My old friend’s daughter


My old friend’s daughterI own a small bar in an industrial area of a big city, the back entrance is from a long alley on the side street I have a combo lock on a gate for security. One day around 3:00 in the afternoon I walked back there to check that all is OK since I very rarely go back there. At the end of the alley it makes a sharp turn and opens to a courtyard that is about 10 by 16 foot and surrounded by brick walls from the factory next door.As I get to the end of the alley I hear a girl’s voice say OK who wants to go next, as I enter the courtyard I see a girl sitting on a milk crate her back to me and I see a young boy pulling up the zipper to his fly and another pulling down his pants and two more standing watching. All of them panic as I enter! When the girl turns to look at me she is my long time friends daughter Susan, she says Mr M please don’t be mad I will explain. With that the boys quickly get their self in order and say I will see you at school tomorrow and leave.Susan has been working for me for a couple months cleaning on the weekend, we went in to my office and sat down and I asked her are you a Hooker? She said it started a few months ago, she was studying with a group of friends after an hour or so all the other girls had left and güvenilir bahis it was her and four boys. When the boys noticed this they started to talk sex and how they wanted to see what it was like to get a blowjob. I made like I didn’t hear them but I was interested as much they were. Soon they were asking me, have I ever seen a boys penis I said no only on the internet. The one boy said do you want to see mine, I said OK if you want me too!He came over to me and pulled down his pants his penis popped up like a spring, I have to say I got pretty horny but felt funny with all these boys watching, laughing and making rude comments. I reached over and felt a dick for the first time and I liked it, soon everyone was yelling for me to suck it and when I did the boys went crazy! When he finished I had to run to the bathroom to get sick. When I came back the other boys wanted their turn, so one after the other I did it for them. I could not wait to get home and pleasure myself, I enjoyed it very much!The next day at school by lunchtime everybody was talking about it, the girls calling me a slut and the boys all looking, smiling and laughing. It was not very long before I had other boys ask if I would do it for them as they had never had it done to them güvenilir bahis siteleri before, first guys I knew and they would bring friends but soon I was doing for almost anyone who asked, most of the time, many boys at a time.That’s how it got to this, but no, I am not a hooker, I do it because I like it! She said I am embarrassed that you caught me but living at home I have no place to go except here. Please don’t tell my father! If you want I will do it for you? I said you are like a daughter to me I have known you since you were a little girl. She said that doesn’t matter, I think you will enjoy it I have gotten very good! With that I walked over to her sitting in the chair stood in front of her and she undid my pants and pulled them down to the floor. She looked at my dick and said I am used to boys this is a mature cock! She held it in her hand and looked at it a few minutes as my uncut cock grew to full size she gently held my balls, then I felt her warm wet mouth sucking my cock. Looking down and seeing a girl I knew since a k** it was like nothing I ever done before. She clearly loved sucking my cock, she kept pulling it out and staring at it after about ten minutes I said I was going to cum. I didn’t want to just shoot in her iddaa siteleri mouth she is like a daughter to me. She looked up at me and said go ahead and put it back in her mouth. I felt a big gush shoot out with a lot of force and then six short ones and she just kept sucking for another three minutes , then looked up and asked did you enjoy! I zipped up my pants and said that was quite a story and that I would keep it to my self, and that I looked forward to seeing her for her weekly bar cleaning as usual. She smiled and said not as much as me, winked and left. I guess I will get my pipes cleaned as well as the bar on a weekly basis! I thought the little girl I have known all these years really loves to suck cock!The next day I looked through the security tapes of the courtyard and saw that she had been doing this for months before I caught her, as I looked, I see two or three times a week she would bring anywhere from two and six boys at a time and blow all of them one after the other. Watching and hearing them high five and call her a pig or a slut as she was sucking their cocks gave me a strange feeling as she is like a daughter to me. But it did turn me on. I watched as group after group of boys, once four black boys, once six indian boys that look like geeks, most of the time mixed, when I counted how many boys after months of her doing this, I counted 73 different boys! I thought she must of sucked off every boy in the high school! swallowing every load, wow what a reputation she must have!

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