Subject: My slutty childhood part 11 Thanks for all the feedback! Remember to donate to fty/ Now on to the next chapter of My Slutty Childhood. The next week or two I had no chance to get any cock. Their were so many new people from Cuba in my house I never got a chance to suck Tio or my cousin Danny off. But I was hornier than ever. It was around spring break so even Coach’s old cock wasn’t available. Having two sexy men in their 20s in my house walking around topless showing off their muscular hairy bodies was too much for me. I had no privacy to even rub my dicklet which got excited every time one of them got in swim trunks to swim in our pool. They would often walk around in their tight underwear. I wanted so badly to suck their cocks. I soon found out the closest I could get to cock was their dirty underwear. I would go through the dirty hamper and collect all three of their underwear. My Tios always smelled good since he was a cologne wearing, baby poweder man. My cousins underwear however always smelled of sweaty cock and ass. I would suck the crotchs of their dirty under wear as I played with my lil 9 year old cock. I found their musk intoxicating. I felt closer to them smelling their sweat and sucking up their sweat off their underwear. I found myself sniffing man ass stink and cock stink. I did this for an entire two weeks. It became a ritual. I would wait til the end of the night to go into the bathroom. I would turn the shower on and get off to cleaning their dirty underwear with my mouth. One night I heard a knock on the door and my Tio Joaquin whispered that it was him. ” habre putito” open sluty faggot he said. I was so excited! I quickly threw the underwear I was worshiping back into the hamper and opened up. Tio quickly came in and locked the door and then passionately bent down and kissed me hard. He stuck his tounge deep into my throat as his hands grabbed my chubby tiny ass. He suddenly back off and asked me who I was sucking on. ” nadie Tio” no one I said. ” Porque sabes ah pinga y culo” , why do you taste like cock and ass he said. I was so embarrassed but I knew Tio was well aware of my passion for men. I opened tge hamper and showed him my Cousins underwear with my spit stains all over them. A sexy grin came acroas my Tios pedos face. He then bundled up the stinky underwear and placed it right on my nose. He then unzipped his pants and guided his cock into my throat. I started to take deep breaths on the funky underwear as I sucked my Tio off. I was so hungry and horny I gave Tio the sloppiest deep throat head I had ever given him. He was moaning and enjoying how horny this made me. He then whispered ” trago mi leche puerca!” Swallow my milk you pig!. I was so happy I finally had gotten some cock and cum. Tio then fully undressed and guided me into the shower. Once we were inside Tio washed my chubby lil body. It felt so wonderful being showered by this huge man. We made out and felt each other up. He soaped my pussy up and started to probe my hole. As he pushed his fat finger inside me it almost felt like the first time. I felt so tight. We finished our shower and dried off. Before he left the bathroom he told me to pretend to be sick tomorrow so I can stay istanbul travesti home. The next morning my mom woke me up and right away I pretended be sick. I knew my Tio had some sick perverted plan knowing him so I acted my lil ass off. Eventually my mom said I could stay home but my Tio and cousins would need to take care of me. I hid my smile knowing this meant my horny year old holes would most likely be penetrated. Once her and my dad left to work I left my room expecting everyone to be there. I noticed the only ones in the house with me were Tio, Cousin Danny and Cousin Michael. As soon as Tio saw me he smiled and asked if I was feeling better. I smiled and nodded my head. They all laughed and asked me if I wanted to get in the pool. I jumped up from excitement and ran to my room to put on swim trunks. As I changed Tio came in and I ran into his arms. We kissed and he slowly stripped off my trunks. He then bent me over and began to eat my boy pussy with passion. He was making out with my tiny hole. Sucking and chewing on it. I moaned loudly and he reminded me Tio Michael didn’t know I was his lil faggot. It turned me on knowing he might have heard me. I wanted Tio Michael so badly. He was dark haired and skinned, had a stocky muscular body. He was always hugging me and taking an intrest in the things I like. Even watched wrestling with me. I wanted him to fuck me like he probably fucked sluts all the time. Tio finally took a break from my pussy and then walked over to his drawer. He pulled out the tiny speedos he had bought me for our outing at the beach. The ones he got so I could lure pedos at the beach. I was nervous about the idea of wearing these around Tio Michael. I knew he was the most macho of them and although he was sweet with me I wasn’t sure how he felt about mariconsitos( lil faggots) like me. I obliged my Tio as I always did and eventually I walked outside with my chubby ass cheeks sticking out. I saw Tio Danny smile immediately. I saw Tio Michaels eyes widen. He didn’t say anything but he was clearly shocked. I got into the pool fast before he said a work. Tio Joaquin and Danny acted normal and they started to swim around splashing water back and forth. Eventually Tio Michael joined us and the weird tension I felt went away. After about 20 minutes of us all horsing around Tio Joaquin asked me to go get them some beers and to grab myself one. I got out of the pool and felt a huge wedgie from my way to small speedos. I went inside and felt the cold air hit my skin. My nipples hot hard as hell and I felt so horny. I knew this was my chance to seduce Tio Michael. With my Tio that had enjoyed my mouth before there and Tio Joaquin I knew I had nothing to lose. I decided to take it up a notch and went into my Tios Drawer. I knew if he kept my lil speedos in there he probably had the thongs he bought me as well. I was right he had them and the lil brown bottle he had me sniff before that made fucking men so much more intense. I changed into this very small pink thong I never got to wear. They had lil bows on the side which made me look like such a faggot I loved it. I took a big huff of the poppers and felt like a whore. I grabbed the beers and walked kadıköy travesti outside. My tios had all gotten out of the pool and were sitting down now. As soon as I walked out Tio Danny whistled. ” Mira la puta rica que tenemos aqui” look at the hot whore we have here. I walked around and gave him and Tio Joaquin their beers. As I walked towards Tio Michael he started right into my eyes. I looked down as I gave him his beer. He grabbed the beer with one hand and he then grabbed my chin with the other. He pulled my head up and I looked at his face. He looked so mad. I was scared this might be the moment I finally got my ass kicked for being a faggot. He stared at me for what seemed like forever until finally he told me to open my mouth. I then opened my mouth and he stuck his thumb inside my mouth. I couldn’t help myself and began to suck his big thumb as I would his cock if he let me. He took a sip of his beer as I sucked his thumb and then said ” es verdad, tiene tremenda boca”, it’s true he has a great mouth. I was so flattered knowing my Tios had told him about my gifts. Now that I knew it was safe I grabbed Tio Michael’s cock. Tio Michael’s cock was as long as Danny’s about 8 inches but so thick I couldn’t wrap my hand around it. I wanted so badly to see it I quickly tried to undue his swim trunks. He laughed and took his thumb out of my mouth. He lightly slapped my face an stood up. He then pulled down his shorts and the fattest cock I had ever seen in person stood before me. His bush was so dark. He had so much hair all over his body. Even his hard cock had hair down the shaft. No wonder his underwear were so stinky I thought. I looked uo at him as he sipped his beer. He then said ” chupa puta” suck it whore. I didn’t need to be told twice I tried to fit his monster cock inside my mouth. My jaw was wide open and I was able to fit about 4 inches down my throat. It felt so full I couldn’t believe how fat it was. He let me suck and worship his beautiful cock for a while. My Tio Joaquin and Danny stripped down and stood on each side of me. Soon I had three adult cocks surrounding me , it was like a cock buffet. As a lil chubby slut I couldn’t have enough. I started going back and forth on them. I’d suck them each off for a few minutes and then move to the next one. They were really enjoying this and called me names like puta, puerca, maricon. I was loving this. They started to pinch my nipples and feel on my ass. They were all right on me and would slap their cocks on my lil baby face. After about 30 minutes of this they were really buily up and spoke amoung themselves. ” vamos ah bañar la puta” lets bathe the whore. I wasn’t sure what that meant but soon they all started to cum. Almost at the exact moment they all came hard all over my face. I opened my mouth and tried to drink all their cum. It felt like a fountain of sperm and I loved their taste. Each different but so delicious. They rubbed their cocks all over my face. I then started to clean them up. I would suck the cum off their cocks and then their balls. Soon they all got soft and I was still cleaning them up. They all sat back down and I went to each of them and kissed their cocks. Tio Joaquin then suggested bakırköy travesti we take the party to my parents bed. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this but the idea of me in bed with the three of them excited me so much I ran into my parents bedroom in my pink panties and jumped on their bed. I quickly got on all fours like a doggie and when they walked into the room and saw me all smiled and I noticed their cocks get hard again. Tio danny got behind me and moved the thong to the side and began to eat my pussy. I was moaning with my eyes closed and felt hairy flesh push on my face. When I opened my eyes up Tio Joaquin was pushing his ass on my face. This was something new but I had seen girls in porn do this with men. I quickly stuck my baby tounge out and started to lick Tios hairy ass. He smelled like clorox but the deeper into his crack I got the more it smelled and tasted like the dirty underwear I loved to sniff and suck. As Tio Danny ate me out I copied what he did on Tio Joaquin and soon he was conplmenting what a good faggot I was. After a while Tio Danny lined his cock up and began to enter me. Tio Joaquin took a break but soon my face was being stuffed by Tio Michael’s hairy ass. He smelled and tasted different. I loved his taste. Tio Danny fucked me slowly but he would stick his entire covk inside me the pull all the way out then repeat the motion. It felt intense but I loved it. My baby pussy felt things I had never felt before. My guts felt like they were being rearranged. Tio Danny soon was cumming inside me. He kept fucking my open hole and I could feel how wet it was. Soon Tio Michael took his place. Although I was loose his cock was so thick it was painful. He ignored my screams and cries and from the start he fucked me hard. He was so rough my entire body would bounce off his cock. I was screaming fron pain and extasy and he then started spanking me. ” Quieres pinga puta, entinces coge pinga!” You wanted cock whore so take cock. He pounded me for about 10 minutes the whole time I yelled and moaned and cursed. I begged him for more. I knew this was what I was made for. I loved having these macho men use me. I wanted to be their whore. I wished at that moment I could just live with them. Have them fuck me and use me and piss on me. He started to growl and soon I felt his seed deep in my guts. It felt like his cock was in my stomach. Instead of pulling out he rearranged us to where I was now riding his cock reverse cowgirl. Tio Joaquin stood on the bed and fucked my face s I rode Tio Michael still hard cock. I felt my body shaking and began having a dry orgasm. Tio filled my throat with his cum as I had a boy orgasm with cock stuffed up my ass. As soon as Tio pulled off my mouth Tio Michael pushed me off his cock and told me to clean him up. I greedily sucked up all the cum on his cock and ass juice. I made sure I cleaned it up really well. Once I was done we all laid down in the bed with me right in the middle. All our sweaty bodies piled on each other. They all smelled stinky and I took in the entire scene. We fucked a few more times outside and eventually after drinking lots of beers they all took a piss on me at the same time. I swallowed as much piss as I could and was soaked with it. Eventually we cleaned up before my folks and their wives came home. But that was just the beginning of my fun times with my Tios. Hope you all enjoyed and please feel free to email me feedback or just to talk about perv shit lol

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