when I was in a hotel and had drunk the best part of a bottle of wine.

“This ‘fancy man’ of yours,” I nervously mentioned, “I still don’t remember him at all…..can’t think I’ve ever seen him.”

“Oh.” Chloe sounded taken aback.

“You said he was a ‘friend’….’a friend’?” I continued; desperately trying not to sound too prying. “So how do you know him?”

Chloe took a deep breath and sighed; “You aren’t giving up are you?” She sheepishly replied. “We just….got talking one morning…..a few months ago…..he was in his garden….and….I don’t know, I think I must have said how nice his flowers were …and….well….” She shrugged her shoulders and then I heard her take a long sip of wine.

“Should I be jealous?” I felt a twist in my stomach as the words came out.

“No…….he’s just….you know….a friend.” My wife sounded unusually flustered. “I sometimes get him a bit of shopping …..milk, papers, stuff like that after I drop the kids off at school.” She now looked up, “and sometimes I go in for a coffee and biscuit.”

I gave a pretend shocked gasp! “You never do! And?”

“And what?” Chloe replied.

“So; what do you get up to when you are in your Fancy Man’s house, drinking tea and eating biscuits?” I smirked.

“He isn’t my Fancy Man!” Chloe playfully replied. “I don’t know….just talk and stuff. Sometimes he talks about his wife……she died just güvenilir bahis over a year ago; his Grand-kids, music……he’s a Rock and Roll fan…..our kids, his job…stuff like that.”

“Well,” I cheekily laughed, “that would explain the quiff thing on his head.” With hindsight the grey haired ruddy faced man probably did look like a bit of a Rocker. “How old is he? He looks old enough to be your Dad! Older even!”

“He is older……quite a bit actually.” She laughed. “Dad is only 56 and Jim is 64.”

Now I knew how old he was I was relieved; what harm could an old man like that be with a gorgeous filly like my wife?

We’ve been married 11 years and it would be fair to say that neither of us are the slim young things we were on our Wedding night. We’ve both filled out over the years; me more than her that’s for sure. Since having the kids Chloe has filled out, and would best be described as curvaceous, buxom even and just as pretty as ever. I, on the other hand am now just fat!

“So, how often do you visit your Fancy Man?” I teased.

” Oh God Jamie!Once….twice a week, maybe.” My wife was now relaxing into the conversation “He works funny shifts…..he’s a bus driver……he’s a really interesting guy.”

“He must love having a sexy young thing like you coming around that often.” I teased again.

“Do you still think I’m sexy?” Chloe asked with genuine interest.

“Of course I do!” I chuckled, “You are a real hottie……a MILF!”.

I probably hadn’t told her that I years. You don’t, do you? Two growing kids, Chloe’s busy job as well as keeping the home from falling apart and my career going from strength to strength plus my golf meant that we were taking each other for granted…..or at least I was taking her for granted.

“But does he?” I nervously chuckled with my heart racing; she really was…no; still is a sexy woman and I guessed this older man thought so too.

Chloe didn’t answer.

“So?” I grinned as the drink made me braver, “do you dress all sexy when you visit him…..your Fancy Man?”

She took a few seconds before she answered, “Nooooooooo….just my normal clothes.”

“Well, I bet he thinks you do dress sexily then……I know I do.” My hands were now stroking my stiffening cock.

“Normal stuff….Just my jeans……you know… leggings…..” She sighed , “my normal skirts….nothing outrageous.”

“But you do know you are teasing him.”

Chloe replied mischievously…. “Me? Tease? Never.”

From the first night I met her I knew she was a prick-tease, dressing provocatively highlighting her 32c boobs, great legs and tight arse. Even though she is now a 36D with a large, comfy arse she is very much still a sexy woman and she knew it; attracting the attention of guys wherever she was…including my best friends back home. Nothing, though had ever made me think she had strayed…ever.

“Does your Fancy Man think you look sexy too?” I continued.

Chloe was silent as she took another long sip of wine.

“He must.” I chuckled as I adjusted my balls.

“I don’t know what you want me to say?” She nervously whispered.

“I am cool with this.” I sort of lied, “It is a bit of a turn on actually.” With that I took a photo of my stiffy and sent it too her.


“You horny toad!” Chloe chuckled . “I don’t believe you sometimes.”


“When I first spoke to him I knew he was ‘looking at me’, you know….from top to bottom ‘checking me out’….and….well… felt good.” She took a breathe, “Does that shock you?”

“Not all.” I whispered as I rubbed my dick.

“It was cool….exciting I suppose when I first went in his house, knowing he was ‘admiring’ me…..I remember him telling me I looked nice….that he liked what I was wearing…….especially my short skirt.”

“Did you flash him your knickers?” I chuckled.

“Sort of.”

“Really?” I was shocked, but laughed.

“You did ask! I was sitting on the sofa and knew he was ‘looking at me’….you know….’looking at me’….so I curled my legs up to get comfortable and he moved in his chair……making sure he got a look up my skirt.”

“I hope you wore knickers.” I laughed, but Chloe didn’t reply, just giggled.

Just as I was about to delve deeper she muttered. “Have you seen the time? You have to be up at 6.30 remember!”

Shit! She was right, I had an appointment with a major client which necessitated another 6.30 start. Much as I wanted to continue, but this meeting would pay the mortgage.

Frustrated and much to my wife’s amusement I ended the call; but had a delicious wank fantacising about my young wife and this dirty old man.

Back at home the following night as were were washing the dishes I whispered that I’d finished the night with a wank after hearing her ‘confession,’ which made her smile as she punched me in the arm.

“I bet you did the same.” I laughed as I squeezed her tits from behind.

Chloe turned and looked shocked….”Jamie! That’s güvenilir bahis siteleri too personal!”

“So you did!” I chuckled as I slid my hand up her shirt and tried to get it inside her bra; but she wriggled away just as my eldest daughter walked in the kitchen.

Nothing more was said until we were in bed. As usual I had been tucked up in bed for nearly twenty minutes when she tip-toed in, totally naked and looking like a Porn Star as her tits gently wobbled from side to side.

“You should be asleep.” She chided me as I immediately rolled into the spoons position. “And you can stop that too!” As I nudged her with my cock and caressed and squeezed her voluptuous tits.

“I can’t sleep……” then pulled her hand onto my hard-on.

“Where the Hell did that come from? You do know it’s a school night?” Chloe giggled as she curled her hand around the shaft. “But you know I can’t…..I’m on my monthlies?”

“I know.” I grinned, hoping for a hand-job. Certainly before and for a couple of years after we were married she would often give me one off the wrist, while I fingered or licked her; but like so many fun things, not for a few years.

“Okay…..but don’t get used to this.” She giggled and curled around my stomach before covering my knob with her luscious lips.

WOAH! The last time she sucked my cock I’d virtually had to beg her, yet tonight she went down without question.

Chloe then ran her tongue down the shaft as she cupped and jiggled my balls, seconds later my cock was back in her mouth and she tried to suck my knob off the shaft; as she gave me the best slobbering blow-job of my or our lives. Years ago she hadn’t always enjoyed sucking me but had done it ‘as a favour’, these days it was high days and holidays only; but never ever anything like this. Her finger even slid between my cheeks and tickled my arse hole at one stage!

I was moaning and groaning in ecstasy as I massaged her back and neck, occasionally gently slapping her arse and sliding my hand between her legs where her fanny was absolutely sopping wet. Eventually it all got too much for me as she furiously wanked the shaft and sucked on my knob at the same time. Realising I was going to cum my wife quickly wrapped my dick in-between her tits and kept wanking sending me over the edge and spurting spunk onto her chin then dribbling onto her huge soft tits.


“Mmmmmmmm.” Chloe chuckled as she wiped her chin and slid off the bed. “That was fun, now go to sleep while I get cleaned up.”

I eventually did get to sleep and had sweet, sweet dreams!

The following day I was mad busy from 9am until after 7 with appointments meaning I didn’t get to my hotel until after 8 so quickly phoned Chloe and the kids and rushed downstairs for a meal and a few pints.

Suitably relaxed and horny I phoned home again at 11, just as Chloe was going to bed.


“Is something wrong?” She asked.

“Nope…..just couldn’t sleep…..and got to thinking about you……and your Fancy Man again.” I drunkenly chuckled.

“Oh.” She sighed then chuckled herself, “You really are a horny toad, I don’t know what’s got into you.”

“I think you do.” I muttered, “that blow-job last night! Where did that come from?”

There was silence at the other end of the phone.

“Seriously… was amazing……you’ve never sucked me like that before. It’s…as if….you’ve been taking lessons.”

Still silence.


“Oh.” Chloe whispered as she opened the photo of my rock hard cock that I had sent her.

“Like it?” I chuckled, “that is how I feel about you and your Fancy Man.”


“I don’t know why….but the thought of you and him……you know….really turns me on.”

“My God…..Jamie……really?”

“Yep.” My cock was now tingling, “Tell me more about what you get up to with him…..please.”

There was another pause before she whispered, “Are you really sure?”

“From the beginning….don’t leave anything out….everything.” My heart was racing and my stomach spinning like a dish-washer, “by the way……I love you……whatever you tell me….I love you.”

“I love you too, always have and always will……but.”


“You dirty sod!” Chloe giggled as she watched the short video of my waving my cock around. “Okay.”

There was a bit of a pause then Chloe sighed, “What I told you was true… was all pretty innocent at the start; well sort of innocent….it was obvious he liked me…you know, in ‘that way’….the way he looked a me and sometimes touched me……on the arms at first, or the small of my back. His face was a picture when I wore sexy tops that ….show off my……boobs. I loved letting him look down my top or get a glimpse of my bra. Sometimes he would ask if I was wearing stockings…..he has a thing about stockings. But when I didn’t complain he got braver…..I was making a cup of tea for him one day, the first time he touched my arse. I nearly iddaa siteleri feinted…..and when he got a real handful, a double handful I guess…. I just giggled.”

“What were you wearing that day?” I panted.

“My black leggings,” Chloe chortled, “you like the details don’t you?”

“It all helps with the pictures in my head.” I replied, “what else?”

“I think that was the day I wore my black polo neck jumper…..the really tight one.”

“The one that makes your tits look huge?”

Chloe’s voice was now getting huskier. “That’s the one……and a lacy bra….I think.”

“You knew what you were doing then?” I gasped as I gently stroked my cock.

“Of course.”

“Then what?” My breathing was becoming shallower as I hung on every word.

“He kept his hands there for a few seconds, squeezing harder and harder before I turned to look at him. He looked at me straight in the eyes then kissed me. Tongues and everything.”

“Then what?” I panted.

“He asked if I fancied ‘a cuddle’…..but I knew what he really meant; but nodded and we went into the living room where we kissed and cuddled on the sofa.”

There was another pause as she considered what to say next.

“His hands were everywhere…..especially groping my boobs.”

“Inside or over your jumper?”

“Both.” She giggled, “He was like a magician……somehow he unclipped my bra without me knowing and lifted my top up so he could see……and play with my boobs.”

“Shit! Wow!” I gasped. “What were you doing to him?”

“Nothing……just kissing him.”

“What did you feel like when he played with your tits?”

“Amazing.” My wife panted, “just like when I was a teenager….it felt so naughty.”

“How long did he play with your tits?”

“I don’t know…..five minutes? More?”

“Then what?”

“He started to unbuckle his jeans…..and…”


“No! I panicked and jumped up…..shouting I was a ‘married woman’ and ‘this had all gone too far.” She paused again, “he just sat there grinning and…..I could see his….well…..a huge bump in his jeans. But…..I fastened my bra and put my jumper right then ran home.”


“Yes….I was confused…really confused……it was kind of what I’d wanted and …….it had been fun….really exciting….but….bloody hell…..I was confused.” Chloe’s voice sounded strained at this stage.

“When was this?” I nervously inquired.

“About six weeks ago……something like that.”

“But you went back?” I queried, “You did, didn’t you? You must have.”

There was a gap then, “Yes…..a few days later…..but I did walk past his house the day after…..I wanted to apologise….can you believe that? I wanted to bloody apologise to him! But he must have been at work. Then when I was taking the kids to school I saw him at the kitchen window.”

“Do the kids know him?” I suddenly panicked.

“God no!!!” Chloe raised her voice…”Not at all.”

“Phew.” I sighed, “carry on… dick is aching again.”

“You randy sod.” My wife giggled. “Well….he was standing at side door when I was walking back and raised his cup…..which is sort of our ‘code’ to see if I wanted to come in……..I did, and nodded.”

He was standing in the kitchen when I walked in. The first thing he said was ‘Are we okay?’ and I nodded, and told him, ‘I am here aren’t I?’ Then couldn’t stop smiling.”

“What were you wearing that day? Can you remember?”

“Yes… black and white skirt, a vest under my leather jacket and……my suede boots?”

“That skirt is absolutely tiny!” I panted.

“I know.” Chloe giggled.

“Were you wearing stockings for him?”

“No……but they were a really nice pair of sheer tights….I remember that.”

“Knickers?” I felt obliged to ask.

I could hear her heavy breathing as she considered her answer, “Yes……my black g-string.”

“You sexy minx.”

“Hehehehehe. “My wife giggled, “I am aren’t I?”

“What did you do that day?”

“We sat next to each other on the sofa drinking our tea and he couldn’t take his eyes off me, and stroking my knee telling me ‘he was pleased I’d come back’ and…..this bit sort of shocked me…..but he’d sort of hinted at it before…..’he had wanked himself to sleep thinking about my….tits!”

“I bet he did.”

“Then when we finished our tea he asked if I fancied another cuddle…….then kissed me again, a very sexy kiss with his tongue going down my throat….he’s a helluva kisser…..and in the blink of an eye he had my vest and bra off and was kissing and sucking….and groping my…tits……and stroking my legs.”

“And you?”

“Nothing…..just …..enjoying myself.” She chuckled. “Then before I realised what I was doing I’d spread my legs and he was rubbing my ….pussy. God, Jamie……I was so excited. But when he tried to pull my tights down I stopped him…..again….telling him something like…..not yet….I’m married. Then he stood up and pulled his running pants down.”

There was another silence before she continued, “his……cock……sprang out! It was……huge……nothing like…..yours…..or anybody else’s I’ve seen….bloody huge and it wasn’t even really hard.”

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