My Time with Sally


This happened a while back. It is my first story that is a blend of truth and fiction. It’s told from the perspective of both JP and Sally, in alternating voices. The names of the people on whom the story is loosely based have been changed.

Warning: There is a group sex scene (MMF).



I loved the way Sally lay on the lawn, with her skinny, small hipped body setting off those nice boobs sticking straight up, pointing at the stars. Or her boobs would have been pointing at the stars if the sunshine hadn’t hidden the stars. Her sunglasses were perfect for her look.

Sally had the kind of boobs that made a man want to have a closer, more intimate look at them. Sally was the type of woman a man wants to get to know. Her boobs are similar. Something about Sally just drew me to her, much as a thirsty man is drawn to fresh water.

I knew my always already relationship with Mary was not going anywhere. She was never going to leave San Diego, and I was blackballed there. It’s just not viable to have a girlfriend and lover living permanently far away from you. I know there are people who make it work. I’m just not one of those people. Still I had been trying to make it work for six years, but I had to admit I was failing. I hate failing. The truth hurts.

I could never get a job in San Diego. I was blackballed there. Add to that the fact that I was ambitious, and one can see the problem. For these reasons, I did not have reservations with the idea of exploring other female options that might be available to me from time to time, for example here in this small New Jersey town. This seemed like one of those times, and Sally might indeed be one of those female options. She might be a particularly nice one.

I knelt down on the lawn next to Sally’s prone body, reasonably close to her boobs, in fact. “Hi. I’m John Petitpas Robert, but my friends call me JP,” I said.

“I know who you are, JP. You’re one of the hotshots here,” she said. The company had a prestigious program for young “interns” that paid generously. It was a well-known stepping stone to a great job in the industry. I was one of those interns.

“That’s kind,” I said.

“No, it’s not. All of you one-year guys are hotshots. That’s why you’re here. C’est la crème de la crème,” she said.

“What about you?” I asked.

“I’m just staff. I’m not a hotshot. I’m just plain old shot,” Sally said. I liked her already.

Sally and I conversed for a while. We had some interests in common. There was genuine appeal there above and beyond her sexy persona. She seemed to be a woman who combined a great personality with a sexy body. She had no wedding band, and no diamond engagement ring, either. Can it get any better than that? Finally, I could keep my cool no longer.

“This is a bit abrupt, since we just met and all, but do you have plans for tonight?” I asked.

“I’m going to the movies, to see the new Quentin Tarantino movie,” she said.

“Tarantino has a new movie out?” I had not heard that.

“I certainly hope so. Otherwise I will be quite disappointed,” Sally said.

“Say, do you need anyone to go with you tonight?” I asked.

“No, I don’t need anyone to go with me,” she replied, almost spitting out the word ‘need.’

“May I have the pleasure of going to the movies with you tonight, Sally?” I asked.

“You know my name, I see,” she said.

“Didn’t we exchange names earlier?”

“No, you told me your name, JP. I already knew it, though. I know all of your names. I’m staff, remember?” Sally said. “You hotshots come and go but I abide.”

“Okay, I confess. I’ve been noticing you,” I said.

“I’ve been noticing you noticing me. It’s flattering, you know. Anyway, yes, you may accompany me to the movies tonight,” Sally said.

I did not change clothes for the date but Sally did. She looked good. Oh hell, she looked great! She looked sexy and pretty without looking cheap. After the movie we went for a walk and then double backed to my car and I drove her home to her apartment.

Sally let me kiss her goodnight at her door. It was a wonderful kiss, open mouth, with seductive tongue action, but she did not invite me in, so that was it. Still, it was clear she liked me the way a man wants a woman to like him, and for now, that was enough for me.

The next day at work I stopped by her office and we had a pleasant chat. At one point the subject of dinner came up. I ended up inviting her to dinner. I was hoping she’d accept. She did.

“Frankly, Sally, I don’t know where to take you to dinner. I have yet to find a nice restaurant in this small town,” I said.

“That’s because there’s only one. We don’t meet the minimum age requirement to go there. Frankly JP, you’re not enough of a stuffed shirt to go there either. If you want a decent restaurant, we’ll have to go to Trenton,” Sally said.

“That’s fine. You know one there?” I asked. Trenton was only around 20 miles down the road.

She did. I reserved kaçak iddaa a table and that’s where we went. This was not an ordinary restaurant. This was an old school Italian restaurant, like the ones you might see in the movie “The Godfather.” It had the red checkered tablecloths, and the old Italian waiters who looked as if they came over in the great wave of Italian immigration of the late 19th century and were still waiting tables at this restaurant in Trenton, NJ. The restaurant had exactly the dishes a good Italian restaurant should have. I had the fegato con burro e salvia. It was heaven on earth. The wine was a Chianti and it was delicious. The two of us finished off the bottle.

The restaurant had middle aged Italian men who looked like the actors you’d find at central casting if you were looking for extras in a gangster movie. All of them sat with their backs to the wall, so they could see their potential assassins entering the restaurant as early as possible. I felt as if the restaurant might actually have been a mob hangout. I was charmed with the restaurant and I told Sally that. She smiled.

“Did you learn of this restaurant from Brian?” Sally had hinted her former lover Brian was mob connected.

“Yes. That’s why the men are looking at me strangely. I’m with you, not him. They’ve noticed,” she said.

“Is that a problem?” I asked.

“Possibly, yes. It’s the twenty-first century now, however, so I hope they’ve evolved and it’s no longer an issue. If it is, we might be in trouble,” Sally said, while smiling. “Nothing fatal, maybe just a broken limb or rib cage or something.” I figured she had to be teasing me? If she was teasing, it was an effective tease!

So why the hell did we go to this particular restaurant, anyway? I asked myself. I just wanted to get laid, not beaten up, or worse! Why was this language from Sally and the sparkle in her eye getting me aroused all the more?

In spite of the newly perceived danger we nevertheless lingered over Sambuca and coffee after dinner while talking up a storm. I love it when a woman smiles at me, and Sally was good at that. After dinner we ended up at my place, and I once again got to experience Sally’s magical kisses.

We progressed a little further, too, and I was able to have lots of fun with her bare boobs and her long nipples. They were just as magnificent as I had hoped and dreamed they would be. I guess we all like the equipment the other sex has and we don’t, but in any event, I particularly liked Sally’s boobs.

Sally did not want me to take it any further so I didn’t. It was only our second date, after all. I got lost in my work for a few days and then one evening I got a call from Sally.

“JP, can I crash at your place? My ex-boyfriend is harassing me. I’m scared,” Sally asked, with fear in her voice.

“Sure, Sally. Come on over. I’ll push the twin beds together,” I said. The furnished apartment had twin beds, not a double bed. It had other annoying features. The refrigerator door did not close properly and some engineer (I assume) had placed a powerful magnet on the door. When I would open the refrigerator door I had to pull so hard that the refrigerator almost fell over on me. I quickly learned to use two hands: one to brace the refrigerator and the other to pull open its door.

The problem was that the refrigerator magnet was so strong that it magnetized my watch which zipped through twelve hours now in only six hours and was getting faster and faster with increasing refrigerator use. I decided to stop wearing my watch.

Back to Sally, she did not seem to mind my announcement that I would push the beds together. Sally was sharp. I knew she understood the implications of that statement. She knew what would happen if she came over. What did she think of my attempt to exploit the situation of her being a damsel in distress? I guess she summed it up by replying cheerfully, “I’ll be right over.”

That night was a memorable night. I could not wait to get her into bed but to be polite and respectful (and to increase my chances with her that night), I didn’t rush things. We sat and talked for a while and sipped some white wine I had in the dangerous refrigerator. Yes, I used two hands to get the wine out.

When the time finally came for bed my little sexpot Sally supplied no resistance at all and even some enthusiasm. Everything I tried with her received a welcome reception. I tried everything (well, everything except anal!)

She apologized to me that her pussy was shaved; she was letting it grow back and so there was stubble. She had shaved down there at the behest of her ex-boyfriend, the mob connected Brian. I could have cared less. Right then it was the inside of her pussy, not the outside, that I was interested in. As it turned out, her pussy was nice and wet for me.

Getting ready for bed, Sally stripped down to her panties, and I got hard just looking at her boobs emanating from her thin, smooth, and curvy body. In a gesture of the kaçak bahis tiniest bit of modesty, she slipped under the covers before sliding her panties down and off. That was a lovely gesture of modesty, or maybe submission, I thought to myself.

“Where are we on birth control?” I asked when I was positioned on top of her between her thin but luscious thighs. We were about to do the deed for the first time. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I’m always excited when I lay a woman for the first time. Every woman is different of course, and vive la difference, I say.

I had some condoms I could use. They were nice ones: natural lambskin and lubricated. Good for the environment, right? I’m that kind of guy. Anyway, even though I was never a boy scout, I was prepared.

“Green light, JP. Cum inside me all you want.” Sally said, and she said it in a rather husky, sexy voice.

As it turned out I wanted to cum inside her a lot. I slid right in and she made all the right noises and she did not just lie there and let me fuck her but she participated completely and nicely. The woman liked sex, that was clear. Even better, she liked having sex with me.

She gasped just a little as I entered her nice, wet, welcoming passage for the first time. She said a soft, little, barely audible, “Oh, yes,” as I began to pump. It’s hard to describe how that made me feel. I guess I’d have to say it made me feel as if this is the girl for me. My long quest is over. I’ve found her.

Her body rose to meet my every thrust, welcoming me inside her and wanting me there. She began to kiss my chest when in our rhythm it would come close to her face. She put her hands on my back and pushed gently on me whenever I thrust deep inside her.

Towards the end of the fuck, when I was getting close, I realized Sally was close, too. She began to raise her tummy, as women sometimes do when they’re close to orgasm. Her breathing became a little more ragged and her legs went up, wrapping themselves around my back. I began to thrust more powerfully and when I did she moaned for the first time.

Once again I heard the soft, barely audible, “Oh yes,” escape from Sally’s luscious lips. I began to think of her as my “Oh yes” girl. I was hooked.

I find it exciting my first time with a woman. She does not know what I will do, and I do not know how she will react. In Sally’s case she seemed surprised by the force with which I entered her, and her face revealed her surprise as I watched it morph into a nice smile.

I learned that first time that Sally liked it hard and strong. Her grunts and her rare moan turned me on. She would close her eyes and then open them wide as I pummeled her sweet and soft body. Her breathing changed as her arousal increased and when her climax came I felt a huge rush of satisfaction overwhelm me. I power fucked her until I unloaded inside her. She sighed a sigh of contentment when I finished.

Sally spent nearly every night with me after that first memorable one. One time, however, her ex-boyfriend Brian tracked her down. Apparently, he had been driving around town looking for her car and discovered it parked in the driveway serving my apartment. He came up banging on my door and screaming to let him in. I mean, he was really screaming! And banging, and banging, and banging. His banging on my door was something ferocious. Sally was terrified. She cowered, quivering, in a corner. I had to deal with it.

Sally at that moment was wearing only panties, and I still had my jeans on. We were not about to let him in, even if it had been a social call, and it most definitely was not that.

“He might have a gun, JP,” she said. That sobered me up right quickly. She told me later that night when we were calming down, her with weed and me with bourbon, that in one of their “games” he had fucked her at gun point. She even told me that her mortal fear drove her to a ferocious orgasm. As they had fucked his finger had been on the gun’s trigger. The safety was off.

“How fucked up is that?” she had asked, rhetorically. I did not reply, but I silently thought it was maximally fucked up! She found out later the gun had not been loaded.

I’m not a physical kind of guy and by this time I knew from Sally that her ex-boyfriend was a low-level mobster, a bully, and (at least in my opinion) a sadist. I know, I know, we were in New Jersey and after the television show The Sopranos we all think everyone in NJ is some kind of a mobster, but that was Sally’s own description of him.

Brian drove a white Cadillac convertible and I already knew he liked, well, I guess you’d call it rough sex. It was rough enough to have Sally, at times, frozen in terror. She had told me of how he liked to tie her up and then do whatever he wanted to her.

“Why did you agree to that?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she mumbled. She was clearly embarrassed. “I wanted to try something different. He was different. He was dangerous and it turned me on. I’m a little fucked illegal bahis up, okay?” she said, that last bit a little defensively.

Back to the door banging, needless to say I did not open my door. I screamed back at him and told him I would call the cops because he was disturbing the peace. It’s hard to reason with a thug hyped on drugs. It may have just been alcohol and that he was an ugly, belligerent drunk. Personally, I thought meth was more likely. Alcohol was Sally’s theory and she was confident she was right, but hey, you never know, do you? The police are supposed to be trained to deal with men like him in states like his, and they come armed, too.

In any event for his own reasons (and doubtless they were good reasons) he did not want the police involved. No woman was worth that to him, I suspect. He slunk away, but it kind of ruined our evening.

That is, it ruined it until we went to bed. I had never made love to a terrified woman. Let me tell you, it’s a rush. To have a little sexpot like Sally quivering with fear as you enter her, finding her wet and ready to greet you with her legs spread wide in invitation is quite thrilling. The look of fear I loved gradually combined with one of lust, but the fear never left. The emotions are overlaid on the canvass that is her face and I could see it all: Fear, lust, arousal and eventually orgasm. I looked too for love, but I did not find it. That’s okay; for right then lust and arousal sufficed.

This time I also played with her clitoris as my cock pumped inside her and when my finger first touched her clit, her eyes got wide and she gasped. Her eyes closed in bliss and her body of its own free will raised her stomach off the bed as her arousal grew exponentially to her eventual explosion. For the first time with me she actually screamed as she climaxed.

I had no a priori idea that this would be Sally’s reaction, but it was true: fear turned her on. She hated that aspect of her personality but could not deny it being the case. After experiencing that marvelous fuck I realized I was totally into fucking a scared woman, as it turned out. Maybe, though, I was just totally into fucking Sally, no matter her state of mind. She had that deep of a pull on me.

Given how wild Sally was in bed after the confrontation with her old mobster boyfriend Brian, I began to understand how the sex at gunpoint must have turned her on. I also began to understand Brian’s attraction to her given that risk was arousing for her. I loved Sally, but the girl was seriously messed up! I loved that feature of her, too. I didn’t dwell on what that said about me.

Bottom line is that I was into Sally. Everything about her turned me on. I also loved that once we had made love the first time she had no modesty needs with me whatsoever. I enjoyed watching her walk around my apartment naked, her boobs bouncing before her.

She did not just have gorgeous boobs. She had deliciously big nipples too. This meant her nipples poked at her nightgown in a way that I found provocative. I don’t think I’m special that way. Any man would have loved the way her nipples poked at her nightgown.

“You find everything provocative,” Sally said, when I confessed about her nipples when she was braless. “You’re obsessed with sex.”

“I’m obsessed with sex with you, woman. Is that such a bad thing?” I replied.

Sally smiled. “No. No, it’s not a bad thing at all. It’s a good thing,” Sally said, and she began to giggle as my hands began to molest her.

Brian would not stop harassing us for a while, coming over most evenings, trying to get in and making a noisy nuisance of himself. Sally was becoming a nervous wreck. Eventually he figured out that she was not returning to him, and he gave up. Probably he found another woman who liked B&D, or S&M, or whatever it was that he was into.

We decided we needed a vacation from Brian and to get out of town, so I took Sally to New York City where we stayed the weekend at a hotel. Nobody knew where we were, so we could relax, take in a show, have some nice meals, and fuck our brains out. Probably a good part of my brains was left in the hotel bed by the time we had to return to reality.

Sally must have packed special clothes for our New York weekend. She wore a thin silk top with no bra. Her nipples poked at her blouse. Below the waist she wore skin tight leggings that showed off her ass in great detail. The leggings were so tight they indented at her slit.

Walking on the sidewalks of New York, the men who were not self-absorbed with their cell phones took long, lingering looks at Sally. She was on display, and we both knew it. Her boobs would bounce around with independent suspension, her long nipples were erect and poking seductively at her blouse.

When I was behind her I found her ass in those pants to be the zenith of sexy, as I could see every single detail. I could see every tiny muscle flex as she walked, coupled with the indentation of the crack of her ass. No wonder she got such lusty looks from strangers. It turned me on to see so many strange men lusting for my woman. All of them knew I would get the prize a little later in our hotel room. Best of all, I knew it, too.

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