My second date with Daniel


This is my second day with daniel, my 14 year old nephew, If you are offended easily then I suggest you dont read any further

Daniel arrived early the following wednesday, he told his mother( my sister) that I wanted him to do extra work on my garden. It was just eight in the morning when he arrived and I was still in bed. I heard the doorbell and got out of bed to answer it, I was wearing a baggy tshirt and pj bottoms, not exactly the sexiest things i own. lol
When the door opened daniel had a big smile on his face and I knew what he wanted but I wasnt the best morning person in the world. I invited him in and told him to make 2 cups of coffee and I went to get my bathrobe on, the sun was already beaming but the house was still a bit chilly. daniel was pouring the water into the mugs so I went over behind him and when he had finished pouring I leaned over and kissed his neck and slid my hand down inside his trousers and felt his hard cock.
It had been a week since i took his virginity and since I’d seen him last, I think the bigest turn on was the fact that not only was what we were doing illegal but it was also breaking so many sociatal taboo’s. Here I was with my 14 year old nephews cock in my hand and I was so turned on.
We sat down on the couch and cuddled as we had our coffee and watched tv, I really wanted him inside me but I wanted him to be really worked up.. the room was getting warm from the sunlight streaming in through the double door so i took off my robe and sat back with daniels head resting on my shoulder, then I felt his hand moving over my tshirt, slowly up towards my breasts, I pretended I wasnt aware of what he was doing and he inched closer. His fingers touched the bottom of my right tit and i nearly jumped with excitement at the Idea of fucking him again, he moved his finger tips over my nipples and circled them gently, O.M.G I was getting so turned on. after a few minutes of that escort I lifted my tshirt and put his hand right onto my breast and told him to pinch my nipples gently. I knew he was getting really worked up but I wanted to really tease him..I was soaking wet and I could feel it on my pj’s then I felt something I really didnt want…It was a gush. I went into the bathroom and checked myself and then I discovered my period had started. Fuck it! I was going to have some fun one way or another.
I put in a tampon and went back in the room to daniel.
“lets go to the bedroom hun, I have something to show you”
We went into my room and I pushed him onto the bed, I straddled his legs and pulled down his jeans and boxers and his cock stood to attention. I took it in my hand and licked it all round the head, then I opened my mouth and started sucking his cock while wanking it with my lips, It didnt take long before he started to moan and i could feel the tension growing in him as he built up to an orgasm. when he wxploded in my mouth I made sure I swallowed every drop and I was very dramatic about it, I even told him i loved the taste (a little white lie) I’ve never really tasted any major difference between one guy and another. when he was finished I pulled off my tshirt and stuck my nipple in his mouth while he pinched and squeezed my other breast, I told him to suck hard on it and gently bite it. I was getting so worked up!!
His cock was still rock hard and I really wanted to get kinky with him so i stood up and pulled down my pj’s and knickes in one go, I didnt know how he would react to me being on my period but I really hoped he wouldnt mind.
“O.K hun you have a choice, I’m having my period so if you dont mind a little mess you can still fuck my pussy or if you feel a little more adventurous you can try something new and you can fuck my ass instead or if you like we can do both” ­čśë He looked totally shocked
” can we try your pussy?”
“of course izmit escort bayan we can hun”
I climbed on top of him and we kissed, I reached underneath and pulled out the tampon and threw it down beside the bed where he couldnt see it, then I slid down untill his cock was right up against my pussy.
I pushed back onto him and I could feel it slowly sliding up inside me but it didnt feel comfortable so I eased up so the head was almost out and then I slid down onto it again, it took 4 times attempts until it was all the way inside me. I sat there with his cock burried deep in my pussy gripping it with my pussy and swinging my breasts in front of his face, I was loving the kinkiness of it. I always loved being fucked during my period it’s when I’m at my horniest…. I slowly started to fuck his cock and I could see the bliss on his face, he was staring right up between my breasts and right into my face. He tried to thrust up into me but I told him to stop that if he continued I was going to stop altogether so he just lay there and I slowly fucked his cock. I could feel it getting wetter and wetter down there and I knew it would be very messy but I was just so into it right now and that was just another layer to the kinkiness of it, at least there was little to no chance of me getting pregnant. I gradually started to speed up and i pushed down harder onto his cock trying to drive it deeper and harder even though it was already as deep as it could go!! I wanted him to fill me, stretch me, I wanted him!!
I could feel him starting to tense up and I knew he was close to cumming so I started to speed up, I was nowhere near ready to cum yet but I wanted to feel him explode inside me. his body went totally rigid and he closed his eyes and I could feel his cock pulsing inside me but I just kept fucking his cock…in and out I pounded down onto him. i could feel his cum gushing out of me, Daniel started to relax a bit and izmit s─▒n─▒rs─▒z escort I just continued to fuck his cock. O.M.F.G it was so wet down there, It felt so fucking amazing, I could feel Daniel squirming under me, ” michelle I’m cumming again” he started to tense up again and I continued to fuck him hard and fast then he started thrusting into me and I ground my pussy onto his cock, suddenly he went totally rigid, it was like a spasm, I could feel him cumming inside me again. I was so close myself, I really wanted to cum with him but I knew we wouldn’t so I just kept fucking…. Daniel suddenly stopped thrusting and said something I really didnt want to hear.
“please stop michelle I’m too sensitive” he looked so uncomfortable..
I just thought “fuck it!! he had 2 orgasms and I’m so close!” so I just kept slamming onto his cock.
“Im almost there hun, Im almost there!… just a minute
“Stop Aunty, please”
I sped up and then my world exploded, holy shit it was the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced, I squirted all over his cock and my bedding. I froze, his cock still inside me and daniel was still beging me to stop, not to move.
I waited for everything to calm down and then I slid up his cock, he was almost having a fit as I slid off, he was so sensitive!! Once I was off I kissed him and told him that was the best fuck I have ever had, I wasnt lying, it was the best fuck I’d ever had with a guy ­čśë
I lifted my leg over to see what the mess was like…O.M.G it was a MESS!! his cock was covered in Blood and spunk. I wrapped my mouth around it and started to suck it clean, it didnt taste bad! Daniel was going a bit limp so I decided to leave it and clean up with a towel, after I wiped him off he got up and went for a shower, what a fucking mess, I had to change the quilt cover, then I discovered the blood and other stuff had leaked through not only the quilt but also the sheets underneath and onto my matress, I guess I was going to be sleeping in the spare room tonight….

I hope you like it, theres more to come..
email me with any comments @ [email protected]

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