My Soldier Comes Home


It all started innocently enough. Tim had just been deployed to Iraq. He needed that person to talk to back home and to keep is mind straight. His friend gave him Jessica’s email and told him they would get along great. They were both pretty young with him being 20 and her being 19 and both from the hill country of Texas. Over the first six months he was stationed in Iraq they emailed nearly everyday they could. He would send her pictures of the war and she would send him pictures of things he missed most about Texas. Things like the bluebonnets in the spring, the colorful sunsets that closed out each day, the green hillsides around Austin, and his parent’s cattle ranch he worked on for so many years before leaving to join the Marines.

Jessica began to feel herself falling for the man she had never really met. They shared their thoughts and beliefs on everything it seemed. Everything except the war. In the beginning Tim asked Jessica not to ask much about it. Talking to her was his way to get away from it. There would be times that he would be out on a mission and couldn’t email for several days and Jessica’s heart raced every time the phone would ring hoping it was not bad news. Then she would hear from him and the relief would calm her down.

The discussions they both liked most were the ones when they talked about their fantasies and delve into their sexual desires. Of course by now they had shared plenty of pictures of themselves with each other. Jessica decided to give Tim a little extra boost and send him some very erotic pictures of her in various poses and states of undress. When he opened the pictures, Tim immediately felt his growing cock pressing against his fatigues.

Tim used the pictures and the other correspondence with Jessica to make it through his remaining few months in Iraq. The last two weeks seem to take an eternity to pass by. They discussed their plans on his return home. He was to see his parents first and then see her one week later. She wanted to surprise him so she talked to his parents and planned on meeting him at the airport when he arrived.

The day finally arrived when Tim reached home. As he exited the plane there were people everywhere holding up flags and welcoming all the soldiers home. Tim made his way down the line and then saw his parents there crying and reaching out for him. They embraced and told each other that they loved them and how much they missed each other.

When Tim opened his eyes he saw Jessica standing there just behind his parents. Her eyes were full of tears as she watched the emotional return and with her own joy to finally meet the man she had fallen in love with but never met. His parents broke their embrace and Tim went to meet and hug Jessica. As he hugged her small frame he lifted her off the ground slightly squeezing her as tight as he could and relishing every minute of it. Her muffled words were loud and clear to him as they hugged.

That night she ate dinner with the whole family. She was able to meet the rest of his brothers and sisters. At dinner, the couple playfully toyed with the other under the table. When the meal finished up, Tim walked Jessica to her car so she could make the two hour drive home. It was this moment that Tim took the bahis siteleri opportunity to kiss her for the first time. His lips gently pressed against hers at first. He wrapped his hands around her waist as they leaned against the car. She parted her lips to allow his tongue to play with hers. The moment was getting more and more passionate and he broke the kiss to stop it before it went too far.

They said their goodbyes and new it wasn’t going to be long before they were in each others arms again. On her way home they texted back and forth on their phones. He mentioned how he could still smell her lilac scented perfume as if she were still with him. She wished she was still there with him.

The week passed and he arrived at her apartment on a Friday night. Jessica wasn’t a very good cook but she made her best attempt and made them spaghetti for dinner. This was not a meal even she could screw up and Tim enjoyed having the home cooked foods instead of the bland attempt at foods in Iraq. They had decided to stay in that night since it was already getting late and they hadn’t had any time really together alone. The couple made their way over to her couch and snuggled together as they watched some movie they had both seen a hundred times.

Tim leaned over and kissed Jessica’s neck very light and subtle at first. She moved her long dark brown hair out of the way to give him even more access to her erogenous zones. Jessica snuggled even closer and moved her hand up and down his thigh as her neck was being kissed. She closed her eyes as his left hand moved up her stomach to her C cup breasts. Tim felt her hard nipples poking through her bra and shirt. She moaned softly as he gently squeezed them and kneaded them.

Jessica couldn’t take it anymore. She rolled over and straddled Tim’s legs as she put her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. His hands immediately went to her firm ass which was covered by her tight jeans. They kissed heavily and Jessica began to feel Tim’s hard on pressing against her jeans. To tease him she ground her pelvis into his lap. Tim’s hands firmly gripped her as squeezed it. Her hands worked over his rippled stomach. She could tell he was in great shape from the definition in his abs. Her hands slipped under his shirt to feel the six pack abs that she loved so much.

She finally broke their kiss as she removed her shirt and bra revealing her perfect sized breasts. Her large hard nipples were waiting for the soldier’s attention. Jessica leaned forward to offer them to her man. Tim didn’t waste any time and quickly began to run his tongue all over her tits. Her hands moved to the back of his nearly shaved head. The scent of her lilac perfume filled his lungs as he relished this moment that he longed for during his days in the desert.

Jessica pulled back from Tim and with a sly smile reached down to unzip his pants. He watched as her hands maneuvered his hard cock out of the hole. She toyed with her new friend as her hands stroked and squeezed it. Her finger nails tickled slightly as she lightly caressed the long shaft. All of this teasing was driving Tim crazy!

After teasing him for several minutes, she stood up from his lap and then slowly sank to her knees in front of canlı bahis siteleri him. The little bit of light coming from the television cast just enough glow on Jessica that Tim could see her lick her lips just before they spread to accept his throbbing mushroom shaped head. She twisted her head side to side as her mouth took in all seven inches of manhood.

It was obvious to Tim that Jessica knew what she was doing in which he didn’t mind at all. Her finger nails tickled that spot just between his balls and his ass while she varied the speed of her head bobbing up and down on his cock. He would get so close to cumming before she would stop and focus her attention elsewhere to prolong the sweet agony. Just when he thought she was going to let him explode, she stops completely. She stares up at him and says “Let’s go for a drive and we can finish this later.” With that she jumped to her feet and went to change.

Tim was still in shock that he had been so close to cumming and then she just walks off. He sat there with his hard cock twitching and aching. Jessica returned wearing a short jean mini-skirt and a tank top without a bra. Her nipples clearly poked through the cotton fabric. He finally got off the couch and rearranged himself by putting his hard cock back inside his pants. She grabbed a blanket as they walked out her front door.

He still had no clue where they were headed. All he knew was that he was driving. She directed him to a road that went to the top of some hills that overlooked the city and were pretty desolate at night. Jessica laid her seat back in his jeep. As she watched the moon and the stars her hands began to wonder to other parts of her body.

Her hands first reached her large breasts as she played with her nipples through her tank top. Tim nearly ran off the road while watching her play with her tits. Then she raised up her shirt to expose the erect nipples to the warm night air. Now he had to really concentrate to keep the jeep on the road. She took one of her large nipples into her mouth and began sucking and running her tongue over it. Her moans echoed in the jeep as they drove up the hillside.

Every free second Tim had he looked over to see what Jessica was doing. While her left hand continued to pull and play with her nipples, her right hand scooted her skirt up to expose her panty less pussy. The juices from her pussy glistened on the moonlight and the smell of her sex filled the front seat of the jeep. She teased Tim by slowly rubbing her clit while he had to try to concentrate on the road and also try to steal glances of her actions.

Jessica was so wet from all of the evening’s events that her juices were dripping onto the vinyl seat. She couldn’t resist it any longer and plunged her fingers deep inside her pussy. Fast and furiously she fingered her aching hole until she came all over her fingers. The moans from her orgasm shrieked through the night air.

The two finally reached the top of the hill and found the pavilion used for picnics. She brought the blanket that she had grabbed just before walking out the door. The pavilion was made from rock and enclosed on three sides. The remaining side opened to the city skyline. All of the lights from the city shined canlı bahis brightly in the distance.

Tim sat on the bench of the picnic table and Jessica sat in his lap. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly as they watched the flickering lights of the city. The romantic setting was something she had only dreamed about and yet it was now she was living it. She was over looking the city with the marine of her dreams holding her in his arms.

They began to kiss. First softly as if it was the first time. As each second passed the more passionate the kisses became. With his hands in hers, she moved them up to her large breasts. Together they squeezed and fondled the pair of perfectly shaped large tits. Almost unknowingly Jessica started to grind her ass into the crotch of her lover. They continued the caressing and grinding for sometime. It seemed both were hesitant to make the move that took them to the next level of lovers.

Jessica arched her back wrapping an arm around his neck as she tortured her man by grinding against his rigid cock with her barely covered ass. By now he was ready to rip her clothes off and fuck her madly. She could sense the tension building with all of the grinding. Unfortunately for Tim she relished the torture she provided.

The grinding finally became too much for him to handle. Before Jessica knew what was going on, he had picked her up and carried her to the other side of the table. He set her down on her knees on the bench. The whole physicality of being carried by her marine excited her even more.

She barely had time to get her skirt raised all the way before Tim had is throbbing cock stabbing at her soaked pussy. His seven inches of thick cock finally found its destination as he slammed it all into her at once. She screamed in delight as he stretched her pussy past any limits it had been to before. Their bodies crashed against each other over and over as Tim hammered his cock in deeper and deeper with each hard thrust.

Some how Jessica managed to slip a hand down to her pussy and was furiously rubbing her clit. The rubbing and fucking caused what seemed like a continuous orgasm. Her juices dripped down her legs and there was plenty more still lubricating the inside of her pussy.

Tim began to grunt and groan with every thrust. She sensed he was getting close to cumming. His strong hands clinched her hips as he pounded her pussy as fast as he could. She felt her own inner walls clamping down against his thick cock.

Waiting until the last minute, he pulls out and spins her around. Before she could get her shirt off Tim exploded covering her now uncovered breasts with what seemed like never ending spurts of hot milky semen. Both of her tits were covered in cum when he finally finished. Tim stood there shaking firmly gripping his cock as he tried to recover. She saw a drop of semen slowly oozing out of his cock and she quickly took his still semi-rigid cock into her mouth sucking out what little fluid he had left. She used her fingers to carefully wipe up all the cum he unloaded on her large breasts before licking each finger clean savoring the salty taste of her lover.

They both laid on the blanket that sprawled across the table and talked about what they had planned to do on his two week leave from Iraq. She hated the idea that she only had two weeks with him before he was gone again. They both planned to use the time wisely and make sure there were plenty more nights like this one.

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