My RA Ch. 01


Many thanks to Tigerssman for all the help and patience. All sex scenes have people at least 18 years of age.

Dawn, a Northfield University RA, had a fun game which was lighthearted in the past but this year it may have had deadly have. It was voluntary so only a handful of the girls accepted the challenge. It was a game of name change, first you lost your last name all together. Then your first name was changed to a sexually demeaning phrase. Dawn would do an inspection of the student and proclaim some totally random name.

Dawn decided to do Joy last so there was four before her. The first four went quickly. “Cum bucket,” “cunt licker,” “rosebud reamer” and “titty Fucker,” as that girl was very well endowed. Dawn look at Joy for several minutes. “Monster cock rider” was proclaimed. Most of the girls knew that things would revert to normal after the meeting but not Joy.

After the meeting, Dawn noticed two roommates arguing at the end of her hall. In an effort to diffuse the situation Dawn confronted the girls.

For Mei, a beautiful Asian woman with silky, jet black hair going to her mid back. Her skin was flawless, it seem as if she glowed and her smile just lit up the room.

Joy on the other hand seemed very timid, almost like she always wanted to crawl into her own shell. Not the most likely of pair to find in an argument. Dawn thought Joy was so compliant that she did not even know how to argue. That indeed, was the whole problem.

When Dawn sent the two to their room to cool off Joy said, “Yes, Mistress.”

Dawn thought in her mind that nobody had the right to own anyone said, “I am not your Mistress.”

A look of terror filled Joy’s eyes and she bolted for the front door.

“Dawn, the reason we were arguing is because she did not feel worthy enough to talk to you,” said Mei, “She wanted to be called ‘Perverted Bond slave’ so every time someone talked to her they would say ‘Pervert’ which would both degrade and make her feel humiliated at the same time. She wants the school to start a Master and submission class, she wants to be a good submissive.”

On most early September nights Security would not be bothered, Joy would be back, but this night was different. There was a super cell headed toward the town and was going to stall right on top of the colleges of “Northfield,” “South Hill,” and “Saint Luke’s Hospital.”

The town’s people had already started to take refuge in the “Northfield stadium.” Students below floor 5 started moving their mattresses and blankets to higher ground. Predictions were for rainfall of 2″/hour and 40mph winds for just the overnight hours. The predictions were wrong.

After Joy did not come back in an hour Dawn started getting worried, the rain had started.

Mei started to explain that “Joy had been deeply wounded and most likely would not be back tonight.”

Mei asked “Could we get onto speaker phone with the Dean, Alkaia so everyone can be on the same page and she could cut through red tape.”

The rain was coming down so hard it made rescue all but impossible. Jerry the Varsity 8 coxswain was pleading with the police chief to let the crew team do the search as “we can skim over the water.” The police chief was about to object when there was a crash outside, a police cruiser had floated into a telephone pole and the top half of the pole came crashing down onto the car causing sparks arcing over the entire area. The police chief had to concede the point but they would have command and control

Jerry just asked for three things: 1) she is one of us and we want to circle the wagons around her and do as many things as we can to help her, even after we get to the hospital, 2) I will take personal responsibility for all that goes on out there if you give me a little latitude, 3) I want this as a news nonevent, no pictures, no names given out and most of all no cell phone footage.

Now started the organized chaos, Jerry called Dennis the captain of the South Hill crew team. He said “Get to your skulls. We have a lost student out in this stuff and have to find her; she may want to harm herself. You go get walkie talkies, and torches from your police and we get them from ours, they are expecting you. You search the west side and we will do the east.”

Gail was the next call, Captain of the ladies squad, and Jerry’s girlfriend, the JV crew will be coming also.

The search was going unceasingly slow. Grid by grid was called in; three hours had gone by and no news. The situation seemed grim. The ladies 8 and the men’s 8 searched the primary route together as they would be the fastest. They teams were so far south that they were almost to the river, they were running out of real estate. Then a member of Jerry’s crew yelled “Bill shine that fucking spotlight over on the port side retention pond, I think I saw something.” A quick scan spotted Joy, water was up to her shoulders and flood waters and rain were coming in from all sides.

“We found her” came over the walkie talkie, “She is almost ankara olgun escort covered in water, Front street retention pond.” The ladies 8 was there in an instant. The ladies 8 balanced the men’s 8 as Joy was dragged into the skull. The skull was riding too low in the water. “OK men, we need to strip her then strip ourselves.” The women were not happy about stripping her but they saw the situation, weight had to be thrown overboard.

Jerry continued, “I want complete dignity, respect and decorum from all of you. She is very vulnerable now and needs our support more than ever. We are Northfield students, we are above the rest.”

“Gail we need to draft from you, maybe we can ride a bit higher and save some of our strength. “St Luke’s is more than five times the distance as our normal race.”

“WE ARE NORTHFIELD, WE ARE STATE CHAMPS!” The rowing was a thing of beauty, while being only one foot behind the women’s skull they skull were in perfect unison. The ladies matching the guy’s stroke for stroke, the coxswain’s were also, even when guiding their crews around obstacles.

Joy was almost trance like

“STROKE, STROKE, STROKE,” the coxswains droned. Soon more voices could be heard.

Both schools teams had converged. Dennis immediately ordered “I want a wedge of 2 2-man skulls flanked by 2 4-main crews to trail the main boats just in case they go overboard.” Dennis ordered, “Gail draft behind Jerry and the rest will trade off drafting.” The 75 mph head winds were taking a toll on them. “Every five minutes the head boat will change.”

The hospital was full of Northfield students. The chant was “She was one of us and we are going to take responsibility for her.” Karen, a pre-med student, was talking to the doctor, he had already quizzed her and she came up with a better plan of early treatment than he did.

The ladies track team had been dispatched to get all samples and results to where they were needed. Gail had been assigned to give Joy her hot water shower.

Then there was a ruckus, the policeman waited to find out what the matter was. Dawn, filled with glee said, “That is our armada coming into port. Gail is a bit bossy, make sure there are scrubs, a gurney, several blankets and soap and towels, also a runner to show them to the closest shower. Her team will do the rest, no matter how tired they are. Make sure Karen has everything she needs so she can do the tests while Gail and Joy are in the shower.”

True to form Gail was giving orders before she got out of the boat. She picked up Joy and bundled her off to the gurney and after she ordered the runner where to go, her team was “off and running.” The shower was already running, Gail did not get undressed, Karen started her checklist.

“Gail check her eyes, do they look normal? Does she have any head trauma or other places on her body we may need to check out like bruising or broken bones? Check her temp” as Karen handed Gail a thermometer. “92.5 Karen.”

Karen said “finger”, she checked for pulse and O2 saturation, “Arm.” Gail handed her Joy’s arm and got her blood pressure, drew blood and gave her a tetanus shot. Hypothermia was to be expected, they were warming blood for her now. Karen did all the tests she was allowed to do. Gail had finished the shower and bundled Joy on the gurney and headed for the OR. It was up to the surgeons now.

They took her to an OR where people could watch. Most of the students found a secluded spot in the Café where they could wait for news. Dawn drew a line in the sand. “I am her Mistress, where she goes I go. I will have a bed in her room as close as possible to her bed. Mei here is her roommate, she will also have access. Her parents are not here so we are her family.” Then she slept while Joy rested.

Mei called her father knowing he may have some insight to help Joy, as her mother was very submissive as well as her entire family.

Alkaia, the school’s Dean, had called Joy’s parents. They were to fly in and meet Mei’s parents at the airport then drive in when possible.

The police informed Alkali, “The dam near where Joy was, had failed and the retention pond was now under twenty feet of water.”

The warm blood transfusions worked and color was now in Joy’s face. Joy woke up before the sedated Dawn did.

Mei was awake sitting in a seat near Joy’s bed. In a half scolding half loving way Mei told Joy. “Don’t you ever do anything like that again to me. You are my roommate and I care for you.” With that and a kiss on her forehead Mei presented Joy with a teddy bear.

Joy was conflicted, she knew about BEAR, and started to cry.

Mei’s parents looked on as she gave the teddy bear to Joy, they started to weep.

Mei got BEAR she was three and they were inseparable. Even when Mei’s Mom convinced her it needed cleaning Mei would just stare though the tiny windows to make sure Bear was alright. Mei even had a special fur dryer and comb.

Mei finally said, “I entrust ‘Bear’ to you because I know you ankara ucuz escort are a loving and caring person and you would never do anything to harm ‘Bear.’ It would give me great peace of mind knowing that ‘Bear’ would live a happy and joyful life with you. You would not harm Bear would you Joy?”

Joy pulled ‘Bear’ into a tight embrace and said, “Never Mei.”

“Joy, I knew I was right. He is a very good listener.”

“Your Mistress, Alkaia, and I and a few others are going to work on some ground rules for you. Your Mistress has never done this kind of thing before so you will both be learning how to do things. She wants to make you happy Joy,”

Later that day, Dawn sat down with Joy. “Joy this is new to me so we will go slow and we will add and subtract rules as we go.”


: You are here to get your diploma, I expect very high marks from you. You are to let me know immediately if you are having problems with a class. Most students normally come across a class that is especially hard, I need to know about it.”


: For the time being you can speak freely to me. If I am to be a good Mistress to you, I need to know what things you like and what you do not like. I need to know your problems and your joys.”

: You are just nineteen, no booze, illicit drugs and no sex. You are too easy to manipulate and someone may want to harm you.”

“Rule : You will hang out with friends. It is alright to call your friends and ask them if they want to hang out; let them decide what to do, who you can go with and when to do it. You will have lots of friends. “

“If you find someone whom you are attracted to, you must present him to me so I can judge if he might harm you. We do not want to stifle your life Joy, we just want you to be safe so you can live life to the fullest.”

“It will take me a while to learn my role for you so I am going to need to get help.”

“Mei will set out your outfit for the next day. She is your roommate so she will get to know you the best. I encourage you to talk to her often, what you say between the two of you stays between the two of you. I will not ask her to betray a confidence.”

“Alkaia thinks we may be able to make a test run through at the Master/ submission classes you wanted to have, but it would be just this floor.”

Alkaia slept in Dawn’s room, RA’s always have an extra bed, and sometimes the safety of a student demands it. Three days later the storm finally passed. Mei’s parents went to pick up Joy’s parent’s at the local airport. The rescue squad used their boats to bring Joy’s parents and Mei’s parents to the hospital. Mei’s parents went to pick up Joy’s parent’s at the local airport. The rescue squad used their boats to bring Joy’s parents and Mei’s parents to the hospital.

There had always been a very bad relationship between ‘the townies’ and the students. As the people left the shelter of the stadium something was different.

Joy’s Mom, Hope, came running into her daughter’s arms, tears streaming down her face. “Joy we were so worried about you when Alkaia called us. She and your Mistress care very much about you, they want only the best for you.”

“What a lovely teddy bear you have there. What is his name?”

“His name is ‘Bear,’ Mei gave him to me.”

“What a handsome bear he is, I bet he will listen to all your problems.” “Joy I see he has a button undone, would you mind if I buttoned it for you, I will give him right back.”

Joy did not want any harm to come to ‘Bear’. Her eyes shot right to Mistress, who nodded. Then to Mei, who nodded. Joy reluctantly handed over Bear to Hope. Joy eyed Hope warily.

Hope quickly buttoned the button, straightened his jacket and gave him right back to Joy who held him in a deep embrace.

Mei said, “That is why I gave Bear to Joy, look at the love she has for him, a mother’s love. I know Bear is in safe hands with Joy looking after him.”

Hope had to run out of the room, it seemed like she was talking to a ten year old.

A nurse walked up to Joy and said “We all think ‘Bear’ is a very special bear. I think he would be honored if you put this badge on his jacket.”

Joy did so, and was all smiles when ‘Bear’ got a round of applause. The badge read “Therapy Bear.”

Afterwards, everyone sat down to brainstorm how to help Joy the best. Mei’s dad, Ru, had to admit he had never seen someone so submissive, he saw why she wanted to learn how to learn to be a better one. Ru gave Mei a 4′ by 6′ white board; it was for all of Joy’s rules, also a good reminder if she violated a rule.

Ru tried to give an analogy of what she is like. “You can’t ask her if she wants a chocolate chip cookie or a chocolate chip cookie. It does not matter if it is the same choice. You gave her three too many choices. One is to see if she wants a cookie and then should she eat it now or later. It is better to say Joy I bought you a cookie, I want you to eat it now. Right now she has been told she can ankara yabancı escort trust just three people implicitly: Alkaia, Dawn and Mei.”

“Dawn, she can relate to the true subs best. Not the ones who want to be sub, but also want to control everything. Give her a nerf ball and basketball set. Let it be known to all her sub friends there is an open invitation for a game, first to twenty-one wins. If they want to change the rules let them. It is their game. You three have to be on a fast track for Joy, I suggest you go to the local BDSM club and find a Mistress willing to help you.”

“We can start like boot camp. You need to tell her when to wake up, when to study, when to eat each meal. When to go to class, what to wear, when to shower, when to go to sleep, even have her ask for permission when to go to the bathroom and do not always grant it. Dawn as her Mistress you have the power to relax and enforce any rule.”

At that very moment Dennis, Jerry and the Mayor of South Hill were in a meeting with the presidents of the universities of Northfield and South Hill. Jerry started, “Sirs, we had a very bad natural disaster here. The students of South Hill and Northfield wish to push the semester back until we get everyone back on their feet. We are prepared to give up our spring and summer breaks to make up class time. With 30,000 people working together we can fix everything better than new in no time.” The Mayor could have been knocked over with a feather, he always assumed the college kids were drunken hoodlums.

Dennis took over, “Speaking for the students, and we invite the Mayor as well, we want to start a petition to make Joy our adopted friend. We have already claimed that she is one of us, now we need to step up and show it. We believe we can approach 100%. We will need to lead by example, so no underage drinking, drugs and no sex until you are an upper classman. She is living by the same rules so we can do the same.”

“Sir, something happened the other night when we found her. There was no way we should have had the energy to reach St Luke’s.” The President of South Hill buzzed his secretary and asked, “What percentage would normally be required for such a petition?”

“Sir, it is a special petition so the rules may be different, most are 10% or 1,500 students.”

Dennis and Jerry laughed, “We can get 1,500 in less than a day depending on how far the lines are back up is. I suggest at least six stations at each college.”

While the waters were receding the civil engineers were madly at work. It was clear an earthen work dam was insufficient. The shops and houses needed to be made better. As ‘the townies’ were brushing the mud off the streets they all looked up and saw an incredible sight. 20,000 students all who had their grid and task, descended to the town. Many of ‘the townies’ lost everything, they were in grief not knowing what next to do.

The Mayor got on a podium and told all the townies to “Please go to the shelters and be with your families. Let the college kids do what they need to do to get you better shops, houses and best of all, a better dam so this will never happen again. With 20,000 workers it should go fast.”

Joy was very aware of what was going on. One morning she woke up and felt very comforted as she held to ‘Bear’ tight.

“Mistress, Mistress!”

“What is it Joy?”

“All the families lost everything, the children have nothing. We need to make sure all of them have a dolly or a bear. Everyone has been wearing the same clothes for a week, we need to set up a place where they can wash their clothes for free. I know it will cost a lot of money, can’t the colleges get loans if the kids pay them back?”

The next morning both police forces converged onto the make shift settlement, sirens blaring. Each car and truck had huge signs on them, “Dolls” on some “Teddy Bears” on others.

None of the townies knew what happening until a four year old girl was walked out to a policeman.

“Well hello Molly, you are a brave little girl.”

Mommy and Daddy always said, “I can trust a policeman.”

The policeman kneeled down to Molly so he was at her eye level, ‘the townies’ held their breath.

The policeman asked her, “Do you want a ‘dolly’ or a ‘teddy bear’?”

The little girl beamed. She lost her favorite dolly in the flood. “A ‘dolly’ please. “

The police man snuck behind back his back and produced a brand new ‘dolly’.

“Is this for me?”

“As long as you always love it.” She grabbed the doll and held on tight running to Daddy to open it. As soon it was opened Molly had a death grip on it. All the parents grinned and nodded approval and the streets were flooded with kids.

Having clean clothes made people feel human again. At the finish of “day 1” Dennis got on the podium to make an announcement. “The students of SHU & NFU, know we have not treated you very well in the past. Our friend Joy, has changed all that. It was her idea for the toys and clean clothes. She inspired us to help you with your cleanup. However, she is an extreme submissive so she would not want any acclaim.”

“We are signing petitions to adopt her as a friend. We gave another petition to your Mayor but we are not sure he wants to participate.” “I know if I had 30,000 friends who had my back I would feel peaceful.”

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