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Subject: My Step-Brother Jacob – Chapter 57 DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between teenage boys. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then – I hope you enjoy it! My Step-Brother Jacob Chapter 57 ——————————————————————————- I squatted slightly, forcing Franco’s hand to cup my genitals, and said “Mmm! That’s it. That’s what I needed you to check out. Does it feel good to you Franco?” Franco knelt there, not moving, my genitals cupped in his hand, staring up at me. He was breathing heavily, and appeared to be trembling a little. I reached down and wrapped my hand around his and squeezed gently, forcing him to squeeze my genitals. “Well? How’s it feel Franco?” I asked, smiling down at him. “Very nice sir!” Franco replied, practically choking. I released his hand, but gently humped my pelvis into it a couple times, looking lustfully down at him. My cock was hardening rapidly now, and he had to feel it. He didn’t take his hand away, and when I stopped humping it, he shyly began massaging my genitals through my tux pants, as I smiled lustfully at him. Within seconds, I was hard as a rock. I looked at Andy and motioned for him to join us, as I could tell he was in heat now too. He was busy massaging his own crotch as he watched Franco and I. Andy walked over to us, and stood next to me. “Why don’t you check my friend out too Franco!” I said. Lost in his lust, Franco, looked at Andy’s crotch and reached for it with his other hand, and began massaging it as well. As Franco squeezed our genitals, I looked at Andy and smiled. He smiled back. I gave him a questioning look, and he nodded almost imperceptibly at me. We both grinned at each other. “What’s your company’s motto Franco? ‘Your pleasure is what we strive for’? Well, ‘Pleasure’ us Franco!” I said, breathing a little more heavily. Andy and I watched, somewhat incredulously, as Franco unfastened my pants and pulled them down, then, he plastered his face against my underwear-encased hardon. He opened his mouth and gently bit at my hardon through my briefs. After a few seconds, Franco stuck his thumbs in my waist band and pulled my briefs down. My cock sprang out and pointed straight at his face. Franco unfastened and lowered Andy’s pants and briefs then, unleashing Andy’s throbbing piece of meat as well. Franco took my penis in one hand, and Andy’s in the other. Then he looked at my cock and lowered his mouth over it, and began sucking on it. He sucked on me for a few seconds, then switched to Andy’s cock and sucked on him for a few seconds. He masturbated me while he was working on Andy. Franco pulled off Andy’s cock and returned to mine for a bit, and masturbated Andy, while he sucked on me. As Andy and I stood grinning at each other, with an arm wrapped around each other to steady ourselves, Franco took turns sucking on our cocks, until he’d sucked us both off, and we’d both blasted our loads down his throat. I blew my load first. Andy followed immediately afterward. He had just finished cumming, when we heard a cough from behind us. Horrified, Andy and I both glanced behind us to find Doug DeCarlo standing there watching us. Doug was one of the few openly-gay students in my class. He was a very good looking boy. “Jeeze, I hope my fitting is as good as yours’ just was!” Doug said, smiling lewdly. Franco was still kneeling in front of us. He looked terrified, and like he just wanted to fall through the floor. I ran my hand through his hair and told him to relax, it was another friend of mine. Then, I asked if he could help Doug out too. Looking relieved, he looked around me at Doug, then he grinned and nodded. “C’mon over and drop your pants Dougie!” I said, “and for Christ’s sake don’t scare us like that again!” Doug snickered and walked over to us. He quickly unfastened his jeans and dropped them and his bikinis, exposing what can only be described as an absolutely “pretty”, cut, 7″ cock, that was hard as a rock. Franco immediately went down on Doug, who relaxed and let out a moan. “Nice ass you got there Douglet!” I said, and I reached over and cupped his butt and gave it a squeeze. Doug looked at me strangely. I waggled my eyebrows at him. “You’re…??? Nah!” he said. He looked at me a minute longer as I grinned at him. I was still holding Doug’s small, firm, ass in the palm of my hand, so I let my middle finger slide into his crack, pressing deeper until I encountered his pucker, which I began massaging. “HOLY SHIT! You Are! Well, Fuck ME!” Doug said, as I gently pressed my finger through his sphincter, pushing it a little ways up inside him. Doug’s asshole clamped my finger momentarily and he grinned at me. “I can do that if you’d like,” Franco said, stopping and looking up at Doug hopefully. We all burst out laughing. “Nah, that’s OK Man, just keep on doing what you’re doing, you’re good!” Doug said, as I removed my finger from his anus and let go of his ass. “Oh! You could’ve kept going too,” Doug said, looking at me a little sadly. I snickered and patted Doug on the ass and said, “I think Franco can handle your asshole for you too!” Franco smiled, and went back to sucking Doug off, as we started dressing. “Oh yeah, Franco! You go guy!” Doug crooned, as Franco cupped Doug’s ass in his hand, and his middle finger disappeared up into Doug’s ass crack. By the time Andy and I had our clothes back on, we could tell Doug was just about ready to blow his load. He had his hands on Franco’s head and was practically fucking his face. Doug’s head was tilted back, and his eyes were closed. His face was screwed up and he was grunting with each thrust. Suddenly he stopped moving, his body tensed and he groaned. Franco began swallowing quickly. Doug resumed fucking Francos face and moaning periodically, as his orgasm continued, and he poured his juice down Franco’s throat. Eventually, Doug stopped spasming and let go of Franco’s head. Franco continued sucking on him for a moment, then finally spit Doug’s cock out, and pulled his finger out of his ass. “Damn, I gotta rent a tux more often. This is what I call service!” Doug said, grinning, as he reached down and pulled his bikinis back up over his deflating penis. Franco smiled at him, as he got back up on his feet. He checked through the tuxes hanging on a rack, waiting to be picked up, and found Doug’s and handed it to him. He told Doug to try it on, and he’d be back in a minute after he checked us out. Doug grinned at him, and softly rubbed the side of Franco’s face with his hand. “If you hurry up Franco, I’ll give you a little ‘expert service’ too!” Doug said, grinning at Franco. Franco looked at us incredulously, grinning hugely, as the lump in his crotch twitched a couple times. “I know, istanbul travesti we’re hurrying!” I said, laughing. “So you’re gay John? I’d never have thought it! Will I be seeing you guys tonight?” Doug asked, as we picked up our tuxes. “Actually, I’m bi, although these days I seem to be leaning more to the gay side! By the way, this is my partner Andy MacDoogle. Andy, this is Doug DeCarlo. And yeah, we’re coming tonight, but, can you not tell anyone? It’s a surprise!” I said. “Sure no problem, and pleased to meet you Andy!” Doug said, grinning. “Nice meeting you too Doug,” Andy said, smiling. “Are you bringing anyone Doug?” I said. “No, I’ll be stag! Maybe I can have a dance with you guys though?” Doug said, looking at us hopefully. “Sounds good,” I said, chuckling. “We’ll see you later then.” “OK. Later,” Doug said, grinning. We went out front with Franco then, and checked out. He quickly, dashed back into the fitting room, and we heard Doug say, “OK then, how’s about you drop them jeans and let me help you out now?” We paused for a minute, and listened. We heard the tinkling of a belt buckle, a zip, and then a couple seconds later Doug said “Oh! Nice one Franco!”, which was quickly followed by some soft sucking sounds, and a moan from Franco. We chuckled and left the store then. “Now, THAT was definitely ‘interesting’!” Andy said. “What? You didn’t enjoy it?” I asked. “Oh yeah, I most certainly did! But it was queer, having a stranger do that to me!” he said. I laughed and said, “I know what you mean. It was rather weird. Good. But weird!” “I like your friend though, he seems like fun!” Andy said. “Yeah Dougie’s a good guy. I bet he gives Franco a really good time too!” I said. We both laughed, and headed for the florist then. * * * We picked up our boutonnieres, and then headed back to the car. On the way, I told Andy I had to meet Brian at the cemetery. I asked him if he wanted to be dropped back at Grandma’s, or at the skate park, or somewhere else. He asked me how long we’d be, and I said I didn’t really expect it to take too long, but I wasn’t sure. Andy told me he’d ride along to the cemetery then. He said he’d take a walk, while Brian and I talked. I gave him a funny look, but he said it was fine, it was a nice day, so he’d enjoy his walk, and maybe go visit my mother. I smiled then and headed for the cemetery. Brian wasn’t there yet when we arrived, so Andy sat with me at Mike’s grave while I waited. Mike’s red Firebird pulled up about 10 minutes later. Brian was surprised to see Andy with me, but after Andy announced he was taking a walk, Brian told him he could stay if he wanted to, while he and I talked. Andy insisted he was going to take a walk though, so we could be alone to talk. He told me to come over to my mother’s grave to pick him up when I was ready to go. Then he walked off across the cemetery. * * * “He seems like a nice guy,” Brian said, watching him wandering off amongst the rows of headstones. “He is,” I said. “You don’t have a problem with me and Andy being partners, do you?” “No John!” Brian said. He paused for a second then continued “I know this will sound rude, but I just wish it was Mike you were with. Please Understand, Andy’s nice, and I have no problem with him, or that you’re with him. But, now that I know that you’re gay and that Mike was too, and he liked you, well… you can’t blame me for wishing you two had ended up together, instead of things being the way they are. Until I read Mike’s journals, there were a few things that made me wonder about him, but I was never sure. I tried to talk to him about it a few times, but everytime I tried to give him an opportunity to ‘come out’ to me, he clammed up. And, I really didn’t realize about you. I mean everyone thinks you’re completely ‘straight-arrow’, especially after Lynn. I just wish that since you were both gay, that you and Mike had ended up together, that’s all. But you didn’t, so I’m OK with you and Andy.” “Thanks Bri,” I said. Brian gave me a big hug, then turned toward his car, and pulled a large bag out and handed it to me. It had two six-packs of Heineken, a fifth of Jack Daniels, and two bottles of Moet Champagne in it. “What do you need all this booze for?” he asked, eyeing me rather critically. “Senior ball,” I said, not wanting to talk much about it, since Mike would’ve been going too, if he was still alive. “Oh,” Brian said. “Well, I hope you’re gonna share it with other people, and NO driving drunk! I don’t need to lose another little brother. I grinned and assured Brian I’d be good. Then, I thanked him and paid him, and put the bag in my trunk. While I was in the trunk, I pulled out the box with Mike’s journals in them and gave them back to Brian. I thanked him for letting me read them. He put them in his car, pulled a couple more bottles of Heineken out of a cooler that was sitting on his back seat, opened them, and handed me one, then we went and sat at Mike’s grave for a few minutes to talk. Brian looked a little uncomfortable at first. So I said, “OK, we’ll get the embarrassing part out to the way first. Eli, huh?” Brian turned scarlet, but smiled dumbly at me. “It’s OK, I get that you were just experimenting, and that you’re not gay! Although if you were, obviously it’d be OK with me,” I said, grinning at him. “Thanks,” Brian said. “I am straight, but like I said, I’m fine about you and Andy. I would’ve been with Mike too.” “I know,” I said. “So, do you ever see Eli anymore?” “Naw, he moved away a while back. Haven’t heard from him since,” Brian said. “How about this Cody Michaels? Mike’s friend?” I asked. “Nope, we never hear from him anymore either. Last we knew he was in Phoenix,” Brian said. “Mind if I try to find him, to tell him about Mike?” I asked. “No, go ahead if you want to. If you do find him, tell him to give me a call once,” Brian said. I told him I would. “So do you have any idea what the big thing about a bank account was last summer and fall?” Brian asked. “No, I thought that was strange too,” I said. “Damn! I’d hoped you’d know what was up with that. We haven’t found any bank books either, except one for the one savings account we knew about, and it didn’t have any deposits that matched the dates Mike wrote about,” Brian said. We sat quietly a minute, then we drank a toast to Mike, and I of course shared a dribble of my beer with him. Then we sat there again looking at each other for a minute, not knowing what to say. Finally, I said “I gotta ask. Did you really sleep through the blow job Mike gave you?” Brian went completely crimson then, and didn’t say anything. I snickered and said, “was he good at it?” Brian looked up at me with tears in his eyes then, “yeah he was!” he said. “And, just so you know, I wish now I’d ‘woken up’ while Mike was sucking on me. And I know I said I’m straight, and I’m not even sure why I feel this way, but you know what? I wish now that I’d sucked him off kadıköy travesti too!” Brian said. “I’m sorry Brian, I shouldn’t have asked about that,” I said. “NO! You ask whatever you want to. You’re the only person I can talk to like this about Mike!” he said, and tears began running down his cheeks. I scootched across Mike’s grave and spun around so I was sitting next to Brian, rather than opposite him, and put an arm around him. “I know why you wish you’d sucked him off too,” I said. “It’s because you loved him so much, and you wish you’d been able to give him as much pleasure as he gave you.” Brian looked at me a minute, as more tears welled up in his eyes, then he rested his face against my chest and wept quietly for a minute, while I rubbed my hand up and down his back. When he got himself under control again, he sat up and apologized for falling apart. I told him to shut up about that, that it was OK for him to fall apart anytime he wanted to. I also told him I’d always be available for him, if he wanted or needed to talk about Mike. He sniffled a little and hugged me and thanked me. We sat quietly for a minute, then Brian asked me if I’d slept through the partial blow job his brother had given me. Sadly I told him I had, otherwise things might have been different. I would have reciprocated, and I’m sure it would’ve changed the relationship between the two of us. We’d have been partners I was sure. It was my turn to cry on Brian’s shoulder then, as I bemoaned the fact that I’d never known Mike’s true feelings, because if I had, I was sure he’d still be with us. Brian cried along with me. After we’d calmed down, we talked a while more about how things might have been if Mike had opened up to either of us. Neither of us could understand how a boy who’d been so open and elloquently clear about his feelings in his journals, couldn’t have opened up to the two people he appeared to have loved the most. He’d only ever given us hints about his true feelings, but even when we’d subtly let him know that he could talk to us about his true feelings, he hadn’t. The time he sucked Brian off, Brian did talk to him later, without letting on that he’d been awake. He’d let Mike know indirectly that it would be OK with him if he wasn’t straight. Mike hadn’t opened up to him though. Likewise with me. Mike could’ve opened up to me so many different times. Even after that last time we were together in the boy’s room at school before our rehearsal. But he always stopped short of letting me know his true feelings. Neither of us came up with an adequate explanation of why he didn’t feel he could confide in us, so we lapsed again into silence for a few minutes. Eventually, we talked about some of the funny things that had happened to Mike that he wrote about. We chuckled over some things, and cried about others. Finally, while we finished off our beers, we reminisced about some of the most memorable times we’d had with Mike. Times that had been a lot of fun. When our beer was gone, Brian said he had to get going, and looking at my watch, I realized it was time to pick up the boys and get home for lunch. Brian and I gave each other a last hug, and vowed we’d get together again soon. Then he left. * * * I drove over to my mother’s grave then, and found Andy sitting next to her, gazing at her stone. He’d apparently found some daisies along the way, as there were a few lying in front of her stone. I stood in quiet meditation for a couple minutes, then asked if he was ready to go. He said we could stay longer if I wanted a few minutes alone with Mom or Lynn. I told him it was OK, that we could go. I looked over at Lynn’s grave for a moment, and telepathically said “Hello” to her. I noticed there were a couple of daisies on her grave as well. I looked at Andy, who must’ve realized why I was looking at him. “I visited Lynn for a few minutes too,” he said simply. “That’s nice,” I said, “C’mon, we gotta get going.” We went to the car then and drove back to the skate park, where we picked up the boys, and went home for lunch. * * * I ran my bag of booze, and our boutonnieres down to the basement refrigerator, while Andy took our tuxes up to our room. Then, I quickly called the guys in the band and asked them if they wanted to meet us at the beach in an hour or so. They all said that sounded like a good idea, so we agreed to meet in our usual spot. After I hung up, I went out on the deck and fired up the grill. As I began cooking a mess of hot dogs for our lunch, Grandma came and joined me at the grill. I noticed that the boys all surreptitiously moved back inside the house. Smiling to myself, I told Grandma that Andy and I had a nice long talk with the boys when we dropped them off at the skate park. I told her that everything was fine with all four of them, and that she didn’t have anything to worry about. She was visibly relieved, and said she was very happy to hear that! She asked me then if Andy and I were all set for the ball. I told her I thought we were. I noticed she looked a little sad, and asked her what was wrong. “Nothing,” she said, smiling artificially at me. “I know,” I said, after a moment. “I’ve been thinking about it too.” “What?” she asked, pretending not to know what I was talking about. “If Lynn were still here, things would’ve turned out a lot differently. It would’ve been her I was taking to the ball tonight,” I said. Grandma looked at me a moment, and said, “I didn’t realize I was that readable. I’m sorry John, I didn’t mean for you to notice. I just want you and Andy to have a great time tonight.” “I know, and thank you. I know it must be hard for you to see me with Andy, always remembering that if things had been different, Andy wouldn’t be here, and I’d be with Lynn.” I said. “Don’t take this the wrong way John, but I’ve been wondering lately if that would have been how things would have worked out if Lynn were still here,” Grandma said. “What would have happened if Lynn had lived? You still would have moved to England after your mother died, and you still would have met Andy. What would you have done?” “Believe it or not, I’ve thought about that. It took me a while, to figure it out, although it really shouldn’t have. It was really rather obvious. I know that no matter how much I love Andy now, if Lynn had lived, I would’ve still been with her. I know this, because, I was so much in love with Lynn, that I wouldn’t have been open to anyone else’s feelings, not even Andy’s, to get through to me.” I said. “I think that would have been very sad for you then. Don’t get me wrong. I’d have loved nothing better than to have you for a grandson-in-law. All I mean is, I think that if you truly look in your heart and compare your feelings for Lynn, and your feelings for Andy, that you’ll find your feelings for Andy are deeper. I’ve seen how you look at him. I know you loved Lynn very much, I just think you love Andy a little more. And, it’s bakırköy travesti OK to admit it to me if you feel that way John. I know how much you loved Lynn. I know you still do to some degree, and that you always will. I just feel you have even stronger feelings for Andy,” Grandma said. I was quiet for a minute, as I thought about Lynn, and then about Andy, then I said, “I think that because of the type of guy I am, my initial thoughts on how things would’ve worked out if Lynn had lived, are correct. I just wouldn’t have considered being with anyone else. However, since you brought this up, I feel you want to know my innermost feelings, and I don’t mind sharing them with you. I also know that you know I never lie. I just pray that what I’m going to tell you doesn’t hurt you…. Since I’ve been with Andy, I’ve thought about him, and about Lynn, and wondered myself if I love one more than the other. I figured out that I do. I have to admit to you that you’re right that my feelings for Andy are stronger than my feelings were for Lynn. I loved your granddaughter with all my heart, but now that she’s gone, and won’t be coming back, and I did let my heart open up again, I can say that when I found Andy, I didn’t just find another lover or partner. I didn’t find a replacement for Lynn. I found my soul-mate. The other half of my being! It’s like I was incomplete until Andy came along, and filled the void within me. He’s everything to me, and I don’t know what I’d do if I ever lost him! I think it’s inconceivable that a person could love anyone more than I love Andy. I’m sorry if this hurts you, and I feel like I’m betraying Lynn when I say it, but I do love Andy more than I loved her!” As I stood watching Grandma, who had tears in her eyes, waiting for her to reply, the storm door behind me opened, and I heard someone walk out onto the deck. Grandma smiled then and took the tongs from me. “You didn’t hurt me at all John. I’m very happy for you. There’s someone else who wants to talk to you now. You go on, and I’ll finish these,” she said. She turned to the grill and began flipping the hot dogs around. Turning, I looked behind me, and saw Andy standing a few feet away, with tears streaming down his face. Behind him, I saw all the boys standing inside the kitchen watching. “Andy! I’m sorry! You-you weren’t supposed to hear all that. Are you OK?” I asked, walking over to him. Andy smiled through his tears and said “I’ve never been happier in my life! I feel just the same way about you too. I love you so much John!” Then he wrapped his arms around me and buried his face against my chest and began weeping openly. As I wrapped my arms around him and held him, I saw all the guys grinning behind the screen in the door. Their faces became blurry, as my eyes watered up and I began crying a little too. “OK you two lovebirds, break it up. Hot dogs are up!” Grandma said, from behind us a couple minutes later. Andy and I parted then, both grinning at one another as we wiped our eyes, and the boys all came out carrying plates, napkins, forks, salads, lemonade, and such. I went over and wrapped my arms around Grandma and gave her a hug and a kiss. Then Andy gave her a hug and a kiss as well. We all sat down to eat then. Along with the hotdogs, there were potato chips, and baked beans and Macaroni salad that Grandma had made, and dessert was fresh fruit salad. Lunch was a happy meal. Afterward, we all put on our swim trunks, slathered on a lot of sunblock, grabbed our boogie boards and headed off to the beach for a while. * * * When we got there, we found that it was just high-tide. The other guys had just arrived and were about to take their boogie boards out and ride the waves. We threw down our things, and joined them. As we walked out into the surf, Andy paused a moment, and grinned at me as he relieved himself in the ocean. A moment later, he came plowing through the waves, after us. “You know what Whizzer?” Legs called to him, “I hear that because of guys like you who piss in the ocean all the time, that they’re thinking about dumping chemicals along the shoreline from crop-dusters. The chemicals will make the water around a person turn bright red if they pee in it!” We all laughed, as Andy hollered “Eat Shit, Legs!” Legs chuckled, then yelled back, “Ewww! You didn’t do that back there too, did you???” We all roared as Andy began running after Pete. Fortunately for Pete, he lived up to the other reason we called him “Legs”, and because of his long legs, he was able to outrun Andy. We all finally got far enough out, and jumped on our boards and started watching the waves. It was a great afternoon. We spent almost two hours riding the waves, before we older guys finally went into shore and laid down on our towels to rest, and catch the rays. Jacob, Harry, and the twins decided to stay in the ocean a while longer, as the waves were so good. While we laid in the sun, I told the guys about Brian giving me the envelope from Mike, and about Mike’s music that was in it. They all started talking at once, asking about the music. Snickering, I told them about the songs Mike had been writing. I told them how one in particular sounded really good, and how it didn’t have words yet, so I’d written some for it. “I can’t wait to hear it!” Craig said. “Well, I can sing it acappella I suppose,” I said. They all wanted me to, so I did. Since I’d written the words recently, they were fresh in my mind, and so was the melody, so I was able to sing it easily. “Wow!” Mitchell said, when I was finished. “That was great!” Craig said. “Yeah, we gotta get together and sing it with the music, and soon!” Pete said. “I think it should be the first song we sing as ‘The Six-Shooters’!” Boner said. “Thought you’d agree. We’ll have to get together soon and try it out as a group! And if we all really like it, I want to dedicate it to Mike,” I said. They all agreed, and we decided to get together sometime in the next few days and check it, and Mike’s other songs out. * * * As we laid there making rehearsal plans, we suddenly heard a lot of whistles blowing. We all sat up and looked toward them. One of the lifeguards was standing on her tall wooden chair whistling and calling everyone out of the water. Out in the ocean, I saw the other lifeguard was swimming out to sea, heading toward a couple of people who appeared to have gotten caught in a rip-tide and were being carried further out. “Where are the boys?” I asked suddenly, looking around for them. I didn’t see them anywhere. I jumped up and frantically started calling their names. Just then, Jacob and Harry came running up, both completely out of breath. The twins were nowhere to be seen. “WHERE ARE THE TWINS?” I yelled. Panting heavily, Jacob pointed behind him at the ocean. I looked out at the people who were caught in the rip-tide. Just as I looked, the tip of one of their boogie boards stuck up over the top of a wave, and I saw the distinctive pattern and colors of Scott’s board. “OH FUCKING HELL!” I yelled, as I grabbed my board and ran for the ocean… ——————————————————————————- The next chapter in this series will be published shortly.

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