My Road to cross dressing


I was bought up in a time when taboos about something alternative like transgender people or cross dressing was still considered to be a no go area. Society made one feel that you were an out cast or mentally ill. Luckily times have changed and it has become much more acceptable, even though we still have a long way to go. I first started dressing when I was about eighteen. My sister had this old green dress that she had thrown away. I remember liking that dress and secretly retrieved kaçak iddaa it from the bin. I hid it and the next time I went to have a bath decided to take it with me. I ran the bath, put this dress on and got in. The feel of this lovely wet dress against my body was a real turn on, even though I felt like I was doing something wrong. I did wear that dress in the bath several times but then stopped and tried to forget what I had done. A couple of years later the desire came kaçak bahis back, and I tried again. This time it was secretly with my then girl friends stockings and suspenders. Wow, this was great and I was hopelessly hooked. I had to be careful not to get caught so it didn’t happen very often. Then a couple of years later, I found myself alone in the house as my girlfriend had gone away for a few days. It was late at night and I realised that I could dress up and have fun without illegal bahis being caught. The feeling of freedom was enlightening, and I was so sexually excited at the prospect. I had a large wardrobe in my bed room with a full length mirror on one side. I put on the suspenders, stockings, a teddy and a pair of panties. The feel of the stockings and silky panties against my skin made me so turned on and unbelievably horny. I walked in front of the mirror with my eyes closed and stood for a moment. Seeing myself dressed in girly underwear was going to be moving into the domain of the unknown. What would I think of myself? Every time before I had looked down but never looked at myself full on.

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