My Punk Rock Princess Ch. 02

Fat Pussy

“Oh god I missed this.” said Mayra as she felt my dick push into her wet tunnel. I always liked the face she made when I first stretch her tight pussy wide with my invading dick. If I didn’t know better, I would think she was in pain. But the moan and previous experience told me it was not pain she was feeling, it was the incredible sensation of my dick sliding in and rubbing against her walls. The sensation is always greater when we have not had sex in a while like it was now and that face was the only one she knew how to make with such intense sensations. Finally as I settle fully into her, I see the smile spread across her face and her eyes open. Wow, those eyes.

I never even knew how beautiful they were before we got together. I was too distracted by her voice and well… the rest of her body. It’s different when we are face to face sharing such an intimate act. I am captivated by those eyes filled with such love and lust. It turns me on even more. I lean in and take her sweet lips by sacrificing the sight of her beautiful face. Still, the extra feeling of closeness was worth the sacrifice. Her lips were soft and warm and I welcomed the feeling I had not been able to partake in weeks.

I felt her thighs rub against mine as she so sexily raised them to wrap those shapely legs around me. Her arms went around my neck and pulled on my head to intensify our kiss. And I moved my left hand down the side of her body enjoying being in contact with her skin. I grabbed a hold of her thigh and gave a squeeze. She recently said she didn’t like her thighs. I couldn’t understand that. There was no feature on this woman that I didn’t admire and no part that fails to excite me.

The touch triggers the movement of her hips. They are small thrusts that try to somehow get my dick deeper into her pussy despite the fact I was already bottoming out. They then turn into longer strokes as I join her movement. Its something that we have done so much that after only two strokes I find her rhythm and we meet with just the right force to make her moan into my mouth but lets us continue to kiss.

Finally, when our bodies cry out for oxygen we release our lip lock and touch foreheads as we each gasp for breath. I look straight into her eyes again. I am again amazed at what I see in them. I raise my head so I can look at her entire face. “Do you love me?” she asks. That question always confused me. How could she even ask that?

“More than I thought possible.” I answered with as much sincerity as I could muster.

“Then fuck me as hard as you love me.”

Our lovemaking was over. It was time to fuck. I hoisted her legs up to my shoulders and folded her fit body, almost in half and withdrew almost my entire dick from her pussy and then rammed it back in,

“OH FUCK…” she screamed below me. “That’s what I need. Give me more.” She pleaded.

So I did it again, and again, and again. My pace began to pick up and I felt her pussy get wetter. I felt myself push her nectar out of her with my thrusting as she neared a quick but powerful orgasm. Then I saw her face scrunch up for a few seconds before she opened her mouth and let out a silent scream. I didn’t stop fucking her. I poured everything I had into my thrusting and extended her orgasm. Not sure how long it lasted, I could not keep track of time with the amount of energy I was expending. At the end of it she finally let out a noise that only a woman can make after an intense orgasm and gasped, desperate to reintroduce oxygen to her body.

I collapse on top of her, exhausted from my efforts. We lay there wrapped in each others energy drained bodies until she finally taps me and I roll off. “Holy shit. That was a good one.” I smile at the satisfaction on her face which is quickly erased when she looks down at my half hard dick. “You didn’t cum, did you?”


“Good, then I can suck your cock for a while. I got the urge to.”

I loved hearing that. It meant she was turned on beyond belief. She never truly refused me when I wanted her to suck my dick when we were already in the process of love making, but she rarely initiated it. She usually did it because I liked it so much and she loved getting me hot. But when she says she wants to because she wants to, I feel my heartbeat quicken immediately.

I lay back as she lays down perpendicular to me and grabs hold of my dick. She strokes it to full hardness and stares. I find it funny whenever she asks me not to stare at her body and yet there are times when she gets like this and can’t get her eyes off my dick. I see her smile as she admires it and leans in to lick along the side of it. I groan in approval as she continues to taste her juices on my dick, something else she only does when she is extremely aroused. My hand caresses her back, again loving the feel of her skin and then I move down to her amazing ass. I trace the curve of her ass and just as I was about to slip my hand to her pussy, Mayra’s hand stops me.

“No. I want to concentrate on your cock. I don’t want to be distracted.”

She moves between bahis şirketleri my legs as she continues to lick my dick. Then after one lick from my balls to the tip of my cock, she moves on to soft kisses. I often wish I had the control and patience she did to tease her like she does me. Finally she takes the tip into her mouth and wraps her tongue around it. I twitch from the sensation and then she slowly slides her mouth lower and lower and then higher and higher. She savors the taste of my cock and gives a little moan herself. She leaves the tip in her mouth and swirls her tongue around it again and then takes me deep into her mouth.

I twitch at the sudden sensation and she smiles around my dick. She then starts to bob up and down my dick and just as I am about to orgasm she stops. “Not yet baby, I need at least one more.” She crawls up my body and positions her hot wet pussy over my dick and lowers herself on it. We each inhale deeply as I penetrate her. She rolls her hips on me to get me as deep as her anatomy would allow me to and to stimulate regions she cannot reach herself without a sex toy. “God, why do we ever leave the bedroom?” she moans. She was simply enjoying the sensation, but that wasn’t enough for me. I forced her to lean forward, letting her delectable tits hang ever so close to my face and to give me the angle I had learned from experience made her cum faster.

She loved being on top because it gave her such control, but I wasn’t going to let her have it right now, not after what she had done to me. I grabbed her hips and lifted her light body and brought it down as I thrust my hips upward. I saw her expression change and I recognized that reaction. I was hitting the right spot. I gave us a rhythm and soon she was meeting my thrusts without the help of my hands on her hips. I grab hold of her soft tits as she begins to pick up the pace. Soon, she was close. I had managed to regain a bit more control that I thought I would so I grabbed her hips once more and slowed the pace to strong long thrust that rubbed deep inside her pussy instead of quick ones. She always came harder this way.

“Holy shit!” she scrunched her face again and hunched over. Her hips stopped moving but mine didn’t. Her orgasm began and I returned to quick thrusts to build my own. Not sure if she was cumming the whole time or if it just felt really good but she never stopped moaning once her orgasm began until a minute later when I finally bellowed out my orgasm into her. She collapsed on top of me and we both drifted off into a deep sleep.

We awoke later that afternoon like we usually do after she returns from touring. She usually arrives at my apartment in the early morning around dawn. They usually drive all night after their last gig to get back home. This last gig was in Phoenix and was part of a 6 city tour; they opened for a bigger band. The other band continued on their tour with another band, but Myra was excited for the opportunity to play with them. They spent 6 hours on the road to get back to Southern California at Myra’s insisting. She had apparently complained when they stopped at a 24 hour truck stop diner to grab something to eat. They ordered it to go.

She had been gone for two weeks and was desperate to see me again, as was I with her. And so, like usual after she returns from a gig out of town where I couldn’t join her we immediately head to the bedroom. Today was no different and I was stirred awake by Myra getting off of me as she headed off to the bathroom to clean up the dried cum that was left on her body. I hear the shower start but she leaves the door open. I take a minute to fully wake up and go in to join her. We clean each other and after another quicky in the shower where I pinned her to the wall, we clean each other again and step out to eat breakfast at 2 in the afternoon.

“So what’s the plan for today?” I asked.

“I was thinking just laying around the apartment and resting from the tour. Oh yeah and have sex as often as you can get it up.”

I smiled. “Last time we did that it was you who cried out for mercy at the end of the day.”

“I am still willing to take up the challenge. I feel good about my chances today.”

She cried out for mercy that night as well.


A few days later I was accompanying Mayra and the band to a meeting with their indie label. A guy named Jesse (he never wants us to call him mister or use his last name) handled the band. Whenever they have a meeting only half of the meeting is spent on business, the rest is just sharing stories and just basically hanging out.

“Oh yeah, Robert, I just wanted to thank you about that band you recommended. I got a call from the promoters saying that they were great.”

“Told you man. I got an ear for music. Its good music and still commercial enough to sell.”

“Haha, that’s true. It seems you understand the business. Took me a while to figure that out. You should have heard the first bands I tried to sign. Musically and artistically they were incredible. But that has bahis firmaları nothing to do with record sales. If I ever need to fill a bill at the last minute again I’ll come to you. Oh and it’s not like you won’t be compensated.” He got up from his chair and handed me a check. “That’s your finder’s fee.”

“Wow man thanks. I didn’t even expect to get paid.”

“You should man. I think you got an ear for this too. If we had the money on the payroll I might have actually hired you as a talent scout.”

Mayra squeezed my hand when she saw the smile on my face. I turned to look at her with a smile of her own which made mine bigger. I said goodbye to Jesse and the rest of the band and headed home with Mayra and after a nice round of sex where I got an up close look at the incredible face Mayra makes when she cums I laid in bed with Mayra curled up next to me with her head on my shoulder and thought about what Jesse had said.

Mayra and I didn’t really argue much, but whenever we did the biggest subject was usually what I was doing with my life. I had gotten a bouncer job at a venue Mayra had performed at. I met the owner who was only five years older than me and when he heard that I was in need of a job he took one look at me and asked me to work security for him. With my size, I definitely qualified for the job. I made a decent amount. I was never much of a big spender so I made enough to survive, plus Mayra helped out since the band was getting so many shows in bigger and better venues. Still, it’s not a career and Mayra called me out on it.

I know she didn’t do it maliciously. She has my best interests in mind and its not like I necessarily disagreed with her, but it still hurt my pride as a man. So, with those memories and what Jesse said, I decided to form a dream and achieve a successful career in music. Not playing of course. I am decent at playing guitar and can also hold a beat on the drums thanks to hanging around the band so much, but I was not good enough to perform for a living. I wanted to be a talent scout… no, I wanted to develop young talent. Jesse agreed that I had an ear for music. And from knowing different people in bands and knowing Mayra for over two years and getting together with her soon afterwards, I knew how bands operate and what’s needed for them to succeed. I could do it.

“I just had a thought.” I said as Mayra stirred awake.

“What’s that?”

“I think I just decided what I wanted to do. I want to manage a band.” Myra turned to me and gave me a funny look. “No, not you guys. You heard what Jesse said, I got an ear for this and I helped you guys set up and book shows before. I personally know some promoters and owners of venues. It’s not something I have no experience with.” Myra turned back around and thought about what I had said.

“Well, sounds like a plan.”

I was expecting a bigger reaction one way or the other. I was considering bringing it up but then I thought of the inevitable fight. I decided to just let it go. I was busy thinking up the steps I needed to take to achieve my goals anyways. Of course the first step would be finding a band. They had to be good. My own personal taste in music and somewhat elitist view on the need of actual good music on the radio today would influence who I pick, but I also need to think of it like a business. What kind of music will other people like listening too and what kind of band will people like to see in concert. It also has to be a band that is relatively green and the members should not have been in any other band before. They need to be willing to take any help they can get since I am also going to be new and no real experience with this. So I began my search on the internet.

Ah, the internet; the best and worst thing to happen to music in history. Good because great unknown bands that would never have had the chance to before can post their music online and be listened to world wide, but then again, so can the bands that have no business calling themselves musicians. So I began looking on every social networking site and local music blog I could find. Most bands had only samples on their websites like they have to worry about losing money on piracy so they only put up samples online. I immediately crossed them off my list. They were either too big for me or too arrogant. You would not believe how many bands there are in Southern California or what some of them consider “music”. For two days I searched and came up with a list of ten bands in a few different genres and began to contact them offering my services and sighting my qualifications.

I didn’t expect them to be jumping at the chance to hire me, but I actually managed to get three of them to reply back asking me questions on my qualifications and what I would do for them. I asked Mayra if I could use her to sell myself to them. She wasn’t terribly excited about it but she said she would even go meet with them if it would help me. She wasn’t exactly on the cover of rolling stone but if anybody in the bands knew enough about the local scene in the past couple kaçak bahis siteleri of years, they had heard about Mayra.

Out of those three, two were interested in meeting. I said I would like to talk to them after a show and since both had shows coming up this weekend I would go to check them out and discuss things afterwards. Mayra couldn’t make it and I was glad she didn’t waste her time on the first band. Their performance was lack luster and I noticed many small mistakes. Potentially they could be great but their singer as a frontman just fell flat. They were much too raw for me and after talking to them they seemed a bit too immature, something confirmed by the angry message I got from one of their parents the next day after I decided to pass.

My last chance was the night afterwards. Mayra said she would come with me this time to check out the band. She was actually adamant about joining me. When I asked her why she was so eager to go with me this time she said, “I need to make sure another female singer doesn’t try to steal you away.” Yeah, it was another female led band and I guess that got Mayra a bit jealous. I just smiled and told her it would be great to have her come with me.

I watched their performance closely. I had listened to their demo enough to know what its suppose to sound like and after giving them some slack for the changes and improvisations all bands make during a live performance, I decided they still needed some work. I would definitely have to talk to them about it. Still, they showed great promise. I especially liked the singer, Lizz. She had that intangible stage presence that got the crowd involved. She was blonde but dressed more as a rocker. I thought she was a cross between Brody from the Distillers and Gwen Stefani from her early days with No Doubt. Her voice wasn’t as deep as Brody’s or did it seem to have that high range Gwen manages to show off every once in a while. Still the hot rocker chick look combined with her stage presence will serve her well.

I thought back to old videos I saw of Myra before I saw her at that fateful show, they are no worse than they were back then, so I began to think of the possibilities. I had visions of being the one to “discover” a great band and the opportunity to do it again and thereby significantly improve the quality of music played on the radio. Ok, I was getting way ahead of myself, but I suddenly realized that this is what I really wanted to do and might have a shot at pulling off. My connection with Jesse at the indie label would come in handy and my time with Myra had opened up possibilities as far as local shows and promoters were concerned. Being so close to Mayra, I had witnessed first hand the troubles of a band trying to break through and I could advise them on how to deal with them. I think I can actually pull this off.

They finished their set and they were rewarded with a round of applause and cheers and some screaming words that no one could understand. The curtain was pulled and a random song in more or less the same genre as music as the band was played to keep the people entertained while the next band set up. After about a minute I saw the singer come out from the door beside the stage. She was greeted immediately by what I assumed were friends and fans. She seemed to look around a bit, no doubt looking for me.

Finally, she approached the bar where I was waiting and I flagged her down. She approached and greeted me. “Robert, right?” she extended her hand and I shook it.

“Right, and your Lizz, right?” She nods. “This is my girlfriend Mayra and the one I owe for my connections.”

“Its great to meet you. I have all your stuff and I’ve actually seen you a few times when you were out here more.”

“Great to meet a fan but we’re not here for me.”

“Right right, I’m sorry. I just hope I can take my band as high as yours.”

“That’s what I am here to help you out with,” I said. “Where’s the rest of your band?”

“Oh they are out loading up the van. I don’t have as much equipment to load.”

I got a good vibe off of her. She was happy to just have an opportunity to take her band to the next level. She didn’t have a sense of entitlement like I should be honored to work with them like I got from the last band. If the rest of the band was like her, I think I found the band to work with.

We talked a lot. I asked the band their goals and how they planned to achieve them. They certainly had the goals and the will to achieve them; they just didn’t know exactly how to go about them. So that led to questions about what plans I had for them. I told them about Jesse and my connection there but I would have to work on them first before I showed them to Jesse. Amazingly, they were willing to work hard to improve their performances. I had found the right band.

And that’s how it started. I got to know the band real well. I had to if I was going to criticize their music. I got them to insulate and soundproof Lizz’s parent’s garage so they could practice more often. I made them practice at least four times a week. Every once in a while I got them to improvise some of the stuff they had worked on their own and I recorded it to possibly create a new song from it. I spent a lot of time with them. Time I didn’t spend with Mayra.

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