My New Secretary Ch. 01


For the last year, the highlight of my day always came at 4:45 pm. That was when I turned my daily report over to Kate, the secretary of the Big Boss.

Mmm Kate. Darling, radiant, succulent, sweet Kate. She was fresh out of college, tall and almost thin, with long legs, and a glorious ass which absolutley POPPED out from beneath her tight business skirts, and defied you not to stare at it. She had dark blond hair, blue eyes, and lightly tanned skin that seemed to glow from within. Her face was beautiful, but not in the way of a model, or even a stripper. It had a frank, almost haughty look, that seemed to say, “Yes, I know, I am a real piece of ass. Go ahead and look, I like that. Gaze on what you cannot have!”

So anyway, Kate used to work all day with the Big Boss, who was ancient and nap-prone. I suspect she was disappointed that he was unable to appreciate all of her assets properly. So when the Young Hot Shot (that would be me) came with the daily report, she was ready for some attention. And she knew she would get it.

A typical encounter might go like this:

“Hello, Johnny!” She, brightens, and rises from her desk. She is looking fine, of course, and smiling broadly. She is wearing a thin white blouse. I have a peripheral sense that her tits are filling it out nicely, güvenilir bahis although I’m trying not to stare.

“Hello, Kate.” Got to check out those tits.

“Do you have something for me?” My eyes are pointing at her face, but trying somehow to focus on her chest. Is that a nipple?

“Yes, I have something for you, Kate.” Ok, fuck it, I’m just going to check them out. I briefly drop my glance, which I’m sure she notices, and I am sweetly rewarded. Her tits are pressed against the fabric, and goddamit if that is not a nipple poking out at me. FUCK!

“Oh good. I’ve been waiting for it ALL DAY.” I am forcing myself not to look down again. She is holding her hands behind her back, and shifting her weight from foot to foot. It almost looks like she’s pushing her chest out on purpose.

“Well. Um. You know I don’t like to disappoint you Kate.” Flirting like this doesn’t really come naturally to me.

“Oh, you NEVER disappoint me Johnny.” On the edge of my field of vision, her nipple is taunting me. It is really hard to carry on a conversation like this.

“Um, great. Great.”

Now there is a pause. I am feeling like an awkward teenager. My cheeks are flushed. She seems very pleased with the situation.

The pause gets longer, and more awkward. But I am being a güvenilir bahis siteleri good professional, and somehow not staring at that nipple.

Finally she asks, “Johnny?”


“Are you forgetting something?”


“Aren’t you going to… you know… give it to me?” She said this in a joke-sexy voice, which was in fact incredibly sexy for real.

“Oh right”, I laughed. “There you go!”

“Mmmm, thank you Johnny.”

“Ok, you’re welcome!” Big stupid grin on my face. “See ya!”

“Bye bye Johnny.” I walk briskly out the door, and hope that none of my co-workers see how red my face is…

Of course I knew that none of it meant anything. She was living with her boyfriend, and I was married with kids. I suspected that part of the reason she was being so brazen was that she knew there would be no consequences.

Anyway, that was the routine, until the day Big Boss retired. Next in line was… Young Hot Shot! Me! My salary was going to double! I was going to be the Man In Charge! Life was great.

And then it occured to me…

Kate was going to be MY secretary.

Of course, part of my brain (the reptile part) was thrilled. But I was on the whole very nervous about the arrangement. It was one thing to flirt for 45 seconds a day, iddaa siteleri but as the new Big Boss, I was going to have real responsibilities. I couldn’t walk around with a hard-on all day long. She was going to have to change her behavior if this was going to work out. But I told myself that she was smart and capable, and that she would surely tone it down.

I got there early on the first morning, and was setting up my stuff when she came in to my office to greet me. I was pleased to see that she indeed looked and sounded perfectly professional.

“I am really looking forward to working more closely with you”, she said.

“Yeah I know, I am too Kate.” Still with the flushed cheeks and the big grin. Some habits are hard to break.

“I’ll leave you to get set up, Johnny.”

Hmm. Something about that phrase sounded funny. As she turned to leave I stopped her.

“Look Kate… This might seem a little weird but…”

“Yes… Johnny?”

“Well, I don’t think you should call me Johnny anymore, now that I’m the boss. It might look a little weird to the other employees.”

This seemed to surprise her. She seemed to consider something. Then, oddly, a huge smile crossed her lips. Some of the professionalism seemed to drop away.

Her voice became lower: “Whatever you say…”

She turned away and walked to the door, and for some reason I could not help staring openly at her ass. But at the last moment she wheeled around and caught me staring, and then her voice became very breathy:

“… sir”.

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