My Son’s Friends


I’m Helen, white, 46 years old (look younger), tall, fit, blond with big tits (my best features). I date, have no steady man but I do enjoy the attention I get from men.

My son is in his senior year in high school but attends a private school in a nearby town where he lives with my sister. He comes home every weekend and is with me the entire summer.

When he is home our backyard seems to be a gathering place for many of his friends. They were hanging out or often playing a very competitive game of basketball. It got to the point that I seemed to have very little privacy and eventually I told them “I didn’t mind them hanging out but I had to limit their visits to 2 days a week”. That seem fine with them and on the other days they just seemed satisfied hanging out at a nearby park.

When they were at the house, I would let them have access to our enclosed patio to cool off or get some bottled water. The patio was enclosed and the glass allowed for someone to see outside but did not allow for someone outside the patio to see in.

Since the boys could not see me, I watched them from time to time as they played or joked around.

One day James came inside the patio to get a drink. It caught me off guard and I only had on a halter top and some very baggy shorts. His eyes immediately locked on my tits that were very exposed and the way my legs were raised in the baggy shorts I think he might have gotten a glimpse of my hairy cunt. I was not wearing any panties.

He kept his eyes on me the entire time he was on the patio and as he left, he just said, “very nice”. I could see him telling one of the other boys what he had seen and the other boy, Matt, immediately started toward the patio. Before Matt entered the patio I retired back inside the house.

After that day I tried to make a point of not being on the patio when they came inside.

My son went back to my sister house for the week but 4 – 5 of the boys showed up to play ball after school.

James always made his way to the patio to get a drink. I knew it was actually to get a peek at me and one day I stepped out onto the patio to say “hi” to him. As always, he eyes became riveted to my tits and he boldly asked “Can I suck them?”

That caught me totally off guard and without my hesitation he stepped closer and slipped one of my halter straps from my shoulder. My right tit bounced right out in front of him and before I could protest, he had the nipple in his mouth.

He sucked it softly and gentle and even thought I attempted to pull away my nipple was getting harder and longer in his mouth.

He asked with hesitation, “Can I have some?”

I haven’t been asked for pussy in that way since junior high. Still, I knew what he meant.

I didn’t say a word but turned away and went back in the house. He followed me and I led him to the back bedroom.

I slipped the other halter strap off my shoulder and now my big tits stared him straight in the face. He watched bonus veren siteler as if he was mesmerized and without bending down, I slipped off my shorts and exposed my thick bush. I was now naked in front of him.

He rushed me and I fell back on the bed. He was trying to get his basketball shorts off along with his shirt. Once he had his clothes off, he tried to put it in but couldn’t. Our eyes locked and I reached down and guided his dick into me.

I gasped and arched my back upward when his dick pushed passed the lips of my pussy and I could feel his heart beating like a bird. He looked down and watched his dick go in and out of my cunt. I shifted my position in the bed to get more comfortable and with that the full length of his dick slide into me. He wasn’t huge but his dick felt good.

I extended my legs up, opened wider for him and James was furiously pumping away.

Despite his age I was getting a good fuck. It was GOOD!

I was enjoying his dick when I looked up and one of his friends, Matt, was standing in the bedroom doorway. He was just watching but stroking himself and it was clear he wanted some of my pussy.

I kept my eyes on him but I still felt James humping me. He was lasting longer than I thought but each thrust of his dick felt good. Finally, he busted a nut in me and his gut moan filled the room.

As soon as he rolled off Matt took his place. He was taller but I was more interested in the size of his dick and when he dropped his shorts, I was not disappointed.

He roughly pulled me crossway the bed with my legs overhanging the edge of the bed. He bent my legs back, raised them high and rested them on his shoulder.

Once fully exposed he started popping dick to me. I could hear his thighs as they slapped against the lower part of my buttocks but he was so eager I don’t think he even realized I was there.

I think I was just a wet cunt to him. Still, I was giving it back to him with each thrust and he came in me after what seemed like only a few minutes. He “howled” like an animal when he was cumming and I must say the sound inflated my ego.

I reached over and grabbed part of the fitted sheet and whipped their cum from between my legs. When I finished it looked like there were gobs of it.

I expected Matt and James to take another turn but when I looked up two of their other friends were standing in my bedroom doorway. This was a little more than I counted on.

I actually enjoyed taking on two and even though I was not totally satisfied, taking on four was more than I had bargained for.

Not only that, the other two standing in my doorway, Dillion and Bill, were not only better built than James and Matt but they were black.

Now I wasn’t too sure about this. I’ve never thought about it or gone down that road before with a black guy. Now I had two of them just feet away from my naked body and likely wouldn’t take no for an answer.

When Dillion bedava bahis dropped his shorts that pretty much made up my mind and he pushed Bill aside to get to me. He had a big dick. The head looked like a small door knob and I knew I wanted that dick inside me.

Dillion flipped me over on my stomach and took me doggie style. Despite my wetness I thought he was going to split me in to. He entered me forcefully.

He locked his hands behind my neck and held my head against the mattress and pumped me without any regard to my moans.

And moaning I was. His big dick filled my cunt and I could do nothing to get some relief from his powerful thrust. Now this was a fulfilling fuck.

Dillion did not say a word but I was grunting and moaning like I had never been fucked before. Certainly, I never had a dick this size. I kept trying to picture his black dick going in and out of my white pussy. Just that thought made it a little more exciting but for the moment this was the best dick I ever had.

He didn’t know how to stop and I caught a glimpse of Larry from the corner of my eye and I could not tell if his stare was from concern or amazement.

Dillion must have pumped me none stop for at least 30 minutes and my stretched pussy enjoyed every inch of that dick.

He suddenly started pumping me faster and I could tell he was about to cum. I wanted us to cum together and finally he said, “Bitch, I’m going to cum in you. Bitch, I’m cumming in you.”

Just his words made me cum too and the moans of us cumming together was fantastic.

I collapsed on the bed on my stomach and when Dillion pulled out of me it felt like my pussy was being pulled inside out.

I crawled back to the center of the bed expecting to rest but Bill had other ideas.

That big dick of Dillion had almost made me forget about Bill but when he pushed me onto my back and started mounting me that black smooth torpedo immediately got my attention.

Not quite as big as Dillion but more than adequate to get my attention.

He lifted my legs, mounted me and tried to fuck my brains out.

I just laid there while he fucked me silly. I didn’t even move. I didn’t have to.

This boy consumed what was left of me.

I loved being gangbanged. It was the greatest sex of my life and adding a little color to it turned out to be the spice of life.

I think Bill left every drop of his cum in me. He stayed in me and wouldn’t get up.

Finally, I pushed him off and went to the bathroom to clean up.

When I returned the guys were talking and I sat on the edge of the bed. They immediately pinned me to the bed and Dillion and Bill started sucking my breasts, Matt hovered over my head and positioned his dick between my lips and James locked on to my clit.

This was ecstasy. The two black guys, Dillion and Bill, sucked my big white tits like they have never been sucked before.

James knew how to eat pussy and he didn’t bother deneme bonus sticking his tongue in me.

He just kept tonguing the tip of my clit. At one point he commented, “Your clit is really hard. Like a small dick.”

I’ve never been pleasured like this before and I so desperately wanted Matt to fill my throat with his cum.

I couldn’t wait and finally just started shaking because I was cumming from everywhere.

Mouths on my tits, a mouth on my clit and a dick stuffed in my mouth. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

Just as I opened my mouth to moan Matt emptied his cum down my throat.


I laid there spent. I was just basking in the glow of a great fuck.

The guys slowly started to put their shorts on, except for Dillion.

He was stroking his dick to get it hard again. All he said was, “I want some more of this bitch pussy.” He seemed even bigger than before and I wasn’t too sure about giving it up to him again.

Within a few seconds I could see I didn’t have much choice. He climbed in bed and mounted me again.

He had one of my legs across his shoulder and the other dangling loose. He pushed and I grunted and threw my head back. I had little energy left.

I knew that each one wanted another turn with me and I was content to let them have me. What could I do at this point?

By now Dillion had my pussy stuffed. I slide my leg off his shoulder and spread my legs as far as I could to accommodate him. With that move he laid flat against me and was simply giving me a good old fashion fucking. He had the energy and the stamina and I was going to let him have all the pussy.

He was grunting and groaning and frankly it excited me to see and hear how much he wanted me. He was like a demon.

I knew he was about to come and just as he was cumming he withdrew from me and shot his load all over my big tits. That was unexpected but I loved it. Watching his cum shoot out onto my breasts gave me a thrill.

When Dillion moved away, I raised up slightly, parted my legs and opened my arms for whoever wanted to be next.

All I could do was lay there and enjoy each dick. It was the best. Having young studs bust nut after nut in me was the best.

Each took his turn and I held up the best I could. Their energy seemed unlimited.

Finally, it ended with me jacking each one of them off. It was thrilling to watch each one grow larger as I jacked each one off. Watching that stream of cum erupt from the tip of their dicks was the best sight.

I watched them dress and reluctantly leave the room. Heard the patio door close and listed to one of them bounce the ball down the driveway as they were leaving.

I was not sure how I was going to handle their future visits but I decided I will worry about that tomorrow. Today, I just want to savior that “good dick” feeling each one left me with.

Five minutes after they left, my neighbor Janice called. She bluntly asked if I was OK and I said, “I’m fine. Why do you ask?”

She said, “Four of them at once.” My mouth fell open but she said, “Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me.”

“Safe providing you let me join in next time.”

With that she just hung-up!

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