My Schoolgirl Neighbour


Lucy was seventeen and went to the local high school where they were still strict of the wearing of school uniform.One night she was staying over at my house with my daughter, Angie,who was the same age and went to the same school.During the evening, Angie had a phone call which she went to her room to take, leaving Lucy with me in the lounge, sitting in one of the large arm chairs,and it was then that I noticed she was still wearing her school uniform of grey pleated skirt, white blouse and white knee-hi socks.We talked about things in general then I got around almanbahis to boy-friends and she admitted she had one who she liked very much.This lead me to ask, “Do you have sex with him”?”No, she responded, adding, “But we often masturbate each other.”Hoping I wouldn’t upset Lucy, I asked excitedly, “How does he masturbate you, Lucy?””You know,” she replied nervously, “He puts his hand up my school skirt and fingers me through my gym knickers.” “And what colour are your gym knickers?” I asked then, hoping that maybe she’d be wearing them then.”Blushing bright almanbahis yeni giriş red, Lucy almoct whispered, “Navy blue, Mr Collins.””Are you wearing them now?” I continued.It became obvious that Lucy was slowly gttting turned on as all she could manage to do was nod.Beside myself with sheer joy, I saidsoftly, “Show me how you masturbate, Lucy, please.”Trembling visibly, she sat watching me for a few moments till she reached down and took hold of the bottom of her school skirt, slowly lifting it up till it was right up round her waist, exposing almanbahis giriş her lovely tight little navy blue cotton schoolgirl knickers, making my prick rise almost immediately.”Jesus, Lucy,” I groaned, “You look so sexy like that, with your school skirt up round your waist, showing me your lovely tight little navy blue ribbed cotton schoolgirl knickers and, after you’ve masturbated yourself for me, I’d love to play with you through them.”Opening her eyes wide, Luch asked,”What about Angie, Mr Collins?””We could wait till she goes to bed.” I suggested.”That would be good,” Lucy told me, adding, “I’ve liked you ever since Angie and I became friends and considering the number of times I’ve been here, and the number of times I’ve worn my school uniform, this is the first time you’ve noticed.

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