Subject: My Sexy Scoutmaster Dad 12 All the usual disclaimers apply. Nifty donation. Before masturbation. Come on, guys. Pony up before you Lube up. Thanks ! Send constructive comments to me at hoo. Thank you. My Sexy Scoutmaster Dad 12 Once the airmen saw my 14 year old bro did not mind the piss play, they let loose some gushers, blasting piss like fuckin’ racehorses. They got all the way up jeff’s Chest. He thought the piss play and sword fighting were fun. Jeff went back to washing our Sexy dad’s basketball bod. Chief bent over and told Jeff to get in his hairy hole and clean it good. “No airman wants skid marks in his skivvies. Right, men ?” “Right, Chief !” The whole crew responded, including me. Jeff stuck two fingers deep into Chief”s hole, dark with his black hair. Our father threw his head back and moaned. Bud said, “Good job, Jeff. I may need to get some of that later.” Chief surprised Jeff when he arched his back and began to push back and fuck himself on those teen fingers. Then Chief told his youngest son to wash his hairy balls and give a few strokes on his 6.5 hard cut daddy dick. Jeff smiles because he knew he could do that. Now the horny airmen and I watched and jacked our cocks as Chief went to work on Jeff. He stroked a few times on my baby bro’s 4.5 inch spike. Some ball and taint cleaning before Chief sucked his right index finger and pushed it in my baby brother’s Tight little virgin asshole. Jeff’s head and wet shaggy dirty blond skater hair jerked back and he grimaced and groaned. Loud. When Chief was satisfied his youngest son was completely clean, they dried off and sat on a folding chair. A dripping Bud handed each a red cup of cold beer and Jeff got his first taste. Then Chief told Jeff to sit on his lap so it looked like Jeff had a man sized cock. The guys oohed and aahed at the sexy sight. Now all the guys were guzzling beer, getting buzzed and rowdy. Then Anteater and Louie took Jeff’s long arms and lifted him up. Bud was sitting in a chair with a big hard cock and a big grin on his face. “Hey guys. I ain’t gay so I don’t want Bud’s dick anywhere near my butt ! That’s why Chief fingered me, right ?” “No, Jeff, Chief cleaned your hole because I am gonna eat you out like a hungry pitbull and give you your first rim job.”, Bud said. “And you are gonna fuckin’ love it, you sexy skater boy !” The guys lowered my brother onto Bud’s tongue. Bud went crazy on jeff’s Tender virgin hole and Jeff went wild from all the new sensations. His spike was rock hard the entire time he was getting rimmed. Then Bud asked Jeff if he wanted his first blow job and Jeff,, wet from sweat and steam, nodded yes. Anteater and New York Louie turned Jeff around so he was suspended in the air facing talented cocksucker, Bud. Bud wasted no time taking Jeff to the root. No gag reflex. Chief came over and sat in the next chair to get a closer look at the blow job action. Bud took Jeff’s hard Spike out dripping with spit and Chief izmit escort bayan gave his son’s dick a few fatherly sucks. So hot. Jeff then shouted that he needed to pee but Chief said, “No, piss. Just keep going, son.” Bud backed off and stroked young Jeff to his first mind blowing wet orgasm. Hot cum flew everywhere and Bud did his best to swallow it down. Chief leaned in for a taste and Bud stuck out his tongue and shared some tasty young boy cum. “So how was your first rim job and blow job, you young skate stud with the sweetest young cum I ever tasted ?” Bud asked Jeff. “That was some radical sex shit, man. Bud your tongue made my hole and dick feel awesome. And I blew my first wet load in your mouth. Thanks, Bud. I’m gonna need more of that.” Much more. Like every fuckin’ day, man.” “Oh. And man, my skate buddies would love you eating their sweaty asses and swallowing their creamy young cum loads.” “We can work something out but I get to pick the guys.” Bud stated. Rodney and Lionel sat down and wanted Jeff to sit on their laps. The airmen went ape shit when it looked like Young white Jeff was sporting first a big black mixed race dick Of Lionel and then the biggest fuckin’ cock of all, Rodney’s nearly nine inch beast of solid all black African American super dick ! Jeff loved the attention of the hard young airmen chanting “Big, Black cock. Big , black cock !” Bud told my brother to hold out his hands and Bud and Anteater spit on his palms. He was instructed to Lube up those awesome cocks to get them ready for your brother’s tight white boy ass. “Has John Jr ever been fucked by cocks this big and ever taken two at the same time ?” Jeff asked Bud. “John Jr has only been pounded once by Chief who gave your brother 6.5 inches of daddy dick. It was pretty intense but nothing compared to the fuck storm these Black athletes are gonna bring to his tight young hole.” Chief stood up and grabbed John Jr in a naked hug, hard dad dick touching hard son cock. “John Jr, my son, are you down to Fuck ? And not just that. Are you ready to get your tight young white boy ass destroyed by a double penetration by the dynamic fuck team Of Lionel and Rodney ? And are you willing to get the primal double ass fucking of your young life right here in front of these drunk and horny airmen ?” “Fuck yeah I am. Bring on the two biggest beautiful black cocks you got !” The crowd cheered as Lionel and Rodney stood up with rock hard erections and their arms in the air showing off their guns and hairy pits. Chief helped me up onto the massage table, put me on all fours and told me to arch my back. He told the guys it was a father’s sacred duty to initiate his son’s into sex and make things easier. So he said he would eat me out like a wild hyena and then he would Lube me up for the main event. Chief really did put on an exaggerated ass eating show and got good approving comments from his troops. Then Bud produced a plastic bottle of ID Lube and Chief worked izmit eve gelen escort up to three slippery fingers in my tight boy hole. I was moaning pretty loud and Chief surprised me when he slapped each of my ass cheeks. Hard. I kinda liked it. “Ok, men. This fine tight ass I made with the sperm in these hairy balls is all yours. Double fuck my boy good. Make me proud, John Jr. Lionel and Rodney began by rubbing me all over and telling me how hot and sexy I am and how they were gonna make me love their big black cocks. They said my tight white holes were made for their hard black poles. Lionel was lying down and I was over him on all fours. He instructed me to sit down slow and easy on his eight inches. He said I was in charge. I got the big head in my well lubed hole and winced but started the slow slide down to full penetration. I was quivering with lust as I looked around the circle of fit airmen and my dad and little bro naked and hard and jacking off to the sight of my tender inexperience hole taking in a beautiful black cock. I knew when I had all Of Lionel in me because the crew let out a cheer. These guys were liquored up and the bottle made the rounds so they were lubed up too. Next Rodney climbed up on the table like a conquering hero, rock hard 9 inches leading the way. Lionel pulled my chest down flush with his. That position gave big Rodney his target, my hole already stuffed full with the most it ever had before. Just my dad’s 6.5 inches. I could hear guys making bets mostly against me being able to take both. Than I heard Bud say he believed in me and I was a true bottom boy and power bottom. Not sure what that means but he was on my side. Rodney called for more Lube and Bud jumped into action. Rodney crouched down and carefully worked his dick tip in beside his buddy’s bone. I thought I might panic but Bud stroked my back and whispered in my ear that I just need to breathe deep and push out as they pushed in. That gave me some much needed confidence. “You got this, John Jt. We know you can do it,” Bud said. Then Chief and Jeff were at my ear saying they were proud of me no matter what. “Bro, this is the most radical sex shit I have ever seen and you are taking it. Fuckin” amazing !” Jeff said. I was moaning like crazy as inch after inch of Rodney kept going deeper, sliding smoothly along his buddy fuckers awesome bone. Then Rodney announced, “Men, I have bottomed our !” Another mighty cheer from the crew. Then Lionel spoke up from below me and said we would have to wait for my ass to adjust before thy could really double fuck me but so far so good. During the wait almost every naked guy there came up to inspect and confirm my ass was double stuffed. They praised me and encouraged my fuckers to give it to me good. Hard and deep. It was about ten minutes later when I was ready to go. No one sat down. They just stood closer. I saw Jeff standing beside Chief, both sipping beer, Chief’s izmit otele gelen escort arm over my brother’s shoulders. Those two were closer tonight than ever before. That’s when the fuck team went into coordinated sex action. Lionel below and Rodney above would trade turns going in and out of my fuck tunnel. They were so deep it felt like their cocks might pop out of my mouth. All three of us were sweating like pigs and moaning loud for the amusement of the jacking airman audience. Now Lionel and Rodney stepped on the gas and pounded my boy hole so hard and deep over and over. We were like a well oiled super fuck machine on overdrive. These guys were hitting my love button. Forgot the real name. Every time they rammed those magnificent black cocks into my tight pink pucker. I guess my ass could take more than anyone thought. I could tell both guys were ready to blow and Lionel asked me where I wanted their nuts. I said, “both loads in my face. The hopped off the table. I got on my back, mouth wide open as they jacked their huge loads into my mouth and all over my face. I thanked them for that amazing double fuck and creamy loads. Rodney and Lionel thanked me for taking it like a champ. Then Bud told Chief and Jeff they were up next. I ate the second load ever produced by my baby bro and washed it down with Chief’s big daddy load of semen. “Mighty proud of you tonight, John Jr””Thanks, Chief.” The other 18 or so airmen were about to jack off into the drain but Bud said he and I would swallow all their cum loads if I would share with him. “Fuck yes I will share cum loads with my best friend, Bud.” More cheers. For the next 20 minutes 18 guys jacked off into mine and Bud’s mouths as we kissed and shared loads, snowballing sperm back and forth. Some guys would cum and then slap us in our faces with Their spent cocks. Dad noticed I was still hard as steel and had not busted a nut. I almost came from the The rough double dicking but I didn’t. Dad climbed up over me and said he would take care of me. As Bud and I and Jeff watched him, our Sexy Scoutmaster Dad leaned his naked body down, grabbed my steel teen dick and proceeded to give me a killer blow job. He took my cock out of his mouth and told Jeff and Bud their job was to hold my mouth wide open for him. Then Chief went back to sucking me. I shouted, “Guys, I’m gonna cum”Chief did not stop sucking, he just collected a huge load of my creamy teen cum. When he got it all he crawled up and positioned his mouth over mine. Jeff and bud pulled my mouth open and I extended my tongue to get every drop. All four of us watched in lust and wonder as my cum and Chief”s spit dribbled from his manly mouth and into my thirsty waiting mouth. And there was a lot of fuckin’ cum after my double fucking by two amazing stud fuckers. Everyone was in the gang shower washing off the lube and sperm and sweat and beer. It was like a celebration we were joining when Chief and Jeff and Bud and I joined them. We got a cheer and high fives and butt pats. Several guys told Chief what fine hot son’s he was raising. Stuff like that. Jeff and I smiled. Dad and Bud hugged both of us on the way out. We were on top of the world. Best night of our lives. Please send me constructive comments to hoo

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